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Part 202: 12/24: Heaven’s Feel

Part 191: 12/24: Heaven’s Feel

Music: Blood of Villain

Just jumping right into this, huh? How abrupt.

Why do you mere humans still dare oppose me…!?
Stop acting like you’re some kinda god! You’re just a Treasure! Shut up and let us destroy you!
Fools… Do you still not understand? Your actions shall not save a single soul.

Fake Igor laughs maniacally and vanishes.

In an instant, he is replaced by the Holy Grail.

What is that supposed to mean!?
The freedom not to choose… The freedom not to think… If every person pushed the burdens of their lives upon others, nobody would have to act for themselves. And who should be there to receive those burdens?
Are you saying… that’s you!?
Precisely! Humanity itself wished for the Holy Grail to be a god that would rule over them! If you continue to reject that order, there will no longer be a place for you in this world!
Hmph. So you wish to reject me… even if it means forgoing praise from those you want to “save”…
We don’t let what others think hold us down anymore!
That’s right!
If you are not going to obey… then you shall suffer yet again. I shall bring down the hammer of judgment upon you who dare disrupt my world order!

Boss: Holy Grail

Music: Rivers in the Desert

This song never gets old.

You dare attempt to strike me?

We haven’t even done anything yet, man!

Our opponent knows that too though. It’ll try and stop us if we go straight for them! We’ll need to send someone in to cut the lines. Then while they’re out, everyone else will have to keep attacking to distract the Holy Grail!

Wait, we’re just gonna… cut them? That seems really simple! And also very literal! I thought it was a problem of mass cognition, I kind of assumed our solution would be a little more… metaphorical?

Oh hey, one of these. I forgot this was even a thing.

Let’s send Haru. She can deal more damage than Makoto, but less than Ryuji, and Makoto has healing.

Just… hiding behind the giant hand. What the hell are those huge hands, anyway? The Grail doesn’t use them in any of its attacks… Well, whatever. I’m sure it’s not important.

All right, time for our rematch against Jesus’ Backwash Receptacle. We’ll spend our first turn on preparations like Charge for Maaku and Ryuji, and Marakukaja for Makoto.

The Holy Grail’s giant fuckoff laser beam got nerfed heavily in the patches following the last cutscene, I guess. The Holy Grail still only gets one turn, for the record. Apparently, the Holy Grail also has an attack called Diffraction Arrow, which deals Medium Almighty damage to all party members with a chance of inflicting Forget, but I never saw it.

I started this battle with Siegfried equipped because he knows Auto-Mataru, which applies Matarukaja at the start of every fight. This saves me a turn for Ryuji or Maaku I could use to Charge. Here, Ryuji hits the Holy Grail with a charged God’s Hand. Yeah. This isn’t even close to what we’d get if we’d bothered to apply Rakunda beforehand, either (Before this, Maaku used a charged Sword Dance from Raphael to deal a lesser but still respectable 1128 damage).

Those who cannot understand must be eliminated.

You okay there, Haru?

This is what we get from Atomic Flare. It seems like it’s a lot less (and it is), but we have to remember that it’s not charged. This is actually a decent bit more damage than even an uncharged Colossal Physical attack will deal from Maaku. You may still wonder why I would even bother using Makoto if she doesn’t have the ability to charge her attacks. To that I say, her healing is more useful than Ann’s solely-single target focus, and Futaba will occasionally give the party a free Charge and Concentrate for free. It’s not reliable, but it’s really handy.

Ah shit, we were too good at killing it and it healed.

A few attacks later…

Their desires and power in turn grant me immortality.

And just like that, the lines are cut.

You repugnant rebels…
It can’t heal itself anymore! This’ll be a head-to-head fight from now on! Take it down!

We do, unfortunately, have to whittle down this thing’s HP again.

However, it seems its defense has tanked now that it can’t receive strength from the populace.

Uh oh, looks like we should guard. Actually, I’m going to be stupid and have Maaku heal the party, and have everyone else guard. I’m aware Futaba can just save me with Final Guard, but that’s embarrassing, and I’d rather just not put the character who ends the game instantly if he falls over in mortal peril.

Oh hey, it all worked out anyway, that’s great.

Except the Holy Grail is now fucking us up with laser beams. Let’s get out of this ASAP. Still about a third of its HP left, we might be able to get that down in about two full rounds--

Jesus fuck, Ryuji! Have mercy! It’s already dead!

Confrontation (Watch this)

Music: Confrontation

What’s going on…!?

he get bigh