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Part 196: 12/24: Velvet Enigma

Part 185: 12/24: Velvet Enigma

Music: Aria of the Soul

And so we wake up in the Velvet Room once more, under far more dire circumstances than usual.

It appears I have underestimated you…

I think you mean “overestimated,” dude. And I did my fuckin’ best, okay!? What are you supposed to do when you get erased from existence, as if by the Mad Titan himself?

Igor, buddy, this is kind of a trying time for me. Could you maybe try not to rub it in, or at least give me a direct answer to one of my questions for once? Where the hell are my friends?

You incompetent prisoner!
The assistance that we provided was all for naught.

Man, everyone’s getting in on the Maaku dunkfest today. I just died. Gimme a break.

The world will soon see its ruin…

You have lost the game. You were meant to bring change to mankind as a Trickster, but it seems that was too much for you. In accordance to the game’s rules, the defeated must pay a price.

Uhhh, what the hell?

Music: Desire


My experiment has come to naught… Everything is over.

What the fuck are you talking about!?

Grant that man a swift death.

I-It just means that you weren’t an upstanding prisoner…!
That… may be true, but…
What is the matter? Carry out his sentence at once.
(to Caroline) Are we really going to kill him…?
Don’t falter now! It’s all his fault for losing the game!

Man, I thought we were cool! This is bogus!

All right, Inmate. We now proceed to the execution of your sentence.

They’re going to kill me at this rate. I need to do something…

Music: Awakening

Ready, Justine?
If our master orders so… then it cannot be helped…


Man, it’s just one thing after another today.

”Boss": Caroline and Justine

Music: Will Power

Look at Igor just standing in the back there, chilling.

Okay, so for this fight we’re going to want to--

Uhhh, what?

Well, this is a bad scene all around.

We can’t take too much more of this!

I told you not to falter! Are you going against our master’s orders!?

RIP Maaku… wait, what?

Hmm, it seems like some power is keeping Maaku on his feet…

Our duty isn’t to kill him! Caroline!
What gives…? Why am I doubting myself? Is there… another duty left to us…!?

Music: Regret

We are wardens—those who rehabilitate prisoners.
Something speaks to me in my mind. Our true duty is not to kill…

I can hear someone’s voice…

I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere before…

What should you do…? Our desire is for you to complete your true rehabilitation…

Caroline and Justine look at each other and nod.

We are not executioners. That is the truth we had forgotten.
We’ve decided… We will not forsake humanity!

The butterfly reappears, then vanishes in a flash of light.

Caroline and Justine clutch their heads and collapse.

It’s as if they’re the same… yet mirrored…

A figure appears before the duo…

The two nod again.


What the hell is up with Igor?

So we were captives, same as you… Heh… To think we’d learn that truth from a prisoner.
Let us reclaim our true form…!

You must fuse us together, with your own hands.


It’s time you returned the favor for us assisting with your growth. Do it with care!


Wait, what!? Ah, shit, it didn’t even occur to me we’d be using the guillotine! I don’t know if I can handle watching these children get decapitated, you guys, there’s a reason I didn’t see that Toni Collette movie.

So, Igor? You gonna do anything to stop this? No? OK.


Goodbye, Caroline and Justine. Hello… whoever the hell this is.