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Part 169: 11/25: Life As A Dead Man

Part 159: 11/25: Life As A Dead Man

Anon: Evil is destined to perish.
Anon: What a sore loser
Anon: Innocent? Makes no sense
Anon: we do need new authority…

I bet it’ll be an overwhelming victory for Representative victory for Representative Shido!
Yeah… I’m definitely gonna vote for him!
Maybe I’ll actually vote this time…
There aren’t many politicians who are like Shido-san!

Anon: Evil is destined to perish.
Anon: he shoulda confessed first
Anon: Innocent? Makes no sense
Anon: we do need new authority…

Music: Stock SFX of wind

Haha. I guess it must be hard, even for you. Now that we know who’s behind it all, we can’t get hasty. Rushing will just make us sloppy. But geez, it’s been getting cold lately. We might freeze to death before we can change his heart. Let’s look to see if we can find anything to help us get warm.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

It’s so warm… Once we take care of Shido… ……

Hm? Well… I was just thinking… This might be the last job for the Phantom Thieves.

Oh no, serious time!

Everyone’s goals and ambitions… They’re all linked to taking down Shido. That’s how I feel. We all became phantom thieves for our own reasons. We weren’t just playing around. Outside of the Phantom Thieves, you also have friends who’ve been helping you. They believe in you. We have an important battle ahead of us, and we only made it all this way because of them.

Hint hint pay attention you idiot, this is the end of the game and you’re about to run out of time to max your shit

Haha, you’re right. Then again, you didn’t die, even though you were killed, right? The others are tough too!


This upcoming battle is personal, so we’ll do it your way. Now you can fight Shido on your terms!

Music: So Boring

I believe I mentioned this before but Hamiru-kun is back at his family’s home. It’s a private matter, so don’t go spreading rumors.
How long can we keep this up? We need to take care of things before we get caught…

Music: Disquiet

For the rest of the game, the “roaming” music has been changed to this track. Spooky.

A dead man cannot go to school, you know. It would all be for nothing if they found out he’s still alive.
Yes. We need to be careful to make sure we’re not being watched as well.
Want me to get special servants for this situation?
You really think like such a rich girl!
We’ll have to be particularly careful when we gather at the hideout. Everyone will need to make sure they’re not being followed.
K, I’ll watch out.
That wasn’t directed at you.
This is the final showdown, so let’s watch our steps.
That’s so unlike you, Ryuji!
Shuddup! Anyways, let’s get this shit started. We’ll be waiting for you to contact us.
OK, so—you’ll stand out too much during the day, so we need to go at night. We’re about to face our toughest target to date. Don’t skimp on your preparations.

Then don’t give me more shit to deal with, gosh. JK Mishima, you know I love you.

Anyway, here’s the info I have… This one is cruel.

I dunno, like selling them “magical vases” or something. Anyway, they keep moving around, so it’s been difficult to reliably track them. Apparently the police have just stopped trying entirely… From what I’ve read online, their representative is a guy named Yoshihito Wakasa. Sorry I don’t have any more info than that. Good luck.
It might be tough for us to go at a time like this, but the info itself is pretty worthwhile. If we have the chance to head into Mementos, he’d make a great target.

There still seems to be enough fuel left...

Sadly, despite what this sentence implies, there is no riveting fuel-fetching mechanic for the heater.

Taking into account the current political chaos, the period until the election is unusually long. Election day is on the 18th of next month. Each party is in for a long fight.
The election is on the 18th. We better make sure to settle things before then!

He’s a very eloquent man, and it’s very impressive to hear him live. He’s got a lot of promise.
I always thought politicians couldn’t be trusted, but I think he’s someone worth voting for.

...Then again, I’m sure no one’s gonna be looking for someone who’s supposed to be dead.

Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite LP tradition, Talking To Every NPC In The Game!

It’s because they finally caught the Phantom Thieves. That boy, Akechi, is a real hero. I’ll admit, I don’t have much hope for young people, but this one shows a lot of promise.

The leader of the Phantom Thieves who died was just a kid! His capture was really sudden, and things happened so fast that it was hard to keep up.
To think that a kid could be guilty of murder… This country’s going down the drain.

I don’t think so. The Phantom Thieves aren’t here anymore.
You’re a liar! The Phantom Thieves are superheroes! They have to come and make Kotaro feel better…

The Sweet Potato Vendor now has 50 SP restoring potatos, though we’re limited to one per customer.

Ohoho… You know, I’ve actually met Shido-san, during one of my hus-buddy’s functions.
Is that so? We just met him the other day, while joining the supporters association. He seemed quite nice. Were you at the event?

Ha, Modest Housewife has changed to Not-so-modest Housewife.

