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Part 126: 10/1-10/2: Turtlenecks Are Back In Style

Part 118: 10/1-10/2: Turtlenecks Are Back In Style

Anon: Karmic justice!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

What? We’re back to winter uniforms already? Gonna need to get reacquainted with the old turtleneck.

Well, even if the CEO has a change of heart, the company’s image is still in ruins… I imagine their stocks plummeted.
Do you think Okumura really exploited his employees? Every little rumor goes viral these days. What if it was all just a lie? If so, the real victims here are the employees themselves.
Nah, the rumors about Okumura Foods were all well-known in the industry. You’re overthinking it.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Thanks. Well then, let’s step inside the student council room.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

His days and his nights are reversed due to his work, so he often sends me a “good morning” late at night...

I’m not sure. I’d definitely tell Eiko if he asked me on a date… But for now things are generally pretty normal. Mostly messages like “how’s your bf” and “hope u had a gr8 day 2day.”

Imagining Makoto trying to pronounce these messages is giving me life.

...Do you think their relationship could actually be serious? Was I just biased to think that all he wants from Eiko is her money?

He’s at best like, what? Early-to-mid twenties? Dating a girl who probably isn’t even eighteen yet? It’s fucked, girl!

I mean, it does sound like a TV show. A lying host that tricks women into debt, then forces them to sell their bodies..

I’ve probably gotten wrapped up in this exact C-tier Substory five or six times at this point with all the Yakuza I’ve played. When’s Kiryu show up to trash this clown?

But… those kinds of things exist in reality as well. Immoral hosts, human trafficking rings… My father even mentioned to me about gangs of men that look specifically for depressed women in Shinjuku… They take advantage of the loneliness those girls feel to force them into horribly abusive situations…. Then after ensuring the girls are buried in crippling debt, they make them sell their bodies to pay it off. There are other ways they force girls into it as well. Blackmail, illegal immigration…

This is getting awful specific, ah geez.

There are countless victims of schemes like that… Countless gangs as well. My father was going after a particularly notorious one when…

A truck!? Sorry, that’s just not where I thought that story was going.

...The impact killed him instantly.

Music: Confession/Secret

At first it was thought to be an accident… But at the funeral, I overheard my father’s supervisor speaking with my sister. He was saying my father had likely been assassinated. They suspected that the gang he was investigating hired the driver…

This seems like an awful complicated method of murder versus using like… a knife or something.

I don’t know. The driver died on impact as well… but apparently they found drugs in his bloodstream.

So, the plan here was get this random driver hopped up on the good shit, somehow convince him to get in his truck and ram a pedestrian at enough speed to absolutely kill him, and hope both of them die? Any number of things could have gone wrong here! What if the driver didn’t recognize Mr. Niijima, a man he’s likely never seen before, or killed the wrong dude due to all them drugs? What if he missed? It’s already kind of implausible that he managed to pick a single guy off the street while doing forty or whatever and ram into him. Hell, what if the driver had survived? Then they have a witness, you idiots!

It seems to me like they wanted something that could be framed as an accident, but the circumstances are ridiculously absurd, sorry.

Either way, that gang has been pushed back into the shadows thanks to the Shinjuku clean-up operation… I’m not sure any of that would have happened if not for the incident with my father...

I kind of want to say “That’s a horrible story,” because jesus christ, but I settle on trying to console her with “He was a noble man,” which is almost a worse option in retrospect because I don’t know her father and he was a cop. I justify it to myself by remembering all those times I heard about incidents of Japanese men threatening people with knives or being violently drunk or whatever and the cops showing up and rolling them into a big futon. Man, Japanese cops are way better than American cops (do not @ me about this, I know all cops are bad, and I’m sure there’s some Japanese version of me who thinks Japanese cops suck and American cops rule because of all the murder they get to do).

I wish I could be a little more like him myself… Instead, I’ve just been hesitant. That’s actually why my sister became a prosecutor to begin with. She couldn’t stand by and watch as evil prevailed over justice… That passion undoubtedly came from our father. Our mother passed away many years back, so when father was killed, we had to survive on our own. The responsibility… The pressure of that all fell on my sister. Because of that, she can’t help but talk down on our father at times… She says death is no different than surrender…

“Getting murdered is for the weak, Makoto.”

