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Part 134: 10/16-10/20: A Test Of Patience

Part 126: 10/16-10/20: A Test Of Patience

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I’m eating now. Maybe I should respond later…

I guess we can respond once the dishes are done. And make sure you thank the chief for breakfast, OK?

I don’t care how they do it. Just throw them in the slammer already.
It’s too scary to have murderers on the loose…
I wonder what kind of people the culprits are.
They’re murderers. Don’t give me any of this “justice” crap.

Anon: I’m scared to go outside…
Anon: Police were negligent too.
Anon: awful. they betrayed us
Anon: their fans are guilty too
Anon: they def crossed the line

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I am.

You sure are strong. I’ll come back, don’t worry. I think I’ll be able to rejoin everyone around when exams end. Umm… Well, see you.
Haru… She’s the one who should be in pain right now, yet she’s still trying to cheer us up…

We’ll get to work once your exams are over.

Big Bang Burger had been planning to hold a charity event. However, the event has been canceled due to the recent incident.
Things must be pretty chaotic for Haru right now. I’m starting to get worried about her.

Yes, only the tip of the iceberg is reported on the news. No one is aware of the truth. Simply put, the psychotic breakdowns are a government conspiracy to destroy humanity.

Gee whiz, mister! That sounds like some hot bullshit!

Oh, the Phantom Thieves are part of it, too. In fact, they were hired by the government all along. Ah! But you must not reveal this to anyone. You would only incite mass hysteria.

Sure thing, dude.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

The world was crazy to treat them like heroes!
Come on, calm down. The police will catch them.
*sigh* But why did this happen out of nowhere? They were helping people…

Did you see that press conference? It was a little disturbing… We’re seeing the effects of it on our show, too. There’s a lot of criticism of the Phantom Thieves.
See? I told you we didn’t know anything about them.

Um… Kotaro says that he’s really hurting right now. We better have the vet take a look at him.

Music: Butterfly Kiss

I don’t know if fall is the season for sports, but consider your age and don’t overexert yourself. Well, I guess a kid like you doesn’t have much to worry about there… You came because you saw my messages, right?

There’s no need for a clinical trial. You came at the perfect time. Come in.

The girl that I’ve been treating is coming in soon. I want you to see how she is doing.

Takemi Rank 10

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

This girl sounds about forty-eight.

...What are you talking about?
There’s a boy I like, but my friend told me… ...That I have to let her have him, because she liked him first…
Oh, that’s not true.
Really!? Then why did she say that?
It’s likely because she’s jealous of you. Just be cateful because it might result in pandemonium.

She even comes in on days she doesn’t have to. It appears she’s nearly fully recovered.

Music: Sunset Bridge

Which reminds me, the new medicine will be completed soon.


You’ve been a splendid guinea pig… I mean, participant.

Yep, still gives me the willies, even after all this time.

So, thanks again. By the way, how have I been doing? Have I been helpful?

Goddammit, me! I cannot fucking believe we’ve tripled Ryuji’s count for people we accidentally let figure out we’re Phantom Thieves!

So, yeah. If you haven’t figured it out by now, every non-party Confidant ends with the person stating that they’ve realized you’re a Phantom Thief. Really, it just makes Tora that much more impressive because he’s the only one who figures it out without us needing to change anyone’s heart. He’s just that cool.

...Come on. You and I both know that you were lying about needing to prepare for the entrance exams.

No, really! It was for my exa--*snicker*--exams!

I visited Oyamada in jail. A swing of fortunes like that could only have come at the hands of the Phantom Thieves. And to have it happen when it did… Isn’t the only logical conclusion to think that it’s you?

The point is that without you, I wouldn’t have been able to complete my mission. I would’ve never finished the new medicine… while I was being deceived by Oyamada. And I would’ve never met any of the townspeople…

So, I’ll go out on a limb for you. I’ll have even more powerful medicine ready for you… I trust that you’ll use them appropriately.
I feel a strong bond with Takemi...

Music: The Spirit

Resuscitation adds a few new items to the clinic’s selection. They’re great items but they’re also exorbitantly expensive even in comparison to the SP Adhesive 3s, so we’ll go into them some other time.

Takemi is a terrifying human being, but a good character. She’s voiced by Kirsten Potter, who I’ve literally never heard of.

Music: Sunset Bridge

So you better make some money in the name of “justice.”

*giggle* Now, go. Take care.

Music: Beneath the Mask

But I think I’m going to go back to school, starting tomorrow. I’m sorry for worrying all of you until now.
Are you really OK though?
Be sure not to push yourself too hard in this time of grief.
No, I actually need to push myself. My mind always wanders if I have nothing to do…
Yeah, I totally get you.
Besides… there’s nothing I can do while I’m at home.

Um… To be completely honest… When I ended up alone… I did doubt you all a tiny bit.
We cannot blame you for that.
But it’s so horrible for me to doubt you. I mean, I’m the one who asked you all to do this.
Your father just passed away, Haru. It’s natural to feel a flood of emotion at such events.
Yeah, it’s really hard when you lose someone like that…
But I’m OK now. You’ve all helped me out so much.
Right back at ya!
Thank you. Those words are truly reassuring. Well then, I’ll see all of you at school.
Haru… I’m not surprised she seems down. You should keep her in your thoughts, Maaku.

Of course.

