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Part 175: 12/7: Of Mice And Women

Part 165: 12/7: Of Mice And Women

Music: Impromptu for the Next Prime Minister

According to the map, the elevator ahead will take us to the pool deck.
Hm… If our intel is correct, there should be a womanizing “former noble” there.
Womanizing, huh…? I am so not up for this…

If I was on the side of the Phantom Thieves, and I’m not saying I am, I’d head back and use the previous safe room right about now, since there’s not one between here and the pool. There’s also a rather annoying series of gimmicks to the next area, which we’ll go into shortly. Did I say annoying? I meant “amazing at dealing with pesky intruders!”

Music: Ark

Here is a fully filled out map of this area. I won’t be giving out detailed instructions like with Okumura’s Palace here, because this layout is both more and less complex at the same time and also because I’m not giving out information to no stinkin’ Thieves. We’ll cover the ingenious mechanics used to deter interlopers as we come across them.

The first, which we’ve already seen, is the ever-present locked door. This devilish device can only be opened from the other side. How fiendish.

The next? Well…

This is prepawsterous! ...Or something like that.
Ugh, go to hell, Inari. Can you just come back here?

Looks like we turn back when we leave the affected range. It’s really not a big deal.
It most certainly is a big deal! Explain what just happened to us!

So we’re nothing but rodents to him, huh? That’s irritating.
I agree, but we need to be extra careful when we’re in mouse form. We won’t be able to open doors, and any enemy we try to fight in that state’ll beat us to a pulp.
So all we can do is hide? I guess we’ll have to change to a completely defensive strategy… I hope we can find a secret passage to get through there…

So, the Phantom Thieves are now mice, and will remain so while in any room that has a Shido statue in it. This renders them totally unable to perform any of their usual mischief, be it fighting or opening doors.

This is what happens when a mouseified thief tries to open a door. It’d be pretty cute if those weren’t the beady eyes of a killer under that mask.

Anyway, the only way to proceed through the area is for the Thieves to use the convenient vent in the room, small enough that only a mouse can get through it.

Further in, they come to a big hall with a giant Shido statue in it (not pictured) and multiple Shadows patrolling.

Perhaps I, gifted with extreme foresight, predicted that I would be turned against the Phantom Thieves when I recorded this, and so got some footage of a Shadow absolutely fucking up their shit by running straight into one.

Or maybe I just wanted to see what would happen. Who’s to say?

But suffice it to say, their shit gets rocked.

The thieves can’t attack so it’s an automatic enemy initiative, and they’ll automatically attempt to flee once their turn comes up.

The real goal here is to move throughout the room while avoiding the Shadows moving about. This can be trickier than it sounds, though still not terribly difficult. Come on Shadows, do your jobs! Also, here’s a picture of Glorious Shido.

There are a few exits to this area, all of which are via vents.

Two of these exits lead to the same series of rooms in the upper-left corner of the map. Here, Noir remarks that she sees something interesting.

It’s impossible to tell from here. Let’s look around.

Pressing this button causes things to… shift.

Well, we no longer turn into mice when approaching that statue…
Looks like the statue’s got something to do with that button we pressed earlier.
Interesting. We will no longer be able to use the secret passage, but now we can proceed with more ease.

The statue is now depressed into the floor, the weird light that turns the thieves into mice no longer visible. This means they’re not at risk of turning into rodents.

Unfortunately for them, there isn’t actually a way out of this area unless you’re a mouse! Those imbeciles! The thieves are thus forced to hit the button again, turn into a mouse, and head back to the main hall, where they find a third exit that lets them unlock a door back into this area, where they can turn the statues off again and proceed. It’s a bit complicated.

This is Titania. She’s weak to Psy, Resists Nuke, Bless, and Curse, and uses Sleep and Nuke skills.

And here is King Frost, also the monarch of Fuck Mountain, designation Shit. He’s weak to nothing and will decimate these annoying Phantom Thieves with Ice and Physical. He also drains Ice and blocks Bless.

This is Oracle’s Final Guard, which once again will block any attack that would kill a party member, once. It’s really powerful and kind of unfair for Shido, tbh.

Here’s a really annoying great feature of these endless hallways, by the way: There’s no way around the Shadows because they’re so thin, and often there isn’t even anywhere to hide in wait! This means that the Phantom Thieves’ only tactic for scoring ambushes is often to wait for them to turn around, then run down the hallway! It totally sucks for them and makes this take even longer! How great!

