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Part 101: 9/4-9/6: I’m A Baller (Because I Think The Earth Is Round)

Part 98: 9/4-9/6: I’m A Baller (Because I Think The Earth Is Round)

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I wanna do that stuff. Can you come with me?
I’m eating now. Maybe I should respond later…

You got an invitation from someone? Want to go upstairs and reply once you finish eating? ...And I have to say, that curry the chief is so proud of smells absolutely delicious.

Isn’t this kind of interesting?
Akechi’s a detective, right? He seems kind of incompetent.
He talks big, but he doesn’t even do anything.
Ugh! I hate people like that. They’re all talk!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

You’re really raring to go! From the sounds of it, this guy is a frequent cheater. Lately he’s been focusing on a popular shooting game called “Gun About” and ruining people’s fun. According to the post, he mostly spends his time down at the arcade called Gigola on Central Street. It might just be a game, but cheating is inexcusable.

Oh, yeah, totally. This sounds completely reasonable and not like a fucking small-time waste of everyone’s breath. Jeez, seems like next we’re gonna move down to targeting manspreaders and loiterers.

A nasty gamer… It’s definitely possible he’ll exist in Mementos. Mishima said he’s at the arcade on Central Street, right? Let’s go see what this is all about.

Maybe we should take care of what we can before then.

Hmm, Hifumi sent us a new message.

I’m going to Los Angeles for my school trip.

Oh, that’s right. Hifumi goes to the same school as Yusuke, doesn’t she?

This is my first time overseas, so I’m a little nervous… We will continue with your lessons if I return safely…

Foreign media outlets around the world have been reporting the fall of Medjed. Around the world, the Phantom Thieves are being praised for saving the world from this threat.
This is making the news in other countries too, huh? I never thought we’d come this far.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

This time, we’ll try Iwai.

Do you have some time? I wanna get cracking on that promise list I made.

Then let’s form our battle plan. Step into my office, Maaku.

Music: What’s Going On?

The first one is “go somewhere with lots of people.” Ooh, I’ve got the perfect place!

You’re going to Akihabara? ...Be careful out there.

Music: Home Electronics Store

I just figured out what this song reminds me of and it’s the fucking BRODYQUEST music.

Not as good as Inari though. He’s got a particularly pervy view on art.

There is a ruckus behind the pair.

Music: Tension

Wh-Whoa, what’s going on!?
There’s a super-limited sale at the PC section!
Three terabytes for only five hundred yen!? What a steal!

This seems like a trick, considering the last three terabyte drive I bought cost roughly 22 times that.

That’s gonna sell out in seconds!

They’re all defective, you rubes!

The crowd swarms!

Aaaand we’ve been separated.

There are just… so many people… Hrgh… I don’t know if I can last much longer…

Maybe I should go look for Futaba…


There you are! I… I, I, I…

Music: My Homie

I didn’t think I was gonna see you until the end of time… But then I thought about you while I was wandering around the store, and bam, a wild Maaku appeared!

...Hm? Wait a tick, I just finished a promise! “Go somewhere with lots of people”! Well, am I awesome or what!? It’s all ‘cause of the Three Terabyte War though! Oh, and ‘cause you brought me here! I, Futaba Sakura, hereby thank thee!
I can sense Futaba’s innocent joy...

I think… not being with you is kinda scary, Maaku. All right then, I’m gonna add another goal to my list: “Being OK without you around.” It might be a long questline, but I’ll finish it someday! ...Phew, I’m tired.

We’ve been here for maybe ten minutes.

C’mon, let’s go home!

Music: Beneath the Mask

What’re you talking about!? Analyse that data!
My PC’s doing all the work. That leaves me with nothing!
We are preparing for our school trips. None of us have the time to entertain you right now.
Oh, shoot! I need to go shopping!
All we need is a toothbrush, right? What’re you panicking for?
There’s a lot I need! Shampoos, lotions, conditioners…!

