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Part 84: 7/30-8/1: I’m Not One Of Those Devilishly Charming Phantom Thieves, No Sir

Part 82: 7/30-8/1: I’m Not One Of Those Devilishly Charming Phantom Thieves, No Sir

Like A Dragon

Music: Break it Down

Th-That is, a famous director was responsible for this movie. Who wouldn’t want to see it…? Why are you looking at me like that? Let’s go inside already!

Music: A three second loop of “Sauna” from Persona 4

Look how into this Makoto is. It’s adorable.

Gangster voice: *laughing* You try to cut ties with me, then you come back for more? I’ll kill you! *two gunshots*
Protagonist voice: Boss! Boss! No… That bastard shot him! Boooooooss!

In case it wasn’t already clear, “Like A Dragon” is the English translation of Ryu ga Gotoku, the Japanese name for the Yakuza series, also owned by Sega. The “famous director” Makoto mentioned is a reference to Takashi Miike, who directed the live-action movie based on the first game in the series.

Makoto’s fists have been clenched this entire time… Whatever she said before about the director was probably just an excuse. She loves this stuff…
I feel like I learned more about the determination that the yakuza have...

Maaku gains Guts +3.

Music: Break it Down

…… Um… Do you think it’s weird if a girl likes movies like this?

Thanks… I think this is the first time I’ve been told that. Sorry that I called you over so suddenly. It felt weird watching a yakuza film all by myself… I had fun, though, thanks to you. OK, let’s start heading home.

Music: Beneath the Mask


Can Yellow Owl overcome the curry, or will he explode first? Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode… When It Comes to Curry, Always Bet on Yellow.”

Phoenix Rangers sounds badass. I wish Power Rangers was more like this.

Music: Time to Repent

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

...Huh? Um, please wash it.
I can’t believe that you’re really here… in a church… I read on the internet that you pray to God for victory. Is that true?
Can I take a selfie with you and post it online?
Sorry, I’ve been turning down all such requests…
By the way, is it true that you’re trying to become a professional shogi player?
Well, nothing’s been…
I’ll be cheering for you to qualify! You’d be the first woman to surpass the third-dan league! I really believe in you!
...Thank you very much.

Men like that approach me all the time. At first, I thought you were one of them… ...I really must apologize for being rude to you… It bothers me when people make such a big fuss over me… Considering that the priest is doing me a great favor by letting me play here… You see, he’s my shogi friend. And he’s very kind. He once told me that he wanted to be a professional player. ...And he doesn’t laugh at my embarrassing habit when we play together.

Hey! I only laugh at you internally!

I’m embarrassed just thinking about it… Did you see it…? It was called “The Venus of Shogi”...

Please stop… Ever since I won the female shogi league, I’ve been getting a lot of attention. I just figured I could contribute to the shogi world… Besides, my mother seems to be very happy… Whenever I win, she rejoices as if it were her own victory… So I want to live up to the expectations she has for me… ...However, she’s been a bit overzealous lately. She set up the interview and photoshoot. It’s as if she wants to be the manager of a celebrity.

...But it’s fine, because it’s for my mother.

Today, I’ll be showing you something very practical… It’s a tactic for using the reserved pawns you’ve taken from your opponent in a more effective way. Nevertheless… I apologize. You’re such a good listener, I feel at ease speaking with you… Aside from the priest, you’re actually the first person I’ve spoken to about my mother…
I feel Hifumi’s trust in me growing...

More opportunities for follow-up attacks, always nice. Basically, this skill allows the occasional chance for a backup party member to pop up and shoot the enemy with you to knock them down.

Are you ready…?
I feel like playing shogi with Hifumi has helped sharpen my Knowledge...

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Well then, I look forward to our next match.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

It seems that the world will be affected by all this… Don’t you think so too?

Heh… A refreshingly honest answer. That kind of innocence is a privilege of the young. At any rate they’ve a strong impression on the hearts of the people. If this were a film, the Phantom Thieves got the opening sequence right. Let’s see what’s next. Well, I’ll be going home then.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Time for aojiru! Maaku gains Charm +1.

Please, Maaku. I will need your help again. Could you join me.
I feel like my bond with Yusuke will grow stronger soon, but...


I am in your debt. It seems the answer may have been right under my nose the whole time. You will see soon enough. Follow me.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

The truth is, despite my best efforts to convey the meaning of the heart, I am no closer to understanding it. Such a troublesome roadblock never presented itself to me while I was living here… As you know, I spent most of my young life in this very house. That is why we have come now. I wish to reevaluate myself within its decrepit walls. By coming to this place, I may be able to rekindle the passion for art I once held. The passion of an inquiring mind on the hunt for pure beauty… before I learned of Madarame’s foul nature.

