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Part 208: 2/13: Home Again

Anon: There’s no doubting it now.
Anon: im gonna thank them here
Anon: might be a good year~
Anon: we won’t be mad! plz come!
Anon: im gonna try hard this year

Oh god, it’s the baron of my misery! Get away, foul demon! You shall blight me yet again with your infernal attraction of everlasting suffering and woe!

Music: Alleycat

“First, the massive spiders that are currently being installed in your cell are mildly venomous, but are not lethal. If you do not approach the nest, they will not swarm and devour you. Second, it’s Meatloaf Monday.”

First, we finally managed to prosecute Masayoshi Shido. He’ll likely be found guilty. I’m grateful for your cooperation with the trial. Your testimony proved to be very useful.

To be frank, it seemed almost hopeless at one point. But thanks to the civil protests, some of the more indecisive prosecutors came to our side. It will likely be some more time until the hearing begins, but this is the first step to true change. The only charges right now are for breaking election laws, breaking funding control laws, and bribery. I knew that proving the Metaverse’s existence would be difficult… but I still find myself dissatisfied. Shido did admit to all of his crimes though, including everything you know about.

It’s really hilarious and really subtly dark that none of the murder or blackmail and almost none of the conspiracy got included here, instead only focusing on the light financial crimes. Nobody cares about all the small, anonymous schmucks Shido had killed, the real issue here is that he interfered with the system.

I mean, I get it, the Metaverse is gone with no way to really definitively establish its existence any more, and it’s not even a P4 situation where the culprit totally gives up on resisting upon capture and becomes willing to just lie about their methods to make their indictment flow more smoothly. Shido’s compelled to tell the truth out of guilt here, so he’s absolutely gonna blab about the Metaverse and cognitions and shit and muck things up. It’s just really fucked how small-time these charges are.

Now for the other piece of good news.

Uh… what? This feels really sudden! Like an entire series of scenes of Maaku in juvie were cut for time or something! (I don’t actually know if this happened, but it wouldn’t surprise me) As it is, we’ve been in captivity for about ten minutes, probably less, of actual game.

Hashino-san, the juvenile hall scenes still aren’t finished, and the deadline is tomorrow!
Eh, fuck it. We spent the rest of the budget on animated cutscenes of Ann in a bikini anyway. Just paper over it.

That’s right.

Sae’s gonna set us free, let us walk out of the building, and then call and inform us that there’s now a billionaire hunting us for sport.

We were able to prove your innocence in the original assault charge that led to your arrest.

It seems like I probably should have been like, kept updated on this in some capacity. I understand that Japan’s legal system is wildly different than the United States’, but over here your defense attorney—and by the way, Sae is not ours—can’t do shit like that without the client’s consent. I know Phoenix Wright has undertaken defense strategies that were contrary to his client’s wishes at times, though, so maybe that’s just not a thing in Japan. But still, I should probably at least, like, know that someone’s filing an appeal on my behalf.

Your sentence will no doubt be rescinded. You’re a free man.

But you just said it “will” be rescinded, meaning it hasn’t happened yet, so I’m actually not?

The others did everything they could for you. Bringing in the woman who was the victim in your case as a witness was the turning point. That wasn’t all… An unbelievable amount of support has come in from various other places as well. To think they’d be able to track down someone involved in a case from well over a year ago…

Seems like Ohya’s visit to our hometown paid off.

Regardless, the righteous Phantom Thieves are gone. All that remains is for us adults to lead society in the right direction.


...Then again, I have to wonder if you believe what I say.

Really regretting not picking that second option. I’m too sentimental sometimes.

Thank you.

...Wait, is she our defense lawyer? What?

I’m not quite sure how to put it, but… saving your future meant more to me than my own career. I feel like you even taught me how to live.

Oh jeez, this is getting sappy.

...By the way, there’s something that’s been on my mind. What did the Treasure of my world turn out to be?

I suppose it doesn’t matter now one way or the other.

(It was her father’s police notebook, if you don’t remember)

There is… one more thing. I haven’t even told Makoto about this… But I realized something after meeting all of you. My most prized “treasure” is the justice I use to protect those important to me. Makoto helped show me that as well.

Weak! Get outta here with these lame-ass metaphorical treasures! The Real Persona 5 Was The Friends We Made Along The Way, fuck off! Gimme some cursed pirate gold, that’s the good shit!