But… I still look up to him. I was often lonely because of how much time he spent at work… But seeing him tirelessly pursue one case after the next was nothing short of incredible. That was how my father chose to live his life… Trying to bring justice and order to the world around him.

Come to think of it, there was something he used to say to me all the time… “The most important part of your life is how you choose to live it.”

Kind of empty, that.

Hm… ……. How have I chosen to live…? And more importantly, how do I want to live…?

To be honest, I’ve been determined to follow the path my sister laid for me… After my father’s death, I wanted to lighten the burden on her as much as I possibly could… O-Oh, we were supposed to be talking about Eiko here.

Yeah, and you made it all about yourself. Tsk tsk.

Sorry for going so off topic… You know, I’ve never actually talked to anyone about my father. It’s such a painful memory to look back on… But I feel comfortable discussing it with you. And beyond that, I think I understand my life a bit better now… So… thank you.
I can sense a deep bond of trust from Makoto...

Shadow Factorization is kind of a weird throwaway skill that doesn’t seem that handy, but it actually really is. Not having to constantly check enemies’ Analysis pages and knowing exactly which enemies currently have Tetrakarn/Makarakarn up can be incredibly useful.

“Mayb I’ll like, skip college n just get married 2 Tsukasa instead.” I guess she’s choosing how she wants to live too. As long as she’s sure she’ll be happy…

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Oh, another message. Huh…? “U serious abt Hamiru-kun?” “Wanna hav a double wedding?”

My heart is set on another, regretfully.

I mean, I couldn’t even begin to think about marriage at this point in my life.

That’s the best method I have of keeping tabs on Eiko and Tsukasa. At any rate thanks for listening to me today. I’ll let you know if anything urgent comes up. See you later.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Gah! Again!?

My apologies for spending so much time here. It’s just such a calming place for me.

Haha, sorry. I will be on my way. One more thing though… I heard a calling card has finally been sent. If the rumors of internal affairs at Okumura Foods are true, their president should surely be judged. However, it should be up to the government or police to do so… This is an unfortunate situation.

It seems they have yet to find anything though… I suppose we will have to see what happens. I must be going now. The coffee was delicious.

On these irregularly broadcast specials, we share limited-edition items that are all the rage! Today we’re going to be talking about the relaxing and therapeutic scent of Refresh Aroma! With its special mix of autumn ingredients, this item has been flying off the shelves.
This is from Body Chop, right? I hope the one in the underground mall in Shibuya still has some.

Big Bang Burger’s in a tough spot, right? Let’s show ‘em some Japanese spirit and lend ‘em a hand!
Look, the Japanese only like to show solidarity when obligated to do so. No one wants to be seen working with a company known to exploit their employees!

Oh, Foreign Barker, your heart’s in the right place, but...

And Yusuke’s ready.

I’m still in shock. I don’t know where to start explaining… There’s other stuff I want to ask you about, too. You’ll request me today, right?

OK, thanks. I’ll head over right away, so just wait for me.

Music: What’s Going On?

Takase-kun’s guardians came to my house today and apologized to me! They told me I won’t have to send them any more money! And that they’ll return everything I paid them. It’s like they’re completely different people… like what happened with Mr. Kamoshida. ...Hey. You wouldn’t be, um…

Anyway, it’s such a relief. They apologized about Takase-kun… and admitted that what they did was terrible. They even told me that I am a good teacher. And so, I decided to really quit my part-time maid job today. I’ve been talking to my boss about it ever since I was hospitalized. It took a while to work out who would cover my shifts. I didn’t want to inconvenience anyone. Now I can finally make a fresh start as a teacher. I can take care of my students and earn their trust. That’s the ideal teacher I aspire to become. I bet I’ll be an old woman by the time I achieve my dreams.

...I was always able to rely on you, Master.

After everything, we’re still doing the “Master” shtick, huh? I thought now that we’re at the end of this we might drop it. Just creeps me out, is all.

