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Part 210: 3/19: The Long Farewell

Part 199: 3/19: The Long Farewell

Anon: My heart aches…
Anon: are they gone?
Admin: I’ll leave this site up.
Anon: lil late to ask that…
Anon: My heart aches…
Anon: They stole the show!

Music: Sunset Bridge

This one’s gonna be on loop for a while, folks.

Go and see your friends before you leave.

Mm. Off you go then.
Try not to cry.

Now, it’s time for the modern Persona standard send-off of talking to every last one (well, most of them anyway) of our Social Links/Confidants one final time. It’s actually not mandatory to talk to everyone, but there’s a very good reason to. By the same token, we can actually leave Leblanc without talking to Futaba or Sojiro, but we won’t be able to re-enter. Morgana will even warn us not to.

What’s wrong? Come on, we should go say goodbye to the others!

Trying to examine pretty much anything today will give us one of two functionally-identical responses from Morgana telling us that we only have time for important shit today, dammit!

Kana-chan passed her high school entrance exam! She sent me a message this morning! And starting in April, I’m gonna be a high schooler too! We did it! It looks like I’ll be able to keep my promise about going to school!

Seriously…!? Even so, it’s what happens next that really counts… right? Anyway… I’m going to do my best in high school. I’ll make sure I use everything you taught me. Once I fulfill my promise to go to high school… I’ll be coming for that reward. ...Until then, here.

Man, I can’t believe you’re really going home tomorrow… I’m sure it’ll be lonely, but you’ll do great!

Sure thing. See ya around, Futaba.

Just remember to pack once you get back, you hear? I don’t want you forgetting something important here.

Maybe I should give Sojiro my probation diary…

I’m surprised you kept a log this whole time.

Yeah, to be honest writing out a diary of mycrimes.txt was maybe not the smartest move! Oh well, it all turned out okay!

...Thanks though. I’ll keep it safe. ...Still, a lot has happened. After all, you had quite the side job. Just… behave once you’re home, OK? Oh, and here. Take these.

I have them memorized already, so you can have them.

I can’t thank you enough, man.

There’s a lot I want to talk to you about… I’ll be by the Big Bang Burger in Shibuya. If you don’t mind, I’d like it if you could come see me.

Nah, we’ll see her last, it’ll be more sentimental that way. Now, to neglect and ignore my girlfriend for the rest of the afternoon!

Sadly, you won’t be able to talk to me like this for much longer. Soon, I shall embark on a journey.

Boss was very happy for me, too. It was very touching, how excited he was for my new adventure.

Maaku, you really gotta give up on sarcasm. No one ever gets it.

I shall roam the nation, visiting restaurants and using my refined palate to write online reviews. Naturally, the restaurants will have some say as my reviews evolve into paid dramatic advertising. Someday, I’ll even come back and review this place. I’ll do it for cheap too… since I owe Boss.

Okay buddy, you do you. ...Man, what a dipshit.

There’s nothing we can do about it. Things don’t just get better that easily.
Why don’t we plant a flower? Even we should be able to do that.
I hope it doesn’t just dry up and die. It might be better than doing nothing though.

While many of the background NPCs in the game get small dialogue updates to close out the game, some unfortunately do not. Here, we notice that Drunken Souse is not here, meaning we will likely never see him again. How sad.

Spring is a season of meetings and partings. Send us some messages of support for the people who are readying to start a new life!
I’ve got my hands full dealing with my own life. Good luck to them, I guess.

Why do you listen to the radio all day, old man? You clearly don’t like it.

Me too! I wasn’t sure I’d get in, but I wanted to prove my parents were wrong too. We really did it! Are they going to give you back all the games and manga they threw out?
Yeah. They were going to pretend like they forgot about it, but then I showed them that contract.
Nice! We really showed those mean grown-ups, didn’t we?

I’ll be OK! I made a promise with Kotaro. I told him I’d try not to cry so he won’t worry.
Kotaro taught you a lot of things, didn’t he?


Sae has been waiting directly outside Leblanc for us. Wonder how she’ll curse us this time.

I decided to stop by after work. I used to come by this area on occasion. I was always a fan of Leblanc’s coffee. ...It’s tomorrow, right? The day you go home.

Oh, you didn’t think I would? Sorry, but I know about most things. ...Take care. It’s an unfortunate truth, but the kinds of adults the Phantom Thieves despised… they’re everywhere. Even when you return home, I’m sure you’ll find plenty there. ...Don’t be influenced by terrible adults. Oh, right. Take this.