Okay, she’s not our lawyer, what the hell’s going on?

I wanted to reform the system, but I’ll have to leave that to someone else.

Eh, someone else’ll do it. Whatever.

Going forward, I want to enact justice not for myself, but for the sake of others.

Sae moves to leave, then pauses.

According to your testimony, you could have stopped after taking Kamoshida down, couldn’t you? Why did you continue acting as the Phantom Thieves…?

A thief who justly stole the hearts of others, and a criminal who controlled them for his own gain… It seems your destiny has been tied to Shido’s for some time… and now, it’s finally settled.

Had I not encountered Shido back at that hotel, the Phantom Thieves may not have continued on…

Why, it’s simply bad, overly-convenient writing, my dear!

That’s quite a fitting response for you. You know, this job has shown me my fair share of criminals and convicts.

I shouldn’t keep that man waiting for too long…

See you later.


Wait, Sae just submitted the paperwork today. We’re being released immediately?

Part 197: 2/13: Home Again

To be honest, I didn’t really wanna come… But Futaba just wouldn’t stop bugging me.

Gee, thanks Sojiro.

Anyway, you’re a free man now, aren’t ya?

It’d look bad on me if you did something again under my watch.

Sojiro took his hat off because the model is too big for the car.

Thinking back, I was pretty awful, to you, throwing you in that storage room all by yourself…

Yep, you were a real shitheel. JK, Sojiro, I love you. Water under the bridge.

Then again, soon you’re gonna be…


Sojiro motions for Maaku to go inside. Also, his hat is back.

We’re home.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Sojiro’s hat is gone again! Ghost hat!

You did it!
It has been a while.
Not bad. You look fine.
I’m glad you seem well.
Come sit over here!

I’m sure you guys have plenty to talk about.

I’m so glad we didn’t give up.
This was certainly worth the effort.
We didn’t know what to do once you were gone… But then we realized something. Even if we don’t have the Metaverse or any other special powers, we can still change reality.
We were runnin’ around everywhere we could since the new year… It musta been over a month.
Not just us. Everyone who believed in you joined us.
Thanks to that, we’ve got our leader back!

What’re you talkin’ about? You’re the one who took the hit for us.
They treated you fine, right? Actually… did you lose some weight?
It would be understandable… I’ve heard the food in prison is quite foul… So… what did you eat?
Was it bugs? Fermented mackerel? Or maybe durian?

Enough about food!

You’re missing the point.
Eh, you’re gonna get some good food soon enough though. Boss is out gettin’ stuff for our party right now. C’mon, everyone’s back together! It’s time to celebrate!

Well, not quite everyone…

Right… Morgana…

Jeez, way to kill the mood, guys.

...He may have been the key person on this whole mission. We even considered what he would do when we were about to give up.
Mona totally woulda done something, right? That cat would never quit on you.
He was always there to pull us forward.
Morgana truly was the engine of the Phantom Thieves.
He was a car, after all!
I wanna see Mona again…

Oh fuck off

Music: Swear to My Bones

What’re you doing here!? I-I mean, didn’t you disappear!?
Looks like the only me that disappeared was the one in the Metaverse.

So… you stayed in reality as a cat?
When I woke up, I was out in Shibuya looking like this.
That don’t make any sense though! I mean, if you were alive, you shoulda come back right away!
I… It was right after I had said goodbye. It would’ve been awkward to come back so soon…

Jesus christ, what!? Yeah, this game has a really weird love affair with fake deaths, to the point I’m half-expecting Sojiro to come back and peel off a mask Scooby-Doo style to reveal he’s actually Akechi in disguise. But you didn’t let anyone know you were alive for a month and a half because… you thought it would be awkward?

Also sorry Morgana, we have to kick the shit out of you for fake dying, it’s the law. We did it to Ryuji.

It seems he finally learned how to be tactful.

...Not the word I would use there.

I knew you guys had found your witness, so I was just waiting for Maaku to get discharged. Well done on that, seriously. You pulled it off even without my help.

I’m sorry I worried you all. Oh, can I borrow the shower before you all rush to hug me? I was stray for so long I think I might smell.

You are unforgivable.

Futaba grabs Morgana’s cheeks.

Sh-Shtop ith!

This is how it should be.
Matters are finally back to normal.

