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Part 133: 10/15: Children Are Monsters

Part 125: 10/15: Children Are Monsters

Today’s my birthday and I spent it bringing you this fresh post.

Anon: There was no need to kill.
Anon: That was traumatizing…
Anon: wat do they want, anyway?
Anon: Talk about unlikely heroes.

I guess Akechi was right after all…
No, I still believe the Phantom Thieves!
They’re murderers, right? Hurry up and arrest them!
How long are the police going to let them run loose?

Anon: meh i dun care either way
Anon: trash talking feels risky…
Anon: well now im interested
Admin: No hate-slinging, please!

Oh, poor Mishima.

Music: Suspicion

It must be tough, organizing the funeral for a bigwig CEO. Okumura-san is usually pretty quiet. Do you think she’s OK? Hard to believe the dad of such a nice girl could be so evil…
I didn’t expect this from the Phantom Thieves… That was a full-blown public execution…

Music: So Boring

They’re just calling us a bunch of murderers.
All the celebrities who supported us are being criticized now too.
It’s all gone up in flames… People are posting about this stuff everywhere.
I highly doubt that anyone who supported us did so honestly. There must have been many who simply went with the winning side.
I get mixed feelings about this when you put it that way.
It does make me rethink a lot of things…
That aside, we need to deal with our situation first. Our state of affairs continues to worsen.
We can’t just sit back and watch this happen.
Still, we can’t make a move when we don’t have any leads.
What’re we supposed to do then?
Right around when your exams end will be the perfect timing.
Uhh, for what?
Don’t worry about it. Anyway, just wait and see what happens.
For the time being, let’s discuss things after our exams end.
Ugh, there’s no way I can focus on exams like this.
Can you ever?

Music: Everyday Days

Hey, Hamiru! You! Pay attention! Is that how you listen when someone’s talking to you!?
I feel a murderous intent…!

That was nuts… Is he a ninja?
Tch… Well, whatever. Moving on.

You shouldn’t fucking throw chalk at people, dude!

Ooh, you’ve got the entire class’ attention! Your Charm has definitely increased.

Maaku gains Charm +2.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

The public are fickle and stupid. What else is new?

We’re going to start bashing the Phantom Thieves, even though we lack any credible evidence?
Yes. Our viewers quickly forget the past. As long as we properly incite them at the start, they’ll be easy to influence later.

Case in point!

It’s finally happening… My rock n’ roll legend is about to begin!
Not quite. We had to drop the Phantom Thieves feature after the stunt they pulled. You, on the other hand, would make for a perfect entertainer.
No way, that ain’t rock n’ roll! You gotta be kidding me—I’m a rock star! Get outta my face!

The malfeasance of my apostles, the Phantom Thieves… Is the “Apollo Wave” weakening…? Furthermore, am I even truly the Sun God…?
What are you saying, Sun God!? You are the savior of the world!

One girl I know got really scared. She made me stay by her side, all day and all night.
Are you serious!?
It must’ve been really tough for you though. Your phone must have been ringing nonstop.
Y-Yeah… It got really annoying, having my phone ring all the time… Haha.

Oh yep, this dude’s absolutely a fraud.

You need to relax. I’m sure the company will be fine. I mean, I’m sure there’ll be massive downsizing, not to mention demotions…
But… But… My hubbers JUST got promoted! Damn you, Phantom Thieves!

Quite a few of my fares were pretty angry today. They feel betrayed by the Phantom Thieves.
What are the police and government doing? Those guys need to be arrested, ASAP.
I heard Kasumigaseki’s quite abuzz with this country’s higher-ups scrambling to handle this problem.

Is the person next to you someone that you can really trust? Replace all your anxiety with assured confidence by signing up for our security guarantee plan!

Takemi’s finally ready.

The Phantom Thieves don’t want to better the world. They want to tyrannize people with fear.
How can you say that as a lawyer? You’re saying they’re guilty without having any proof? But if there is proof, the police will find it. Their investigation team just added a star player.

The Phantom Thieves did that, right? And I don’t think I can eat at Big Bang any time soon…
Yeah. It does seem like the Phantom Thieves took it too far.
Wha--? But it was guys like you who fanned the flames and made it into a witch hunt!

That was traumatizing. It was deleted right after, though.
Even the phantom thief sites were horrified. They all say there had to be some other way.
Oh, that one site’s comments section is really bad. The people defending them are so creepy…

I’ve got no time for that! Data is everything in trading! I need to hunt for information! Thanks to my efforts, I sold off the stocks that depreciated because of the Phantom Thieves!
I wish you’d get a normal job… You know we already reserved the wedding venue, right?

Girl, SEVER.

It costs 500 yen each try, so I can only play once in a while. You and I both have to get stronger, and to do that, we gotta practice. So let’s train hard today.

All right! We’ll have a thorough training session today!

Music: What’s Going On?

The games are on me today… Just be sure to keep up.

Don’t worry, I have a lot of money on me today!

Now, let’s get to it! Get into your stance!

Shinya is playing erratically...

Music: Suspicion

Give him his money back.

Ah, christ.

Oda! You took his lunch money, didn’t you!?

Shinya, no!

He forced you into a battle, right?
...Yeah. And when I lost… He told me I owed him money.
Who do you think you are!?

I didn’t take it… I earned it. That money is for my war fund, to help get me stronger.

Fuckin’ kids, no sense of right and wrong.

What the hell does that mean? You’re crazy, just like your mom.

I don’t like where this is going.

