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Part 24: Bonus Update: Extras and Thanks

Bonus Update: Extras and Thanks

First, here's what happens if you say "yes" when the Governor asks you if you want to be queen.

The change in the Governor's dialogue is the only difference in the ending. We still cut straight to Baya Malay after that and everything proceeds the same way from there.

Speaking of the Governor, if you revisit him before killing Lassic he gets a few lines of dialogue that I didn't show in the LP but that I've always found amusing:

You can walk back into his mansion immediately after the first time you talk to him and get this dialogue, in which case it's funny because obviously you haven't killed Lassic yet. Or you can talk to him right before going off to kill Lassic and still get the exact same dialogue, in which case it's funny for an entirely different reason, because you weren't quick at all.

Also, while going through the game I missed screenshotting exactly three enemies:

The N. Farmer, Golem and Sandworm. All are found exclusively on Motavia: the N. Farmer is found in the area around Paseo, the Golem is found in the area around Tajima's cave, and the Sandworm is found just west of the big antlion field south of Paseo. I tried running around for quite a while looking for an N. Farmer during the Motavian section of the LP but couldn't seem to run into any; as for the Golem and Sandworm, I just plain forgot about them at the time. N. Farmers are almost identical to E. Farmers in terms of stats (except that they give out much less XP and meseta when killed), and you can talk to them and get the same responses as E. Farmers, so I'm honestly not sure why they were put in. Golems and Sandworms aren't particularly difficult by the time you run into them, and both give quite a lot of meseta when killed.

Sources used for the backstory I've added to the game include the Phantasy Star Compendium (an official Japanese fanbook for the PS series), the English and Japanese game manuals, and my ass. The whole bit at the end about Alis being hidden with a family in Camineet due to King Aures dying under suspicious circumstances is straight from the Compendium; the bit about Alis's father disappearing a year before the game begins is straight from the English game manual (in the Japanese version, both her adoptive parents died in an accident when she was young); some random two-lines-of-dialogue NPC being Alis's adoptive father is pulled directly from my ass.

The bit at the end about travelling outside of Algo is a tie-in to an interesting little Game Gear RPG called Phantasy Star Gaiden. As the name suggests, it's a side-story to the Phantasy Star series, involving a colony world named Alisaland (!), outside the Algo system. Alis shows up as a major character during the game. And in case you were wondering, no, I don't have any particular intention to do an LP of PS Gaiden.

Thanks to:

* SMS Power for their Phantasy Star 1 retranslation (which I encourage you to check out if you have an urge to replay this game).

* Rebecca Capowski for her translation of the Phantasy Star Compendium

* Seorin, Stayton, Ledemondelaplace and BOrangeFury for their Arcanum, Paladin's Quest, Breath of Fire 2 and Fallout LPs respectively, from which I drew varying degrees of inspiration on how to write a narrative LP

* You, for reading this thread