Former prosecutors are reliable, you know. Call me if anything happens.

All right, Sae. Catch you on the flipside. I am not going to call you.

You’re going home tomorrow, right? Then let me give you an update. Apparently, Miwa-chan’s symptoms have been subsiding ever since they administered the medicine.

You’re right… I can’t control my excitement. It’s all thanks to you, my little guinea pig. Thank you for helping me, right up to the very end. Same goes for the situation with Oyamada… You did everything you could to help me with it. Here… take this.

I really wanted you to meet Miwa-chan, but… We’ll save that for another time.

Bye, Takemi. You still scare me.

After eradicating the darkness with the help of my blessings, the Phantom Thieves are gone… Their actions were magnificent! I shall make them all honorary Sun Gods!
Long live the Sun God! Long live the Phantom Thieves! The future is indeed bright for us all!

Even after their disappearance, the Phantom Thieves seem to have left a lasting impression. The world may be going through a tough time, but I can feel a strong sense of conviction. Today’s youth are undoubtedly growing up. And that’s all for our on-the-spot coverage.
You haven’t changed at all, even after going freelance. I’ll follow you anywhere!

Though, doesn’t it feel like something’s changed? Even if it’s something small? I owe it all to this song. I give you an encore of… “Great Mother, Great”! Danger’s passed, god’s forgotten/That’s the way of the world/And the way of its people, but/Remember, I still have this guitar/Don’t forget, I still have this song/Isn’t that right, mother?/Keep runnin’, G.M.G./Whether day or night/ Keep runnin’, G.M.G./G.M.G./Great Mother, Great/G.M.G./ Thank you, thank you very much! My song—did it reach your heart?

Let’s throw him a bone.

I know! Hope you come hear me play again! Those videos of me singing got a ton of views… It actually managed to catch the attention of a record company, and now I’m releasing my own CD. Thanks to everyone’s support, it’s now on sale! Thank you all! I rock!

No one wants to grow old, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing. It’s up to young people to take action and change the world, right? I think I’m able to sit back and just enjoy watching that now.
I could never think that way. I want to be the kind of girl that never settles down, you know?

It’s too late for that! You just said you had a daughter!

Ah, Tora… good to see ya, pal.

Okay, seriously, how does everyone know about this? From the way they’re phrasing it, I’m clearly not the one telling them.

I recall the days… when you helped me out with my speeches here.

Having met a young person like you was the fortune of a lifetime. I suppose someone more in tune with modern parlance would say I “lucked out,” hm? You were there to witness a number of my most disappointing moments. I’d like you to have this as a token of my appreciation.

It’s an incredibly expensive fountain pen I bought back when I had strayed from the right path. Embarrassingly enough, all I did was break the seal. I hardly used it.

I wish you the greatest possible success, Tora.

It is so fragile, both inside and out. It could crumble from the slightest tremor.
You’re right… but there are some who display a fighting spirit, like the Phantom Thieves…
I hope the lessons of this year remain within the hearts of the young for the rest of their lives.

There was all this commotion near the end of the year, but nothing’s really changed for the better.
Did something happen? Well, the world won’t be changed so easily. That kind of work is a job for young people…

I get that he wouldn’t be working during the day, but not getting to see Foreign Barker one last time is a real bummer.

Hm? Lavenza? Didn’t the Velvet Room disappear?

I have some words of reflection for you in this time of parting. If one wishes to belong, they must be willing to sacrifice their own needs and desires at times. Furthermore, one may even have to cast away their very selves for the sake of those who accompany them… In truth, I would never have come to learn these things if not for you.

This is all vague hokey nonsense that just kind of sounds relevant but when you think about it doesn’t really add up to much relating to this game’s themes.

…I pray you do not lose sight of yourself in the future.

Yes, I should have expected that answer from you. ...I have more than mere words to give you today though. Allow me to grant you a parting gift, not as the one who leads you, but simply as Lavenza. It is an item that will commemorate the man who fought for his beliefs, even though it nearly killed him.

This is the key to the cell that held you captive for so long. In the past, guests of the Velvet Room have received their keys upon their very first visits. However, I was unable to pass it on to you at that point. This is the least I can do for you now… With this key in hand, you will be able to break free of whatever trials may imprison you in the future. ...Though of course, you have already chosen the path of true freedom.

Yep, got the True Freedom Ending, time to go to space!

My only advice to you would be that you remember the others who made that path possible for you.

Man, you sure talk a lot, Lavenza. Anyway, ciao.

