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Part 91: 8/20-8/22: Welp, We Tried

Part 89: 8/20-8/22: Welp, We Tried

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Well… fuck. We’re pretty much screwed here. Futaba still hasn’t woken up, Medjed’s on the loose, and the deadline is tomorrow.

Tell me about it, Morgana.

August 21st—the day Medjed says it will attack—is hours away, and Medjed has been unnervingly quiet. If an attack does occur, we cannot rule out the possibility of it triggering a global recession.
The deadline’s tomorrow, huh? It’s not a surprise that everyone’s panicking.

Music: Big Bang Burger March

Time for a stress burger.

This is the final task before you can ascend to the rank of Captain. Our store’s behemoth burger stands in your way! A meal of leviathan proportions…

Holy moly, is this burger a space elevator!? This doesn’t seem legal!

The Cosmic Tower Burger!

This burger is the ultimate embodiment of the limitless nature of space! The volume… the flavor… the calories… Every aspect of this burger is astronomical! If you can succeed at eating the entire thing, you’ll be presented with an extraordinary gift.
I wonder if anyone’s ever actually finished it…
Well then, it’s time to get the thirty-minute Big Bang Challenge started! Ready… Go!

Music: High Pressure

This is a tough battle…!
I don’t think you have the luxury of enjoying the taste. Don’t chew, just swallow!

Maaku, you scare me, man.

Y-You… You’ve done it again!

Music: Everyday Days

Since you managed to topple the Cosmic Tower Burger… I present to you… The higest-ranked certification available here: the Captain Badge!

It gives +50 HP. Kinda lame.

You are hereby promoted to the rank of Captain. No more challenges await you… But please do the challenge again and show us how gallant you are! We’ll be wholeheartedly awaiting your return!

You were so admirable, taking on such a daunting task with that intense level of courage!

Maaku gains Guts +3.

Your pace, your strategy of using well-timed drinks, and just the spectacular way you devoured it… Everything was perfect!

Maaku gains Knowledge +3, Charm +3, and Proficiency +3.

*Bloated, mouth dripping with grease, speech slurred* IatethebigburgerMakotoandnowI’mcharmingenoughtohangoutwithyouPLEASELOVEME
Come on, we should head home. I’m full just from watching you…

Music: Beneath the Mask

Dude, this ain’t just some normal oversleeping stuff! Our deadline’s tomorrow! If Futaba’s not up by then…
But can she really do anything even if she does wake up…?

Yeah… If she’s been asleep all this time, do you think she’s having some kind of long dream?
Hm, dreams are said to be the sorting of memories, after all. She surely needs ample time to face her troubled past.
Her past? You think she’s really facing all that shit right now…?
If that is the case… she would probably need a great amount more time to do so.

Well, just give us a ring if anything changes!
We’re counting on you!
I have to agree with Makoto. Who knows how this might turn out…

Music: Time to Repent

It’s even hotter this summer. Um, do you have some time today? I’d like to request a match with you.

Thank you. I look forward to it.

Music: Break it Down

The battlefield is mine… The Ultimate Togo Kingdom is complete.
All of my pieces have been taken… Hifumi has left me utterly defeated.
But to think you could stay standing after being struck by my Silver Infinity Sword… You’ve improved, considering that you endured the climbing silver so early in the match. The determination I’m sensing from you is a real inspiration. I must think of a new move… I’m afraid you’ll surpass me one day, if I don’t stay sharp.

He’s a very famous shogi player… I’m aiming to be the first woman to reach the pro ranking league. I’m sure it will draw a lot of attention, especially after that article… However, I don’t intend to lose. This is my chance to display my true skills. ...I confess I am a bit scared, though.

However, that also means I have a chance of winning, even though my opponent is ranked higher. To be honest, I’m not sure how well my skills will hold up against a true professional…

So, um… there’s a move I want to try out. Would you like to play another match…?
Thank you very much. Strategically place your pieces in the enemy’s zone to increase your chances of getting gold. Be sure to use that tactic in your next match. For today, try and steal the pieces you want from me.
I feel Hifumi’s trust in me growing...

I’m not sure that this is what Hifumi meant by “getting gold,” but whatever. This is a very interesting and very useful skill. There are a lot of skills in this game that involve ambushes, or money, or defeating enemies quickly, so Narikin has some really fascinating synergies. The obvious one, and the only one we really have available at the moment, is combining it with Chihaya’s Money Reading to even further increase the amount of money we obtain.

Well then, let’s begin the match…

I feel like playing shogi with Hifumi has helped sharpen my Knowledge

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Thank you for the match. I look forward to our next one…

Are the Phantom Thieves even doing anything?
Hey! What are we gonna do!?
I should never have trusted the Phantom Thieves…
What’s going to happen tomorrow…?

