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Part 93: 8/23-8/24: Yakuza Seven

Part 91: 8/23-8/24: Yakuza Seven

Everyone who commented saying “by the by” isn’t actually a weird thing to say: trap sprung, motherfuckers. I know you’re all actually 80.

And our percentage has increased once more.

Anon: become prime minister plz!!
Anon: imma buy ALL THE MERCH!
Anon: who the hell is admin?
Anon: They’re still suspicious.

Can you believe they actually took down hackers!?
It’s cool how they don’t reveal what they’re doing.
Who’s that guy that was criticizing them? Akechi?
It’s pretty lame to just criticize without doing anything yourself.

Anon: i knew it!! hahaha
Anon: I understand the praise…
Anon: Thanks, Phantom Thieves!
Anon: won’t help me, so fuck em

I love that last dude.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I haven’t seen them… What happened to them?

Open what?
The front door.
Won’t you come too, Maaku? We’re in front of Futaba’s house.
You wanna meet here… and not at Leblanc?
Isn’t that more comforting?
YYYou never mentioned this.
It would be nice if you could hurry down soon. It’s scorching hot out here.
You demon…!
Looks like we’re meeting up immediately over at Futaba’s. Makoto’s really going about this seriously…

Music: My Homie

Oh jesus.

Such avant garde design. You have excellent taste.

L-Let’s get started, shall we?

Yusuke turns, interested in something on the nearby shelf.

I’d like to simply have a normal conversation. That is the basis of true communication, after all.

Yes. You must be well-versed in speaking when you are student council president. Don’t think too hard about our conversation. We’re just going to talk about ordinary topics today.
And what do you mean by ordinary topics?
You know, things like food or the weather. Well then, let’s begin with food. What do you like to eat, Futaba?
Organic ones.
Um, that wasn’t exactly what I meant…
L-Let’s try a different topic! How about the weather? I heard that this heat wave is showing no sign of stopping…

She’s a shut-in, Makoto.

Dunno. I haven’t been out.
O-Oh, right…
Makoto’s getting overwhelmed…
Th-This is odd… It wasn’t supposed to go like this…



They appear to be quite shoddily-made.
They’re from “Phoenix Rangers Neo Featherman”! No… Yellow and Pink’s heads… And Red’s been hacked to bits… This is all Inari’s fault…
Your thief clothes were like a fox. According to Japanese folklore, foxes like inarizushi, thus Inari.

Oh boy, more impenetrable cultural references!

Rghhh, they were in the perfect poses too…! It was so much work getting them set up just right! You wouldn’t know aesthetics if it hit you in the face, Inari!


Some time later…

Mm-hm. Victory is great for action, and Neo’s got the best transforming suit. So cool.
Fascinating. Art depicts a flash of inspiration, but models offer a much different means of enjoyment.
Huh? Take a look at that—Futaba’s having a regular conversation.
It seems she doesn’t have a problem talking to others as long as the subject interests her. I suppose the topics I brought up were not the right ones.
So this is all I gotta do? What a breeze!
In that case, we should advance to the next step. How about we have her spend time in someone else’s room?
Yes. She hasn’t had many chances to leave the house yet, so that would be the perfect opportunity.
Don’t set the bar so high!

Hrrrgh… OK…
I’ve left tomorrow to Ann and Ryuji. Maaku will be there as well, so you’ll be OK.
Can I wear my mask?
I-I think it would be best if you didn’t…
There’s really no telling how tomorrow’s going to go…

Music: Beneath the Mask

She’s still got a long way to go, though. I wonder how long before she’s ready for the beach…

They’re talking all about how the Phantom Thieves took down Medjed. Mishima’s website has a shitton of comments flooding in too!
The news coverage has been pretty insane as well!
Yes, they have only spoken of the Phantom Thieves for the entirety of today.
We’ve been getting attention all over the city.
So… how’s the one who helped us take Medjed down doing?

(long pause)

Don’t complicate things further! Anyway, things didn’t go perfectly, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction.
Tomorrow’s goal will be to spend time in someone else’s room. Futaba is a difficult personality to handle. Good luck, you two.
Shut it, Inari.
All right, it’s our turn next! Seeya tomorrow, Futaba!
We have so much to talk about! Oooh, I can’t wait!
Ann and Ryuji teaming up honestly worries me… but I guess we’ll see what they can do.

As of now, the kind of damage they were promising has yet to be seen. Meanwhile, people on the internet are celebrating, calling this a victory for the Phantom Thieves.
Whoa, this is huge! We won!

Now everyone’s describing them as saviors. Little much, don’t you think?
No way, they really are. I can’t wait to see what they do next.

...Hey, you! Yer one of those Phantom Thieves, aren’t ya? You’re under arresht!

Yeah… Even though yer criminals, ev’rybody lovesh you...