Note that we cannot enter the Velvet Room. Hell, there isn’t even a prompt to examine the door.

I hear you’re headin’ home tomorrw. Perfect. I got a story for ya. Kaoru got accepted to high school. He’ll be a Shujin Academy student in the spring.

...Apparently he wants to become like you. Ain’t that dumb? You won’t even be at that school anymore. Well, being a bro means someone will be followin’ your footsteps. Hit me up the next time you visit. We can all go out to eat again. ...Oh yeah, here. It’s an Iwai-family gecko. Take good care of it, OK?

Damn, kids grow up quick. He used to be a baby, and now he’s in high school… ...I was able to have a heart-to-heart with him thanks to you. If everyone in the world upheld the code of honor like you do, we wouldn’t need guns…

So long, Iwai. If you ever run into an old cohort with an eyepatch and a big knife from your time in the yakuza, tell him I like his voice.

...I’m sorry. Everything I know about talking to women comes from magazines and the internet… I accept my shame, and I’m begging you! Please teach me the secrets of picking up girls!

“Veteran Pick-up Artist” has had his name changed to “Veteran Pick-up Artist?” which is pretty great. ...Wait, why are these idiots here and not Foreign Barker!?

Success will come, but only after you fail again and again… But I learned that from you!

It’s pretty realistic to actual pick-up artistry though that their ultimate wisdom to attract women unfailingly is both total bullshit created for the purpose of making them seem cooler and also just that there is no actual way to attract women unfailingly and you will fail many, many times, so don’t worry when your success rate with PUA bullshit isn’t actually any higher than your success rate without.

Yes… We may need to move in with my parents. Temporarily, of course.
Well, if you ever need me to bring you something from the city, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’m sure you’ll miss the city dearly. Ohoho…

...Being in this place is reminiscent of our time in Mementos, is it not?

No, not really. But thanks for bringing up Mementos, because now I get to have that goddamn music stuck in my head all day.

Honestly, I cannot help but imagine the people here as Shadows, wandering aimlessly around that distorted place.

I plan on it… To tell you the truth, it has been difficult to still my brush of late. Do you remember the painting I submitted to that competition? “Desire and Hope,” it was. Well, I would like to bestow it upon you as a parting gift.

Uh, what? Sorry Yusuke, I don’t think you get it. You’re supposed to give me some worthless doodad or bauble I can throw in my bag and never think about again, that’s what everyone else is doing (except Tora, I can probably hock that fountain pen for a decent sum). You can’t give me that painting. And I’m not saying that because of its immense sentimental value or whatever. I’m saying that because I remember the last time I saw it:

I physically cannot carry this thing. It’s fucking massive. What the hell am I supposed to do with this? Am I not presumably going home on a train?

Please accept it. I would never have completed it without you, Maaku…

No! Take it back!

You know… I am hoping to use the freedom of the heart as my next theme. I would like to paint the bright future of those who have been freed from the prison that was Mementos. ...I assure you, it will be a masterpiece.

I’m not really known much as a “smiler,” but sure. Stay weird, Yusuke.

Damn, no resolution with Rural Young Man and Adorable Woman.

But Homeless Man is here!

It’s really nice that I actually have someone to say farewell to me… Thank you. It means a lot. Considering how foolish of a man I am, I’m not sure if I can atone for my sins… But I’ll live the rest of my life thinking of how I can do that… Farewell, young man. I hope that someday I’ll see you again… if I can manage to become a decent man.

Did you come here for souvenirs? This place has everything.

Nah, my bag’s already full of tacky memorabilia.

I guess… tomorrow’s the day, huh? Take care of yourself, Maaku.

Oh, I already have that covered! I’ve made a detailed plan on how many sweets I’m gonna have, when. By the way, um… a little girl stopped me the other day in Shibuya. She said she saw me in magazines… and that she wants to be just like me when she grows up. It felt incredible. That reminds me, this is for you… It’s a copy of next month’s Vague. They did special feature on me.

I actually talked a little bit about you in the interview, Maaku… and Shiho too.

Oh man, Shiho’s been mentioned like three times in the last five hours! What an integral character!

I wonder if she’ll get around to reading it… …… There are times when being a model is tough, but I want to keep at it. I need to be strong, not just for Shiho, but for people everywhere. By the way, um…

Bye, Ann. Hope you get creeped on less in the future, but I’m not holding my breath.

Next we go to the arcade to meet up with Ryuji. I forgot he even hangs out here and had to go back for him!

