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Part 97: 8/30-8/31: Gone Fishing

Part 95: 8/30-8/31: Gone Fishing

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

This isn’t a time for jokes.

You’re no fun, Mishima.

That old couple is so afraid of the threats that they don’t even want to open their theater. Anyway, our target is a guy named Yasuo Jochi. Let’s drive him off and save that old couple!
Hm, there might have been a change in Mementos because of all the Medjed stuff. If you want to go, now would be the right time! Let’s discuss with everyone at the hideout.

I had a really strange dream… It’s probably just exhaustion.

That kind of move tends to anger your opponent. Once provoked, they act very aggressively.
That doesn’t seem like a bad move to me, but… I suppose you speak from experience.
Plus, once you get the opponent that mad, it’s almost impossible to turn the situation around. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve-- No, never mind.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Their sales had fallen because of Medjed, but they came right back.
Hmm. Well, that’s nice. But Medjed only acted because the Phantom Thieves appeared, right? It’s only natural they fix this.

We’re getting lots of messages of support for our topic today, “Thank You, Phantom Thieves.” “Phantom Thieves are the best!” “I’d die for the Phantom Thieves!” Our phones are ringing non-stop!
So people think they’re big-time heroes. I wonder how long this’ll last.

Forever, baby! Only getting bigger!

What can I tell you? You don’t have the right to evict me, and I’ve always had my business here.
Come now, don’t use such a nasty word like “evict.” It’s more like an upgrade to a better location. What’s not to like? The money I’ve offered you should be more than enough.
It’s not a question of money. We’ve grown attached to this area…
...Listen up, you old coot. You better take the goddamn offer or we’ll stop playing nice.
What th--?
No one comes to this run-down movie theater. Just go out of business already. Besides, when a building’s this old, it wouldn’t be unusual for it to catch on fire, would it? Our patience is wearing thin. Think it over one more time with that thick head of yours.

Holy shit!

We need to deal with this guy quickly. Let’s meet at the hideout soon.

Wow, everyone’s really into the Phantom Thieves. They’ve been talking about it on TV, too.
Kotaro and I are friends, so we’re in the Phantom Thieves together, right?
That’s right. But don’t push him too hard, OK? We should stop taking him on these walks…

Aww. Listen kid, I declare you an honorary Phantom Thief. That may sound lame but being a real Phantom Thief kinda sucks, it’s better this way.

Next thing we’re going to do is save the game and go to Mementos, because it’s the very last Heat Wave day in the game and I want to show off the unique dialogue.

I… I think it’ll have an effect on Mementos… *pant*
What type of change would that have though?
I guess something to do with heat? I don’t know exactly…
The hell’s that supposed to mean?
I guess we’ll just have to go see for ourselves.

Getting into a fight from here reveals that Heat Wave will sometimes afflict the enemy Shadows with Burn.

We immediately reload our save from there and head back, because we have the one thing worse than Mementos in store for us today...

Music: Everyday Days


These are all the prizes we can get with various amounts of points from catching fish. The “Boilie” is all bait, the rods make it easier to reel the fish in probably, and the Black Robe and Black Rock can be fused with Personas. The Shock Charm nulls Shock, natch, and the Soul Vest is a top-class armor item that increases SP by 20. We won’t be getting it, because that’s a lot of points!

The attendant gives us 7 Small Boilie to start.

We can only catch small fish with our current bait.

It’s a slightly different system than P4 used, where now we have to land the bait in front of a specific fish to catch it. It’s also a lot worse!

There’s some decent-sized fish in the pond today, but we can only catch the ones so small you can barely see them in this picture!

We get a bite within about twenty seconds. This is by far the fastest I will get a bite all day.

Hold the button down, when it’s in the red, simple.

Oh boy, look at that whopper!

Six fish later...

It took me about ten minutes to catch seven fish. If that seems low, know that it felt like thirty. This experience with fishing is by far the worst, most tedious experience I’ve had with this game. Really, I just wish there were more fishing minigames like Okami’s if they have to exist at all.

