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Part 14: all terrible horrible things

12: all terrible horrible things

Well, back at square one in terms of location. We've done all we could do for the "story" and really, we don't have much left. At least, it may not seem like it...

First off, we're going to want to do the missingno. glitch again. Mainly for two reasons, and item duplication is not one of them.

A wild beauty appeared while surfing along the coast! Why would this happen? You may recall back in the missingno. update that I avoided symbols and characters like "pkmn" the female symbol and the punctuation marks. This is because utilizing such symbols would spawn these dudes while utilizing the glitch, I assume this occurs because these characters share the same hex slot as trainers. Depending on what you put in you may end up fighting an infinite number of wild gary's, lance's, brock's, as well as regular trainers like beauties and sailors. In my experiments, I kept coming up with a beauty despite changing my name up a bit with garbage. Why did the trainers not change? I'm not sure, since I did redo the glitch process every time I changed my name, it doesn't matter much though! Most of the glitched trainers that occur from this method have the exact same pokemon. Some we've seen before, others... a bit new.

8 opens for the fight on Beauty's side, it does exactly the same thing as last time (a slowed down song of the champion battle music). Being a measly level 32 (all of her pokemon are) it goes down easy. I should mention that there are reports of glitch trainer pokemon having attacks that can freeze the game, doesn't sound too safe so be careful with them!

What she sent out after 8 was far more interesting.

This is the glitched Nidoran or the "Glitcherino". You can actually catch it through the Mew glitch with a pokemon that has a special stat of "250" and has the FA hex slot. Apparently it's notable enough to have it's own article on bulbapeida. Glitcherinos have the annoying habit of taking up 2 lines of space with their name (mash A mash A mash A). You can also trade them into pokemon yellow version, where they will turn into... Japanese symbols. No really, if you trade the nidorino into yellow, it'll turn into a blob and transform into a firetype. So you can have a firetype nidorino (that is also a magmar hybrid) in yellow). Of course, it also has a standard glitch moveset, but no STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moves. Super Glitch included, I think this guy is what cause most people to freeze their game.

Gotta have Missingno. in there somewhere, otherwise how else would the trick I'm doing after this work? Nothing special about this one.

This guy is pretty cool, it's aptly named "n" and only n. It is not strong, and does not have any special attacks. What it does do, is strike from the grave.

n's, n's everywhere. It's like the q's weren't enough.

When a pokemon is sent out, at least one n will stay, and it will stay for pretty much the whole battle. This flareon is sent out after n, but it's normal and lame so I can't really say much about it. After flareon beauty sends out ANOTHER glitcherino until her untimely end. As expected of Glitched Trainers, she does not say anything, just hands out money (almost 7,000!) and goes. So besides having item duplication, these glitches are handy if you ever need a bunch of money for whatever reason.

Now following any fight with Missingno. does something very interesting with your game. If you don't remember, after beating the Elite 4 you get a hall of fame option on your PC. This just shows off your pokemon that beat the E4 at the status they were at and how much money you had and stuff.

Looking it up is pretty easy! However, Missingno. has one more trick that I haven't mentioned yet. In that it messes with the hall of fame data in the game, I'm not sure why but, I can certainly tell you the results are... Interesting.

As you can see, thanks to Missingno. the hall of fame is showing us pokemon that were definitely NOT part of our original team. Moltres, magnimite, Arbok, and invisible glitch pokemon! Every time you see a Missingno. this changes, if you just restart the game it would go back to normal but otherwise, if you just wanna see weird pokemon with weird names and weird cries, this is probably the easiest way to do it!

Finally back home... I don't think I can end the LP with a good conscious without having a final rumor be broken. I mean, rumors are one of the cornerstones of this LP, and we're about to test one of the more powerful ones, can we fight professor oak?

Yes, yes we can. Mr. Oak was apparently intended to be fought in some way or another in the first gen pokemon games, but for some reason it never came to be. The data is there though, and let me tell you he is not a cakewalk. As a matter of fact, Oak's team is possibly the strongest in the GAME.

A team that goes up to level 70. He DOES have the strongest, and trust me it took me more than one hit to take out some of these guys. Disregard the floating n, I actually caught a "n" from a beauty to experiment and used it in this fight but nothing really came of it.

