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Part 19: 4/24-4/28: Hotter And More Bitter Than Hell Itself

Part 18: 4/24-4/28: Hotter And More Bitter Than Hell Itself

Time for some side events. A lot of side events.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

What, no jingle? YOU’RE NOT TANAKA

Here’s what we’ve got for you today!
Oh, so this is the shopping channel that everyone’s been talking about.

It only takes a day for the items to be delivered this time instead of the three in P4.

Oh, they’re perfect for big gatherings!
This is a limited item! Today’s the one and only day it’ll be available! And it can be yours… For the incredibly low price of 1980 yen! We’re offering it for 1980 yen because it’s on sale for today only!
Oh, the phones are already ringing off the hook!
Once we’re sold out, that’s it! Don’t miss out on this deal!
A Party in a Can four pack? They’re just 1980 yen. Thinking of buying them?

I have no idea what it does other than restore HP from the icon, but sure, let’s spend some money.

Oh, another buyer’s just called in! Thank you so much!
We’ll try to get your order to you as quickly as possible! Goodbye for now! We’ll see you again next time with another fabulous product!
Goodbye for now!
Now all we have to do is just wait for it to arrive.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Now, let’s head to Shibuya and find the drink vendor. There’s something special we can do here on Sundays.

If they have special drinks, it may not be a bad idea to try one...

The only special drink I need is hot cocoa mix poured into cold milk.

Welcome! We’ve got fresh fruit juice! What’s that? Special drinks? This is what we have today!
Ooh, I wonder what it is.
It’s incredibly bitter, but it strengthens your body. It’s called aojiru! Every week, we have a different kind of aojiru.

So, we can come here every Sunday to get an aojiru drink that will boost one of our stats.

Unfortunately, it costs fifty bucks, what the christ.

You really need to get pumped up and tell yourself it’s for your health.

From that, Maaku gets Charm +1.

OK, now that you’re healthy, let’s go somewhere else!

Next up, the movie theater.

Note that it only works our first time seeing a particular movie.

Right now, we’re just in time to see Tanktop Millionaire. It’s a story about a teenager who becomes the “tanktop millionaire” with money he won on a quiz show…

That sounds really terrible, I’m in.

It looks like watching this movie might give me some Guts.
Oh yeah! You need to go buy a ticket first.

It’s almost time for the movie to start. Let’s grab a seat.

(Gangster voice) “How the hell does some slumdog brat win so much prize money? It’s just not possible. You must have cheated.”
(Borderline offensive Indian accented voice) “No! It wasn’t cheating! It was destiny!”

Wow, that’s… pretty blatant. There’s a few spots where it’s clear that the translation team probably had a lot of fun and one of them’s these movie knockoffs.

How does a little kid like him have guts like that…?
I could really feel the courage of that boy and his attitude towards life...

Maaku gets Guts +3.

And we rank up for our trouble. Nice.

Music: Break it Down

All right, let’s go home.

At certain points in the game, the loading screen will become this cityscape with word bubbles, allowing us to get a feel for the opinions of the general public.

It’s just been one bizarre incident after another this year…
Our country is going to hell!
Aren’t there any honest politicians out there…?
How can I have hope in a country like this?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I dunno, I’m just feeling kinda anxious. I keep thinking about how even with all you did… we might still end up getting expelled.

Sorry, I guess now’s not really the time to be getting down in the dumps. Anyways, I’m feeling a little better now that I talked to you about this. Thanks, man. Oh, and don’t tell Ann I was doubting us, mkay? She won’t have anyone to rely on if we’re getting all worried about this shit. Well, seeya!

Ryuji’s surprisingly mature.

...I see. You’re the only one here at night, so I’m not gonna bother setting a curfew or anything like that. So long as you’re taking school seriously, I don’t mind if you stroll the streets at night.

Sweet, now we can explore Yongen at night!

...Well, it would be sweet if there was more than one thing to do in Yongen at night, but whatever.

But only around these parts, got it? You go back on your word, I’ll kick you right out.

Well, let’s not go exploring just yet. Instead, let’s read this book we checked out from the library.

All right, I’m headin’ home.

For the sake of my own sanity I’m going to have to cut out a lot of the incidental dialogue that repeats every single time you perform one of these actions if we’ve seen it before.

