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Part 87: 8/8-8/10: Sketchy Personified

Part 85: 8/8-8/10: Sketchy Personified

Music: Tokyo Emergency

No way. You don’t want to walk outside in this heat.
Yeah, it is hotter than usual. It feels like it’s boiling inside my head sometimes.

I brought a wonderful art DVD that we can watch together.
I may be able to improve my Charm if I watch a movie with Yusuke...
If you do not plan on gathering the others, why don’t we discover the truth held within?

If it was anyone else I’d assume they were trying to hit on me with that line.

Excellent. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Music: Everyday Days

Vibrant colors are integral to its unique style. You would never see such radiance in a Japanese work. Although I must say, your television fails to accurately reproduce their brilliant allure. Might I suggest that you perhaps invest in a newer model?

*chuckle* That was quite the optimistic offer, Maaku. Either way, I am surprised you even managed to get your hands on such an old television...
Yusuke and I enjoyed a program about art on my CRT television… I feel like I’m starting to see the world a little differently...

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Hm… I believe I have begun to feel somewhat peckish. I am seeing visions… Yes, hallucinations… of curry… Forgive me, but I must request some of this establishment’s delicious cuisine…
Should I spend some more time with Yusuke…?

Get the hell out of my house.

I see… In that case, I shall retire to my home for the evening… I must express my gratitude for your escorting me here. Now then, fare thee well.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

...Another box came for you.

These cure Burn, which I’m not sure we’ve been afflicted with once.

I think for both Medjed and the Phantom Thieves, the attention is their motive behind their crimes. Hence, all the thrilling spectacles to amaze people. I advise viewers not to be so enamored if possible.
He’s talking about us like we’re criminals, too? He doesn’t have a grudge against us, does he?

Music: Time to Repent

>Go talk to her

My client’s a big shot in the Pro Shogi Players’ Association, so I worked really hard to set it up.

Music: Suspicion

Hm? Is this young man a fan of yours, Hifumi?
...No, Mother. He’s my shogi friend… I told you about him, remember?
Your shogi friend, hm? Let me just say this. I hope you’re not harboring any weird feelings for Hifumi.

As I’m sure you’re already aware, you are not allowed to date, young lady. You’ve started to attract a number of new male fans with all of your photo spreads.

Well, this is creepy!

...Yes, Mother.
You can get 50 guys like him, once you’re famous. I need you to accomplish the things I was never able to.

Now, I’m going to work. Don’t wait up for me.
I understand.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

That was quite honest of you. Not altogether inaccurate, though. ...My father is ill and unable to work, so my mother supports us… My mother used to be a local TV announcer, but she had to quit to take care of my father… My father was a pro shogi player. He’s usually calm, but when he played you could really feel his spirit. He never hesitated when making a move, just like a kind. I really admired him, so I started playing shogi too. ...But after pouring everything he had into shogi, he suddenly collapsed one day. In my mother’s eyes, shogi stole both her dream and her husband… And yet, she tells me to keep playing… She wants me to achieve her dreams. I should be working to help support us. I want to become a professional so that I can make enough money to ease my parents’ burden. I do photoshoots and interviews, hoping they’ll add some money to our household income… But it’s honestly quite difficult for me.

But when I think about my mother, I… No one sees me as a shogi player anymore. They no longer recognize my skills. I’m not playing shogi in the hopes of becoming an idol… I simply love my family, and I want to support them through our troubles… ...Tsk, this isn’t good. I shouldn’t be focusing on such negative topics before a match… Well then, let’s play. Today, I’m going to be throwing a lot of offensive moves at you. This will teach you how to escape from disadvantageous situations.
I feel Hifumi’s trust in me growing...

This is a good one, because ambushes in this game can be brutal. However, most of the time you’ll get pounded into the dirt pretty quickly, so it takes some synergy with other skills to make the best of this.

That aura… My right eye is twitching. Now! It’s time to unleash my hidden evil eye!

I feel like playing shogi with Hifumi has helped sharpen my Knowledge...

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Phew… That wasn’t so bad. Let’s continue our lessons next time...

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Sojiro’s got some updates for us, so let’s hear ‘em:

“Don’t worry about Medjed.” ...What’s that all about?

But thanks to that, her stress is also extraordinary. It’s tough...


Next, let’s head over to the batting cages. They set up the intermediate set since April, and while the rewards are better, we’re really just here for the Proficiency boost. This (along with some of the videogames) is one of the only legitimately skill-based stat upgrade opportunities in the game, and we don’t need to make it harder to do.

Now, the key to hitting a home run is to aim your swing so that it hits the lower two-thirds of the ball.

Uhhhhhhh, that didn’t happen.

That’s more like it! Nailing the timing’s a bit of a hassle, but Yakuza’s baseball minigame is honestly a lot harder. No home runs, but that just gets us a Muscle Anklet (Strength +5), which we already have.