You helped me come to a lot of realizations, because you were such a good listener.

This really just means she needed someone to talk at until she came to those realizations herself. I didn’t do shit. Well, besides free her from indentured servitude.

Thanks again. ...Oh crap!


One last time, eh? Still gets me. It’s not just the hollow, soulless eyes, though. I think a lot of it is the lips, which suddenly become way too prominent. Yeergh.

Today marks the day I graduate from being your maid. ♥

I feel a deepened connection with Kawakami...

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Can you handle the cleaning on your own? I’m pretty worried about the state this place is in. I feel like you don’t put much thought into your diet either… Besides, won’t you be lonely? Hm?

But I guess I’m not surprised. It must be so bizarre, having your homeroom teacher in your bedroom.


But you won’t mind me visiting the cafe area downstairs, right? We can chat over curry.
Despite how I am, you never gave up on me. So, as your homeroom teacher, I’ll always protect you. Oh, and of course I’ll keep my initial promise too. The one about slacking off in class. I’ll see you at school!

Huh…? Who could that be at this hour…?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

You have tomorrow off, right? Have any plans? Let’s go see “Back to the Ninja”!

We don’t need any points with Futaba, and the movie gives points in Knowledge, which we’re maxed on. We must therefore regretfully decline.

You’re turning her down? Well, it IS your choice. *yawn* We should go to bed.

Anon: They better not screw it up
Anon: stop fuckin around

They should just execute everyone who causes trouble for society.


Ooh, maybe they could take down my boss!
Politicians who knock the Phantom Thieves are just sore losers.
What about Akechi-kun? Is he too afraid of backlash to comment?

Music: Tokyo Emergency

I’d like to ask them to target some people I know, too. I deal with far too many ignorant fools.

Ah, it’s those ignoramuses who can only insult me after they fail to comprehend my film critiques. Like the Phantom Thieves, I have a policy as well. The masses will never dictate my convictions. Of course, I know I am alone, thinking this way. But such is my destiny, and I humbly accept it.

This guy absolutely posts in Cinema Discusso.

Here’s what we’ve got for you today! Donut-Worry! Eating these mysterious doughy rings soothes the heart! Order now and get 20!
It’s true! Sweets are like a mental tranquilizer!
And it can be yours… for the low price of 1980 yen!

I don’t need this, but also let’s go for it.

Music: Time to Repent

First order of business on this gloomy Sunday is to head over to the church. Why, you ask? Well, there’s something special that happens at the church on Sundays that the game is loath to tell you about.

All of them regain something important by reflecting on their past. By the way… You’ve come at a good time today. We are currently accepting small donations from people who wish to support our church and its work. If you donate, you will receive an item suitable for the amount of your donation.

So, this is the church “shop.” We can get two of the first two items and one each of the latter two.

The Baptismal Water, as you can see, lifts all stat buffs for all foes. The Exorcism Water lifts all debuffs on all allies. The Sacramental Wine fully restores everyone’s HP. The Repentance Ashes heals all ailments on all allies. All of these are quite useful, as most items that have similar effects have either nasty drawbacks or are only single-target. We decide to clean house and buy this place out.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Next, we head over to buy some aojiru we don’t want for a stat we no longer need. We’re also behind a week in the rotation because we fought Okumura last Sunday. Maaku gains Charm +1.

That reminds me, I would like to speak with you and the others. Do you have some free time today?

I would like other opinions as well. I shall send out an invite and see who has time to meet. I wish to do so at Leblanc, if that is all right with you.

Music: Break it Down

Oh hey, what a coincidence, only the pre-Yusuke party members were able to show up! Also, Ryuji brought his manga for some reason.

Boss was even kind enough to serve us coffee before he went shopping… Now then… I have a vital request.
Hit me with your best shot! All the tough problems’re gonna have to go to Maaku though.

Oh, you dick!

Hmm, I can help with any subject that’s not math.
Hm…? Do you two honestly believe I would ask you here for help in my studies…?

Rude, Yusuke.