While you read this, be sure to pay close attention to the greatness of Zorro in detail.

We don’t finish the book, but that’s okay.

We get another chance immediately afterwards.

Zorro was not only strong in mind and body, but he also cared greatly for the common people. Hmm, it seems you really understand the qualities that made Zorro so great.

Maaku gets Kindness +3.

Have you ever tried the Nostalgic Steak at the diner in Shibuya?
Yeah, it’s good! It kinda makes me think of my childhood. I get this warm feeling inside whenever I eat it that reminds me of my mom...
Yeah, if comfort had a taste, that’d be it! Just thinking about it is making me hungrier...
A comforting flavor, huh… Hey, what does the chief’s curry taste like?

I’m jealous. I can always smell a faint hint of it on you. When I’m human again, I’m going to eat so much of that curry… Then I’ll decide which is better: the curry or the Nostalgic Steak!

Music: So Boring

“I could care less indicates that you still have some cares left to give! It’s “I COULDN’T care less”! I’ve seen this a lot these days, where people are using a phrase differently from its real meaning. One word I often hear misused is the Japanese “kakushinhan,” used now to mean a crime done in cold blood. Like the word “literally,” the real meaning of kakushinhan is pretty much the opposite of how it’s used. Do you know what it is, Hamiru-kun?


The true meaning of kakushinhan, huh… This seems tough. I’ll help you out, so let’s think this through. What’s the common usage of kakushinhan again, regarding an action you take?

For certain complicated answers, we cannot consult the answers of the internet. Instead, Morgana will help us cheat by talking us through it. I believe we have a limited number of tries, but I’ve never tested it.

Right, of course. Everyone knows that.

Right. When people say something’s a kakushinhan, they usually mean the culprit did it knowing it was wrong. But the real kakushinhan is the opposite, right? So the opposite means...

I guess the teacher’s just ignoring us talking under our desk.

That’s right. A kakushinhan is when someone takes an action, believing that it’s right. So if someone “raised their hand against another in kakushinhan,” they thought it was right to do so.
He’s pretty smart!
I didn’t expect that. He might not be too bad...
You’re on a roll today!

Maaku gets Knowledge +1.

Kakushinhan was originally a term that referred to a crime driven by moral or political conviction. These days it seems like the wrong usage is becoming more commonly accepted though.
Taking action with a conviction that what you’re doing is right, huh… Think that applies to us too?

Way to just spell it out for the audience, Morgana.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Let’s trade in our Zorro book for one about Carmen.

It’s also Monday, so the vending machines around the city have all restocked.

Because we now have Rank 2 Guts, Takemi will automatically text us asking for a new clinical trial.

I want to test it on you as soon as possible… Could you stop by, my little guinea pig?

>I’ll be right there.
Thanks. I’ll be waiting at the clinic. I’ll have everything ready for you. Don’t you run away, OK?

This lady is terrifying.

Music: Butterfly Kiss

Or at least some good old-fashioned caffeine in my system…
At my current level of Guts, I should be able to handle that medicine. I should suggest a clinical trial...
So, what are you here for today?

I developed a new medicine. Could you come to the back?
>Hang out with her
In that case, I’m going to start setting up, so go wait in the examination room.
Well, I’m gonna walk around. Let me know when you’re ready to leave.

I made various adjustments to the previous drug, based on your trial results. All right, drink it down in one gulp.

A powerful taste, both sour and bitter, overwhelms me… The smell is terrible. I’m having a hard time breathing...

You feel a bit dazed, hm? Yes, I mixed in some special… components. OK, let’s take your temperature and blood pressure. I’m also going to draw some blood. I also want to perform a few motor skill tests. But those might be too much for you right now. Anyway, since we’re in the final stages, I should first stabilize the fundamental formula...

Music: Suspicion

I’ve told you before, Officer. If you want to investigate me, you need to show me a warrant.
Hmph! I’m here because we received a report. I’ll need to see a detailed statement of medical expenses and full medical records. I bet you didn’t have enough time to hide any incriminating documents, huh?
...Must be under the orders of the Medical Chief of Staff. Here you go.
This kid here is my only patient today. If you’re asking for his medical expenses, I’m guessing I’m under suspicion of improper billing? But without a receipt, I’d say you’ve been sent on a wild goose chase.
Wh-What’s going on here…?
You’re being manipulated. That “report” is fictitious. It’s nothing but an attempt to harass me.