And they finally make it to the elevator.

There’s a locked treasure chest ahead of them...


Let’s sprawl out, gaze at the sky, and waste the time away in leisurely paradise.

Nothing too special in there.

Our target’s here, right? Some sort of former noble guy?
Yeah. Let’s find him and get a hold of his letter of introduction!

You’ll be pleased to find out that those long paths on either side of the pool also serve as “hallways” where the thieves have to wait for Shadows to turn around before they can ambush them!

Don’t be embarrassed. That’s the real reason you’re here too, is it not?

The Shadow on the left is Parvati, which heals and uses Psiodyne. It also has Ice Boost, but unless that strengthens attacks it reflects I cannot figure out why. It’s weak to Curse, resists Psy and Bless, and reflects Ice. As a Persona, it also knows Hamaon.

It’s all thanks to Mr. Shido that we can spend days in luxury like this! Hmhmhm!

And here’s the Former Noble the thieves were looking for.

Uhhh…. Nice day today, huh? ...Actually, maybe not. I, uhhh… I wanna go swimming in the pool! Yeah!

No response.


We won’t take much of your time. Will you listen?
Please, sir.
Sorry, but please leave me be. I don’t have time for you rowdy children.
Hey, you little…!
No, we apologize for our lack of manners. Come on, Skull. We should leave.

To be fair, you walked up to him and said, “Hey dude.” You need to approach this with more tact. Starting the conversation with a quarrel won’t get us anywhere.

Queen must have a different definition of “quarrel” than me.

Our approach doesn’t matter if he won’t listen to us. What are we supposed to do…?
Let’s speak to the people around here. Perhaps we’ll learn more about that man’s temperament.
At the very least we might get some kind of hint.
I guess that’d be better than nothing! Welp, askin’ for info it is!

The bar here actually rents out swimsuits just like these.

Heh heh heh…

I’ve got the perfect plan!
That laugh was scary…
Forget about that! Onward to the bar, you guys!

You will need to check in here if you wish to rent a swimsuit.
Tch, guess we can’t just walk in there. Oh well, let’s just head over to the counter.

Heading over to the counter…

Hey, you guys rent out swimsuits, yeah? Give us some, ASAP!
Ah, but of course. Just show me your boarding pass and we will have you sorted right away.
You moron…! Come on Skull, let’s get out of here! You too, Joker!

Naw, that was part of my plan! Over there’s the fittin’ room… I’m just gonna need your help findin’ a way in, Joker!

On the other side of these stairs, there’s a duct.

What deviants!

You’re seriously going for the fitting room? Come on, this feels like a criminal offense…
But we’re the Phantom Thieves! Just go with it… I got a plan! Hey Joker, you wanna bust in here?

He’s prolly into that kinda thing…
What are you talking about?
I’m getting a really bad feeling about this…

Music: Wicked Plan

And more importantly, isn’t this a fitting room…?
Just trust me! Wait here and I’ll be right back!

It’s perfect… Hehehe! This’ll totally work!
Skull… You have quite a scary look on your face.
Actually, it’s creepy.

I didn’t think that we were really going with such a simple plan…
Well, there’s no way guys lounging by the pool would not check out girls in swimsuits.

It’s a honeypot!

I wanna go home…
Are we really going to do this…?

If you guys don’t hurry, he’s gonna go off somewhere!

It’s a nice day, isn’t it?

What do you want?

Um, would you grant us a letter of introduction to Mr. Shido?
A letter of introduction, you say? I would never give one to some nobodies like yourselves.

Welp, that failed immediately.

For some reason the devs forgot to shift over Noir’s portrait here to the left and so you can see where it just abruptly stops. Yikes.

I’ve made my decision to only introduce those with a prestigious lineage. No matter how beautiful you girls may look on the outside, your ancestry cannot be changed.

Wow! If I wasn’t eternally committed to Shido now, I’d probably deck this creep!

Yes, that may be true, but… well…

*in fucking audaciously terrible British accent* I’m quite charmed to meet you, sir. My name is Ann Windsor.

Ann Windsor!?
My father is the descendant of British royalty.


These girls are the daughters of my retainers.

