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Part 215: Addendum IV: Time Enough At Last

Addendum IV: Time Enough At Last

Persona 5 The Royal has been revealed. I’m currently in a state of abject denial as to what I have truly gotten myself into. But, uh… let’s just show some NG+, I guess?

This update is going to cover about two in-game months and eight hours of recorded gameplay, most of which is me fast-forwarding through scenes. Real fun to sort through, believe me. So, to save my own sanity, we’re going to skip over… pretty much everything I deem irrelevant. Time for a heavily condensed slideshow!

We can’t summon our old Personas until we head into Kamoshida’s Palace by choice for the first time, but with our weapon upgrades we can one-shot pretty much anything we run into before then.

Well, not this mini-boss, because it doesn’t actually let you kill it!

Here’s a weird quirk of NG+. Since you keep your social stats, there’s basically nothing to do for a long time, especially in the very early game where you don’t have a lot of Confidants. Remember how much training we did at the gym in the endgame of our original run, because we were out of other options? That’s only gonna get worse from here on in. We’re gonna have so much HP, though.

Unfortunately, training in our room only increases HP, not SP. It may not have an associated cost besides Protein, but the gym is still better once we unlock it through Ryuji’s Confidant.

Never gonna get tired of Maaku Yamcha’ing himself.

And yes, we are going to really stock up on that Protein for all our training days.

One benefit of maxed Proficiency is that we can now make enough Lockpicks to actually open every chest in Madarame’s Palace without spending extra nights. We’re also going to use pretty much all of Kawakami’s free time in class to make more Lockpicks for Mementos and such, because there’s nothing else to spend it on, really. Not like we’re reading books, like a nerd.

Speaking of Confidants, I don’t include any footage from them in this update, but the general strategy is to prioritize unlocking each one ASAP so we can reunlock the NG+ carryover benefits. We’re also likely to head into Mementos much more frequently once we get Confidant requests, because sitting on those for a long time doesn’t seem right anymore.

Once we finally get the ability to resummon old Personas back, we make the mighty Thor because he’s strong but also not exorbitantly expensive, and covers an arcana we need. Since we only have six Persona slots, space is at a premium, so we can’t just go get Yoshitsune because then we’re gonna have him taking up room for months before Shinya appears.

Thor’s immense Strength helps us shred pretty much everything we run into.

We even make it to the end of Kamoshida’s Palace having used almost no SP, primarily relying on melee attacks.

Thor will even delete a major chunk of Asmodeus’ health. And the best part is that since Physical Skills work off an HP percentage, you can use them a ton even in the earlygame.

One thing we never did in the original run was rent DVDs to watch on our TV, because it was pretty pointless for our strategy to max our social stats and there isn’t even an associated trophy or anything. That said, we should at least check it out.

More weird parodies, heh.

Got it.

Two weeks later...

Oh fuck oh shit I forgot to return the DVD, I’m hosed, my credit is ruined, I’ll never be able to buy that house

I didn’t even watch it! I suck!

300 yen per day? My concept of money is broken at this point, but it doesn’t seem that bad.

As this is your first time, I will waive the late fee.

Hot dog!

If you miss the due date again, you will need to pay a late fee. Please try to return DVDs on time. Don’t count on this again, OK?
All right, we don’t have to pay the fine! Try to be a little more careful next time though, OK?

Psh, I’ll be fine, cat.

Since I have clearly learned nothing, let’s rent another DVD!

We get the top score once again, but this time in a test we bombed originally. Maybe Sojiro will have a reward for us!

Also, we get badmouthed by the whole school again! Great!

I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover. This is for you. I got it cheap nearby.

It may not be the “in” thing for kids today, but ain’t it dandy? Keep it up, kid.

Thanks, Boss! It’s only equippable on Maaku, though.

Wait, didn’t we need to return that DVD?

Oh fuck oh shit

…Hm? This isn’t the first time you’re late, is it? Didn’t I warn you?

Well, to be fair, I’m stupid. You should have known better than to give me a second chance.

…… Ugh, There are a bunch of customers in line, and my shift’s already over…

There are a bunch of people in line renting standard definition DVDs in 2016?

…… Since there are extenuating circumstances, I’ll waive the late fee this time. If you miss the due date again, you will need to pay the fee. Please try to return DVDs on time. Don’t count on this again, OK?

You seem bad at your job.

And once again, let’s rent a DVD. For real this time.

Anyway, we can skip Azazel’s entire paint gimmick by killing him in a single cycle, which is trivial with Thor. The first several Palaces are just cake in NG+.

And let’s cap this one off by saying hey once again to our favorite terrible stalker. I missed this, she should really keep doing it even after she joins.