The cop turns to Maaku.

…Hey, you! What’re you doing here!? You don’t seem to be sick… Are you up to something illegal!?

A-A bad heart…?

So, is there anything else? As you can see, I’m pretty busy here.
...Fine. You’re infuriating, you know that? Hmph… but I’d expect nothing less from the “Plague.”

The cop leaves.

It’s nothing to worry about. I’m sure it was my former superior who made that false report. You eavesdropped on our conversation the other day, remember? He’s just trying to put pressure on me… by having the police investigate me and my practice. Anyway, I need to draw some blood. There’ll be some mild anemia, but only temporary. You’ll be fine. ...It’s part of our “deal,” remember?

I guess I have no choice...
I like kids who listen to their superiors. Enjoy your medicine.
It feels like my bond with Takemi is growing even deeper...

I’m going to draw more blood than usual… since you’re healthy and all...

...Only kidding. OK, please lie down. You can go home once I’m done.
I feel like cooperating in that shady clinical trial has increased my Guts

Maaku gets Guts +1.

All right, take care.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I’ve got some time today if you want me to show you the ropes.

Let’s see what’s inside...

40 HP to all allies, nice. Probably can’t be used in battle, but still good to have.

Criticism of the ruling party has surged, following the resignation of the Minister of Transport. A survey we conducted shows that approval ratings of the cabinet have dropped drastically. People’s overall disapproval is higher than expected, as well as distrust toward the government.
It seems like everyone’s not happy with the government. Being in a position of power must be tough.

Yeah, cry me a river. Anyway, let’s head outside.

I’m the one who has to lock the door. Just make sure you’re not out there for too long, all right?

Shoot! I wish we could go check out the nightlife in Shibuya or something. Shibuya, the city that never sleeps. I wonder what that’s like...

Hello, random drunk idiot.

Firsh, a serious o-of… incidentsh. Guys all o’ a sudden falli’ uncon… unconsch-- *barf*

Hahaha! Who am I? I tell the newsh to people. I’m a neeeewscashter! I’m broadcashin’ live from… From right here… Aaaand… Ooh! Thish just in-- *retch*

What a nice man.

Bathing is the only thing we can do in Yongen at night, unless you’re really into spin cycles I guess.

I have absolutely no idea what the benefit on a rainy day is. I just know that going on a Monday or Thursday gives you +3 Charm instead of +2. Going on a rainy day gives you a chance of getting either +3 Charm or +2 Charm and a point of Guts.

Hm… Do I smell a medicinal bath? Oh, that’s gonna feel good.

Oh, and you smell good too… You’re looking great.

Maaku rakes his fingers through his hair stylishly and gets Charm +3.

We also rank up in Charm.

Come on, we should get home before you get a cold.

How do you like being packed in like sardines, city-style? I bet you’ve had enough. …I don’t mean to joke around. I just don’t know what to do. I get anxious unless I’m doing something, yet here I am suddenly with nothing to do. It’s so awful just waiting for the results. isn’t it? It’s so worrying...

You’re right… All we can do is believe, and wait. Thanks. I feel better after talking. It’s not good to be a downer in the morning. Well, let’s have a great day today!

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Now, let’s head to that diner we heard about in Shibuya.

We can get +3 Knowledge instead of +2 on rainy days. The food we order also affects what other stat ranks up.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I got it. I’ll be right back with your order.

Maaku gets Kindness +1.

It looks like you were able to focus, even with all this noise.

Maaku gets Knowledge +2.

Well, that should be enough for today. Come on, let’s go home.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I think there was a laundromat by the public bath… We should be able to wash it there, right?

We’re not fucking doing that.

Ah, is there a special reason why it’s called a Happy Central Rook?
Well, the first shogi player to use that move was the kind of person who’s always smiling. That’s really where the name comes from. It has nothing to do with the strategy itself.
So the name doesn’t clue you in on the strategy. It’s really just named after a shogi player...

This has been today’s installment of Fun Shogi Facts. To unsubscribe from Fun Shogi Facts, text “STOP”.

