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Part 88: 8/11-8/13: Three Days Of The Kuramoto

Part 86: 8/11-8/13: Three Days Of The Kuramoto

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

There have been some strange happenings in the back alley off Shibuya’s Central Street.

I don’t doubt you! I’m not that horrible of a person! Anyway, there’s only so much info I’ve been able to get from the forum. If you’re worried about this, I think you’ll need to go investigate it yourself. Maybe some of the employees down on Central Street would know more details about it.
That is absolutely inexcusable! I mean… not because I’m a cat or anything! It’s just a cruel thing to do! Hm, if you go work on Central Street, maybe you could learn more from your peers...

Looks like we’re going to have to work somewhere on Central Street in order to get a lead on this request.

Yusuke’s DVD will increase our Charm once again.

Sorry Yusuke, but we’re still recovering from the crazy bender we went on last time we hung out.

Maaku gains Kindness +1 and Knowledge +3.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Remember high school? The kids on the baseball team would train in heat like this, and love it.
I used to be like that, all excited about taking on the world. Now, I’m just a company slave…

Trains and planes are packed, and traffic continues to be jammed on the highways.
Visiting home, huh? It must be nice to have a place to go home to.

Some of our regulars have updated their conversations, so let’s do a round.

Maaan… Can’t #Millennials and Medjed just chill out and have some beers like they’re buuuds? Aight, aight, aight… lemme drop some knowledge on you, buuuddy… We ownin’ this summer break, man. We doin’ it right, buuudd--*hurk*

How enlightening.

The company ordered me to return. I’m sure you’re aware of the actions Medjed is taking.
The hacking incident, yes? Are we being targeted now?
We must prepare for the worst. The initial response is crucial in these types of situations.

I spent all this time, apologizing and explaining to people. Now my time off for Obon is all gone.
This is those hackers’ fault. Even if they don’t target the little guy, we suffer anyway.
Medjed’s been causing a lot of trouble for me. If the Phantom Thieves exist, I’ll cheer them on.

Shiki, wabi, sabi… Japan’s just so interesting. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this country.
That’s why I can’t forgive Medjed for what they’ve done. Let’s go, Phantom Thieves-- take ‘em down!

Foreign Barker is just the best.

That’s cheating! You’re only supposed to do your own homework.
I told ‘ em they should just hack the school and steal all the answers. Well, if they buy me some candy, I guess I might do their homework for them.

Whoa, whoa, my head’sh startin’ to spin. Why’m I always so dizzy thish time of the yearrr?

Wha? Nooo… No way! I’m not drrrunk! Not drunk… at all! Hey! Heeeey. You shouldn’ta be talkin’ to drrrunk guysh…

I am…? Wow. I shee now. We the Shee… Cicadas, of th’ bug race, live short livesh… Chirp chirp chirp! Chirp chirp chirp chirp!

Beep beep boop boop… Kssshhh… I’m shcared of the internets! Ya jus’ click mebbe one wrong thing… n’ you getta huge bill…

This all seems like it was a lot of fun to write.

Now, let’s head over to Yoshida.

What kind of friends do you spend your time with? You can withstand difficult times if you have friends who support you through them. I’ll be giving a speech again today. I’d also like you to come with me somewhere after the speech. What’s your availability like today?

Actually, Dietman Matsushita asked me to meet after this. You remember how he asked me to become his right-hand man? Well, he likely wants my answer… I’ll need you to come with me after the speech.

Music: Suspicion

...I heard you met with Kuramoto’s grandson.
You have your ears to the ground, huh? And to think that he’s the candidate the party is backing to ruin my chances of winning…
I’ll be completely straight with you, since I already asked you to be my right-hand man. We’re currently fighting the Kuramoto group.

I have ambitions of my own, you know. I owe him for all he did for me, but I don’t want him to have influence over me forever. All the more, now that he’s secretly working with Diet members from other parties. I know he asked you to join his group, but I think you should decline his offer.

They want to keep you on a leash, so you won’t reveal any damaging information.

Wait, what!? I know I’m basically his best friend, but I just kind of assumed Tora actually did that, whoops!

Music: Confession/Secret

I searched through the party’s off-the-record accounts from 20 years ago. There’s no doubt. Can you still forgive him? He led you into the political world and kicked you out in the worst way!

Seems he bought his popularity, and as a result, he was having some serious financial trouble.
It sounds as if you’re saying that this is my opportunity to clear my name… ...And so you need an answer from me on whether or not I’ll be your right-hand man, yes?
His own grandson has already tried to persuade you. Therefore, I can’t wait any longer. If you join me, you can accuse Kuramoto of his crime. You can clear your name and put No-Good Tora behind you. This is your best and last chance!
Join with Matsushita and take my revenge against Mr. Kuramoto, but drop out of the election…

I see… So that’s how you truly feel about this… ...Matsushita. I appreciate the offer, but I must refuse.

My goal is to become a member of the Diet, not a right-hand man. I will not cast aside my beliefs. On that I stand firm.
This information would be the deciding factor in taking down Kuramoto…
I’m sorry.
Don’t worry about it. I was simply offering you a deal. I assumed you might decline it…

Wait, you were shocked he refused, but you still foresaw it? What?

...Very well. Please forget it. I apologize for bringing it up so suddenly. I’ll talk to the party and provide support for your next speech about the Phantom Thieves.

Why are you doing this?
I don’t want a debate about the Phantom Thieves. I simply want to draw attention to them.

That’s a weird thing to want, but OK!

And you can assert your independence there, on a grand stage. To be frank, I’ll be happy as long as the Kuramoto group’s influence diminishes. Hamiru-kun… Don’t speak a word of this to anyone, for both our sakes. Very well, then.