Ann is confusing to me, because in conversations like this it’s implied she puts a lot of work into her appearance, and then in her Confidant we find out she doesn’t give a fuck about modeling, eats whatever the hell she wants, and generally just wings it.

No, I should bring three. Inspiration may strike at any moment in time… Now regarding canvas size, bigger is better, yes?

Yusuke reminds me of all the notebooks I’ve bought over the years to collect my thoughts or write off-the-cuff that I’ve never once actually used.

What’re you asking us for!? What I mean is, you shouldn’t take shit like that with you!
Being able the talk to each other openly like that must be nice…

We spend most of our conversations dunking on each other, cat. It’s not that nice.


No… Just cram school. No anime or video games. All my friends played soccer without me…
During summer break, I’ve been looking up the Phantom Thieves on my dad’s computer.
Oh, the Phantom Thieves fan site!? I wanna see it too!

Now, we’ve actually maxed our Knowledge, so you may be wondering why I’m bothering to consume the dreaded vegetable drink. Well, if we don’t buy this week’s aojiru, the drinks won’t cycle, meaning that next week’s aojiru will still be Knowledge. Still annoying that I’m spending 5,000 yen on nothing, but there’s naught I can do about it.

Pretty much, thanks to the ruckus kicked up by those phantom thieves. I hope they keep this up. It makes things easier for me when the police are so focused on them. Just messin’ with ya. *chuckle* Work’s been goin’ well for me. You wanna try hiring me for somethin’ too? Just leave your info and the cash in the trash bin. Disappearances. Accidents, you name it, I do it. I won’t leave a single shred of evidence behind, just like how the Phantom Thieves do it! Haha!

Depression and suicide are on the rise, and the young workforce is being crushed on a daily basis. The evil that permeates the corporate world has filtered down into society… Hello, Hamiru-kun. Stamina is important for public speaking as well. You’re still young, but take care of yourself. It’s almost time… I’d appreciate it if you could be around afterwards today. I’m sure I don’t have to remind you about what this concerns…

...Right. Yeah, I remember. shitshitshit

How’s your availability?

Thank you. A speech about the Phantom Thieves…

Oh, right. Duh.

There are some things I want you to hear, so please come and listen to it.

Music: Alleycat

Thank you. I appreciate it, but…
I know. You’re not going to be my right-hand man, right? Don’t worry, I won’t pull any tricks. Feel free to talk about being falsely accused. I’ll handle whatever comes from it. I saw Kuramoto’s grandson around here somewhere. I bet he’s curious about today’s speech.
I haven’t spoken to him since we last met.
This speech should serve as your response to him.

He’s going to talk about the Phantom Thieves, right?
I couldn’t care less about him. I’m just interested in hearing about the Phantom Thieves.

Will do.

What are you doing, Toranosuke…?
Setting aside whether their actions are right or wrong… There is one thing I can safely say about the Phantom Thieves. A belief with conviction… has the ability to move a person’s heart.

Music: Sunset Bridge

I was a fool 20 years ago. It’s no wonder that I was considered a failure as a politician. However, because I was accused like that, I was able to understand the suffering of the weak.

Why am I in politics? In the past, it was merely for personal gain. But why do the Phantom Thieves continue to change hearts? I believe they do it for the world and its people. And in choosing to do justice for others, they had no choice but to disguise themselves. No matter what the world says, I fully support them. I’m just an average citizen. However, I will continue to voice my beliefs. I may not be able to become a Diet member this election… And I may not be able to affect change during my lifetime…

I will be happy, as long as I can be a meaningful stepping stone for the future of our youth!

Fuckin’ Tora, goddamn.

So you have no intention of accusing old man Kuramoto?
That’s right.
Sheesh… such a heartfelt speech for someone your age. People are probably laughing at you as we speak. I doubt any of them were moved by your words. ...I might be the only one in this entire city who was.

Proceed as you wish with your candidacy. I’ll take measures to ensure the party backs you. Within the limits of my abilities, of course. ...Goodbye.

The Phantom Thieves…

Perhaps, it’s the effect of you moving my heart.

