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Part 206: 12/24-12/25: Blue Christmas

Part 195: 12/24-12/25: Blue Christmas

Music: Alleycat

God, Sae, you’re just a giant goddamn albatross around my neck, huh? They should call you "Niijima the Grinch"! ‘Tis the season, after all… for depression.

Your testimony will be necessary in order to prove Shido guilty… However… That will mean placing you on center stage. You’ll be treated as a hero who saved this country… But there’s no way that the police or the public prosecutors will let that slide. ...They’ll lose face to you and the Phantom Thieves. If that happens, there’s no telling what they’ll do to you or your teammates. There’s even the possibility that they’ll fabricate a crime and move to arrest you all.


If you turn yourself in to the police, you’ll definitely be arrested. And there’s your past record. The police and prosecution will strike there. They’ll treat your arrest as “grave misconduct” and revoke your probation…

Out of one cell, into another…

They’ll be content as long as they get a testimony without the Phantom Thieves being hailed as heroes. That should guarantee the safety of your teammates, Or rather, I’ll make sure it’s guaranteed. I’ll close all the cases surrounding Shido. I intend to expose them all. It’s to prevent society from becoming distorted again. That’s what you want too, isn’t it?

The cognitive Metaverse has disappeared too, along with that malevolent god… However, it sounds like my testimony is necessary for them to find Shido guilty… But there’s no knowing what the police would do. They’d never let a Phantom Thief be the hero…

They’d know I was acting out of line while under probation though… ……

I’ll ask you once more. I’d like for you to turn yourself in to the police, of your own accord.

I had a feeling you’d say that… Leave the rest to us.

I hate you.

All right, let’s go.

It seems to be an invitation to spend time together…

Sae’s gonna smack the phone out of Maaku’s hand and piledrive him into the ground.

...Very well. You can turn yourself in tomorrow morning.

But I would really like to spend Christmas Eve together with you. Do you think we could walk around the city… and then head back to your room?

We should… probably see Haru, huh?

I’m still in Shibuya, so let’s meet in front of the station.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

The city was amazing!

Or accompanying him to one of his boring work parties…

I considered that third option but it just seemed hilariously cruel.

Maybe next year, I’ll grow a fir tree to celebrate the occasion.

Sounds ambitious, but I’m down.

I won’t be able to see Haru again after tomorrow…

Haru places an item in Maaku’s hand.

It’s… a hat. Okaaaaaaay?

Christmas is incredible!

Music: Confession/Secret

But are you following the news on Shido? Well… of course you are. It’s always on… Honestly, I’m starting to get a little scared. The police investigation will probably lead straight to the Phantom Thieves. If that happens, will we not be able to see each other anymore?

There’s even the possibility that they’ll fabricate a crime and move to arrest you all.

But telling her about it would only cause her to panic…

...What’s the matter?


Trust me, it’s not you.

It’s OK. I can take a taxi.

...Good night.

That coulda gone better.

Even so, this is the only way…

Well, Sae, you ruined Christmas again. Way to go.

Anon: Hnngh, the memories…
Anon: mash dat YES button
Anon: mash dat YES button
Anon: guess its ok. they saved us

It seems there was consensus to try Representative Shido for the countless crimes he confessed. Furthermore, many demands have been made for Representative Shido to resign from his public position. Nationwide protests have begun in support of holding new elections, and an internet proposal has--

Oh boy, the news is reporting on internet petitions, how riveting.

It’s pretty impressive.

What’re you cryin’ about, Futaba? You guys get in a fight or something?

It’s really weird that no one like, called or texted the others about the fact that Maaku’s now being detained. Not even his girlfriend. They just let Ryuji burst in, jovial as ever.

Hey, Ryuji…
...What’s up with this gloomy vibe? Where’s Maaku?
Mako-chan, what’s wrong?

It’s OK. I’ll explain.

Music: Sunset Bridge

Ryuji punches the couch.

What the hell!?
I don’t comprehend. The hero who saved this nation is now living in juvenile hall?
It’s just how the system works. Don’t let it get to you.

That’s stupid advice. How’re things ever gonna change if we don’t get pissed off!?

I did my best to discuss the options… but nothing I said could change the outcome…

Ryuji punches the seat several more times.

Dammit! This can’t be happenin’!
Are we supposed to just agree to this? I can’t do that!
Me neither!
I must object as well.
Wanting to interrogate him makes sense… but the measures following were questionable at best.
All that crap about his record and probation was bullshit! He didn’t do any of that!
Won’t everything just cancel out if Shido tells the whole truth!?
That won’t be enough. Remember what my sister said before? In order to overturn a sentence, you need definitive evidence that proves the subject’s innocence.
Evidence!? How’re we gonna find anything like that…!? I mean, the police were in on all that crap too, so any proof they got’s prolly been destroyed…
Futaba, is there any way you can use your computer to find information?
I’ll do what I can… But don’t put too much faith in it. It’s not some kinda almighty device.

You hacked into the nation’s broadcast signals with your fucking laptop.

The Metaverse doesn’t exist anymore either… Boss, can’t you think of another means by which we can help him…?

Sojiro shakes his head. What a help he was.

I wonder what Mona-chan would say if he were here right now…
He’d likely laugh and tell us how foolish we all are.
And he would say it in that high and mighty tone of his…

“He was kind of a prick.”

That guy was real annoyin’, but now that he’s gone it feels… y’know… Guess we really did count on him a lot.
The hope of humanity…
I wish I could do something to help our leader…

Didn’t he save all of you!? If we aren’t gonna act now, when will we?

Hm… What can we do without using the Metaverse…?
Maybe we’ll be able to find something if we search around.
Let’s just calm down and think about it. We’ve escaped death countless times before… There’s no doubt we can do this!
That’s right! Let’s go!

Everyone nods and replies in the affirmative, but it’s all at the same time so you can’t make out much of it.

You acted as the leader of the Phantom Thieves that undermined our society… Is that correct?

What you thought you were doing doesn’t matter now. Moving on… As leader of the Phantom Thieves, you committed a number of crimes. Illegal entry into the Madarame residence and Okumura Foods, destruction of property… Ah, and the broadcast intrusion the other day was in violation of the Radio Law. There are some other infractions as well… On top of all that, you have a past history of crime. Correct?

Whatever, pig. Your haircut sucks.

We will transfer you in the coming days.

Maaku has sacrificed his freedom for the greater good, and it doesn’t seem like much can be done about it. There’s nothing left for us to do…