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Part 137: 10/25-10/26: The Akechi Reversal

Part 129: 10/25-10/26: The Akechi Reversal

Anon: I told you so…
Anon: They need to be executed.
Anon: yeah... this is terrorism
Anon: Murderers deserve to die!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

There’s definitely a lot more people than last year.
Well, yeah. This place got “famous” and all. The Phantom Thieves, Kamoshida, Principal Kobayakawa. On top of that, we got Akechi as a guest.
There may be police officers in plainclothes too… Actually, they probably are here. We better be careful about what we discuss.

Maybe we should be avoiding having this suspicious conversation in the entrance, then!?

Acting like normal students is going to be important.

So no talking to cats. Got it.

What do you normally do at a school festival?

The group pauses.

Look around at the exhibits… and eat stuff?
There’s no rules. Remember when we went to the beach before? Why not go about it like that?

I-I know that.
There’s a possibility that both your names have come up during the course of the investigation.

A number of the teachers had been questioned before, and even we were interviewed the other day too.
Don’t let your guard down too much.
It’s true that the initial members have been at this for a long time, making it easier to get tracked…

Like, you know, what Makoto did.

All riiight…
Now, now. Let’s leave it at that. We just need to be mindful about what we’re saying, correct?
(embarrassed) Oh, um…
You seem to be having quite a lot of fun, Haru. You did mention that you were looking forward to this.
I want to go around with everyone and eat at the refreshment stands.

Shall we head off to the stands then?

Oh right. This is your first time at our school festival.
They’re pretty good. From what I’ve heard…

What does that mean? Did you skip your last one?

I know a great one! Follow me.

“Maid Takoyaki”…?

Music: Wicked Plan

New customers! I’ll show you all to your seats.
...So it’s your class’s stand.
It’s still a refreshment stand, isn’t it?
It’s like a deserted island here…
Well, I guess it’s good for talking since there aren’t any people here…

And it was all bullshit.
Here she comes… Act normal.
Who cares…? There’s nothin’ “normal” about this anymore.

May I take your order?
“Take my order”!? What happened to the maid atmosphere!?
There are a lot of odd flavors…
Stick to a normal one. I bet they--
I’m so sorry. We sold our last normal one to the previous customer.
The hell…
Well then… I’ll have the mentai cheese takoyaki.
I’m sorry. We’re out of cod roe.
Then, how about the squid--
Um… We’re currently out catching squid. It’ll probably be another five or six hours…
That doesn’t even sound remotely possible! Ain’t this whole menu just a sham!?

Ryuji sounds angrier than he has for most of the rest of the game here.

Actually, we spent most of our budget on making the maid costumes look nice. We didn’t put too much effort into the octopus.
I can see that!
(whispering) Ryuji, you’re making a scene…
Then, what would you recommend with what you have now?
That would be the Russian takoyaki.
We’ll have that, please.
This will take a little time.

I’ve even heard conjecture that the principal was targeted for reasons like “he knew too much.”
I kept hearing about Goro Akechi’s popularity.
All thanks to the Phantom Thieves!
You know, did that Akechi guy agree to show up here ‘cause he believes we didn’t kill anybody…?
Or, he may simply love large gatherings.
Oh, true. He didn’t seem like he minded being pampered by the media at all.
We plan on stealing intel, but we might fall into another trap. I’m gonna be bummed if that happens…

You’re so carefree. ...Does it mean you have nerves of steel in any situation? Still, it doesn’t change the fact that we don’t know what Akechi-kun is planning.

Ooh, it’s fresh made!

Music: My Homie

Lies! I heard a microwave go off!
Well, it’s not like I was expectin’ crispy takoyaki at a school festival or anything. So, what makes this a “Russian” takoyaki…?
Could there be jam in it as a secret ingredient? That sounds quite delicious.
Well… one of these is “special.”

Dude, don’t tell me the “Russian” part means…

Gotta admit, this is a really solid, dumb joke.

I-Is that so?
I’d prefer the most beautifully shaped one… but all of them are misshapen.
Oh, aren’t you all going to eat? I think I’ll go for the “special” one.
Wait… Is she honestly going for it?


(to Maaku) Do YOU wanna go for the red one?

Uh… well, yeah.

I love this line. He sounds so defeated by my idiocy.

Music: Disquiet

Th-The panel isn’t until tomorrow though…
I came to check out the venue. I can’t make any mistakes since a lot of people will be present.
Someone’s eager.
But people ended up recognizing me. Everyone bombarded me with questions.

You’re wearing your normal clothes, dude. Not much of a disguise.

(whispering) That’s ‘cause you were sloppy…
I grew tired of the baseless rumors they kept bringing up, so I escaped to where there weren’t any people.

*gasp* The “special” one…!

That’s for Haru, you bastard! Put the takoyaki back in the box!

Let’s just call this my performance fee.

Akechi eats the special takoyaki.

It’s fine.

Eating it in one bite is a bad idea…

Music: Wicked Plan

Ohhh… Oh, my stomach… It burns…!
Are you OK? Do you need water?

Hey, does he sound broken to you?
W-Well then… I’ll… I’ll see you… uh… t-t-t-tomorrow.