Can’t ya tell jus’ by looking? I’m the cop tha’s always walkin’ thish beat. Y’know? I’m, uh, from the MPD’s drivision of… Erm. Salute!

Arreshting people ish… It’s muh jooorb. Jus’ stay real still. Lemme cuff you. Wha’? I can’t find my handcuffsh. Shorry ‘bout that… Salute!

Music: Layer Cake

We’re going to hang out with Iwai tonight, because he’s cool.

It’s ‘cause we sell merchandise that can’t take the heat. If it’s too cold for ya, layer up.

All right, I’ll tell you about the shop. It’s a piece of cake for a gun enthusiast like you, right?

If you’re considered an employee, you won’t seem suspicious coming in and out of the shop, right? If you get what I’m sayin’, bring the goods to the back.

I’m s’posed to be runnin’ an honorable business here, y’know. ...Though honestly, the customers’ve been runnin’ a little thin lately.

Some guy on the internet’s been claimin’ all my goods’re knock-offs. And once you’ve got a bad rap like that, it’s real tough to shake it.

Hmph, a kid like you…? …… ...You goin’ through somethin’ similar? I guess you wouldn’t be doin’ any of this if you weren’t, huh… Don’t gimme any details though. I don’t wanna know. Anyways, I should prolly fill you in on what’s goin’ on here since you’ll be helpin’ me out. I’d bet anythin’ the guy behind that rumor is Tsuda. You remember his name from the diner, yeah? Truth is, he’s a lieutenant in the Hashiba Clan. The same clan I was in… back when I was part of the yakuza.

I want more than anything for Iwai to rip off his jacket and have like a full-back lizard tattoo or some shit. I know he’s got the neck tat, but it’s not the same.

I love the other two responses. So cowardly, especially in the face of information we already fucking knew. Besides, this is the point where we decide we’ve had enough? We’re buying illegally modified model guns!

Let’s just insult this dangerous former gang member to his face, then.

Anyway, Tsuda was my sworn brother back in the clan. I got some… unsavory business goin’ down with him now though.

Like Kiryu and Nishiki, or Majima and Saejima! Almost makes me think we’re going to get a lategame plot twist where it turns out Iwai gave Tsuda a gun full of rubber bullets or something.

Problem is, I’m a known quantity in the underworld. One bad step and I’d have guys crawlin’ all over me. That’s why I’ve got you around. You look normal, sure… but you got balls, kid. Makes you perfect for snoopin’ on Tsuda. ...Hope I ain’t scarin’ you off with all this talk.

But y’know, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for idiots like you. Anyways, you get the gist of what’s goin’ on now, yeah? You’ll be workin’ with that in mind. I expect a lot from you, kid. ...Oh, and I’ll add to the special menu, to thank you for gettin’ that info for me the other day.
It feels like my bond with Iwai is growing even deeper…

Part of the reason I haven’t shown off gun customization yet (besides it being hella expensive to buy and upgrade these guns, natch) is that the latest guns weren’t customizable, because we hadn’t ranked Iwai up enough. This rank should cover what’s available at this point in the game, though. We still probably won’t delve into this for a bit, but it’s worth pointing out.

Music: Suspicion

Huh…? I thought I told you to stop comin’ around here.

...Just go home n’ study, Kaoru. You’ve got entrance exams comin’ up, remember?
OK… I guess I’ll be going then…

Christ, this really is a Yakuza game.

He’s always askin’ me if he can help out here, always worryin’ about what I’m gettin’ up to. *sigh* But I prolly shouldn’t be tellin’ a kid like you about this… Well, you can head home for today. Nice work, kid.
I feel like helping Iwai with his work has honed my Proficiency...

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

See ya next time.

Anon: too slow. hurry, do another
Anon: This is all a setup.
Anon: Plz steal my heart too!! x(

Music: Break it Down

There’re no customers.

We’re here!


So many snacks… What exactly do you plan on doing!?
Well, summer vacation’s the time when you lounge in your room all day.

Hahaha. Right. Only during summer vacation do I do that.

Yeah, and eating snacks is the best part of that!
You’re gonna get fat, y’know.
Shut it!
Hey, where’s Futaba?

Oh goddammit

Shit freaked me out… That you, Futaba?
Yup. Welcome.
Why are you wearing that?
Habit. Anyway, bring it!
Not sure I get it… but let’s do this!
Sheesh. Looks like today’s going to be another noisy day…

Music: Alright

For real, it was freakin’ amazing! There were girls all over me! ...Wait. You don’t believe a word I’m sayin’ do you…?
Uh, it’s you we’re talking about here. There’s no way you were ever a chick magnet.
What was that…?
Agreed. As a member of the opposite sex, I sense no charm from you, Ryuji.
Plus, popular guys wouldn’t go bragging about that stuff to other people.

