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Part 218: Addendum VII: Bad Romance

Addendum VII: Bad Romance

Today, we’re going to be seeing some of the alternate romance paths we could have taken. “Some.” I don’t have all of them recorded yet, and even if I did it would take a few updates to post them all. So here’s the first two, plus anything else I deem relevant enough to show. I’ll begin from the Rank 9 event where the romance starts, but I’m not going to redo the old stuff because that would just be tedious. We’ll start from where the split comes up, and if you want to reread the stuff before it, I’ll tell you what update it was in so you can check yourself.

Ann Rank 9: Part 161: 11/30

Music: Sunset Bridge

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

…… Maaku… ……

Well, that certainly escalated quickly.

O-Oh, you didn’t? Huh… …… ……

Like, REALLY really!

I-I guess we’re more than just friends now… This is so embarrassing…

...Are you trying to kill me!?
Ann and I spent some time together after she calmed down…

I mean, I’m not helping matters by fucking with her, but that was probably the shortest honeymoon phase in history. We’re already having our first fight.

Ann Rank 10: Part 163: 12/6

Ann Romance

The first scene with Mika is identical, so we’ll just skip to the next bit.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Ann looks a little nervous…


Ann looks back and forth nervously.

Back when I met Shiho, when she saved me… I realized that personal relationships are something to be treasured. That’s why I’m not going to run away anymore. I’ll face myself head on. This time, it’s my turn to help someone. But… I’m still kinda worried. Do you think you could help me, Maaku?

You can lean on me too, if you need it…

*giggle* …I feel like we finally see each other eye to eye, Maaku. I’m so glad I met you…

Music: Swear to My Bones

Yadda yadda, Persona evolution, whatever

Music: Sweet

Good… I’m so glad…

Huh? It’s over already? We went all the way around… but I didn’t see any scenery.


…… …I’ll leave it to you.

I spent a long time with Ann…

Aww, how sweet. We’re Ann’s boyfriend. Time to cheat on her!

First though, we’ll do more exercising. We’re getting a lot of exercise here in NG+ because there’s not a lot of other ways to spend time on days we can’t rank anyone up. The dummy is the third phase of gym exercise, following the treadmill and benchpresses.

Next, we’ll head into Mementos to fill some requests and test ourselves against the twins again for good measure. 3 turns instead of one this time, we’re making some slow progress.

Kawakami Rank 9: Part 118: 10/1

Wait, what? We’re really doing this? Ah, shit.

...But you shouldn’t say stuff like that so casually, OK?

Oh yeah, that’s the only problem with where this is headed.

oh noooooooooo

Do you understand what you’re saying? This situation isn’t normal. I’m a teacher, and you’re my student, you know?

You could, for your own part, be a little more opposed to this.



N-No way!


Wait, um, that’s not what I mean by “no way,” but… whaaat!?

For some reason, the fact that she’s waffling on it and refusing to give me a straight denial is worse than if she’d just said yes.

I mean, you’re both a student and a master, while I’m both a teacher and a maid. This doesn’t make sense!

Yeah, my current state of mind can only be described as “confused horny.”

Right? Let’s save this discussion for next time, OK!?


I-I’m going to head home now!

We confessed our attraction to our teacher and made her have a panic attack, I think we still got a chance, guys.

And then the next day she calls on me in class like nothing happened! Stone cold, Sadayo.

While we wait for Kawakami to consider the pros and cons of a life of sin, we go fishing! We didn’t do much of that in the original run, but there’s some nifty bonuses (and a trophy) available here if we do enough of it. I catch seven fish for a total of 290 points, which I use to buy a bunch of Medium Boilie to catch bigger fish on my next trip.

I had something to talk to you about too… As your maid or your teacher, it doesn’t matter. Can I come over right now?

Kawakami Romance (Watch this, Michelle Ruff is really good in this role)

It seems like there’s other reasons you should feel weird about being here, but whatever.

Well, I’m completely done with that part-time job! Oh, and my students! I’ve been giving them all a lot of advice…

Stop avoiding this! We can’t ignore it forever!

...You know, about whether or not we should date.

Wasn’t much of a talk. I said I was into you and then you very justifiably ran away.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Oh thank christ

Maaku’s weird little pout here is great.

I was so happy… When you shared your feelings the other day… I finally realized how I felt.

God dammit

But… I’m a teacher… And you’re my student…

Oh, fuck it. If we’re doing this let’s just go all fucking in.

You’re in a tricky situation as it is. If we get caught, suspension would be just the beginning. I’m restraining myself because you’re so special to me…

No, I’m not. Considering the feelings I have for you…

Fuck yeah! Hell on the Earth forever!

Music: Sunset Bridge

There’s no turning back now…

There sure ain’t!

Or is that the sort of thing a member of the Phantom Thieves is into?

That whole thing with Takase-kun’s guardians worked out way too good for me. And you’re the only one who knew about my situation.

I haven’t lived this long without learning a thing or two, you know. Don’t worry. I have no intention of telling anyone.

That’s sooo you. I just thought you were a problem child with a criminal record… but now I know better.

You’re not just a student to me. You’re someone special who helped me realize my path as a teacher. A new path where I’ll never abandon any of my students…

For my students… and for you!
I feel a strong bond with Kawakami...


Music: Sweet

I went from being a teacher to being a maid to dating a high school student.

And now you’re going to jail! I was actually an undercover cop the whole time!

I’ll obey them, you know… even though I’m no longer a maid.

You know, I went into this thinking I might have been playing up my distaste to this too hard and then Kawakami gets all ~sultry~ and my poor repressed mind just explodes at how fucked this is.

Kawakami… pats her lap. *sigh*

And now I have two girlfriends, one of whom I can’t be seen with under any circumstances! Funny thing, that!

...Stay with you… a little bit longer today?
I spent some time alone with Kawakami…

And that’s Kawakami’s romantic Rank 10 scene. Let us never speak of this again.