It’s great that you’re back and all, but what’re you gonna do now?
Hm? Well, I’ve been thinking…
About what?
How to become human, of course.
Oh really?
I might’ve learned that I’m not a human now, but that doesn’t mean I can’t turn into one!

Yeah, I’m suuuuuuure that’ll work out for you.

Plus, I think there’s a reason I survived like this.
Regardless, I’m glad to see you’re safe.
Now this is just a guess… but I think I’m still here because you all remained cognitive of me… Even after the world’s distortions disappeared, you kept me in your minds… That means you guys think there’s a place for me in the real world.
Of course! This is where you belong, Mona!
*giggle* She’s correct.

Sorry for buttin’ in and all…

Why did none of you know this? Not even my girlfriend? Surely it would have come up in relation to my being on probation for a year?

Sure we proved you’re not guilty, but people’re still gonna label you there, aren’t they? Ain’t it just gonna be uncomfortable goin’ back?

Maaku pensively looks downward. Gee Ryuji, hadn’t considered that. Thanks.

...How about this? If our leader is leaving, the Phantom Thieves are truly disbanding, correct? Today we can celebrate Maaku’s release… and commemorate the day of our disbandment.

Music: Break it Down

I was serious when I said it…
It sounds like a good idea to me.
I guess you’re right! We just gotta double excitement for today!

I’m sorry, what?

He’s pretty special, after all. If I stay by him, I might be able to figure out how I can become human too.

I’m not cool with this!

Plus, we need someone there in case he turns back into a delinquent!

What the fuck, dude?

Really? Either way, I want you guys to add my farewell party to the one we’re having tonight!

It is far too early for a farewell party.
That’ll just muddy the purpose of this celebration.

I demand sushi! Sushi!

I was just out buying these delicious pancakes, dear friends. I am the real Sojiro, everyone. He is not locked in the trunk of his car.

Oh, I was wondering why I heard meowing. The cat’s back.
Chief! They’re so mean!
Noisy as always…

Sheesh, what an assertive little guy… I wonder where he got that from.
If Morgana becomes human, he may end up just like Maaku.

I know you mean well, honey, but you have grievously wounded my self-esteem with that remark.

Totally possible.

Futaba too? Man…

...Well, that wouldn’t be so bad.

On the subject of the whole “Morgana trying to be human” thing, I feel I should mention something relevant. While I’m definitely severely dating this writing by bringing it up, I’ll talk about it anyway: a few months ago, Atlus released Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, a rhythm spin-off for Persona 5 similar to the treatment Persona 4 got with Persona 4: Dancing All Night. In place of a traditional story for Dancing in Starlight (and its sister game, Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight, released simultaneously), the spin-off instead contains a series of “hangout” scenes with the main party members, presumably because “fuck it, nobody cares and this is way cheaper.” I haven’t actually seen all (or even most) of those scenes, because grinding out all the unlocks is very tedious and they’re all very samey, but they contain some interesting stuff. For one, Haru probably gets more (and more interesting) development in those scenes than in the entirety of Persona 5 proper.

But I digress. Anyway, Morgana gets his own scenes in this mode (just like everyone but Akechi), and they… contextualize some things. Like, for instance, part of the reason he wants to be human so badly! Morgana’s crush on Ann is… weird, but it’s a relatively minor part of this game and hasn’t come up in a good while anyhow. In the dancing game, though, which as a less serious and plot-focused showcase for these characters has to elaborate, exaggerate, or even create character traits, this is taken a little further.

What I’m awkwardly dancing around (heh) is that in that game, Morgana’s crush on Ann is not just given more focus, he explicitly states his wish to marry her. It’s fuckin’ weird. Anyway, back to the game.

I definitely don’t want to be like Ryuji though.

Ah, yes, these stupid petty arguments and insults I’ve been missing so much have returned.

God, this cat is an asshole.

You little…! Why don’t you go disappear again!?
Ugh, shut up! We’re supposed to be celebrating, not fighting!
They’re at it again…

Seriously… That weirdo Inari.
Who are you calling a weirdo!?
In any case, we’re all here! Let’s kick this party off!
Very well…
Sojiro! I want sushi!

(party not depicted in this game)

I guess home is what you make of it… even in this abandoned building of all places. Hey, take care of me like this back home too, OK?

Ugh, goddamn cat. I kinda missed you... I guess. Whatever.