Man, spring break’s supposed to be the most fun part of the year, but instead you’re just movin’ away… You’ll be free after though, yeah? I’m gonna stop by your hometown so you can show me around n’ shit.

Whaddya mean? You’re there. By the way, uh… you been thinkin’ at all about what you wanna do after you’re done with school? I don’t got any ideas… but I think I’m gonna keep runnin’. I’m not plannin’ on goin’ back to the track team though. I’ll keep it up all by myself. I guess in the end, life’s kinda like a big curvin’ track. You might not know where it’s takin’ you, but the only choice you got is to keep runnin’ forward.

That’s… stupid.

...Oh crap, did I actually sound cool for once!? A-Anyways… here.

You better not forget to keep runnin’, Maaku! I’ll race you! For real though, dude… school’s gonna be a bummer without you.

So long, Ryuji. It’s been great, really.

Makoto’s hanging out back in the train station at Aoyama-Itchome.

I was just getting some of my college enrollment papers ready. ...I know we’ll be at different schools next year, but I want us both to keep working hard.

I’ll be rooting for you, but also ACAB. You understand.

Thanks. You know… I used to be a coward. That’s why I was so reliant on the advice of the adults around me. I was too afraid to look at things head on, to make decisions on my own… but you set me straight. The reason I now think of living life like I want to is because you showed me the world. Now more than ever, I can look at myself in the mirror and be proud of the person I’ve become. Oh, this is for you.

It’s what first got me interested in studying. You could even say it made me who I am today.

This calculator with a mascot on it has defined your entire life? That’s really sad!

Well, I suppose that’s a bit of an exaggeration… but honestly, it’s more useful than it appears. It should help you keep up with your studies…

Makoto, a mascot calculator probably won’t be able to do anything I can’t already do on my phone. I appreciate the gesture, but let’s be real.

…… ...Take care of yourself.

Right back at you. Bye, Makoto.

Kawakami’s hanging here outside Shujin, which is closed. That really sucks, because it means we can’t go see Gaudy Female Student, Starry-eyed Student, or our favorite, Newspaper Club Member. What a shame.

Anyway, let’s see what Kawakami has to say to us. Her Confidant was… something, but she’s been there for us. Besides, I doubt even this game would spoil our goodbye by making it weirdly sexual like most of our other interactions.

What a coincidence. I’m about to give a lecture. Did you… come to see the campus? You’re going back home tomorrow, right…? Make sure you keep up your studies there, OK?

Of course. And let me know if there’s anything you need. Oh yeah, here…

Oh come on!!!!

It’s a present… a memento of my career as a maid. I never could’ve survived everything I went through if you weren’t there for me. I think I would’ve retired in shame, never being able to face myself… or my students. ...To be honest, I wanted to attend your graduation.

Goodbye, Kawakami. I’m sorry I acted so disgusted when you did all that bizarre sexual shit, I was just repressing my feelings of intense, passionate lust and carnal desire. However, I can no longer stem the tide of my relentless ardor! Join me, my beloved! Let us run away together and consummate our forbidden love! I mean, uh, hope you enjoy your break!

Guess it’s about time I pull out of here. I wonder where I’ll go next…

Catch you on the flipside, you fuckin’ scumbag.

As part of our spring “New Life” promotion, we’ll throw in some professional home movers! We live in some dark times, but a society where everyone can live in safety is our ultimate goal. That’s why, at Wanna-B-Alert, we’re doing everything we can to protect your bright future!


Oh, the hate crimes aren’t here. …That’s fine.

I don’t agree. At the very least, Shido will face judgment for what he’s done. Now the thing that troubles me is that I’ve been asked to be part of Shido’s legal team.
It’s your turn to be on the spot, and be asked what true justice is. I know it’s a cliché, but good luck.

I was gonna say here that I didn’t understand why the lawyer was so conflicted here, because there’s no way Shido wouldn’t just plead guilty, but then I looked it up and as far as I can tell that’s not actually a thing in Japan. They didn’t introduce plea bargaining until a 2016 constitutional amendment, and it wasn’t until 2018 that it was actually taken advantage of. Weird.

It’s exactly as the cards said… You came to visit me. ...In your current state, you should be fine.

That’s kind of invasive!

Yes, I was worried about you, so… I’ve been receiving encouragement from my clients lately. It’s rather strange since I should be encouraging them… but I can feel myself improving. This card reveals your fate. Please keep it as a good luck charm.

The location of “fate” is showing that happiness is on its way. So please live your life the way you want to.