It’s like he wants to get picked up for some commercial or something…
But… did he truly come to simply check the venue? ...This isn’t good. I keep suspecting every little thing…
...I know what you mean. I’m doing the same too. I need to do my best tomorrow. We need to somehow get him to be our source of intel… I’m gonna pull this off no matter what!
That Akechi guy… When he got here, didn’t he say that everyone’s all here? “Everyone”…?

He’s met most of us, minus Haru, before. Couldn’t he just be talking about that?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Yes, but the associated mental fatigue was extraordinary. Being cautious takes a lot out of you…
Seriously. I think I’m as tired now as I am after midterms.
I didn’t mind any of that. I just loved seeing that detective gulp down the special takoyaki…
I had fun as well, since I got to spend time with you all.
What would you like to do now, Haru? Walk around a little more?
I appreciate the gesture, but I’m satisfied with stopping here. Why don’t we go home and rest up? We’ll have to deal with Akechi-kun again tomorrow, after all…
I have to agree. What will his next move be…?

Music: Beneath the Mask

Criticism against him is not only coming from the opposition, but from the ruling party as well. If the ruling party does split, then a snap election may be a real possibility.
I don’t know much about politics, but it sounds like there’s a lot going on in the government.

Anon: world-famous fail loool
Anon: lol, ppl still like them?
Anon: you’re guilty too tbh
Anon: got dox on the thieves yet?

Our guest of honor is Goro Akechi.
I feel kind of bad, considering how many people have gathered… I’m sure you all would’ve been happier to have a singer or a mascot appear, wouldn’t you say?

The crowd begins laughing and cheering raucously.

We’d appreciate it if you could tell us about your experiences with the notorious Phantom Thieves.

“You know, all those experiences you’ve definitely had.”

It’d be wonderful if you could let us hear more about your actual investigative process.
I’m not used to being the one interrogated… so please go easy on me.

The crowd laughs.

Music: Suspicion

This might be kind of a confusing scene because it involves multiple conversations happening in different parts of the same room. I’ll try to make it as clear as I can.

He talks of how the Phantom Thieves are dangerous, yet he says they haven’t committed any murders… Either he has an idea who the true culprit is, or he has uncovered the identities of the Phantom Thieves.
C’mon, Makoto… You gotta get it outta him…!

Well, if it’s as much as I’m allowed to say, then everything on TV and the internet is all of it. We don’t have any leads yet, and the methods behind their crimes are still unclear.

So you don’t know anything about them, and you couldn’t say anything even if you did! Wow, really interesting panel! I guess we should start with the audience Q&A, then, with riveting questions like “This is actually more of a three-part statement...” and “How do I break into games journalism?”

Even with this country’s power, arresting them is proving to be difficult… Is that the case?
I wouldn’t phrase it that way… but well, something like that.
Thank you for answering that question. By the way, it seems you’ve denied a correlation between the Phantom Thieves and the murders… Why the sudden change? Until now, haven’t you upheld your stance that the Phantom Thieves are dangerous? How are you so positive that they haven’t committed murder?
Aren’t you a little too comfortable interrogating people? Why, it’s as if you’re a prosecutor.

The audience laughs once again. Is Makoto’s sister being a prosecutor common knowledge to the students?

Ah, excuse me. This is something I’ve personally been interested in, so I couldn’t help it… But won’t you tell us? What reason is there that you’d claim their innocence when you previously stated they were unjust?

She’s pelting him with questions.

Why, then, was he the only one who needed to be killed…?
Why is that?
I must admit… I couldn’t deduce a reason. That’s why I believe that case should be thought of as if a different party is responsible. And if-- This is all hypothetical, mind you. If the Phantom Thieves are the ones I know of, I can’t possibly imagine they would kill anyone.

Oh shit! We’re boned!

The crowd begins chattering.

Music: Tension

Oh, no. The police haven’t gotten that far yet. But I have my own conclusions about the true identities of the Phantom Thieves.

Pipe down!
He’s lying, right…?
But if it’s the truth…

It’s only my personal opinion, so announcing that here wouldn’t pose a problem. However… ...There is a possibility that everyone present will hear the truth before the police or media.

What’s he planning on saying…?

If you’re so certain… then very well. I’d like to ask you then: Who do you think the Phantom Thieves are, Akechi-san?

What are you doooooiiiiinnnng!?

No… there’s no way he could have any evidence…

Would you mind if I step away for about… ten minutes or so?

God, you’re gonna give everyone in the audience blue balls, huh?

I’m terribly sorry, everyone, but we’ll be taking a break. We’ll resume the panel in ten minutes.

The crowd goes nuts.

There’s the PE faculty office.

Music: Suspicion

Your friends from yesterday are here, aren’t they? Can you bring them too, if that’s all right?

Did you set this up…?
We only have ten minutes, you know.

Akechi places some photographs on the table.

Music: Desire

That’s gotta be ‘shopped!
I have video footage too.

Well… fuck. I vote we kill him.

Please, let’s not feign ignorance. All of you can go to that other world too, yes?

