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Part 146: 11/6-11/7: Guardian Angel

Part 138: 11/6-11/7: Guardian Angel

Music: Beneath the Mask

And we’re back from Mementos, meaning that we have plenty of new Confidant opportunities!

Yep, we’re doing this. *sigh* Now that we have Kawakami at Rank 10, one of her… massages… will allow us to go out at night after exploring the Metaverse.


I did quit the maid job, but people can’t find out a teacher is seeing her student for personal reasons.

Okay, so:
  1. Uhh, you came here a while ago for your Rank 10 in plainclothes.
  2. I don’t understand how the maid thing is better for you. I’m still underage, girl, and this just ups the chance someone finds out you were working as a maid.
  3. Why do you still have that uniform!?
I can’t get found out, you know. I hope you don’t mind me dressing like this when I come help you.

Fine! Whatever! If it’s not obvious, whenever Kawakami comes to do a chore for you, she will be wearing the maid outfit. I guess they really didn’t want to swap out the model.

Music: My Homie

So? What do you think about the amount of force I’m using, Masterrr?

You have no reason to be doing that. Please stop!

Right? I’m a professional at this, after all. Huh. Your body is pretty fit. What the heck do you do to get it like this?

Ooh, looks like that was pretty effective. Oh, since you’re refreshed now, you can probably do something else before the night ends.
All right, I’m heading home. Don’t overwork yourself, OK?

Music: Beneath the Mask

Now, here’s a weird thing: When you get Kawakami to do one of the other chores for you, Sojiro leaves. But they want you to be able to hang with Sojiro after getting a massage, so he stays in that case. I guess Sojiro’s an even chiller dude than we realized because he don’t give a fuck that we’re calling maids that look suspiciously like our homeroom teacher who he has met to his cafe’s attic followed by suspicious moaning.

Anyway, we can leave now. Let’s forget any of that just happened.

Yes. I returned all the money I took. I was charged with a lot of interest… Now I’m bankrupt. What am I going to do…?

Looks like Akitsu had that change of heart.

What are you saying, Fumio-sama…!? What happened to you!?
Well, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I can achieve what I want to here. I’m going to start over fresh. I want to contribute to society in any way I can… What are you going to do? I need to atone for everything I’ve done.
...I see. In that case, I will follow your lead.
Looks like he had a change of heart, without any issues.

Homeless Man is gone...

Music: Layer Cake

I got a call from Tsuda. I wanna tell you the details. You got some time?

Come to the back.

Music: What’s Going On?

Tsuda rang me up a while back. Told me to forget everythin’ he was threatenin’ me with. I honestly thought it was some kinda joke at first, but I ain’t seen or heard from him since. Y’know, it almost felt like I was talkin’ to the old Tsuda somehow. My sworn brother… Hey, you think a guy can really go through a drastic change that quick?

I ain’t really one to talk, but you should prolly think about takin’ this a little more seriously, kid. Anyways, somethin’ fishy is still goin’ down… but Tsuda changin’ is a real load off my shoulders. Oh, and this prolly means our deal’s through with, huh? I mean, your end of the bargain was drivin’ Tsuda away… and you did that and then some.

What, from your perspective, did I actually do?

One more thing… I know I kinda fired you n’ all, but d’you think you’d maybe wanna keep workin’ here with me? I understand kids these days have all sortsa commitments, so I get it if the answer’s gotta be no…

Just don’t go expectin’ me to make the job any easier for you, y’hear? I’ll be countin’ on you, kid. I mean, uh… Maaku.
It feels like my bond with Iwai is growing even deeper...

Disassemble ‘em and wipe the prints off before we toss ‘em though, OK? Oh, and I’m not lettin’ you leave ‘til they’re done.

I feel like helping Iwai with my work has honed my Proficiency

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

Hey, nice work today.

Anon: they’re def guilty
Anon: can’t know w/o a trial
Anon: lol this place went to shit

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Homeless Man!

