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by WilliamLongfellow

Part 1: Screenshots ahoy!!!!!

However, the birdman dimension is typical fare at the Flight Club, worth a smile and, well, little more.

I did know about the down-button flare and I'll be using it on the next lesson.

In the meantime I decided to do a screenshot episode as our bonus. Here goes! Cue The Price Is Right failure sound.

Here's what happens when you take a sharp left with the Light Plane and decide to depart for Hawaii:

There are funny comments to be had with Tony and Shirley's comments, but I'll stay tasteful.

If we run down the fuel, Shirley lectures us on energy conservation. Sheesh, I saved you, give me a break!

Most of the quotes for crashing the Light Plane are vanilla, but Lance is a sarcastic git:

Now for the skydiving. Take a dip and Shirley gets real concerned, like she wants to fetch you a towel.

If you shimmy off-stage:

Cute pun, Big Al. He also has a bit of fun if you forget to pull the rope:

The rocketbelt's messages aren't that interesting, though you can confuse the instructors a bit. Hitting the ground confers a -2 penalty; lose enough points and even if you did everything else perfectly, they treat you like you didn't understand the controls.

If you run out of fuel they tell you this:

Here's what happens when I decide to take the rocketbelt home.

It took me some practice to fly off-stage with the hang-glider, but yet again we're treated to individual text:

About as angry as you see Big Al (until you refuse the mission and he tells you chickens can't fly).

Finally, if you thought Lance wasn't serious about LAND!!...

Enough of instructors glaring at you. We'll see a short video on what happens when you get hit in the helicopter mission, then the fifth lesson begins. See ya!