The truth is, I am planning to display my work in a competition. The one organized by Kawanabe of the Japanese Art Support Foundation. You remember, yes Maaku?

That dude we met two days ago? It’s a little hazy, better refresh my memory.

I must win and prove not only my ability, but my intense passion for art as well. However… I am having quite a bit of trouble determining what my next subject should be. I have given this painting a fair amount of thought, but nothing has come to me yet. Hence… I was hoping to hear your opinions on an ideal subject.


Yeah game, how long are you gonna keep bringing that up?

Anyway, maybe you should paint something people find pretty.

Thanks, Ann. You’re a great help.

Hm… So in the end, we return to the concept of beauty. Maaku, what subject do you think would most capture beauty?

I don’t know if the Ann option here is a joke, or if it has nothing to do with the ongoing “stripping” joke, but I’m not picking it. Enough of that gag. Now, the issue is that it’s actually the “correct” option, and picking the one I chose will require us to go to Chihaya a bunch to get more points with Yusuke. Derailing the LP over a minor dialogue choice once again!

Hm? You think Morgana is beautiful…? ...Well, I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But honestly… him?

Where have all of my studies gone…?
You know, I’m not really sure what you mean by pure beauty. I mean yeah, it’s a pretty painting. But… I’m not sure I really consider it a pure beauty or whatever.

Christ, Ann! That’s his mom! Show some respect!


Music: Sunset Bridge

I dunno, I guess it just feels more gentle to me. ...Honestly, I almost cried the first time I saw the “Sayuri.” It felt kinda like I was a baby again in my mother’s arms. She was watching over me, telling me everything was gonna be OK… That was the gentleness that painting made me feel.

I assume she’s talking about the first time she saw the “true” Sayuri and not Madarame’s awful-looking paintover because otherwise this makes no sense in reference to motherhood.

...This is coming from someone with absolutely no art knowledge though!

Really? Because it felt like you kinda “got” it.

Gentleness…? That is yet another aspect the “Sayuri” captured that I cannot… ...Is my heart too cloudy?
It ain’t cloudy, dude.
Are you sure about that? Painting used to be all my heart desired… I needed nothing else in life. But now…? What now!? I have become overwhelmed with a need to prove myself to Kawanabe… to prove myself to the world. I looked down on Madarame for focusing so sharply on fame and money, yet I too yearn for the praise of others! In truth, often times I regret declining Kawanabe’s offer…

Again, it was like two days ago. That’s not much time to really regret it.

Maaku’s right, dude. Ain’t nothing wrong about doin’ your best to make a livin’.
And you just want someone to acknowledge your work, right? That’s some serious passion.
But… how can passion be born from these repulsive thoughts…?
Listen here, dude. I was totally like you back on the track team.

Gross, dude.

But, y’know, even through all that… I was tryin’ to help my team out. Sure it’s a solo sport, but nobody’s gonna run ‘til they puke if they don’t got teammates they wanna inspire. I guess what I really wanna say is, you gotta do stuff for people beyond just yourself if you wanna succeed.
Hm… Is that how it is…? ……. So the sincere gentleness held within the “Sayuri”… The warmth of its heart… It was all for the sake of those who gaze upon it…? How interesting…

Huh? Whaddya see!?

It is something that wells up within the heart until it breaks free…! It is a gift, given by a subject unto its viewer…! Yes, I finally see the truth…! The three of you have my sincerest gratitude! You have been a truly tremendous aid!
U-Uh… ...How exactly?

We somehow managed to help Yusuke out…

I dunno, I feel like I generally understand the arc of the conversation and how we managed to help Yusuke, even if Yusuke’s dialogue itself can be pretty fucking inscrutable at times.

I feel like my bond with Yusuke is growing deeper...

Music: What’s Going On?

If you’ll excuse me!

Wait, you’re leaving?


He looked pretty inspired though, so he’ll be fine… right? Anyway, are you guys hungry? I might ask Boss to make me something once he gets back. Hm, maybe curry this time.
God, you eat so freakin’ much… Oh yeah, and what was that crap about bein’ good at everything ‘cept math? It ain’t nice to lie, y’know.
I wasn’t lying! It’s just really hard to get good grades at Shujin!
If you’re not gettin’ good grades, you shoulda known Yusuke wasn’t gonna ask you to study with him!