For getting the slugger prize (hitting all five balls), we’re rewarded with Proficiency +2 and a Revival Bead. Not much, but something. Missing even a single ball would knock that Proficiency reward down to +1, even if we hit a home run. It’s pretty punishing, even if the difference is only a single point.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Ah, you’re still in high school, right? Are you enjoying your vacation?

Ah, studying for college exams? Even so, that will also be a nice memory from your youth. And now, sadly, I must end this momentary respite. If I stay too long, I may get scolded for it.

The police are gathering intel about Medjed and promoting better awareness of security. However… Expectations for police are low, as people focus on the Phantom Thieves’ showdown against Medjed.
It’s impossible for the police to do anything in this situation. We have to handle this on our own.

All right, let’s finally head over to Untouchable and talk to Iwai about that paper bag.

Music: Layer Cake

Are you gonna try and sell me somethin’ weird again?
That modified model gun should be a powerful weapon to use during Palace battles. Let’s ask him about what was inside the bag! ...Don’t freak out, Maaku! Just ask him!
I should be able to ask him at my current Guts level.
So, what’re you here for?

I see… So you took a look inside, huh?

He shoots us in the head. Game over!

That was a custom gun that I modified to make it look as real as possible. ...I had a customer who was interested in it.

Is he still interested? It’s been three months.

You helped me out by smugglin’ it outta here so that I didn’t get caught by those detectives. You can have that gun, if ya want.

...You’re an accomplice now, so don’t go snitchin’. I got everything on my security camera.

Oh ho…

Iwai glances around the store.

...Wanna talk in the back?

You look like a beginner to me… …… Well, I guess you got the heart of an enthusiast. Heh, you’re a strange one, kid.

*chuckle* Yeah, this could work.

Hey, I can grant that wish of yours… But you better have the money. These things are worth hundreds of thousands of yen per unit. Sometimes they even reach the millions, dependin’ on how I feel.

S’that right? Look, I ain’t a bad dude. I’ve been known to compromise, from time to time. For example...

Smugglin’ goods, destroyin’ evidence… And as a reward, I’ll introduce you to the special menu, with good prices for a punk like you. ...Whaddya say? Not bad, huh?

Guns in this game aren’t even that good, bro. Also, laughing at “I’d rather not break the law.”

You don’t know what you’re talkin’ about. This is a great deal. Gotta fight evil with evil… I need a pawn of my own.

Don’t talk to no one about this. Got it? Just follow my orders.
We won’t be able to get much stronger if I don’t accept his offer...
Now what’s it gonna be? You gonna take my deal or not?

...That’s fine. OK, I’ll work on that special menu for you. You should be grateful.
I’ve made a deal with Iwai… I should be able to ask him to customize guns for me now, in exchange for helping him out...

Music: Interrogation Room

I’m sure some people believed those guns were real. You’ll tell me how you procured them, won’t you? ...Spill it!

Music: The Spirit

The Hanged Man represents suspension or restriction, letting go of old or bad habits, and sacrifice. When reversed, it portends indecision and martyrdom. It’s a card that indicates a need for delay and reflection in order to consider all options.

And we’ve unlocked gun customization. Guns aren’t that useful in this game, but Iwai’s still got some neat tricks up his sleeve, so I’ll eventually get to messing around with it.

Music: Layer Cake

Clean… run errands… There’s plenty for you to do around here. Must be pretty excitin’ for an enthusiast like you, huh?

...All right, that’s enough for today. Go on, get outta here.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

The Tkachev II is, as its name indicates, a straight upgrade from its predecessor.

Haha. Anyway, about the agenda for today…
...You’re so busy, but you’re always on top of everything. Do you ever take a vacation?
I don’t need vacations. For some reason, they make me feel more tired. Guess I’m not used to them.

We’re working on it, okay!?

Maaku gains Knowledge +2 and Charm +1.

Did the Phantom Thieves just decide to ignore it?
I heard info about another scandal got leaked…
Stocks have been falling ever since.
Who’s going to take responsibility for this?

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

We’re not gonna make it if we can’t come up with a solution.
Speaking of that Medjed shit, people’re talking about those leaks everywhere I go.

Yes, this is not an occasion for panic. Let us try to remain calm. Our only saving grace is that Medjed seems quite intent on sticking to their planned date.
We just gotta keep trying til that day comes, yeah?
Yes, there’s no point in complaining about it now. Let’s continue our efforts.

An estimate of the possible damage from a cyberterrorism attack has been announced. According to experts, such damage could reach trillions of yen.
Trillions…? These guys are too dangerous…

Music: Time to Repent

It’s raining too hard today… The noise is making it hard to focus. If it’s all right with you, let’s play a match.
I don’t think my bond with Hifumi will deepen quite yet…

Now, time for the lesson.

I feel like my bond with Hifumi will grow stronger soon…
Thank you for today.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Furthermore, I found something interesting. It’s a DVD that talks about the life of a painter. I thought we could share in our appreciation of art. See you tomorrow then.

We just hung out, Yusuke. Come on, dude.