The most shocking thing to me is that the Phantom Thieves are minors… They’re around our age, right? High school…?
Usually this stuff gets posted on the Internet. I can’t seem to find anything, though…

That Angel Tart we heard about on TV a while back is finally available.

Leave those two for the others. I want to uncover the truth about the Phantom Thieves. This is our chance; it’s what everyone wants to know!
You’re right… It could be quite the scoop!

Because of the election campaign speeches? Yeah, sucks they held ‘em during peak business hours.
That Shido guy was there, I hear. There’s a huge crowd wherever he goes.
Makes sense. He’s always on TV, plus he’s pretty charismatic.

However, the traitorous apostles, the Phantom Thieves, have fallen. That is quite comforting.
You are wrong. The delinquency of my apostles is part of the government’s wicked conspiracy! I return to purge the darkness! Now, listen to the voice of the Ultra-Electromagnetic Sun God!

Woohoo! The Sun God is back!

Oh, is this your motherly side? Your daughter is in high school now, isn’t she?
She goes to Shujin Academy. I’ve been worried for her since I heard the Phantom Thieves go there. I finally felt relieved when I heard they caught their leader, but this is rather shocking…

They say “please” so much, they sound like pick-up artists.
I don’t care about the election… It’s not like we’d get girls by changing politics…
Master, why do you look so down?

Buy these wonderful study guides, and you too can become a genius like Akechi-kun. S’il vous plait?
Ah, maybe I’ll buy those for my son. Akechi-kun is really quite impressive, after all. It’s true that if you want your son to succeed and join the elite, education will be real important.

The elites won’t need all that fancy book-learnin’ when we break out the guillotines.

Ahh, yep. So your signature here, then, s’il vous plait…

I love that Fishy Hawker uses pretentious French. That shit’s canon.

You don’t know? That’s right. There’s no way to know! And that’s why we plan ahead. With Wanna-B-Alert’s security guarantee, you’ll be safe in times of unpredictable danger! Before the year’s end, won’t you finally start putting a priority on safety… before it’s too late?

It’s surprising that no one knows that boy’s identity. I thought for sure the police would leak it.
I suppose they’d want to keep that info to themselves after salvaging their dignity with that arrest.
It’s too bad that he died, though. I really wish I could have represented him.

The announcement’s finally been made though. This country’s future is all depending on--
All they’re doing is kissing everyone’s ass. We don’t know what those politicians are really like.
W-Wait, but having a new ruling party could really make big changes in Japan!

That suicide leaves a real bad taste in my mouth. And we never found out who they were… We’ll have to get Mr. Shido to expose them! Murderers don’t deserve any rights!
There’s no info on the internet, either. There’s got to be some huge, dark conspiracy here…

I know there’s an actual conspiracy, but the way these idiots are talking about it makes me think they’re gonna start some #PAnon bullshit.

What!? You’re just going to throw away the celeb lifestyle? It’s just over the horizon! I just bought stocks for companies that are donating a lot to Shido!
All you talk about is money. There’s no point in us being together…

Holy fucking shit, you go girl! Finally breaking up with this loser! I’ve been rooting for you this whole time!

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s listen to some random reactions to Shido and Akechi.

Fucking low-information voters!

Akechi really is dreamy, huh.

And now that we’re finally done with all of the chatter, we can head over to Haru. As I mentioned earlier, our goal for now before heading into the Palace is to max out our remaining Confidants. There’s only one problem: we’re legally dead and can’t be spotted at school! What to do…? Well, we can at least hide near the school gate, so let’s do that.

All right… Let’s sneak past everyone and go up the emergency exit.

Breaking onto school grounds seems like a great idea, sure!

And so we make it up here. I have no idea what happens if you need to see Ryuji or Makoto, though.

Thanks to our Confidant Rank with Haru, we get 3 Moonlight Carrots instead of 2.

And we go right back to planting more. These will be ready on the 29th.

I’m thinking of going to find some books to help me study coffee. Would you mind coming with me?

Thank you! How about Jinbocho? It would be the perfect place to look. Well, let’s get going.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

It says here that the type of roast you want should differ depending on how you want to drink your coffee.

You know, Okumura Foods didn’t start out as a burger chain…

“We actually started out as a pancake house.”

Originally it was nothing more than a small cafe run by my grandfather. That particular shop closed before I was old enough to appreciate the finer intricacies of coffee… But that’s where the real origin of our family business lies.

At any rate, after my grandfather passed, the company shut the cafe down due to its steady loss of revenue. He had never cared about turning a profit though. His only goal was to make people happy. He built a strong community around the cafe… He’d even give out free meals to those who could afford it. Then the day it closed, people lined up for blocks to give flowers. They really loved that place…

I know we need to do well to keep our employees paid, but I can’t help but think we’ve lost something important. I mean, Takakura-san seems to only be focused on profits… At this rate, we’ll never lose our black image.