The Phantom Thieves… The power to change a person’s heart… I don’t possess a special power like they do, but I won’t lose to them when it comes to conviction. Speech is my only weapon. Just my voice and my words. That’s how I win people over. Thank you for sticking by my side, Hamiru-kun.
I feel like my bond with Yoshida is growing deeper...

Contrary to what I thought, getting your heart stolen isn’t such a bad thing. If he’s a member of the Phantom Thieves, then… Ah, I’m talking to myself again. Another bad habit of mine. Time to finish up for today.
...Good job.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

What is the “Phan-Site”?
Ooh, they have new merch!

This isn’t part of our licensing agreement!

I mean, even the harshest TV commentators are praising them. A lot of celebrities are talking openly about the Phantom Thieves.
The Phantom Thieves fight for the people! Anyone opposed to them is just behind the times. Just look at that Akechi kid. He’s catching a ton of shit for what happened with Medjed.
“Justice can’t exist so long as the Phantom Thieves do”--big talk from someone who can’t even catch them. Even politicians are claiming the Phantom Thieves are dangerous… They’re all full of hot air, though. The Phantom Thieves are totally trustworthy.
Looks like people are coming around to us…

You know what is a big deal? My Gun About rank going up.
Gun About : The Super Real? That’s the one with the gun-shaped controller, right? Everyone’s talking about it.
The multiplayer’s sooo good. The arcade on Central Street has it. So does the one in Akihabara. You should give it a try sometime. I played against someone really good the other day… I couldn’t land a single shot on them.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

I kinda miss when no one knew who we were…

Why? This is awesome!

Let’s head into the library to get a new book with Futaba’s addition to the team.

Now, to the arcade to investigate reports of this cheater.

I’m playing Gun About right now, so don’t bother me. (to Flustered Gamer) Hey! Did you get change yet!?
It, um, it won’t take my 1,000 yen bill!
Oh, now’s my chance! The cheater’s logged in! Hey, hurry up and bring me back some change!

Some people online found his real name on a social network site, and now they’re all raging. I think his real name is Yoshikuni Nejima. That dirtbag is 40 years old without a job. Well, I’m gonna crush Nejima and be a hero.
But you don’t seem to be winning at all.
Shut up! Just go and bring me back some change already!
So that’s the malevolent player that Mishima was talking about… He’s the infamous cheater. It’s one thing to cheat if you’re playing alone, but it’s wrong to mess with other people like that. We got his name, too. It looks like Yoshikuni Nejima is going to be our next target.

Hey, I know the Phan-Site is basically all doxxing, but it’s pretty messed up we’re relying on doxxed information to resolve the terrible, horrible issue of… a fucking video game cheater, right? This is so far below our pay grade at this point it’s absurd. The powerful and just Phantom Thieves… intervening on behalf of a gigantic entertainment corporation so they don’t actually have to moderate their service! Also, this is an arcade game, right? How is he downloading cheats?

You got some time? Let’s keep going on that promise list.

OK, then let’s hold a strategy meeting in Leblanc. Don’t worry, there aren’t any customers around right now.

Poor Sojiro, then.

Music: What’s Going On?

Pretty hard stuff for the second boss…

Oh, um… Never mind. Just go have some fun.

I think my heart’s gonna pop out of my chest…

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Wh-What are you doing here!?
Ummm, well…

…… Well, do you want to come in?
Ummm… Can I use a Goho-M instead…?

I’m sure you’ll be fine. Most of the students have already left, and all the teachers are in a meeting. Oh, and I’ll join you. I can use my position as student council president to avoid any problems that may arise.

You’re incredible! If I’ve got you two with me, this place is gonna be as easy as fighting a trash mob!

This “gamer talk” thing Futaba does is conspicuously absent in story scenes and seems to have been invented wholly for her Confidant. It’s pretty weird.

...I’m not sure I understand. That’s a good thing, right? Anyway, come on. I’ll show you around the school.