Nice job. I know this was just for fun, but it seems like you actually managed to boost your Proficiency.

Maaku gets Proficiency +1. Fucking +1 for that. We are never coming back here.

He gives us 3 Medium Boilie.

We buy four more with the points we have and fuck off, hopefully forever.

Music: Beneath the Mask

The Phantom Thieves shocked the world by silencing a globally notorious hacktivist group. Their popularity goes beyond our own borders, with foreign media following them closely as well. Many are heralding them as “dark heroes” and “gentlemen thieves for a new age.”
Whoa… This is getting pretty crazy. So the whole world knows about us!

All anyone talks about anymore is the Phantom Thieves-- who they are, whether they’re good or bad… Startin’ to give me a headache…

Yup. I wonder why though. Does Morgana know anything?
I don’t know… I don’t even remember how I first learned about Mementos…

I see… Then there’s no way for us to find out.
It will likely become clear if we continue as the Phantom Thieves. The most important thing now is the identity of that criminal using the Metaverse.
That might be the person who killed my mom! I’m gonna find them, no matter what it takes.
You know, we used to be lacking in quite a few areas… But now that we have Futaba helping us, a great number of possibilities are now available.
Yes, we gained a fantastic addition to our team in the most unexpected manner.
Aw, you’re making me blush!
We’ll be counting on you, Futaba!
This feels way better than having some dumb cat guide us!

I know Morgana’s really just getting what he deserves, but I can’t help feeling sorry for him anyway.

Ummm… do you remember what happened last time? That man, Chairman Fukurai, visited me… If you have some time, can you stick around and chat for a bit?

OK… let’s go somewhere else.

By “somewhere else” you meant, “that bench across the street.”

But I’ve decided: I’m going to tell you everything about Fukurai-san. As well as the real reason why I decided to leave my village…

Music: Alleycat

I already told you about how it was a small, traditional town tucked away in the mountains, right? Well when I was young, I predicted a major earthquake. The villagers revered me a messenger of God… But when I kept predicting disasters, they started blaming me for everything. They said I was cursed, a monster… So I locked myself away. People would still come by to throw stones through the window though… Things went on like that for some time… until one day, an angry mob came and burned the house down.

Well, that escalated!

That’s why I decided to come to Tokyo after graduating high school. I wanted to change my fate… I didn’t know anyone, but I needed money… so I took the first job I could find at a small night club… I found myself surrounded by dangerous people… but that’s when Fukurai-san approached me. He’s a psychic too, you know.

For some reason, I doubt that.

He knew from a mere glance that I was a runaway who had just come to Tokyo. Then once I told him why I decided to leave my village, he immediately invited me to join up with the ADP. That was when he gave me the moniker of the Maiden of Relief. He told me that I possessed a divine power to save others from misfortune… That I could become more than the monster people saw me as. I… broke down the moment he said that. Hahaha… Deep down, I knew all along that the Holy Stones didn’t have any powers… But I thought I might be able to save people, even though I was a monster. Or perhaps because I was a monster… So the truth is, I was only ever selling those Holy Stones for my own personal benefit… ...I’m a terrible person, huh?

I never thought you would overturn even that fate, Hamiru-san…

I’m going to expose the chairman’s fraudulent activities and wake the other members up to the truth! Thank you so much for listening to me today… If there’s ever anything you need to talk about, I’d be glad to return the favor, Hamiru-san.
I can sense a strong resolve from Chihaya...

Okay, Affinity Reading is huge. It’s the entire reason we’ve been blitzing through Chihaya’s Confidant. Why, you may ask? Well, it lets us add Confidant points to any Confidant we choose, whenever we want. Now, there are other ways to add points on days a Confidant might not be normally available, but critically, this is the only one that doesn’t spend any time. That’s right, there are no other ways to add points without spending a time block (well, there's technically one other, but it's much more limited in availability), which makes Affinity Reading crucial for adding points in between ranks. It’s worth noting that the actual amount of points added are rather small, and we can only do it once a day, and it still costs 5,000 yen. However, it’s still an amazing skill that will drastically reduce the amount of time we have to waste on Confidants that aren’t ready to rank up, if not to zero then pretty close to it. Besides, with Money Reading and Narikin, money will probably never be a serious issue again.