No… I surely left it unlocked. What…? The door has jammed!? Hm… I suppose it was quite an old door to begin with. It had begun to rust even while I was a pupil here. It seems now it has finally broken.

That is a nice idea, but I am unfortunately not the owner of the house. I cannot call a locksmith. I wish I could fix it myself… But I struggle with mechanisms as complex as this. I do not have the steady hand required to mend them.

...You’re an artist.

I need to fix the door… But I don’t think I’ll be able to with my current Proficiency… I might be able to fix it if my Proficiency were Masterful

Masterful is Rank 4, for the record.

Hm… This is a difficult problem. It seems we have no choice but to retreat for today.

And so the great and powerful Phantom Thieves are obstructed by a broken door. This event is unique, however, in that it lets us go right back to roaming instead of consuming time.

Music: Big Bang Burger March

So instead, we head over to Big Bang Burger to partake in the feast of our people.

The lady informs us that the special promotion (where the trial only costs 500 yen) does not apply because it’s not night, but we don’t care.

As you are a Second Mate, the difficulty of the mission will be increased. The challenge will cost 1500 yen.

As you have moved up to the rank of Second Mate… this is your next foe!

Holy crap! It’s humongous...
This is the Gravity Burger… A burger so large that it almost has its own gravitational field. Once again, this will be no easy feat to overcome. But should you conquer this challenge, you will be rewarded with an extravagant prize.
So this one comes with a prize too… Do your best, Maaku!
Well then, it’s time to get the thirty-minute Big Bang Challenge started! Ready… Go!

Music: High Pressure

All this meat makes sense for a challenge of such cosmic proportions…!

God, Maaku’s a fuckin’ dork.

It looks good, but it’s so big...

Y-You… You’ve done it again!

Music: Everyday Days

Since you managed to crush the Gravity Burger… I present to you the 1st Mate Badge!

It gives you +30 HP. It’s also garbage.

Enjoy your new rank as First Mate. However, one mission still remains… I look forward to your next attempt at our challenge!
You defeated the Gravity Burger this time… You’re incredible. You were so admirable, taking on such a daunting task with that intense level of courage!

Maaku gains Guts +2.

All right, we can finally turn in that fucking paper bag to Iwai… when I feel like it.

Your pace, your strategy of using well-timed drinks, and just the spectacular way you devoured it… Everything was perfect!

Maaku gains Knowledge +2, Charm +2, and Proficiency +2.

And now we can also finally hang out with Takemi again.

Come on, we should head home. I’m full just from watching you...

Medjed hasn’t taken any action either…
I heard some company’s private data got leaked or something.
Did Medjed do that?
Are the Phantom Thieves sitting on their hands!? Do something!

Music: Beneath the Mask

You said that yesterday.

Yes, it seems the private dealings of a large corporation were publicly disclosed.

Indeed. I doubt they’d do anything before the deadline they imposed on us. This seems to be just a minor thing. Quite different from what Medjed has done up until now.
Is that so?
So it wasn’t Medjed? Damn, that shit freaked me out!
It’s honestly kind of hard not having a knee-jerk reaction to this stuff nowadays…
Sometimes people react to these situations by pleading for help from the Phantom Thieves.
We need to find a way to stand up for them…

The Phantom Thieves, however, have gained popularity on the internet as “allies of justice.” Support for them is growing, with some saying they are the only ones who can defeat Medjed. The world will be watching what the Phantom Thieves do before the deadline on August 21st.
Everyone’s counting on us. We can’t let them down.

Yoshida’s available for the first time in a good while, so let’s go see him.

Be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. You don’t want to get heat stroke… I received a dinner invitation from Dietman Matsushita. He would like for you to come as well. Let me know if you would like to attend. I’d be delighted if you would consider this as helping my campaign and join me...

Then I’ll make the call. It’ll be at a hotel nearby.

Music: Alleycat

I see…
He plans for his grandson, who’s also in our party, to take his place…
Unfortunately, this is all beyond me now...


I invited you along because I wanted to ask you something. ...What do you think about the Phantom Thieves?


I’d like to hear your honest opinion. As a young man, are you for or against them?

