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Part 75: 7/25: Perverts In The Desert

Part 73: 7/25: Perverts In The Desert

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I guess they need to set some rules when the world’s eyes are on us because of the Phantom Thieves. Stuff like, “Don’t do anything that will hurt the school’s reputation; spend your summer break quietly.”
I can’t stay quiet with all this excitement going on. Medjed’s statement was insane! “People of Japan, you must not worship the Phantom Thieves,” they said… It could just be a joke. There’s talk that this could lead to the biggest leak of private data to date. I wonder if they’re gonna target another site… I’m curious to see how the Phantom Thieves react.
It’s what I’m looking forward to most this summer. It’ll be the perfect escape from exam studies. But the Phantom Thieves need to take action. They’re the ones Medjed is after.
This is bigger than I thought. We can’t leave this be...

Let’s get this assembly out of the way. We have our own business to attend to!

Our school’s done for…
I don’t care what the principal has to say.
They’re so stupid! I wish I could change their hearts.
Why not make a post? Our request might be taken...

Anon: both are crossing the line
Anon: medjed is dangerous……
Anon: Fight for justice!

Music: Wicked Plan

Wait, we don’t even see the assembly!?

Huh? Did you have school too, Yusuke?
I’m doing laundry, so these are the only clothes I had to wear.

That sounds contrived!

You really should buy a couple more outfits...
Come now, we didn’t gather here to make small talk, now did we? Let’s get to Alibaba’s case.
Well then, I’ll start. It looks like Futaba was listening in on Leblanc.
But why would she want to listen in on the cafe?
I have no idea.
It’s just like Boss said… She’s a tough nut to crack.
In any case, her hacking skills will be absolutely necessary if we wish to stand up to Medjed. Going by what she has told us, we may even be able to identify who they are.
We’ll have to trust in her skills for now then.
Anyway, we found out that Futaba has a Palace… but can someone who isn’t evil have one?
That doesn’t matter. A Palace is the materialization of distorted cognitions brought about by strong desires… That’s all. It just so happens that a lot of warped people turn out evil.

Music: Suspicion

Maybe that has something to do with why she calls herself Alibaba.
According to the chief’s story, Futaba has auditory and visual hallucinations, right? There’s a chance those are related to some important memories she’s holding. It’s hard to explain… but those memories may have been warped by the distortions.
Basically we just gotta steal her Treasure, right?
Well, yeah.
So do we all agree about taking on Futaba’s Palace?
She’s asked us to do so. I don’t think that part is an issue. If we heal Futaba’s heart, it will not only help Boss, but she can then assist us with Medjed.
I agree.
I’ve been wonderin’ about how Boss said “a lot happened” after Futaba’s mom died too.
Hold on a second. Our investigation of her Palace may not go like anything we’ve done up to this point.
Why’s that?
Having an individual ask you to steal their heart is an extremely irregular case. There’s no telling what the Palace ruler’s disposition will be like, or the distortion that’ll be there. We may run into some unforeseen situations. Do you still want to go in?

All right. Let’s just make sure we’re cautious.
Well, let’s get crackin’ on those keywords, huh?
The ones we have at the moment are “Futaba Sakura” and “Sojiro Sakura’s house.”
We got the “who” and the “where,” so all that’s left is the “what,” right?
Let us try going to their house first.
Boss is busy running the cafe, isn’t he? We should make sure he doesn’t suspect anything.

I’ll be able to remember everything if I turn back into a human, right?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

That has to be the case. I… definitely want this mission to succeed. If we can retrieve Futaba’s memories, then I’d bet we can get mine back too… In any case, it’s not every day you stumble upon a hacker like her around. You really do have a gift, don’t you?

You sure live up to my expectations.
I can sense a firm resolve from Morgana...

There are a few new infiltration tools available to craft, but we won’t be seeing them for a bit.

Music: Wicked Plan

She’s a shut-in, so we just gotta figure out “what” she thinks her house is. If she can’t get out, maybe a prison?
Conditions have not been met.
Perhaps a labyrinth with an unknown exit?
Conditions have not been met.
Hmm… Maybe an oasis?
Conditions have not been met.
Nothing so far. In that case, how about hell?
Conditions have not been met.
We don’t have nearly enough clues...
If only we could ask her directly...
We can. C’mon, let’s go see Futaba.
But what will we say to get in?
Whaddya mean? We’re sneakin’ in.
You have to be joking. Won’t the door be locked for sure this time?
I’ll take care of that. Oh, and I figured out where Futaba’s room was when I snuck in last night.
What if we run into Boss though? There’s no way we’ll be able to avoid his questions this time.
He’s at work now, so I think we should be fine.
Gettin’ cold feet, Makoto? Don’t worry, it’ll be nothing. We’ve gone through loads of shit like this already.