...Hey, are you even listening!?
There’s no point talkin’ about wedding dresses right now. None of us have significant others.
Yup. I don’t wanna get married right now.
Can we please talk about something else!?

Yeah, she doesn’t have any trouble speaking her mind. Seems totally normal to me.
I dunno what normal is… But if this is it, I’m happy.
I totally thought you were gonna be some weirdo, but I guess all that worryin’ was for nothing.
Mm-hm, I’m relieved too. I think things should keep going smoothly at this rate. By the way, what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?
How about we have her try helping around the store?

At some point this shifted from “help Futaba open up to us” to “make her less of a fucking shut-in.”

That’s perfect! It’ll be good practice to have her up in front of strangers.
Eep…! Nope, nope, nope! Showing up in the shop during lunchtime’ll be like, super-crushing hard mode!
You don’t have to deal with customers if you don’t want to. Maybe you could dry plates in the back?
Hrgh… Nrghhh…

...I’d be mad if you weren’t.
Then it’s all set. We’ll be rootin’ for you, Futaba!
Grrrr… You’re all gonna pay for this someday…

No, I don’t think those had calling cards…
You know, like, changing people’s hearts from the shadows!
Is it just me, or have there been more posts from foreigners lately?
Maybe I should make a request on that forum, too…

Anon: Their word is final.
Anon: Congrats on a world debut!
Anon: so proud of them

Music: Beneath the Mask

Our popularity’s gone through the roof! You guys gotta hear this! This cute chick said she wants to go out with a Phantom Thief!
But not you specifically, huh?
Not surprised. As a member of the opposite sex, I sense no charm from you, Ryuji.
You don’t gotta say it over text too!
What in the world were you all doing today…?
Girl talk at Leblanc. Er, more like chatting and snacking really.
So, she’s completed her objective for the day.
Next up is practice going out in front of people.
Wait, WHAT!?
You’ll be fine. Maaku will be with you the whole time. We want to ease you into it, so your first test will be helping out at Leblanc.

Thanks for the help.
You better make an effort tomorrow, Maaku!

It’s still not too late to hit the beach! It’s close enough that you can even make it a day trip!
That sounds nice. It doesn’t feel like summer without a beach trip. Maybe I’ll buy a new swimsuit.

Everyone’s dialogue has updated, including Sojiro’s.

No, it can’t be… It’s nothing.

...No, that’s not it. Be normal to her.

Music: Time to Repent

I can’t teach you shogi right now… or rather, from now on…

What’s the matter, Hifumi?

I’m… at checkmate right now. My only option is to concede… but… I can’t seem to give up… I’m not sure what my next move is after this checkmate…
Hifumi seems troubled… With my overflowing Knowledge, I might be able to show Hifumi her next move…!

This is the Rank 5 Knowledge gate, which we just barely managed to squeak by to meet. The text about our Knowledge helping Hifumi is completely irrelevant, for the record. It has absolutely nothing to do with the coming scene.

I feel like my bond with Hifumi will grow stronger soon, but….

Uh oh, there’s another gate besides just Knowledge in play here. Let’s see what it is.

What…? You’ll help me think…? Thank you so much…!

My mother told me that I should lose my upcoming exhibition match against the pro…

Music: Suspicion

It’s a “strategy” she devised… She says that if I lose to a man, I’ll get sympathy from women, and as a result get more female fans. Then when I make my comeback, I’ll become a symbol for strong women everywhere. That way, I can use the weekly magazine’s popularity against them and instantly become famous.

I feel my mother may be right. People do love a good comeback story. Coming from the TV industry, my mother does have great insight for entertainment. This time around… I couldn’t help but argue. It’s the wrong thing to do… I actually got into a fight with my mother. It wasn’t the first time, but… What made me sad was… I realized my mother doesn’t see me as a shogi player… She said that there’s no need for me to be putting so much time and effort into shogi… ...And that once I become famous I can quit shogi and make money from my looks.


The only reason she continues to support my shogi career is so she can profit off of me as an idol. She doesn’t mind if I lose a match, as long as I build my reputation and make money. To my mother, shogi is just a vehicle to make me famous…

Even if it helped me to become famous and eased my parents’ burden… I don’t want to turn my back on shogi… a game that both my father and I love…

...If only that were possible. She’s the kind of woman who never changes her mind… She wants to achieve her unfulfilled dream of becoming a celebrity… through me. I highly doubt she would ever reconsider…

Wait, what are you doing Maaku

It’s… Mitsuyo Togo. What does that have to do with what we’re talking about…?
I need to do something about the target for Hifumi....


Is it just me or is it super fucked up that we’ve just decided to change the heart of our friend’s mother without their knowledge or consent and with no real risk of harm at play? I mean, it sucks for Hifumi but I’m not sure she wants us brainwashing her mom to get out of it.