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Part 54: 6/20: Blackmail, Part Tres

Part 53: 6/20: Blackmail, Part Tres

Music: Desire

I didn’t mean to drag you in like this...
For real.
I was stupid...
I must agree. You should’ve easily imagined this happening.

Yusuke: master of tact.

Hey, Yusuke...
I was so caught up in trying to be useful…
All right, enough of the blame game! What’s done is done.

Ryuji’s awful laid-back about this, considering how boned we are.

I’m going to cause trouble for Sis too...
My older sister has a commendable job, and she’s a much more remarkable person than me…

Oh man, is the party not gonna find out what Sae does until a pivotal moment of the story? That could be interesting. Might get a little forced, but I can deal.

A lot happened after we lost our father three years ago, so it’s just us living together… But I’m still a child, so all I am is a burden to her...B
…… ...And that’s why you were so reckless?
I just wanted to be useful in some way to someone…
Y’know, I might not get your whole situation, but ain’t it a bit off saying that you’re useless to her?

Those were her exact words, Ryuji.

It’s the truth though… (to Ann) In particular, I have to apologize for what happened to you.
Now that I think on it, the truth about Kamoshida must’ve been covered up by the whole school. I had my suspicions, but… I couldn’t do anything about it. ...No. I didn’t do anything. Had I cared enough, I could’ve done something...
People like me… must really be what others call scum of the earth.
Real scum wouldn’t call themselves that.
I’m the same. It’s just like you said before: I was closest to Shiho, but I didn’t do anything… Besides, Kamoshida’s the one to blame. Shiho understands that… and I do too.
You didn’t have a place to belong either… Isn’t that right?
Me either…?
We won’t let anyone fall victim again. Now, what should we do from here?
I’ll do something about the money…! So can we please just drop the case with Kaneshiro.

What? How on earth are you going to get over 28 thousand dollars in cash, in three weeks, by yourse--oh. Well, nuts to that.

No can do. We’re all caught up in this.
We can’t have you rushing things on your own anymore and making the situation worse.
If only we could do something about that bank...

Dude, seriously

Oh, right, the bank…!

Music: Suspicion

Hear me out, you guys!
Our key in? What do you mean?

I guess we’re just giving up on discretion, then.

We’ve become Kaneshiro’s targets. That means we’ve become customers of Kaneshiro’s bank!
I see. The reason why we couldn’t enter before was because we weren’t considered his customers...
And wouldn’t you say that she in particular is a special customer?

(I have no idea what he’s getting at)

Let’s take her with us. She is responsible for our current situation.
Whoa, I don’t follow this at all...
She risked her very right doing something so reckless. At the very least, she has the right to know. Won’t you come with us?
What? ...Wait. To where?

We’re going to the Palace, you idiots.

It’s Fox...
Be quiet. The Shadows are going to notice us.

I’m noooooot!
That’s Morgana, the cat that was in Maaku’s bag. This is what happens when we come here.
That voice… Takamaki-san? Where are we…?
We’re inside Kaneshiro’s… well, the “world” inside his heart.
It’s another reality in which Kaneshiro’s distorted desires have materialized.
...Another reality?

It’s floating in the air!? Th-This is reality!? My goodness… …… I’m sorry, it’s just… But since this really exists, I can’t doubt it… A reality that one’s heart shows… Is it like the application of optical illusions in social cognitive psychology…?

You can’t trick me, I know that doesn’t mean anything!

That’s something we have no idea about...

That may be like overwriting their cognition… I think I kind of get the logic behind it...

Finally, someone who just gets it without a million years of explanations.

W-We’re about the same!
Then, does that mean there’s an ATM version of myself somewhere in this world too?
Perhaps. Regardless, we can change Kaneshiro’s heart and make him confess if we steal his Treasure. ...If it all goes well, that is.
We’ll make it go well. Everyone’ll notice us for sure if we take someone like Kaneshiro down!
Our justice will also become resolute.
Think we’d be able to give courage to those in need if it happens!?
For the sake of those in need, huh… ...You sound like my father.
Your father…?
...No, don’t mind me. You want to go to that bank, right? Let’s go then. If I’ve become a customer of that bank, then they’ll have to let me in.

The bank lowers.

For real…!?

It came to us!
It’s just as I calculated.

I thought that I’d be able to get in since I have the same identity as such customers. I’m Kaneshiro’s source of revenue, after all.
Ah, that makes sense.
But wow… This place is huge.
I rarely gotta go to the bank, so… this’s makin’ me kinda nervous.
Being in a bank with costumes like these is so obvious—we’re totally robbers.
You got that right...
It seems there will be a lot of Shadows from here on.
Huh? What’s that about?
Enemies attack us here.
I see… I’ve trained in aikido. Don’t worry; I can defend myself.