Yes, thank you… I started feeling ill once my memories of the past came flooding back. In exchange for a small sum of money… I did such terrible things to so many people… Was I saved by phantom thieves? It can’t be. They’re…

We need some matching Confidant Personas and we’re all out of space, so time for some fusion.

Music: Aria of the Soul

Pazuzu comes from Neko Shogun and Lachesis.

I shall become your mask. Now, let us walk together and take the reigns [sic] of this desert world.

Pazuzu is an evil spirit, god of the southwest wind who would bring famine during the dry seasons and locusts during the west. He also drives away other evil spirits, in effect protecting humans from plagues and misfortunes.

Hariti is fused from Kikuri-Hime and Thoth.

I shall become a mask of affection to guard you, like a mother watching over her weak child…

Hariti is a demoness originating from what is now Pakistan. Originally an ogress who slew human children to feed her own hundreds of offspring, Buddhist missionaries gave the legend a new twist where Gautama Buddha managed to convince her to become the protector of childbirth and children out of remorse and convert to Buddhism.

Music: Butterfly Kiss

I don’t know if fall is the season for sports, but consider your age and don’t overexert yourself. Well, I guess a kid like you doesn’t have much to worry about there…

What the fuck’s that supposed to mean?

So, what are you here for today?

Our next stop is the clinic, because while I’m really just here to pick up more of those sweet, sweet party-wide 200 HP restores, I forgot to show off her new inventory from her Rank 10.

She now sells five new items: magic repels and physical repels, a Homunculus, which will eat an instant-kill for any party-member, and Reviv-All/Renew-All. Reviv-All will revive every party member and restore 50% health, while Renew-All will do the same, but restore 100%. They’re both exorbitantly expensive, especially the latter, and I never felt the need for them, but they’re here if you want them.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Iwai… not ready.

Yeah! Then, come with me.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

When I got home, my mom cooked dinner. She made my favorite, hamburger steak! Then she admitted that she was wrong and apologized to me for getting so mad about everything. She broke down crying and told me that she’ll be a better mother from now on…

It’s all thanks to the Phantom Thieves… and you, Hamiru-san. I guess winning and losing doesn’t matter when it comes to just being happy.

Well, isn’t it true? The reason my mom was able to change is that she lost to the Phantom Thieves. Losing wasn’t the end at all. It brought my real mom back. Man, I’m so happy right now. Am I weird… for feeling happy about losing? I mean, all I cared about before was winning.

Well, you might be right… Looking back at how obsessed I was with winning, I can see I was just acting like a kid. I wanna get stronger. Strong enough so that I can protect my mom… I realized something from you and the Phantom Thieves. Instead of destroying others, protecting and saving people is what makes a person strong. You listened to my problems, and even confronted my mom for me… I-I guess that was pretty cool of you…
I feel Shinya’s brotherly affection...

I heard more rumors that he uses illegal armor. I wonder why he’s cheating…

I might’ve cheated too, if I had known how.

OK, I’m gonna head home. Hey, Hamiru-san, are the Phantom Thieves… ...Never mind! Bye!

Interacting with Shinya has made my heart grow… I feel like my Kindness has increased…

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

Let’s play again sometime!

What are the police doing!?
Do your job! You’re nothing but tax thieves!
How long are you going to let the Phantom Thieves run loose!?
This country’s done for… Someone better take responsibility!

Anon: Record-breaking evil
Anon: innocent til proven guilty

That’s not a thing in this country. I guess I appreciate the sentiment, though.

Anon: no way they’re innocent
Anon: Death penalty! Execute!

Music: Beneath the Mask

That seems somewhat sudden.
I mean, didn’t they find a calling card in Principal Kobayakawa’s office? I thought you had suggested that idea yourself, Yusuke.
That was just a generalization.
But if Mako-chan noticed what was going on with you guys, somebody else might have too.

We’re terrible at hiding this, it’s true.

So you think that “somebody else” is trying to frame us? What’s gotten into you so suddenly?

