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Part 11: Mini-Update: Pyrite Cave (Re-Visit)

Mini-Update: Pyrite Cave (Re-Visit)

Well, I've got something fun to show off! What happens if you forget to pick up the Macho Brace or Ein File? Nothing story-wise, but you might want to head back at some point to get them. Before we do, we're just going to visit Fateen, then heal up by getting a night's rest at the SUPER GRAND HOTEL.

FATEEN: Have you visited AGATE VILLAGE?
YES: AGATE is now home to many former trainers who were skilled in their heyday. Come to think of it... A man once considered the mythical trainer now lives there.
NO: AGATE is now home to many former trainers who were skilled in their heyday. It is best to confer with the experts when it comes to POKEMON.

Aww, shucks, you shouldn't have... oh, wait, you meant them.


And now, to rest at the SUPER GRAND HOTEL.


How dare he! How dare he betray us!

Without him mucking things up, Team Snagem would've gone to glory! Free to Snag Pokemon, whichever we saw fit!

Free to rule the desolate sands of Orre. With this Snag Machine, no Pokemon would be safe.

Well, I'll teach him a lesson he'll never forget.

> So? Did you get a good rest?

Alright, now that we're all rested up and refreshed, let's head back to where Miror B. was at. Just another long stroll through both Pyrite Building and Pyrite Cave later, and we... who the hell is this guy?

CIPHER PEON MIRAKLE B., P$1560 {optional}
Electrode (Lv.39)
Seaking (Lv.39, F)
Linoone (Lv.39, M)
Sandslash (Lv.39, F)
Sudowoodo (Lv.39, M)
MIRAKLE B.: My dreams! You've ruined my dreams of getting an afro!
MIRAKLE B.: Darn! I don't care if no one agrees. I'm still the rightful heir to MIROR B.! Even though my hair hasn't grown to a full afro do...

* Espeon grew to LV. 39!
The fight with Mirakle B. is actually tougher than that with Miror B., in my opinion, if you haven't been to Agate yet. This is especially true due to Mirakle B.'s Pokemon being higher leveled than all of our own, including Espeon, as well as fully evolved. Mirakle B. has a rather diverse team, and with our Shadow Pokemon who haven't gained any levels or evolved, the only thing we have that's on-par with Mirakle B.'s Pokemon is Espeon.

Alright, Agate Village is coming up next, within the next two weeks.