I don’t think a martial art based around protecting the opponent from harm is going to do much good when you’re fighting a giant ass or whatever the fuck we’ll see in here.

Self-defense won’t do much good against Shadows, but then again, it’s better than nothing.
We have to go in from the front, don’t we? I’m an honorary customer, so I better act like one. ...I will be useful for you guys.

Music: Price (Listen to this)

All right, we’re going in!

Music: Disquiet

I had a feeling this would happen.
Come at us!

What? No! Chill for a second.

No no! Wait!
She’s one of Kaneshiro’s customers.
I’d like to speak with the bank president.
Excuse me, but do you have an appointment?
I need to talk to him. Now let me through!

That voice… It’s Kaneshiro!
You mean a bank has a president?


They make good money.

What? The translation lost its mind for a second there.

Music: Price

Reception is further in to the right. I strongly advise that you do not attempt to go elsewhere.

Well, I guess anything goes in a Palace.

Music: Tension

That comes to three million yen in total. You’re here regarding that, correct, Miss Beautiful President?

He’s just purple. No, I don’t know why. Shut up.

You gonna call it off then?
No—a loan. The interest rate is ten percent a day.
Ten percent interest a day… Um… Uhhh… That means… One day is…
It’s three hundred thousand yen.
There’s no need to be alarmed. I have a more manageable option for people like you.
That was your plan from the beginning, wasn’t it?


Facial expressions for this guy are on-point even for his Shadow.

...Or should I say, the younger sister of the beautiful prosecutor Sae Niijima?

Oh. Well, uh... Guess they’re not doing that.

How do you know that!?
Please don’t underestimate our intelligence network. My, what wonderful goods have come falling into my lap.
Don’t be ridiculous!
Young women are so useful. They lack physical strength and are dumb. It’s as if they only exist to be devoured by the strong. That just might be the rule since the dawn of history.
You truly are despicable…
You better be ready, Kaneshiro! We’re gonna snatch your Treasure from you!

My citadel has the highest security installed in it.

Anyone will do anything for money. I’ll rob you of your lives as easily as I breathe air. *snicker*

Music: Keeper of Lust

Chivalrous Guards

This is legitimately a really tough fight. We’re up against two Onis, who have no weaknesses, resist Physical, and love spamming Rampage to get multiple hits on the whole party. A smart person would’ve brought Ann instead of Ryuji for her additional healing and magic damage, but I’m not here to make good decisions.

The target is still alive! We must deal with them at any cost!

Second verse, same as the first! Did you think we were done? Nope! Two more Onis just spawned.

Don’t let them escape! We must take them down!

And one more pack for good measure.

We’re in trouble at this rate! Let’s run!

Can do!

Music: Run, Run, Run!

Could those have been the Personas you mentioned…!?
Does now really look like the time to be asking that!? We need to retreat! Makoto, make sure you don’t get separated from us!

So, why did we come in through the front door again? We already knew we could get in thanks to Makoto, but it seems like we didn’t think this part through.

Hurry, Joker! The exit’s just over there!

Music: Desire

Well, fuck.

There’s no end to them…!

How dare you sneak around, Kaneshiro…!
Those would be my words. However, I do thank you for providing me with such wonderful goods. ...It’s time you disappear.

Managing a bank is tough—that’s why I make it a case to kill troublesome customers. Having one impertinent brat disappear is enough to set an example in that other world.
Please stop!
I’ll eliminate others besides my goods. You’ve no need to worry. Your sister is quite a beauty though. I’ll make sure to make her my personal slave. Once I get bored, I’ll just sell her off. Oh, poor Sis… She could’ve been successful, if only her younger sister wasn’t so dumb.
My sister has nothing to do with this!
The you better start taking customers tomorrow. All you gotta do is endure it and do as you’re told.
Endure it… Do as I’m told...
You’ll earn three million yen in no time. Although, your life and everything along with it will be a complete wreck by then! Gwahahahahaha!

Music: Awakening

Makoto’s Awakening (Watch this)

Please… Never lose sight of it again.

Music: Will Power

No, dude… That’s a bike...

My “self”… Me…!

Wow… Nice!

I’ve never seen anything like it...

Love watching this tiny-faced shithead crap his pants.

I will not lose heart again, ever. I’ll go full speed, non-stop!

Johanna is based on the (apocryphal) figure of Pope Joan, a legendary Medieval woman who was the pope for a short period of time, going against the Catholic Church’s traditions, and was stricken from historical record. She was also not a motorbike, but hey, some things are just too cool to not do.

As for Makoto herself, well… What can I say? She’s a great character and she’s amazing in battle, being maybe the single most all-around useful and versatile party member. Also her Persona is a fucking bike, holy shit. Makoto is voiced by Cherami Leigh, known for roles like A2 from NieR: Automata and... Asuna from Sword Art Online. Those are the two roles I know of hers. Shut up.