Oh, I get it!

It’s really not that funny. Please don’t laugh so hard, it’s embarrassing.

You were trying to cheer me up, weren’t you…? Thanks for that. *sigh* I think what I really need… is to get stronger. I mean, I can act tough in front of my employees… but you know how weak I am inside.

Don’t use words like “weak.” I prefer “delicate.” Like a beautiful, pure cinnamon roll.

Before I can really determine who I trust, I first need to know what it means to have others trust in me. So, I’m going to get stronger… strong enough for you and the others to rely on me!

I mean, you already shoot things to death with a grenade launcher. Strength isn’t really the issue.

I can sense a firm resolve from Haru...

I’m not great at public speaking… and even just giving my opinion makes me a little nervous…

Music: Suspicion

Ah fuck.

S-Sugimura-san…!? What are you doing here?
I was just heading home from a business engagement when I saw you from my car window.

……! You’re one of those brats from before…

Yeah, you kicked my cat into a wall, motherfucker.

Um, this is a friend from school. He’s helping me look for some books today. Anyway, we should be getting back to our shopping. Please excuse us.

Oh yeah? And what about the contract I made with your father?

A contract could never hold the same weight…
Are you sure about that? Think about the reparations clause. If you back out of the deal now, you will lose everything you own. Okumura Foods, your estate…
Even so, I…
And what about your employees? Are you really willing to put their jobs on the line for the sake of your selfishness?

Sounds like this reparations clause is really fucking sweeping, eh? Why would Okumura ever have agreed to this, even if he was absolutely certain it would never be invoked?

Besides, this marriage is exactly what Okumura Foods needs right now. My father would have no trouble managing your shares or sweeping away your company’s tarnished image.
That reminds me, did Takakura-san tell you about the wedding hall? He got us the Phoenix Wing at the Wilton.

He made a provisional reservation for ten days this coming spring. After all, the sooner the better.

We’ll have to look into our guests’ schedules as well. There’ll be over three hundred of them, you know. Takakura-san can handle Okumura Foods in the meantime. Why don’t you go stop by the gym or something, Haru?

Okay, first, fuckin’ what the hell is wrong with this dude!? Second, how can you even tell if she needs to lose weight? She’s wearing the bulkiest sweater in the world.

I’m out of here.

Sugimura leaves. What a fucking creep. And Maaku was completely silent for all of that, what a hero.

He has everything… Fame, intelligence, manners…

Manners!? He just called you fat!

The only thing he needs now is a wife he can control… And I guess I’m the perfect target. He’s going to get Okumura Foods as well as my entire inheritance… and I’m totally powerless against him…

See, to me this just sounds really patronizing, but that’s yet another example of Me Not Really Understanding The Tone Of A Dialogue Option!

...Thank you.

For today though… I’m rather tired. Would it be OK if we parted here? Well, goodbye.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Akechi too. I can’t believe they’re calling hi mthe detective of the century! Plus they’re treating the Phantom Thieves like criminals.
That side of things has faded a little bit though, don’t you think?
Yes, all the talk of the elections must have made people forget about the suicide news.
The main culprit is “dead,” things are settled, and society can go on like normal. That’s probably what people are thinking…
Hm. I have mixed feelings about all of this. I’m not saying they should talk about us more, but the sudden change in momentum is weird…

That second response says “hasty,” not “nasty.” I was staring at the image for a while and it didn’t make any sense.

Everything up until the elections is the real battle! Let’s take him down!
Well then, we can discuss this more tomorrow! Let’s do our best!

I accidentally hit X near the coffee siphon and realized I had never gotten the Kawakami prompt, so here it is. It’s just a brief explanation of how calling Kawakami to make coffee works.

Music: Dark Net

Tanaka’s got new goods! We buy one of each of the cheap 1000 yen items and leave.

Music: Beneath the Mask

As before, we really have no other choice but to try to do some menial tasks that won’t really benefit us anymore at night, as there are no more night Confidants to advance. Here, I’m just trying to get the trophy for reading all the books because why not, right?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Secret technique, huh? Sounds like something phantom thieves would use… I think.

It was full of secret techniques for a bunch of games… We could beat any video game we want now! Well, I guess it’s up to you whether you actually want to use any of these cheats.

Here’s a fun thing that they don’t tell you: if you actually try to use any of these cheats, Morgana goes “oh, that wasn’t very exciting,” even though he was cool with it a second ago! Even for the dumb gambling game that’s 100% luck! What a dick.