If you’re up for it, why don’t you learn how to work here…
What are you going to do? Will you help the chief out?
>Help him out
You really got things figured out. All right, put your stuff down and come back here. It’s about time one of the regulars arrives. She’s a talkative one...

Music: What’s Going On?

You know what I’m talking about, right?

This store’s not the busiest around, but I’m real particular about how we make coffee here. And I’ll kick you out no questions asked if you serve a bad cup, you got that?

It goes so well with his special curry, I can’t help but order the set meal every time.
What can I say, each of my regulars gets an experience personally tailored to them.
Can you tell me the key to that wonderful flavor, So-chan? I’d love to make it at home sometime.
Sorry, that’s a trade secret. You’re free to try and guess based on the taste though.
Cheapskate. Keeping secrets from me even though you know your food’s already stolen my heart...
How about a nice dessert then? It’s only three hundred yen.

The woman leaves.

That’s what being in food service is all about.

Hello there! It’s been quite a while, Sakura-san! I heard you opened up a shop, so here I am! It wouldn’t have hurt to mention it to me though. Huh, you’ve got a real nice location here. Right by the station and everything.
Your order?
No small talk? That’s cold. Oh, but this smell… Sure brings back memories! You’re still making that curry, huh? I guess you haven’t gotten over her yet...
Your order, sir?
Haha, so pushy. I just stopped in to say hi today… but I’ll be back again soon! Bye.

Anyway, if you have time for questions, you have time to be learning about bean types. You’re not gonna be any use to me if you can’t pick up on the ABCs sometime soon. Besides, ladies love a guy who knows his coffee. This isn’t such a bad deal for you.

Either way, I’m gonna teach you right. That way I’ll be able to sit back and relax while you work.
I feel like my bond with Sojiro is growing deeper...

Alright, now we can make SP-restoring coffee. This’ll be a big help.

Only at night though.

Let’s start closing up. And no slacking off, you got it?
After learning about customer service from Sojiro, I feel like my Kindness has improved...

Maaku gets Kindness +3.

And yet another rank up.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

We had an amazing conversation after I brought up some of the stuff I read about! We’re going to go out somewhere together soon!
Well, don’t get ahead of yourself because it happened to go well. Look, Knowledge isn’t enough. You need Proficiency to adapt on the fly. You also need Kindness to be acceptant, and Guts to be honest and direct. Plus Charm, to draw people to you. The quality of your character says a lot about you, so it’s important to better yourself every day.
Really? But it takes so much work… But I’ll do it, if it means I’ll get a girlfriend! I guess I’ll start by showering every day. I hear girls prefer a dude who’s hygenic.

Yeah, good start there, buddy.

Hey, this applies to you, too.

You get it. That’s a good attitude to have.

Music: So Boring

People are theorizing that it’s these sudden psychotic breakdowns, but the cause is still unknown… Well, unexplained occurrences like these are commonplace in the world of math. For instance… Hamiru-san. Please look at this.

Pff, get outta here with this second grade shit.

Correct. I suppose the four-color theorem is common sense.

Many people have realized this principle based on experience since ancient times. However, it’s difficult to prove, and was an unsolved problem for a long time.

Maaku gets Knowledge +1.

I hope the psychotic breakdowns don’t just end up as another unsolved mystery. My heart hurts just thinking about the economic losses this string of incidents has caused.

Oh no, the poor numbers lost when all those people died. What a terrible tragedy.

The world’s full of dangers, huh? I guess even the world outside school is no good, either.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Let’s go check, Morgana.

I guess we just gotta wait and see what happens… Yo, whaddya think about trainin’ a bit? We’re gonna get rusty if we don’t keep ourselves active.
>Spend time with him
Mkay, go get changed. We’re gonna do some joggin’ today.

This message pops up when we don’t have enough points to reach the next Confidant rank. Instead, we have to spend time building up those points.

Music: What’s Going On?

I feel like my bond with Ryuji will grow stronger soon...

This just means we got enough points to ascend to the next rank next time we see him.

Welp, seeya.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Sweet, we can make coffee now.

Are you going to try making some coffee?
>I’ll brew some coffee.
You know how to brew coffee? Help yourself to the beans on the shelves. I’ll show you how each kind of bean is different later. All right, I’m headin’ out to buy some cigarettes.

