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Part 147: Fake Update: Iannis Edition!

Fake Update: Iannis Edition!

As I mentioned earlier, the conversation with Iannis is a hidden dialogue that was apparently never implemented. Here's another path in the conversation tree we could've taken if we were evil.

Truth: "I am responsible for your daughter's death. I murdered her."

Iannis stares at you in silence for a moment, then his voice breaks. "Why... *why* did you do such a terrible act?"

"It was not a 'terrible' act, it was a *necessary* act, Iannis. Your daughter was willing to give up her life for me, and her life was what I needed in order to save mine."

"Why did you do such a thing?! That was my daughter's LIFE, not --"

"It was your daughter's life to do with as I pleased. She was the one who gave me permission by placing her life in my hands."

Iannis' face clenches in anger. "You... Sigilian *cur!* You murdered my daughter without a shred of remorse, now you dare come back here like a vampire-in-the-night and DARE to threaten me?!"

"I dare, and I don't mind adding more corpses to my list. What do you intend to do about it, old man?"

Iannis begins shouting. "Guards! Help! Intruder! Help!"


Vhailor stirs to life as Iannis shouts for the guards. He advances on you, his axe raised. *INJUSTICE.*