Lunch… That reminds me of this time I was the only kid who didn’t get a pudding with my meal… Oh, and this other time I ate a strawberry with ketchup on it… I didn’t notice ‘cause they’re both red. It was really gross…

Futaba strikes me as someone who’d be really into Soylent.

U-Um, anyway… the cafeteria’s pretty boring, huh? Let’s move on.

We have all the regular academic fare here: textbooks, encyclopedias, study guides… But we also have a few manga and light novels at the request of some especially vocal students.
So many books…
Do you like to read, Futaba?
Mm-hm. Back in elementary school, I memorized the titles of all the books on a shelf in just one glance. The other kids thought I was making it up when I told them though. But then when I recited all the titles to prove it… they just laughed and called me a freak… ...Am I weird, Maaku?

Yes. I mean, uhhhhhhhhh

...I don’t wanna be talented if it’s gonna creep people out. Ugh… School is the worst…

W-Well, should we move along…? Only the classrooms remain… though on second thought, maybe we should pass on those today. …… Shall we head back to the entrance?

Don’t be. It’s my fault… I remembered all that sad stuff on my own…

It was really more weird than sad, to be honest. Does thinking about the traumatic concepts of “lunch” or “books” really cause that much pain? How do you live like that?

I guess dwelling on the past is just a bad habit of mine, huh…?

So… you do it too, Maaku? That means we’re the same!
Honestly, Futaba… It’s clear how much you’ve improved recently. You would never have gotten so worried about this before.
What I mean is, worrying about something is the first step toward changing it. Coming to school like this is a huge breakthrough, Futaba. You’re doing great… Right, Maaku-kun?
Wait, so you’re happy with me even though I got totally depressed…? Hmmm… Is this like that saying about when life gives you lemons?

No, not at all.

Maybe I could make lemonade for the Phantom Thieves! Er, figuratively speaking.
That would be wonderful.
Aw yeah!
Futaba seems enthusiastic...

Position Hack is a great skill when it procs, which probably won’t happen all that often due to a weird quirk with the skill. Whenever you start a battle, there’s a chance it can go straight into a Hold Up… including if you get ambushed. In fact, based on what I remember, it may even activate more often on enemy ambushes.

Now, I mentioned there was a “quirk” with Position Hack. Well, it may seem like it doesn’t proc frequently, which is not due to the actual percentage chance but the simple fact that, for some odd reason, unlike pretty much every other similar skill in the game, it doesn’t work when you ambush the enemy. I don’t know why; maybe the devs thought it would just be too broken if that was the case. It’s just kind of a bummer because the vast majority of encounters in this game will be initiated via ambush.

It also has great synergy with Chihaya’s Money Reading because it lets you start the battle with an All-out Attack, potentially activating the money boost instantly. Unfortunately, it has no such synergy with Hifumi’s Narikin because they’re mutually exclusive: Narikin requires an ambush to activate while Position Hack requires that you don’t.

I’m sure you would make a lot of friends if you decided to come to school now, Futaba.

Oh, uh… Nothing!

Makoto nods, says a few more words to Maaku, and leaves.

Anyways, let’s retreat for now. What’re you feeling for dinner? How about curry?

80% of my meals at this point are curry. Please help me, I’m literally dying of malnutrition.

Time to make like a rabbit and hop on out of here!

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m not giving you any money, OK? And don’t worry about getting me a souvenir or anything like that.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is concerned it will make landfall and is monitoring its path.
A typhoon, huh? I hope the plane will be OK.

School trip canceled, it’s the Persona 3 cultural festival all over again!

Ohya this time.

And no rank up is in the cards for us tonight (heh).

Oh, it’s nothing. I was just daydreaming a bit…

Let’s get a-fixin’.

Getting this thing to work won’t be easy. Fixing this will take quite a bit of time.

Music: Everyday Days

I see… So all computers are essentially made up of different components that are assembled.

Repairing such a complex machine is sure to have improved your Proficiency.

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

Music: Dark Net (Also known in English as Tanaka’s Shady Commodities)


Here we sell wonderful and rare items that are not circulated among the general public! Curious about something? You’ve got access! Want something? You’ve got access!