What is all of this about? It’s too soon to be jumping to conclusions like this.
Well, I was hoping to hear a professional opinion on the matter… What are your thoughts, Akechi-kun?
The possibility is not zero, but it does seem a bit unlikely.
How so?
A normal person would never do such a thing. They would have no reason to callously murder your principal.
And what if they weren’t normal?
Are you implying they kill for the sheer pleasure of it?
No, not like that. What I mean is, you need certain special abilities to navigate through that world, yes?
Ah, so you’re saying the culprit is a Persona-user.
I see… How perceptive. Truthfully, I was considering that possibility myself. But it is still difficult to think they have ties to Shujin Academy.
There would be no motive for them to carry out such a cruel plot. Clearly our culprit is acting behind the scenes to accomplish some grand objective. He likely has accomplices. It is even possible that he is being controlled by someone.
Controlled? By whom?
If we knew that, I do not think we would be in this much trouble.
I see… So even someone like you doesn’t know, Akechi-kun.
Looks like our genius detective’s not so much of a genius after all.
Haha, harsh as always.

More importantly, we need to focus on changing Sae-san’s heart for the time being. If we cannot do that, everything we have done will be for naught. We absolutely must succeed here.
He’s right. If we get caught now, all our hard work will amount to nothing. We really have to pull this off.

The Hachiman Belt gives us high Physical resistance.

Representative Masayoshi Shido submitted his formal resignation from his current party. With many representatives on his side, the Liberal Co-Prosperity Party will be forced to split. The House of Representatives will also dissolve if the motion of non-confidence is passed…
So the House of Representatives is probably going to dissolve… We promised to do that after this plan is over, too…

Do you know how much harm they’ve caused to people? They’re terrorists, I tell you! And you can’t count on the police. It’s time for the great detective Akechi to shine!
Where has he been, anyway? I haven’t seen him on TV at all lately...

Music: Crossroads

So you won’t believe how weird the chief’s been acting! Sit down so I can give you the details!

Now, take a seat!

He said he’s been concerned for my health… which is actually kinda creepy, now that I think about it. Anyway, that’s not all. He said he’s letting me re-open my investigation into what happened to Kayo! He told me he wants me to do everything I can to pursue the truth. I think… he was serious. I wonder what happened to make him change so suddenly…?

Of course I am. It’s just… The whole thing’s too convenient. It seems a little fishy, you know? I mean, you… asked me for the chief’s name the other day, right?

*whistling innocently*
Why are you giving him such a hard time? Aren’t you gonna tell him the other good news?
I… I know where Kayo is.

That was part of the chief’s apology to me. Apparently he did some investigating on his own. So, he followed up on my journalist friend’s source and… it turns out she really is alive after all.

This is incredible news… So? Where is she?

Music: Suspicion

Oh dear.

That explains why she hasn’t been able to contact me this whole time. I really wanna go see her, but to be honest… I’m afraid. I’m afraid to know the truth. Not just about Kayo’s current mental state… but about what happened to her that night too.

Understandable. Sounds like it was a thoroughly traumatic experience for all involved, especially your “partner.”

Honestly, I shouldn’t be afraid to face the truth I’ve been chasing for so long… but I am. ...I won’t let that stop me though. I’ll do this… I’m… going to go see her. No matter what happens, I need to see this through to the end. Otherwise I wouldn’t be Ichiko Ohya, journalist extraordinaire! *chuckle* I’m really glad I talked to you about this. I never would’ve made my mind up without your help. You know, you’re way more than just some high school kid. You’re almost like my guidance counselor.


I can sense Ohya’s deep appreciation for me...

Everything with the chief worked out OK, but the higher-ups are still keeping an eye on me. So I’ll need you to keep the juicy tidbits coming! I can’t stop writing about the Phantom Thieves now! ...All right, let’s see what you have for me today!
I enthralled Ohya with my stories about the Phantom Thieves… I feel like my Charm has increased…

Maaku gains Charm +3.

I can't wait for next time!