Now that I think about it though, just saying the Holy Stones are powerless won’t convince people. The ADP holds what they call “seminars” for believers… but it’s really just brainwashing. That’s why everyone thinks they’ll be unhappy without a Holy Stone. Honestly, I don’t hold any sway there, even though I’m the Maiden of Relief… Just who is the chairman…? Let me think it over some more. We can talk further next time. Well, thank you again for today!

Music: Beneath the Mask

We can’t leave this be…!

Well, this is truly our time to shine!

Didn’t answer my question!

Though this scoundrel has the same power as us, they’re triggering people’s mental shutdowns… If they truly exist, who can stop them? ...Only us. This is getting interesting!

We’ve got a new addition to the team, so it’s time I flex my veteran skills!

Anon: Such annoying marketing
Anon: I’m totally sold now
Anon: I have to accept it now…

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Come downstaaairs!
What could it be?

Music: Break it Down

Of course. Not only can Futaba go out now, but your summer break’s almost over. We gotta do something.
I asked especially for sushi. You better be thankful. This place is supposed to be super delicious too.

Man, that thing never stops meowing, does it?

There’s no way they’d let us in with a cat in tow. Sorry, but it’s gonna have to be a no.

I do feel sorry for it though… Well, I guess I don’t mind bringing some sushi home.
He knows me so well! Let’s see. I want some medium-fat tuna, fatty tuna, salmon roe, anago, and, and… Oh, are you gonna be able to remember all this? You might want to take notes.

Music: Alright

Futaba is just shoveling sushi into her mouth.

Don’t wolf it down like that. No one’s gonna take your food.

Futaba begins to choke.

What did I tell you…? Drink some tea.

*cough* Hresfroomf!
Huh? ...Restrooms? They’re that way.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Back in the day, she, her mother, and I used to go eat out often… This brings back memories… I had completely forgotten about it too…

Welp, time to resume.
Hm? You’re still going to eat?
I’m all full. I’m throwing in the towel!
Which is it…?

Check please.
Comin’ right up!

That sushi was so good… Today’s was pretty good too. I hope the three of us can come again sometime.

When should we do this again? I wish she could have had today’s sushi too… …… I want to find out what happened to Mom… I won’t forgive the guy who triggered her mental shutdown. So, you better help me out.

Welp, looks like I’m covering it after all. Don’t worry Sojiro, I piss 120,000 yen out of my penis.

Looks like we won’t be getting sushi to go.

Music: Wicked Plan

Huh…? Wait, where’s my sushi? Where’s my fatty tuna…? Where’s my anago…?

If only Sojiro had more money.
So that’s why...

This fuckin’ cat is taking it from all sides lately. It’s hilarious.

Oooh, washing down our sushi with some ramen? That sounds stylish, but we can do that another time.

You’re a nice guy. OK, it’s late so let’s just meet there! I know how to ride the train after that trip to the beach, so I can get there fine. Well then, I’ll be waiting.
Wait, we’re meeting in Akihabara? Is Futaba really going to be OK? We’d better get over there.

New spot unlocked.

Music: Home Electronics Store

Is she not here…? Try checking around.

Futaba is scared and crying talking to a cop? We’ve taught her well.

Hey, over there...
Did you run away from home? What’s wrong, little girl?

Music: My Homie

Uhhh… Ah…
That looks bad! What are you gonna do!?

Yeah, hurry up!


You’re not lying, are you?

Fuckin’ cop!

...Very well.

S-Sorry… I thought I conquered my fears back at the beach…
What happened?
There wasn’t anyone I knew with me, so I panicked. Felt like my heart was gonna pop… I got so scared all by myself… then I just sorta curled up into a ball… Then all these people started staring at me… and the police came… and then it was all over…
Look, Futaba. If you’re ever in trouble, just call Maaku.

You don’t have to. Urgh… Couldn’t even go buy a game by myself. I’m a failure…
But I’m OK outside as long as it’s with Maaku. ...Is he some kinda key item?