That was the last time we ever saw Sojiro.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Maaku does a hilarious little fist-pump he’s so pleased with himself.

The way you’re drinking it makes it look delicious. This coffee has a lot of thought and love behind it, huh… Maybe if you drink it in the Metaverse, it’ll heal your wounds too.

Leblanc Coffee restores 30 SP, which is nuts at this point in the game, even if we have to spend time to make it.

Here, let me have a sip.

This aroma and soft richness… You used Blue Mountain, huh…

You have been subscribed to Coffee Facts. To unsubscribe from Coffee Facts, text “STOP”.

These Coffee Facts rule. They’re not narrated like the Beer Facts from Catherine, but they’re great anyway because Sojiro shouts LET ME EXPLAIN when they start.

…The flavor profile is bland. You should practice more to bring out the roast’s potential.

Aww, our coffee sucks.

But we get points with Sojiro, which is the real reason making coffee is so worth it. It takes a lot of points to rank him up to rank 4 (we're at rank 2), so making coffee kills two birds with one stone.

You look like a real barista standing at the counter like that. It seems you’re following all the rules and instructions I gave you. I can’t believe this kid in front of me is a troublemaker with a criminal record… …… Well, there’s no need to have a lengthy conversation about this. Just keep up with your training.

People would treat you with respect if they knew you could serve great coffee. We should get some rest. We have a big day tomorrow.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

He had a change of heart for real, didn’t he? It’s kinda hard to believe right now… I’m gonna cry if we still get expelled after all this.

You’re so calm, man… Aren’t you worried at all? Oh yeah! You free today? If you got nothing to do, come see me after school. It’s not like I got something to say, but I find talkin’ helps calm the nerves.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

How about we hit the batting cage? There is one right by the supermarket in Yongen, right?

No thanks, cat, time for Ryuji.

You wanna grab some ramen? I’ll show you my go-to place.
>Hang out with him
It’s kinda far, but it’s totally worth. The flavor’s outta this world. Anyways, it’s in Ogikubo, so let’s take the train over there.

New hangout spot unlocked!

If a Confidant isn’t ready to rank up yet, we can invite them to a hangout spot we know about to get a boost with them. We can only invite certain people to certain spots, however. Ann’s probably not going to want to hang out at the ramen joint, for instance. Whatever. Her loss.

Finding new hangout spots is a process unlocked through certain Confidant ranks or through reading books.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

This shit’s the best, man! Ramen is life! Light soup like this really gets your body goin’ again after a good run, y’know. We used to come all the way out here after practice and… Uh, I guess that’s all in the past… By the way, I’ve seen Nakaoka around a few times… But for some reason it don’t look like he’s gettin’ along with the others.

I’ve been thinkin’ about what he said… How the whole track team was puttin’ up with Kamoshida’s shit… And how I effed it all up for ‘em… …I think he was right. They don’t even got a club room anymore, so they’ve been storin’ all their stuff behind the gym. They can’t use any school gear either, so they just run laps around the block for practice. ...There ain’t really a place for outcasts like that. I should know better than anyone… It’s good they’re keepin’ their heads low now though. I don’t want ‘em endin’ up like me.

I guess now that I’m thinkin’ about it, tryin’ to fit in is a real pain in the ass. I mean, I’d never’ve met you guys if I wasn’t an outcast, right? So, uh… it’s all good.

I feel like my bond with Ryuji is growing deeper...

Now Ryuji can occasionally help us if a Shadow negotiation goes south. It’s more helpful than it sounds, trust me. Negotiation can be a huge pain.

...I just hope there’s something I can do to help those track guys. Though it’d prolly mess ‘em up if I tried to butt in… Oh yeah, we still gotta find a new spot for our trainin’. Hm. I’ll think about it. No slackin’ off ‘til then, mkay? Later, dude.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

However, users of public transport have expressed unease in regard to the frequent accidents of late.
Golden Week, eh? I want to go out somewhere with Lady Ann.

You’re really not helping your case.

For tonight, let’s head to the bathhouse once more, since it’s Thursday. Maaku gets Charm +3.

Oh jeez, still three more days until the deadline. We’ll power through the rest of that next time.