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Part 226: Addendum XV: False Closure, Part 1

Addendum XV: False Closure, Part 1

A long, long time ago, one of you asked me to show what happens when we don’t change a heart by the deadline. Specifically, Kaneshiro’s. I actually went ahead and recorded it back then, but ended up vetoing that idea at the time for fear of spoilers. Might as well now though, right?

We’ve got three days left to change Kaneshiro’s heart. Plenty of time.

Oddly ominous, considering who we’re dealing with.

Kaneshiro’s deadline is almost here. We’re in big trouble if things continue as they are. We know where the Treasure is. All we have to do now is send the calling card. I think we should send it today even. Well?

What are you saying!? Kaneshiro’s deadline is the 9th! We’ll still make it in time if we send the calling card today. Got it? I’ll be waiting after school.

Hey idiot, send the calling card today, you moron.

Can’t think of anything else we need to do.

Psh, you’re imagining things.

The game automatically fast-forwards to the next day.

What is your plan? We don’t have that much time left…

The screen pulses white with each cut.

Even through her drug-induced stupor, she managed to identify one name clearly—yours.

We’d like to speak in more detail about the ramifications of this.

So… that’s dark.

Music: Interrogation Room


In any case, it seems it’d be a waste of time to speak to you any longer. ...It’s unfortunate.

I would like to stress that the preceding scene was double non-canon by being an alternate, false recollection of the game’s events induced by druuuuugs. It did not actually happen in any version of this game’s reality.

That trivial righteousness that you’ve paraded around…? This is how such idiocy ends.

They hide the voice behind a filter but it’s so fucking obviously Robbie Daymond it’s funny they even bothered.

Huh? Hey! Someone! He’s dead! He’s killed himself! Dammit! Where did he hide a gun!?

What a truly foolish end…

And we get the choice to warp back a week to fix our idiotic mistakes. Smart design. However, we’re not done yet. Next, we’re going to see one of the “real” alternate endings, one that’s slightly more involved than a glorified game over screen.

Music: Interrogation Room

Your operation was leaked, and you failed to change my heart. There’s no point in being obstinate now. You’ve corrupted the order of this country and caused an uprising against its very existence. You’ll most likely be given life imprisonment or the death penalty. ...Unless you accept my proposal.

Tell me honestly whether or not the following are involved with the Phantom Thieves.


You’ve made a wise choice. Thank you. I’ll do my best with what you’ve told me.

What the fuck, Sae? I did what you wanted, and you just praised me, and then you turn around and twist the knife?

Maaku sits and stews with his awesome decision.

Music: Desire

Why do you seem so surprised?
I needed my director to step in to get access and I was directly responsible for this case. How did you get approval?
For the same reason you did. I am heading up the investigation team, after all. It’s only natural I’d have the right to interrogate our culprit as well, don’t you think?

...That was a joke, of course. I’m merely here to assist with the public security interrogation. I am surprised it’s this far underground though… There aren’t any others incarcerated here, yes? Nobody would ever know if things got a little violent…
If I remember correctly… didn’t you say there was another culprit besides the Phantom Thieves?
That was but a lie I spread to set them up. Oh, I’m sorry! I forgot that I had deceived you too, Sae-san. After all, if you wish to trick your enemies, you must first trick your allies.

Is that so? I’d better perform well myself. I can’t leave here without some kind of evidence now.
…Good luck in there.

Going in unarmed to interrogate a murderer makes me uncomfortable…

That’s right. You and your little friends were vital to our plan. And now, it will be completed.

Music: Betrayer

Huh? Hey! Someone! He’s dead! He’s killed himself! Dammit! Where did he hide a gun!?

And it ends the same way as before.

Music: Aria of the Soul

It appears I have underestimated you.

This line still makes no sense. But it’s Yaldy speaking, so maybe he underestimated how much we suck?

The assistance that we provided was all for naught.

I already died, though.

Music: Freedom and Security

And now the credits roll with the Mementos Depths theme playing instead of the normal credits theme.

So, lesson learned: don’t betray your friends or you’ll get shot in the face.

This is technically a “real” ending, so instead of a rewind they let you save clear data and start the game over.