They sound really cool, and I bet their leader’s super handsome and smells great

Most people who want to get into politics are jealous of them.
What about you?
However they manage to change hearts, I respect their belief in crushing evil and saving the weak.
Isn’t that similar to what you advocate?
I can’t deny that. But that’s not why I support them… I bet they’re a group of young people. Young people who have experienced cruelty and injustice… They bravely face the societal ills that plague our world without thinking of the consequences. Brave, yet pitiful… I suppose.


So the former Diet member who was disgraced by scandals is going to side with them, huh?
...Is this what you asked me here to speak to me about?
No… The party has decided which candidates it will back in the various electoral zones.
One of our main candidates will represent this area, according to the party’s election strategy. You have no chance of winning.

I won’t beat around the bush. Drop out of the election, and become my right-hand man.

Music: Confession/Secret

It won’t be for naught. I’ll put in a motion to have you reinstated as a party member. And I will perform an extensive investigation into your expense misappropriation accusations.
(shocked) Matsushita…
You’d finally be able to clear your name. Think about it.

I expect he’s trying to take advantage of me… That happens a lot in this world. What would you do at a time like this, Hamiru-kun?

Above all, I wish to continue speaking with you. You have such a fresh outlook on the world.
I feel like my bond with Yoshida is growing deeper...

Let’s finish up for today. Sorry I made you tag along. I’ll see you again soon.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Your house manages to be cool despite this heat. There’s a book I want to read, and should something happen, I would be ready in case we must assemble. If it works with your schedule, we could hang out. Until then, good day.
*yawn* I’m going to bed…

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Oh, and I brought an art book I would like to read with you…
I may be able to improve my Charm if I read a book with Yusuke… Furthermore, this may be a good chance to deepen my bond with him...
If we are not planning to infiltrate today, why don’t we search for ideas between the pages of this book?

We could use the Charm, but we have other plans today.

Very well. Be sure to contact the others if you wish to hold a meeting. Ah, and you needn’t mind me. I will simply be here gazing at the “Sayuri” in the meantime.

Sorry, Yusuke, but it’s cool that you’re chill about it. One good thing about this game is that people (generally, there are some exceptions) don’t get super bummed when you don’t put them in the party or hang out.

Maaku gains Charm +1 and Knowledge +3.


...”Medjed.” They are a notorious hacker group whose members’ identities are still unknown. Medjed has carried out numerous cyberterrorism attacks and become known around the world. However, it is still unknown why they intend to attack Japan.
Our opponents are pretty famous, too. If they wanna fight, then let’s do it fair and square!

Music: Time to Repent

It’s even hotter this summer. You have more aptitude for this than I imagined. I also sense an ambitious spirit within you. I should’ve taken into account your improvement throughout our lessons. I have something in mind, but let’s play a match first… In fact, let’s play right now.

After we finish this match, let’s go to a second-hand bookstore.

New spot unlocked!

Music: Break it Down

Today I thought we’d find you something to help you train on your own. This bookstore is filled with shogi-related books. I’ve been coming here a lot lately. There’s also a curry restaurant just around the corner. I recommend their katsu curry. I always eat katsu curry before an important match… for good luck.


Music: Suspicion

What are you talking about? Today’s our day off.
...My apologies. I forgot that there aren’t any matches scheduled for today...
Out shopping with your boyfriend? Hmph, how nice for you. I shouldn’t be surprised. You ARE a famous shogi player, after all. Well, I won’t intrude. Bye...

She’s my senior… I defeated her in a recent title match.

Yes! I did have katsu curry before that match. The truth is… I’m not very well liked by my seniors… The more attention I get, the more enemies I make, and the more lies are spread about me… Perhaps it’s odd to compare myself to them, but… I wonder if it’s the same for the Phantom Thieves.

People are so divided about them on the internet. Some love them, while others hate them… I can’t help but see similarities between us. What do you think about them?

Man, this session has been all about people just randomly asking us about the Phantom Thieves. Do you think they’re onto us?

It’s amazing that they’re still doing what they do, even though so many people criticize them… They give me courage. But their victories can’t be won with will alone… How do they change a person’s heart…? I’m interested from a tactical standpoint, and… Oh, I’m sorry! We really are quite off-topic… I feel like I’ve become much more talkative as of late. I usually don’t talk this much… You’re more than just someone I can practice new moves with. You’re someone I can confide in. Um, if you don’t mind this sort of thing… I’d like to go out and chat with you again.
I feel Hifumi’s trust in me growing...

Music: Break it Down

Oh yes, there’s a book that I’d love for you to read. Let’s go. Well then, until our next match. Take care.

No Knowledge boost today, despite us explicitly having played a match. What a ripoff.