It’s not just all of you. I am aware of that world too… I also know that when you traverse over there, your appearance changes as well. It’s because of those mysterious powers, isn’t it?

This had been installed onto my phone without my knowledge.

Dude, it’s the Nav…
When the app activated on its own, the scenery around me suddenly changed. Quite frankly, I still can’t believe it myself. But from the look of these photos, all of you seem quite used to it.
We’ve been listenin’ to you blab on for a while now, but cut the delusional--
All of you are acting as Phantom Thieves in the Metaverse. I can say so with conviction because I have the same power as you.

So you admit it then. In all honesty, I’ve been curious about you since the time of the Madarame case. But to think it would end up like this…

I believe that as well.
...How can you be so sure?
Because I saw another—the real culprit.

Music: Disquiet

Okay, we’re all very shocked at these developments, we get it.

Who was it!?
I couldn’t identify his face… He had a mask on, after all. Actually, when I took these photos, I entered that world too.

This dude’s just so happy about murder.

He shot at me the moment he noticed me.

Most likely. At the very least, I was almost killed by him. “I can’t die here… I need to determine the truth...” When those thoughts overcame me, I awakened to that power—a most fortunate accident.

Morgana. Our teammate who taught us about the Metaverse.
...Really? This is unbelievable… But it IS true that you know things that I don’t… ...Say, Morgana. Were you also the one who instructed them on how to change people’s hearts? I experienced that world too, but I still haven’t solved that mystery yet.

And those whose Treasure has been stolen have a change of heart.
Hahaha… There’s certainly no way anyone could figure out such an MO.

Although I don’t completely understand the method, all you do is simply reform people. Someone else is behind the murders. However, the police have decided that the Phantom Thieves did it… They’ll arrest you at this rate.
Th-They’re going to treat me as my father’s murderer…?
I can’t overlook such a grave mistake. Which is precisely why I want us to strike a deal. I may be able to save you from this situation.

I would like you to cooperate with me on investigating the truth.
And if we decline?
Then I think I’ll have to inform the police about all of you, along with that video I mentioned.


The justice I uphold will not tolerate criminals who kill people at their leisure.
You’ve heard that Sae-san is the one spearheading the investigation about you Phantom Thieves, correct? The higher-ups are concerned only with settling the case. They want to capture the culprits behind the psychotic breakdown incidents and end the commotion. Those are the ones who are putting pressure on Sae-san. I can only imagine her impatience.
What of evidence that we did it? How do they intend on proving it?
Even if there is no objective explanation to the method, it’s over once causality is established. Sae-san can’t make rational judgments at the moment. If she were to be cornered, well… she may even make up a confession.

So, they’re gonna make it all our fault!? Just ‘cause they feel like it!?

...And we’re still going to be arrested?
You’ll be found guilty if you’re caught, and it will be treated as a very serious crime.

Alternate title for this update: “Ryuji’s Effing Pissed!”

Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do alone anymore to stop the flow of things…
And that’s why you want our cooperation…?
Yes. In return, I’ll turn a blind eye to what you’ve done. Those are my conditions. That said, I ask that you disband the Phantom Thieves after this.
What should we do about Akechi-san’s proposal…?

I sadly must decline, for I am too young to—oh, you mean what he’s asking right now.

I see… I thought I was making a lot of concessions myself… Well, you don’t have to decide at the moment. Considering this is you we’re talking about, I believe you’ll come to a favorable reply.
I can sense a bond of trust coming from Akechi...

Music: Suspicion

I’m glad we could talk. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to spend such a meaningful time like this. I look forward to your answer. It was definitely worth coming today—for various reasons.

I can feel the fanfiction getting written as I type this sentence.

...About that. I’m sorry. Would it be acceptable if we ended the panel here? The reason why you called for me in the first place was because you wanted intel, correct? My business is concluded as well.
I’ll deal with it somehow.

My memory is a haze...

So, I truly apologize about this… But I’ll have to end things here today.

The crowd is despondent. As they should be, because this fucking tease was about to tell them who the Phantom Thieves were!

To make up for the time that was planned for this panel, the rakugo research club will instead be--


I can’t say anything in detail regarding the Phantom Thieves investigation… But I feel another great stride will occur again soon. I hope you all continue to pay attention to what happens.
Let’s have a big round of applause for today’s guest, Goro Akechi.

Music: Disquiet

He totally used Makoto’s suggestion against us.
Indeed. We intended to get intel out of him, but to think it would play out like this.
So what? We’ll just accept his deal?
He’s got evidence on us. We really don’t have a choice…
Dammit, what’re we gonna do!?
Calm down, Ryuji.
How am I s’posed to calm down!? What are we gonna do!?
What’s done is done. We’ll have to cool our heads and think more on this. We must make up our minds by the time he contacts us again.
We need to give this a lot of thought…

Although things have quieted down until recently, several incidents have occurred once again. Furthermore, new information has come to light about the suspect who suffered sudden mental shutdown… He had received a calling card from the Phantom Thieves.

Music: Desire


If so, those occurrences back in spring can be attributed to them as well. Moreover…

Seems like this whole enterprise is collapsing around us! Tune in next time to find out how the hell we get out of this one!