Farewell, Chihaya. You fleeced me for like a thousand bucks when we first met, and I still arbitrarily don’t believe in fortune-telling, but you seem nice enough. Take care.

Will anyone even be at Crossroads at this hour?

So, the door was inexplicably open, fine. Lala’s here, no big deal. Why on earth would Ohya be hanging out here? Even if you’re a day-drinker, this place isn’t serving any drinks yet. Unless you convinced Lala to give you some hooch early so you’re just sitting in this empty bar in the middle of the day getting wasted. You have a problem, girl.

We’re going to say goodbye to the most important character in the game, of course.

You’re looking pretty handsome there, young man. Come back to this bar once you become an adult. I’ll have some delightful beer ready for you.

So long, Lala. I have no pithy goodbye mockery to hit you with. You rule.

Oh, and we should probably talk to Ohya too while we’re here.

But, do we have ESP? No, that’s Chihaya. Maybe.

I’m surprised you knew where I was… Are you here to say goodbye?

You’re always here. It completely defies logic that you’d be here right now, but 95% of our interactions have been in this bar. I’ve seen you maybe four times anywhere else, including brief incidental dialogue on the street before we even formally met and the one Confidant event that took place in front of this bar.

I love that we can ask if she’s busy, because she’s either just getting totally hammered at 2 PM, or she’s doing absolutely nothing and is here for no reason.

...That’s my line. So… I’m close to being able to report on Kayo’s case. Ever since all that stuff happened with Shido, the stories haven’t stopped rolling in. ...But it looks like I can finally avenge her. And it’s all thanks to your hard work. Here. It’s a record of all the struggles we shared.

...Take care of yourself over there. I’ll call you, so you can keep me updated on things.

Please don’t call me asking you to pay your bar tab. Fool me once…

...For real though, thanks. It’s been a pleasure, Ohya.

Oh, I will. Take care.

Haha, sorry ‘bout that. I don’t mean to upset you or anything.
H-Hey, is it true!? I heard that you’re gonna quit being a maid!
I don’t hate being a maid, but this isn’t something I’m excited about doing, you know? You’re the ones who taught me that we should all do what we really want. Thanks, you guys.

I didn’t really do anything at all here, but you’re welcome.

How’s it going, Mishima?

So you’re finally heading home tomorrow, huh? I guess this means the Phantom Thieves have disbanded… My documentary script is going well though. It’s not really close to done, but it’s coming along.

Yeah, I got this! I’ll make something worthy of the #Millennials name! You know… I never thought I’d be able to make something as impactful as this documentary will be.

Poor Mishima’s gonna try to be the next Errol Morris and instead he’s gonna faceplant straight into being the next Dinesh D’Sou—nope, sorry, I can’t, that’s way too mean, he doesn’t actually deserve that

I used to be such a coward… but I see now that there’s a message here only I can convey. Knowing that, I can’t help but give this my absolute all. Um, here.

This is still just a rough outline, but I want you to read it. Oh, and I’d like your opinion too! I’ll give you some of the royalties if it sells well.

Sorry, Mishima. That’s the one thing I absolutely can’t promise. I wish you luck.

But there’s so much to see on the internet. All those cat videos…
That’s not what I mean. Like… Just what were the Phantom Thieves, anyway?
We still don’t know who they really were… Oh! Maybe they were just massive trolls!

Exposing the rot of society and making the world a better place to own the libs

...Celebrolution. ...*mumble mumble*

I cannot express just how happy I am that this chucklefuck ends the game totally ruined.

You’re moving tomorrow, right? Does that mean we won’t be able to play together anymore…?

Thank god… Make sure you contact me when you do. Oh, yeah… I returned the money. I apologized again, and they forgave me. I wonder if… we’re officially friends now? Hamiru-san, thanks for helping me with that. I’ll give you my secret weapon.

Did you like, cut the wire and steal this from the arcade machine?

I used that to practice at home.

That just raises further questions!

...Since then, my mom’s been nice and there haven’t been any more wars at school. We haven’t fully made up yet, but I’m working on it little by little. You made me realize something… To be cool, you have to live life in your own way.

Bye, Shinya. Truly, we all were the ones who… Got Smoked. ...That doesn’t really work, does it?

Ah, crap. I like you Hifumi, but you gotta get rid of that lame sweater. It’s really unflattering.

...You came to visit. You’re going home tomorrow, correct? To tell you the truth… I have an important shogi tournament tomorrow as well.