To be fair, you also thought that, Ryuji.

Ann, Ryuji, and I enjoyed the rest of our time together… …… It’s getting late… I should probably take them to the train station…

Music: Beneath the Mask

This is utter chaos.
The public dislike of Okumura has grown exponentially as well. How are you holding up, Haru?
We’ve been receiving anonymous threats almost every day now…
That’s scary...
But our security is tight, so it’s been OK so far.
I believe things will calm down once we finish this, Haru.
And what about us? Are we gonna get all popular and shit again?
Let us not concern ourselves with that for now. I only pray that things calm down.

It’s getting nuts out there.

No rank up for Yusuke in the cards today.

Music: Layer Cake

...I got a security escort task for you. This is somethin’ I can only entrust to you.

Oh shit! Finally, some real action!

Will you do it?

Fuck yeah I will!

The person you’ll be escorting… is Kaoru. Get dinner with him at that diner in Shibuya.


Now, go. I gotta take car of some business with Tsuda. I’ll be there after I handle that. See ya soon.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

And so we’re stuck… babysitting.

You know, it’s pretty rare for him to invite people out like this. He must see something in you, Hamiru-san. I doubt he’d ever actually admit it though… …… By the way, um… has he said anything to you? About me… weighing him down?

...To be honest, he’s been acting super weird recently. More than anything, he seems stressed out. I’ve even heard him mentioning my name on the phone a few times… But then every time I’ve gone to ask him about it, he’s told me there’s nothing to worry about. I dunno, it just makes me anxious somehow… I mean, we’re supposed to be a family. …… I’m not sure if you know this, but… he’s not my real father. He just took me in after my parents died in a car crash. Apparently he was a good friend of theirs.

Well, it’s at least an interesting lie.

Honestly, I can’t remember a single thing about them… …… I wonder if my dad even considers me to be a part of his family…

You think so…? ……. Now that I think about it, um… have you ever seen his tattoo?

The gecko on his neck.

Oh, you mean his sick gang tat—SHIT

The truth is, I have a really bad scar in the same spot from my parents’ car crash.

Hmm… I don’t see shit. Either someone was lazy, or forgot, or the model team was fighting with the writers because of all the incidental character models in this fucking game and this was their one act of rebellion! ...It’s probably just the first one.

Back when I was a kid, everyone picked on me for it. My dad would always come home to find me in tears.

My god, children are cruel. Kill all children, that’s what I always say. …Shinya can live. Maybe.

That’s why he got that tattoo. He said it could be the new Iwai family crest. Oh, and I did some research on geckos. It turns out they symbolize protecting one’s home and family. I had almost forgotten about that, to be honest. Maybe he cares about me more than I realize…

We don’t often get to see Iwai from the left, so holy shit that giant peace sign on his jacket caught me by surprise.

You two look like you’re havin’ fun. What’ve you been talkin’ about?

Guess there’re worse things you could be talkin’ about though. Wait… did you get a girlfriend, Kaoru?
Th-That’s not what we were talking about!
Anyways, I can’t stay long. I’ve got errands I need to take care of. Figured it’d be nicer to at least drop by instead of tell you over the phone.
What errands? ...Or can you not tell me?
What’s that s’posed to mean? It’s just work stuff. (to Maaku) Ain’t that right?

Order anythin’ you want. It’s on me!

Music: Suspicion

Ix-nay in front of Aoru-kay, genius.

I’m goin’ now to meet with the guy who set it all up. I’ll have to fill you in on the details some other time. Anyways, this is all thanks to you, kid. It’s real nice havin’ a reliable part-timer to help ‘round the shop.
It feels like my bond with Iwai is growing even deeper...

Dangerous? ‘Course not. Well, I’m outta here. You can hang onto my wallet, Kaoru. Eat as much as you want.
See you at home…
Kaoru and I ate dinner together...

It was unbelievably awkward!