Still, despite how she looks, Haru has quite the backbone. I’m sure she’ll be OK.

You wanna help out?

I’ll make a snack for you. Futaba said she’s coming too.

Let’s help Sojiro. Now, you may notice that for the last couple of weeks we haven’t been buying any aojiru. Well, there’s a good reason for that: I forgot We don’t really need to anymore. We’ve only got one parameter left to max out, Guts (and while the me playing the game believes us to be pretty close to maxing that out, the me who went back and checked realized we have a lot further to go), so buying into the rotation is just going to be a waste of money most of the time at this point.

Music: What’s Going On?

Hmmmmmm… Maybe curry spaghetti! And curry udon! Oh, and curry croquettes, and curry pizza!
You really like curry that much…? Well, I guess it’d be pretty easy given the current menu. I’ll give it some thought. How about you? Anything you’d wanna add to the menu?

Of course he is! That stuff’s super addicting, man!

Music: Tension

...Leave now, or else I’ll be forced to contact the police. I’m not giving you a penny.
What was that…? Quit fucking with me!

Shut your mouth, brat! It’s your fault I’m in this mess!

Really making a good case here, buddy.

We can take it to court if you really want. Don’t underestimate how hard I’m willing to fight.
Not only do you have massive debt, but I heard you failed in your most recent business venture. How do you think the court would respond if they knew how wasteful you were with your money…?
Goddammit…! (to Futaba) This is all your fault, you bitch! You cursed little…

Smooth move, Ferguson.

What are you talking about? You clearly fell down on your own.

This cafe’s finished, you hear me!? I won’t let you get away with this!

Music: Suspicion

God damn… What a pain in the ass. Don’t you have enough problems already?

Are you OK, Futaba?
Mm-hm… But Uncle said he’s gonna sue…
Don’t worry… No matter what ends up happening to me or this store, I won’t let them lay a finger on you two. I’m your guardian, after all. I have a duty to protect the both of you. So don’t go doing anything like that again, you hear? I appreciate the spirit you showed though.

Man, Sojiro’s great.

I feel like my bond with Sojiro is growing deeper...

Anyway, I’m done for the day. Take care of closing up for me. Let’s go, Futaba.

I’ll message you later…

I looked up my uncle’s name in Mementos…

Really!? Thanks a bunch! My uncle’s name is Youji Isshiki. Let’s go to Mementos and change his heart. But, uh… I have a favor to ask. I don’t really wanna tell everybody about the time I spent living with him… Maybe someday, sure… but today’s not that day. So I was thinking… can we maybe go just the two of us? I really need your help here, Maaku! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

This kinda breaks the whole “unanimous consent” thing… but what the hell. Anything for family.

I need to take care of Futaba’s uncle and help Sojiro…

Anon: tbh i just wanna troll, lol
Anon: they even steal LIVES???
Anon: p quick to switch sides lol
Anon: There was no need to kill.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

At least the school festival’s soon. It’s the thing I’m looking forward to most right now…
Yeah, but… Are they still going to hold it? It might get canceled…
Don’t say that! You’re bummin’ me out before the exams… Things are bad enough as is. If they cancel the festival, the students will riot!

I’d explain what the culture festival is, but all of you have definitely been exposed to enough anime (read: any) that I don’t actually need to.

Did you hear those rumors?
I wonder if they really are from our school…
Really? No way…
But what if…

Anon: What about the politicians?
Anon: Hurry up and execute them!
Anon: Ugh. We were fooled.
Anon: They must be punished.

Music: Suspicion

I thought they were gonna change that CEO’s heart… but they ended up killing him instead.
Haven’t people been saying they killed Principal Kobayakawa too? I thought they were bad, but I never expected they’d turn out to be murderers…
Oh man, does this mean anyone who gets targeted is screwed!?

Music: Life Goes On

That sounds about right.

This looks tough, but let’s calm down and think it through.

First of all, who proposed the idea of the guillotine?

Yeah! I think he was named Joseph-Ignace Guillotin. So, from his perspective, what was the advantage of the guillotine?

There were thousands of people executed during the Revolution… Looks like… “they needed a method of execution that was quick and impartial.” You finished in time!

Anon: awful. they betrayed us
Anon: they def crossed the line
Anon: Hurry and arrest them
Anon: criminals should die

Music: Suspicion

You know they’re murderers, right?
That doesn’t mean that criminals should be left to do whatever they want…
Still, couldn’t they have at least left the principal to the police? And I mean, did you see that press conference? No way allies of justice would do that.
I wonder if Akechi-kun has been right all along…
He’s so admirable, sticking to his guns even though so many people were against him.

Music: Life Goes On

That sounds about right.

That sounds about right.

Anon: well now im interested
Anon: their fans are guilty too

Music: Suspicion

Isn’t this insane!? There are murderers among us!
Now that you mention it, there was a guy in Shibuya who told me he’s a Phantom Thief the other day.
For real!? You gotta report that.
Oh crap, you think so? I snapped a pic, so I should probably put it online just in case. I hope the cops catch him!

Music: Life Goes On

That sounds about right.

That sounds about right.

Anon: meh i dun care either way
Anon: trash talking feels risky…
Anon: We can’t leave them be

Well, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. This has been so easy I might start yawning. …… You did perfectly. I can’t wait to see your score.

Fuckin’ aced it.