Thank you very much. If I do well, that will make it ten straight wins… I’ll work hard so I can give you a good report. Oh yes, here… I want you to have this.

What? ...Oh, yes. I know what that is, totally. I’ve been playing shoji all these months, of course!

The lance is a piece that excels at advancing forward. It cannot retreat until it gets promoted… ...I learned much more than just new moves on the shogi board from you.

Goodbye Hifumi. May your blazing chuuni spirit never be snuffed out.

Well, we’ve kept our darling girlfriend waiting long enough.

Yeah, I know you texted me right when we left Leblanc, but I spent probably a few hours at least running around and taking trains all across the city before seeing you because I wanted it to be ~special.~

Maaku is the world’s worst boyfriend, you guys.

You know, I’ve asked for your help so many times to this point… But thanks to you, the new coffee shop venture is progressing toward opening its first location.

Thank you. Furthermore, I’m going to be involved in its growth while I attend university… It will be difficult to handle both at the same time, but it will be the perfect chance to learn the ropes. That way I’ll be able to make sure everything goes smoothly when I finally open my own cafe. And, um… I want you to be with me when that happens.

You’re seriously too good for me.

By the way, I tried making something for you.

I’d like to sell handcrafted goods at my cafe as well… so this is the first step in my practice. Sorry if the dye comes out when you use it.

I’ll treasure it always.

Oh, maybe I should try making hats next! How do matching ones sound?

Goodbye, Haru. Knock ‘em dead. Er, wait, knowing you I should probably specify that I meant that as a metaphor. Eh, actually, do whatever, I won’t prevent you from chasing your bliss.

Now, we’ve said farewell to all our friends… or have we? I think I see two more friends coming up to greet us!

Why hello, Maaku!
Yes, salutations, it is I, your attempted murderer.
And also me, that dude what attempted to erase reality or something, it’s not really clear.
As you have formed unbreakable bonds with the two of us, we are here to see you off.
You’d think being dead would stop us, but no!
Maybe more the part where we tried to kill you repeatedly, but whatever.
Anyway, can’t stay long, just came here to give you this!

Igor gives Maaku Latex Igor Suit.

I bought that at… actually, it doesn’t matter. It’s what I used to deceive you for a year! Well, take care!

I don't... huh? Uh… bye!

Looking at this Igor costume confuses and upsets you… the dead eyes haunt you long after you look away… also, it smells like cat litter.

I’m afraid I have to depart as well… Here’s my gift to you.

Akechi gives Maaku A Real-Ass Gun!

what the fuck am I supposed to do with this, man

That’s the gun I tried to kill you with… Ahh, memories. Well, back to Hell for me! See you there!

...Sure, goodbye.

Can’t wait for that inevitable redemption arc in the rerelease. It’s gonna be great.

Despite him asking you twice, Morgana is not actually coyly trying to remind you that he has not said goodbye yet.

Instead, we have to double confirm that we’re absolutely done, and then he’ll do it. I don’t really understand why he’s doing this in the first place though, he’s unfortunately coming with us.

For some reason, this scarf was the one thing that remained when I got thrown out of the Metaverse.

“For some reason,” always a great thing to be reading in a story!

It’s always been a special possession of mine… But I want you to have it, as proof of everything we’ve been through together.

Yeah, we sure went through a ton of shit this past year, huh… a lot of it thanks to you.

I feel I should mention that I spent like twenty minutes here on a dumb gag where I was listing all the gifts we got today by weight to determine just how much bullshit we were carrying around at the end here, but I got like halfway through before realizing everything I’d listed had come in at under half a pound, most of them well under. Really, the only items that would be even remotely hefty would be Shinya’s Gun Controller, Mishima’s Documentary Plans (assuming he was using a standard notebook), and Yusuke’s fucking painting, which through very rough estimates seems like it probably weighs about seven-and-a-half pounds at absolute maximum. Well, that ruins that.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Finally, Sunset Bridge ends!


You’re leaving early tomorrow from Shibuya, right? Make sure you pack up before you head to sleep.

What the hell kind of answer is that!? “Do you want to stay? Well fuck you, you can’t!”

Oh, and take that stupid cat with you. I don’t want it getting lost and ending up back here.

But I’d really prefer it not follow me around for the rest of my life. You understand the dilemma here, right?

It really never stops meowing, huh…

What kind of translation is that!? Let me have a nice goodbye!

Yeah, sure thing.

Even if you’re not here, I’ll make sure I do my best…

You too. It’s… it’s been really great.