Dude, Yusuke’s right there.

...This is our only choice, right? I suppose Futaba did get in contact with Maaku-kun… Perhaps she’ll at least be willing to speak with him… ...Very well. Let’s do this.

Music: Suspicion

There’s no answer...
Futaba-chan. Are you there? I’m sorry for being startled and screaming yesterday. It was so dark that I got scared.


No reaction whatsoever.
This is gonna be hard...

Why’s she only reacting to that name…?
You’re Futaba Sakura, aren’t you?


She’s not responding again.
Does she not like us saying her name?
We don’t have time to dally around. We need her keyword before dealing with Alibaba’s identity.
We want to learn more about you. If we don’t do so, we can’t steal your heart. The reason why we came here is because we need the keyword to enter your Palace. That’s why we want to talk with Futaba Sakura herself, and not Alibaba. You don’t have to show yourself. Just answer some questions for us. Chat messages are fine.
All right then… Our leader, the guy who lives in Leblanc’s attic, wants to speak with you. We’re counting on you, Maaku-kun. Try and get a keyword out of her.
What do you want to hear?

A house is a house.
It looks like you should ask something different.

The answers will loop back if you choose incorrectly.


I can’t leave this place. I’m going to die here.
Wha-- Die…?
Is this going to continue?

Why? This place is my tomb.

You think that’s it?
Try entering “tomb.”

Music: Disquiet

We got it…!
Was that enough?
Yes. It was plenty. You haven’t forgotten your promise of helping us if we complete your request, right?
I haven’t. We made a deal.

You idiot, don’t activate it here!

Yeah, we see that. Wait, what the—Our clothes are still the same?
Futaba herself is asking us to steal her heart. It’d be odd if she saw us as a threat. If she doesn’t see us as an enemy, then your clothes don’t change. That’s how it works. But more importantly, I told you to be cautious! Why’d you activate it like that!?
Is that why we ended up in a desert? Where’s the tomb? It’s so damn hot here.
Even though we entered right in front of her room, we didn’t end up inside it.

Ann, stop pointing out weird inconsistencies. That’s my job, and I’m terrible at it.

She must really want to keep people away from her.
I see…
What a bleak feeling this place has… It’s the complete opposite of Kaneshiro’s bank.

I get what you mean, but that place was also pretty bleak in its own way.

Let’s hurry up and get goin’. Where’s the Palace?
Is it that way?

A tomb in the desert… I see. Anyway, let’s make our way there.
Isn’t that kinda far?
Are we gonna walk!?
Of course not! My paws will get burned!

I’ll make sure to put the AC on full blast!
You’re so considerate!
Hehe, r-right…
All right! Let’s roll!

Through the Desert

Music: Treading On Scorched Sand

Here’s something dumb I figured out a while back: the entire reason for the pointless assembly and Yusuke’s laundry beats is because they’d already made this cutscene with the characters in their school clothes. It’s real stupid.

But it’s [sic] still beats opening the windows to the hot desert air.

Hey, Ann. Can I have a drink? Didn’t you have mineral water?
I drank it already…

How’re the guys…?


Ann pulls on the emergency brake.


Look at Yusuke’s face here.

There we go.

I like that the game feels the need to bend over backwards to justify the clothes thing but the characters all pulled their shoes out of hyperspace offscreen.

The AC ain’t workin’ at all! The hell was that lukewarm air about!?
That was the best I could do, so quit your yapping!
For real, you are so half-assed!
What was that!? You wanna fight, punk!?
Geez, shut up! It’s hot, so don’t make me more irritated!
To think her Palace would be a pyramid...

Music: The Days When My Mother Was There (Another Version)

Hey, a pyramid’s a tomb, right?
Yes. It’s a pharaoh’s tomb.
That’s how it’s mostly known. There are a variety of theories on it. For instance, it’s even said to be a device for reviving the dead.

I understand the symbolism you’re going for, but I’m still gonna call bullshit. I was a huge ancient Egypt freak as a kid and never heard that once, and it doesn’t really jive with their view of the afterlife anyhow. Plus, that “reviving the dead” thing hasn’t come up in a cursory Google, which I’ve come to trust far more than my own memory.

I’m sure one of you is already gearing up to correct me on how it’s totally a thing though.

Reviving the dead, hm…? It’s beautiful nonetheless… It’s perfectly conformed to the golden ratio…

I know what that is from class!

Hey, guys, can we go in already? I’m gonna melt...