Are you half British, Ann-chan?
I am.
Your features are definitely different from Japanese girls. One can easily tell at a glance.
*giggle* ...People tend to have such misconceptions, but that isn’t true. My hobbies include tea ceremonies. Then again, my father forced me to learn that art.
I see… I sense a noble aura that is different from your servants.

Lineage is absolute. No matter how much effort a commoner exerts, it is a gap that cannot be filled.
You’re absolutely correct. I do feel a little sorry for these girls.

By the by, about the letter of introduction… If you’d be so generous to grant me one, I’ll consider introducing you to my father.

Thank you kindly.
But goodness, do you look great in that swimsuit. And such an amazing body as well. You look like you could be a model.

Well, this is on-the-nose.

Oh no…

As members of prestigious family lines, why don’t we get on more intimate terms?

Excuse me?
Come now, you peasant servants should take off. You’re making her embarrassed.

Would you kindly stop this?
Want to try on some other swimsuits in my room?

Ann pulls away.

Now that I’m done using you, get away, you creep!

Fun Comedy Hijinks With The Phantom Thieves™!

Everyone transforms back into their thieves’ garb.

How dare you set me up like this!

Oh shuddup! We’re doing this!

Former Noble

Music: Keeper of Lust

Former Noble is an interesting miniboss in that he has like ten skills, which is really kind of cheating. Psiodyne, Mapsiodyne, Psy Boost and Amp (Amp is 50% boost instead of 25%, and stacks with Boost), Stagnant Air to increase everyone’s ailment susceptibility for its Confuse and Brainwash skills, Tarukaja, Concentrate, and Fast Heal to speed up its own ailment recovery. He does a lot, and has a ton of health, but still isn’t much of a threat.

He’s also weak to Electricity, but I didn’t think to try it, whoops!

Only three more left!

And the noble’s down for the count.

Music: Suspicion

...Contrary to past methods, gaining wealth by lineage alone is quite difficult these days. That’s why I begged to be allowed onto Lord Shido’s ship. In return for introducing wealthy nobles to him, I requested he enact mental shutdowns for me.
I see… So this system of introductions is taking place in reality as well.
Lord Shido is extremely cautious about the passengers he chooses.
So he’s screening potential associates to find wealthy people who won’t betray him…
And that’s why the passengers are wearing masks. He isn’t deceived by people’s outward appearances.
In any case, Ann… your acting skills have developed quite strongly since our nude incident.


Music: Desire

I hope you remember the conditions for our arrangement. Support me as best you can, understood?
Yes, of course. After all, I am thankful for your aid, Mr. Shido. I’ll call in some favors from some old acquaintances and take part in the birth of “Prime Minister Shido.”
I’ll have you step down if I catch wind of any slack on your end. Are we clear?
...Crystal. I’d rather not meet the same fate as those I’ve eliminated thus far. *chuckle*

Well, that’s two down for the Phantom Thieves. Hopefully Shido will have more success with his other lackeys. Now, if you don’t mind, I have to send an important letter. Don’t peek.


Hello, Mr. Shido. I hope this message finds you well. Let’s not beat around the bush here: you’ve threatened to murder me. Understandably so, for I have been helping to promote the Phantom Thieves’ cause through my chosen medium. However, if you keep me alive, I believe that I can help you, instead! You’re probably wondering what possible use I could have to you, and while this field may be rather esoteric, I think that I can use my incredibly gifted natural talents in the field of Let’s Play in your service. Again, you might question how, but I’d like to remind you that as a trusted internet personality, I could be helpful in rounding up other miscreants and troublemakers for mental shutdown! And why stop there? The pathetic sheep that make up the populace just need proper manipulation to be under your complete sway. Think about it: you, using your vast resources, indirectly steer them towards my content, which will from now on push constant messages supporting your administration! I would, of course, get some minor, token benefits from this, like increased publicity, but do not be mistaken: I do this solely out of unfailing, unquestioning support for you! The Phantom Thieves are old news, and your support won’t last forever, unless you let me push propaganda for you! You have no possible reason to refuse! Though, if you did, I would totally understand because you are smarter than me, a total suck-up bootlicker with no dignity. But I implore you to consider this offer: you’re not going to get a better deal from anyone else, because at the end of the day, I’m your friend. Thank you for your time. You need not respond to this missive; I have already begun working towards our shared goals. Those peons will never see it coming.

Deferentially, Arist

Please don’t kill me.