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. From weekly appearances on Japanese QVC hocking bullshit like fish and real, actual swords to some super-sketchy dark net site only accessible via a Tor browser that only accepts sixth-tier cryptocurrencies even your libertarian cousin’s never heard of. Vertcoin? Get that mass appeal shit out of here!

Music: Everyday Days

What the heck? It just went to that site automatically. Was it configured to do that beforehand? Shady Commodities…? So it’s an online shopping site?

As cool as Tanaka is, I can’t help but be a bit… disappointed, I guess? I mean, when I bought this piece of shit for the purpose of fixing it I kind of assumed it’d be full of weird porn. Buying a broken laptop from a second-hand shop is like the modern version of finding a dirty magazine in the middle of the woods, right?

Well, we should check it out tomorrow, though. It’s late.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

You know the rankings that are popular nowadays? Are you interested in them too?

You’re not interested…? Are you the type to go against the trend? Did you know my name is listed too? It’s apparently due to my recent disapproval of the group. Before I knew it, I turned into a bona fide villain. Still, I thought that if I became a target, I could figure out their methods. The idea was appealing when I thought about it. Of course, there’s no guarantee I’d be safe. You should check out the list sometime. ...Well, talking any more will make us late. See you later!

It comes with a sticker, right? There’s so much Phantom Thieves merchandise all of a sudden. Although, if you ask me, “Phantom Thieves” isn’t a very cool name.
I dunno, I like it. It’s so mysterious. Do you think it’s a bad idea to post my name to the Phan-Site to get a change of heart? I just want to meet the Phantom Thieves…

Jesus Christ!

Music: So Boring

Tomorrow night, you will depart from Japan. Eight or nine hours later, you will arrive in Hawaii. However, you can’t forget about the time difference. Hawaii is nineteen hours behind Japan.

Therefore, it will be the morning of the 7th when you arrive. You leave the night of the 7th and arrive the morning of the 7th… Your mind and body will panic. When humans become jet-lagged, they lose their sense of time. Have you ever looked at your watch and felt like the second hand stopped for more than a second? Here’s a question for you, Hamiru-kun. What is the name of the phenomenon where the second hand looks like it stops moving?

I could totally just pick The World. There’s nothing stopping me. I don’t need the Knowledge. ...Fuck, fine.

(for the record, the percentage of people who picked that answer is zero. Philistines)

Correct. A brief moment of disconnect exists as your eyes move and your brain perceives what you’re seeing. The true nature of this phenomenon is your brain tries to fill that space with an imagined perception.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

You leave on the 7th and spend four nights there, which means you’ll leave on the 11th. But when you come back to Japan, an entire day will have passed. Meaning, you return on the 12th. Farewell for now. The tropical sun is too bright for my eyes, after all…
He’s staying behind, huh?

Yeah, we’ll still be in Japan at that point…
Ryuji! You know you’re not leaving until tomorrow night, right?
Wait, for real!?
Enough of the chitchat. You should be concentrating on class.
I don’t care about that after what I just heard. I’m totally outta motivation to work...
Sounds like business as usual.
Welp, time to research sightseeing spots in Hawaii!
You got over that pretty damn fast!
Oh yeah, are there any famous places in Los Angeles?
It has a vibrant art scene as well. I expect the trip will prove quite stimulating.
That don’t hold a candle to Hawaii’s beaches though.
There are a multitude of fabulous beaches near Los Angeles as well, you know.
Huh? It’s close to the ocean…?
Do you… know where LA is?
Well it’s the capital of America, so… in the middle somewhere?

That line consistently fucks me up.

What about Hawaii?
Dunno. Some ocean, I guess?
You’re hopeless!
How long are you all going to keep this up!?

Music: Tokyo Daylight

How so?

And Ohya again.

This time, we get results.

Then we follow with a Money Reading. Yes, we can get multiple readings in the same say, we just can’t do the same one twice.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

And next time, we’re finally going to go to Mementos to deal with our huge pile of requests!