I’m not okay with being objectified like this.

I’ll try and get better at navigation if you do!

Yeah, a deal! That good with you?
I should accompany Futaba when she goes out from now on...

Music: Interrogation Room

We also know that this would’ve been impossible unless you had a skilled hacker… ...Who was doing this!?

You know. You know the answer to this. I TOLD YOU.

Music: The Spirit

This is one of many holdovers from Rise’s skillset in Persona 4 Golden, and while I’d argue Futaba isn’t quite as broken as Rise was due to the lack of one specific skill, this is still a ludicrous thing to give for the first rank of Futaba’s Confidant. We’ll go into what exactly it can do next time we go into Mementos or a Palace, just know that this thing isn’t balanced at all.

Anyway, the Hermit arcana represents introspection and inner guidance, as well as isolation and withdrawal from society when reversed. It’s about what you’d expect for a card called “Hermit.”

Music: What’s Going On?

Hm? Where?

Need. Buy. Game.
...Weren’t you bawling your eyes out just a second ago?
Yeah, but I have my key item now! Victory conditions met! C’mon, let’s roll!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)


What!? That’s incredible, Futaba.
I-I guess…
I just hope you can keep that up. Maybe you’ll even be able to go to high school someday.
...Well, that’s enough of that. I bet you’re exhausted after dealing with all those people, huh? Let’s get you to bed. (to Maaku) Hey, we’re gonna head back.
Sojiro and Futaba walked home…

Music: Beneath the Mask

Aw, you’re making me blush.
I’m not talking about you!
No, this is definitely thanks to Futaba silencing Medjed.

Right? This shit’s like, the perfect motivation! Everyone’s got high expectations of the Phantom Thieves. Let’s make sure they’re answered!
On top of all that, this case has shed light on something important.
You mean that criminal. Well… I suppose at this point we can refer to them as the one behind the mental shutdowns.
That’s the one who killed my mom…
We can’t leave them be. Let’s talk more in detail about this tomorrow at school.
Wait, what the hell!? School starts tomorrow!? You’ve gotta be joking.
Why would she joke about something like that…?
I thought we had another week! I didn’t do any of my homework! Eh, I guess it’s fine. It’s not like it’ll kill me or anything.
I hope you understand what will happen if you don’t do it.
So I gotta pull an all-nighter tonight? Gimme a break…
Looks like Ryuji’s gonna end up getting punished for sure.

Maybe for you.

Tons of people have been accessing the forum too.

Are you curious? It’ll send people’s wishes directly to you guys! Well, I hope you’re excited. It’ll be up and running tomorrow.

For as much of a dweeb Mishima is, the times you get to fuck with him are some of the best parts of this game.

Why? We’re both going on the school trip. In any case, look forward to the new function. I’m sure it’ll be exciting!

Akihabara is a famous tourist spot. The chaotic atmosphere there is really something.
I’m actually really into retro games, and I always visit the used game stores in Akihabara. I always get excited when I find an old game console at antique shops, haha.

That’s easy for you to say, you weren’t editing fifteen updates in a row of fucking nothing happening.

Fine, it’d be kind of overkill if they let us out today after the sushi trip and going to Akihabara.

Music: Aria of the Soul

*chuckle* It seems you’ve formed a contract with another new ally. ...This is the owner of quite a different type of power. It will help guide you all to further heights as thieves.

*chuckle* Worry not. You are steadily approaching the realization of your goal. This is not necessarily to prove so, but I shall increase the number of Personas you can hold at once. From here on, your tale will make great progress… Hone your powers even further, and prepare for the time that will soon come. ...I expect great things from you.

Finally, we get our last upgrade to our Persona stock. Now that we at last have 12, it strongly lessens the stress of having to meddle with our Personas for resistances or matching arcanas for Confidants. Even a meager upgrade is good because the Persona limit can feel very stifling, especially in comparison to the mainline SMT games, which let you carry like forty demons at once.

...Until we meet again.
It is time, Inmate. Return to your world.