My friend is trying to take advantage of me, while my former mentor is trying to win me over. To achieve my dream, I have to set aside my beliefs. What should I do?

However, betraying oneself to reach a goal would be a hollow victory indeed.


It’s as if my heart is being manipulated. Perhaps… If the Phantom Thieves truly do exist… then I’m sure they’re very much like you.

Oh shit!

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

For some reason you stood by me, No-Good Tora, who didn’t have any supporters. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, actually. You must’ve experienced cruelty and injustice in this life. I can tell by the look in your eyes. That’s why I sense your desire to help the weak.

And the strength to stand up to the hecklers, to Matsushita, and to Kuramoto’s grandson. You’re no ordinary high school student. Even I know that much.


Would you care to… talk about it?

Haha, sorry. I crossed the line there. I’ve always lacked restraint in these situations… See what I did there? I relieved the tension by making fun of myself. Think of it as an advanced technique for winning people over.
I feel like my bond with Yoshida is growing deeper...

This is easily one of my favorite Confidant skills in the entire game because fuuuuuuuuck negotiation. However, this probably isn’t even Tora’s best skill, because he’s amazing.

All right then… Well, I’ll at least make good use of Matsushita’s help setting up my next speech. I feel like I’ll be able to fully express my beliefs if you’re there with me. We can discuss it again at the speech.
I was able to help move Yoshida’s heart… It feels like my Charm has increased...

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Good work today.

Anon: bet ya 10k thieves win

What are the Phantom Thieves doing?
Are they just going to let Medjed have their way?
What is Medjed trying to do?
Is this going to affect us? We have nothing to do with this…

Well, we need information on this request, so let’s go do our fucking job, just three or four months late.

Music: TRIPLE SEVEN (the English name is not in all-caps but the Japanese one is and I couldn’t resist)

We’ll be asking you to work the cash register. Please watch your coworkers to learn the ropes.

All right, I expect you to do your best. Oh, right… You’ll get paid more for days you work especially hard. On the other hand, you’ll get paid less if you cause any trouble for our customers. Well, good luck.

That just means we’ll occasionally get an option to do something risky with the possible reward of slightly more pay (or less if the RNG is feeling testy), or play it safe and collect our normal paycheck.


Oh, I’m Nanami Shibuya. I guess I’m your senpai? So, did watching me give you an idea of what to do?

Ooh, how promising! In that case, I’ll expect great things of you. Well, thanks for your hard work.

You’re almost done, right? Let’s get your pay and go home.

Maaku gains 2800 yen. No social stat points, though, because this job sucks!

Hmm… It looks like we’ll have to work here again to get more information on the target.

We’ll need to work here a few times to get the information we need.

Music: Beneath the Mask

This clearly indicates how these international hacktivists have grown in influence and notoriety. Choosing the Phantom Thieves as their opponent is also thought to have increased their publicity…
There are even people in other countries talking about us. I guess we should be happy?

You just have to bait them with a cheerful, excited attitude. That’s all you need to push ‘em. Ah, these days, if you bring up stuff about the Phantom Thieves, those idiots will just eat it up!

Those Phantom Thieves could never steal my heart… ...Because it’s already stolen! Akechi-kuuuun!
Whoa! Don’t shout and spook me like that, you dummy!

Just get ‘em to strip down. It’s all easy after that. Looks are important. Clients want a good-looking girl. Maybe we’ll get some cosmetic work done, too.

So many hearts to change, so little time…

Remember baseball? This nifty book will let us cheat err, improve!

Music: Crossroads

Although I’d be pretty happy to let those records stay unbroken. Still, this time of year is the best for a nice, refreshing cold one. Do you have a lot of info on the Phantom Thieves?
I don’t think my bond with Ohya will deepen just yet...

Oh, I look forward to it!

I feel like my bond with Ohya will grow stronger soon...
OK, bye.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m really in the mood to blow off some steam. How about we meet up and play some games together!? Mkay, seeya tomorrow!

Music: Tokyo Emergency

There is a sadness to it, like tears shed from dreary clouds in the European sky.

Haha, a little joke, eh? I’m far too perceptive. I would know if that were really the case. No. It couldn’t be… A-At any rate…

Messing with this dude owns.

One’s hidden hesitations and worries subtly, subconsciously, rise to the surface. The ability to perceive those sensations in art and life is very important. Do you understand?

But they haven’t given up! They’re heading back into the minor league playoffs to give it their all!

You wanna play some video games today? We’re on break n’ all, so we can afford a day off, yeah?
I may be able to improve my Guts if I play Star Forneus with Ryuji...
If we’re not gonna meet up with the others, we should totally chill in here. It’s too damn hot outside.

Sorry, Ryuji. I got work.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Can you handle this all on your own?

Option 1 is the “risky” option, while Option 2 is “safe.”

Um, confidence without much to back it up is dangerous, you know?

The manager was watching too, so I’m sure you can look forward to some good pay today! Thanks for your hard work. Keep it up!

As you can see, we got lucky and taking the risk paid off.

You’ve done great dealing with customers today. I’m sure you can look forward to your pay!

Maaku gains 3800 yen, which is 1000 more than normal.

Hmm… It looks like we’ll need to do more work if we want information on the target.

Ugh, really? This job is a huge waste of time.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

In response to Medjed announcing its plan to attack, he called for the people to “remain calm.” However, what measures the government is taking to prevent this attack remain unclear. It’s likely that criticisms of their weak stance against internet crime will only intensify.
Nobody can touch them… Futaba’s our last hope, really.

Well, time for the diner! Maaku gains Charm +1 and Knowledge +3.