I heard your mom was being weird at a restaurant the other day, too. A waiter caught her leaving without paying, and she said she just forgot. She even snapped at the manager and told him his employees need to be better trained.
Sh-Shut up…!
My mom says that your mom is a bully! And you’re just like her!

Oh shit, this is bad. He took off his hat, that’s like his limiter, right!?

If you want your money back, you’ll have to beat me!
He’s not making any sense… Somehow, some way, you’re gonna pay us back!

You’re just like the bad guy in a movie! I hope the Phantom Thieves get you!

At this point in the game he’s basically saying “I hope you get brutally murdered!” Holy shit, kid!

Music: Alleycat

I mean… yes.

I’m not a bad guy… am I…?

But I won… I’m the stronger one…! So how am I… the bad guy…?

Man, kids are idiots. And I still like Shinya.

…… I guess I… I already knew that… I felt bad… even when I was winning. I won’t do it again… I don’t wanna be a bad guy.

Hey… Um… do you… hate me now?

“A little bit.” Yeah, go ahead and tell the kid who’s acting out and considers you his brother that you hate him, see how that goes.

Oh, that’s great! I don’t want you to hate me too… The Phantom Thieves are strong because they defeat strong enemies, right? Beating up on weak opponents… that’s bullying… That’s what bad guys do. I was wrong. Thanks, Hamiru-san… I wouldn’t have realized this on my own.

Glad I was here to help you learn this obvious moral lesson. Next up, why climbing in abandoned refrigerators to play hide-and-seek is a bad idea!

Now we can use Down Shot even more. Nice.

I’m gonna head home now. I need to think about what I did…

After you give the money back, right? Right?

Interacting with Shinya has made my heart grow… I feel like my Kindness has increased…

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

I’ll see you later… Bye.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I guess all the praise they got before doesn’t amount to much now…

You’re a supporter of theirs, yes? I would love to hear your opinion on this matter.

Yes, I’m having a hard time composing my thoughts as well. Given the presence of the calling card, doubting their involvement would be… unnatural. However, something doesn’t feel right. I will have to think the matter over some more later.

Glad Akechi’s on our side. Wait, shit. Never mind.

After the press conference was broadcast, people are now calling them “criminals” and “murderers.” On the street, people have also been expressing their concerns and fears about the Phantom Thieves.
Dammit! How could they… How can people just hate us like that so suddenly!?

Posting Online is my favorite form of civic engagement.

...No. There’s no point sitting around complaining about it now. I’m sure you’ll be able to turn the tide if you just keep changing the hearts of horrible criminals. Oh, and I’ll do whatever I can to help you guys out.

Good to hear, buddy.

Are you free right now?

Let’s talk at the diner then. It’ll probably surprise you… but we can talk some more over there.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Well, it turns out they really were dangerous. I looked them up… and found some seriously scary info. Apparently they’re part of a gang that’s involved in extortion stuff like that all the time.

Welp, better hope they don’t come looking for you for revenge!

I wish I had known that going in… One slip of the tongue in that act I pulled, and I would’ve been dead.

Goddammit, Mishima, why do you always gotta ruin this by talking about pissing yourself?

Honestly though… you’re amazing. You weren’t afraid in the slightest. Maybe it’s only natural after all the nightmares you’ve been through…

Oh shit, it’s Akiyama and his buddies, back to harass Mishima some more.

Whoa, it really is Mishima!
Dude, right? Nobody else could be THIS boring.
Hey, you figured out what you’re gonna do afer high school?
U-Um, not yet…
How ‘bout the military? Nobody’d ever notice a zero like you stealthin’ around.
Hahaha, too true1 I bet you could sneak in anywhere, huh? You’d be Japan’s ultimate weapon!

Huh? Something wrong?

Music: What’s Going On?

Er, not exactly… C’mon, let’s just forget him. It’s no fun messing with Mishima anymore.
Whaddya mean, no fun? You’re always the one screwin’ with him the most.
I dunno, guess I got tired of it.

I’ve been thinking, well… I should prolly thank you.
Huh? Something happen with you two? Y’know, you HAVE been actin’ weird lately, Akiyama… Don’t think I haven’t noticed all them bruises you’ve got.
I-I… ……
Um… “before”? I don’t really know what you’re talking about.

Dammit, Mishima, you’re actually kinda cool.

Mishima… ...My bad, guess it was someone else. …… ...You’ve changed though.
Yo, glasses. I always see you two together… You been coaching him?

Heh… That so? I’m kinda jealous. Anyways, seeya later.

And… I really have changed, huh?

Not much, but yes.

Do you think maybe now I’m starting to be like the Phantom Thieves…?

No. Don’t get ahead of yourself, sport.

I’m gonna work even harder now to make sure I live up to your legacy!
Mishima is showing a passionate resolve…

You know, I always used to think I couldn’t amount to anything. But I somehow managed to step up and help Akiyama-kun with those thugs. It made me realize… there really are things I can do to save people. That’s why I’ve started writing a documentary on the Phantom Thieves. The research I did on that gang Akiyama-kun was wrapped up in was actually what pushed me to do it. And now I’m basically putting together a massive log of all your activities from the Phan-Site.

Sounds neat.

That’s some serious pressure… but I’ll show you what I can do! I mean, I won a composition contest back in 5th grade, so this shouldn’t be any more difficult, right?

Screw the fountain drinks… Let’s go straight for the fancy fruit juice! It’s three times the price, so it’s gotta be three times better!

But I only have so much money… If you wanna order anything else, it’ll have to come out of your own pocket, OK? Anyway… let’s party until we have to go catch the last train!

Catch you later!

Yeah. Catch you later, Mishima.