I guess there’s nothing the Phantom Thieves could do…
Medjed must have been too much for them.
Stock prices are plummeting again…
Maybe Medjed’s true goal was…

Futaba’s still asleep too… This won’t be good…

Music: Alleycat

Today’s the day Wakaba passed. I do this every year… Here, I’ve got a cup for you too.

Futaba reminds me so much of her mother. She’s a smart girl. Doesn’t just go with the flow, either. Wakaba… Your work and your kid were so fulfilling for you… Why’d you have to die so suddenly…? ...That reminds me, you saw me talking to that prosecutor-- I mean, that woman in a suit, right? I remembered you were real bothered by it. She might come back, so I guess I should tell you about it. That woman was trying to get information on Wakaba’s research out of me.
That’s what we heard in the Palace.
You don’t need to know what the research was about. Just know there was some trouble around it. Obviously, Wakaba got dragged into that as well. Now, they ruled her death a suicide… but I’ve got my doubts.

Doubts? Could she have been killed?
Supposedly, there were people who wanted to take her research and use it for their own benefit… Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t have a lick of evidence. That’s why I haven’t told Futaba any of this. I don’t want to cause her any more trouble.
It sounded like she had suspicions of her own based on what she said in the Palace.
Still, there’s one thing I regret. It was right before Wakaba died… She told me, “I think I might die.” I brushed it off thinking it was just a joke, but if I had just taken her seriously… *sigh* That’s another reason I took Futaba in… Redemption. She went through such horrible things. Those heartless adults just yelled at the poor girl… Hey… how do you heal emotional scars?

Kind of a big question, man.

Of course… Sorry.


Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

N-Never mind that… How did you get here…?
Uh… I walked.
...You’re OK!?
Was that bad?
Th-That’s not it! I’m just shocked to see you out of the house…
Uh… I’m sorry I worried you.
(on the verge of tears) ...Ha… ...It’s all right.
By the way, what’s the date today?
Eh? It’s uh… it’s the 21st.

Sojiro then walks offscreen, because I guess there was something more interesting going on over there.

Oh, I remember now. Medjed.

I heard someone’s tampering with the system.
Is it Medjed? No, it couldn’t be…
What are the police doing? They’re so incompetent…
Even the Phantom Thieves couldn’t stop them…

Music: Disquiet

Hmph, “Medjed.” Now, how do we cook them?

Roger that.
Hey, Futaba? We don’t have much time left. Are you sure you could do this!?

Is this a dream…? I’m going back to sleep…

It is NOT a dream! Get up! Say something, Maaku!

Now hurry it up!
...Eh, I guess it doesn’t matter. Let’s get cracking!

Time passes…

Hey, Futaba!
I don’t think she can hear me… Talk about intense concentration. This place is so messy… I’m surprised she can focus at all. Futaba? You should really clean your room a bit.

Oh well. Just waiting around is boring. Let’s clean the place up.


I don’t think a light dusting is gonna do much, Maaku.

Well, Futaba? We’re done on our end. Are you finished yet?

…… Guess we’ll just have to keep waiting…

More time passes…

Wh-What’s up? Something happened?
It’s finished.
Finished? What is?

We cleaned it.

Uh, who cleaned it?

Anyway, is it true? Did you really take care of Medjed?
I handled them, and someone else handled my room…! I don’t understand, but this is good!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Hey, Futaba! What’s wrong!?

She’s sleeping…


Well, it looks like it’s been taken care of. I guess we should get home and sleep too…

That has to be fake, right? There’s no way!
I’m scared… What’s going to happen?
Are the police taking action…? They’re ignoring it? Seriously!?
Still, I’m sure the Phantom Thieves will do… something…

Music: Beneath the Mask

She must have been quite exhausted. I can’t say I blame her at all.
If Medjed’s been affected, it will surely make the news. That should be enough to confirm whether or not the deed’s been done.
The why don’t we all watch the news together?
Yes. We should meet up at Leblanc as usual.
See you tomorrow, guys!
We should be in the clear now, right…?

Some citizens are trying to avoid going outdoors, and people have been in a constant state of worry.

What are they worried about going outdoors for? Do they think it’s going to turn into the New York scene from Fate of the Furious?

Many corporations have been working around the clock without sleep to prepare for the attack.
Nothing’s changed yet. All we can do is pray…

It occurs to me that I haven’t been showing off a particularly infamous part of this game, which is Morgana telling us to go to sleep on any day where we do anything of note. Most times you start in the attic instead of on the ground floor of Leblanc, you can’t go out at night. There’s some parts coming up that are well-known for not letting us go out for a rather long time, but I just thought I’d start including these, so you can better understand the experience and why so many people hate Morgana.

No way… I can’t believe it…
This isn’t a joke, is it!?
They lost!? How could this happen…?

Oh no! Another lame cliffhanger that will be resolved in about twelve seconds, and which the outcome of is maddeningly obvious! I guess we’ll find out what happens… next time!