In case you're interested, here's the movesets:

Tail Whip
Take Down

? (has not been seen used)

Take Down

Skull Bash
Hydro Pump

Hydro Pump
Dragon Rage
Hyper Beam

Now of course you're probably asking yourself how to do this? Well, technically you can fight oak using the missingno. glitch, but then you wouldn't end up with his "legit" team so to speak, as it would contain glitches. The real Oak fight, can only be accessed through gameshark it seems (01E22DCD). With this code activated, you need to talk with a trainer that has at least 5 pokemon, I used Lorelei as you can continually refight her and she's easy to get to at the point of the game I'm in.

Oak does not give you a speech after beating him, he simply gives you money. I'm not sure if it's is amount or the amount Lorelei gives you if you fight her normally. Otherwise, we have that mystery solved, so go hog wild with it and try it yourself! I have one last thing to attend to...

...I guess over time, some things really do fix themselves! Well I'm glad to be out of that mess. Hell, I'm glad to be done!

I mean it's absolutely amazing I got out of this scot free, I expected at this point, no LONG ago that the rom would just DIE or something. I know that sounds childish, but when you've played with a game's coding for so long, you're amazed it all stands together!




Charizard 'M

Charizard 'M is a glitched charizard hybrid that occupies hex slot "FF". The only way to get it without cheating is by using the Mew glitch, but every time I tried using the Mew glitch it wouldn't work and the game would just freeze... You can also obtain one by trading "Q" (who I did show off) in pokemon yellow to Red/Blue, but that was also out of my capabilities. Charizard 'M is really cool in like it's a VIRUS. When you have on in a party, it can change all of your pokemon into Charizard 'Ms. If you leave it in a box, all the other poor boxed pokemon stuck with it will transform into one. You'll have a full army of charizards eventually! C 'M has a pokedex # of 000 and a black trainer OT, therefore it can not be nicknamed. It's cry is static that can sometimes cause the background music to end (This explains why fights with ZZAZZ have music stopping, because ZZAZZ almost always has a Charizard 'M). Other than that, C'M has the same effects as Q in that it can make your party invisible and switch around moves in the PC boxes. Usually when a battle or trade link goes awry, this guy also appears so he may appear familiar to some of you (I know someone mentioned him in the thread before).

Funnily enough, C'M can learn Fly. Charizard can not learn fly

the different missingno's

You've already seen glitch blob missingno. and yellow missingno. but not the others! To be honest, they're only a bit different to regular missingno. but wouldn't you shit a brick if you were trying to do this cool glitch you just heard it then AERODACTYL SKELETON OUT OF NOWHERE. The blob shape is still the most common, as it has a bunch of characters that can cause it to appear while the others are more finicky.


LM4 is another interesting glitch simply because of it's evolutions. When trained up to level 18, LM4 can evolve into a clefairy, however right after evolving into a clefairy, it will evolve into a NIDOKING. You can stop this evolution, and give the clefairy a moonstone, otherwise it will try to turn into a FUCKING NIDOKING every level. Coincidentally nidoking and clefable are both pokemon that evolve with the use of moon stone. Not obtained because the mew glitch was not working properly for me (as the mew glitch or trading ended up being the only ways to find these dudes).

I think that's it! Tell me if you find anymore very interesting ones (and not just run of the mill glitch pokemon that don't really do anything) and I'll add them in, until then that's all I can think of and we are.... done! HOLY CRAP!

When I first thought of this LP I had no idea how it was going to be recieved, it was pokemon, it was a weird idea, I thought I was crazy for being so interested in it. When I emailed slowbeef about it for permission, I was very much expecting a big fat no. Instead he let me do the test post, and before I know it I have an active (and somewhat crazy) thread that goes gold third update in, with some KICK-ASS fanart to boot! If I could, I would thank every person that's posted in this thread, but it's almost 90 pages long! I guess I can try to be specific with some people though:

Thanks to slowbeef for letting me do this in the first place holy shit.

Thanks to SA user anima for letting me use his hosting, while I think the name is kinda tacky it's free hosting and he's a bud so I can't complain!

Thanks to the dudes in the skype chat I frequent, they know who they are and they were able to (inadvertently) show me just HOW MUCH bulbapedia has. Originally I was just using for glitch info, but since then my resource and glitch websites has expanded DRASTICALLY.

Every single person that posted fanart, you rule. As a matter of fact, I'll be collecting all the fanart in the thread, and put it in a zip file for good folks to download with everyone properly credited soon.

Finally, thanks to every single person who read and posted! Things got a bit... Out of control in the beginning but overall I think this thread was controlled well enough (for pokemon anyway...) so overall good show.

Boy I hope I didn't forget anybody.