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Part 12: Agate Village, Part One

Agate Village, Part One: The Retirement Village Oasis

(Breaking tradition, I'll be putting all the non-important NPC dialogue after the main story. In this short section along, what people say changes up to three times (up to four different sets of dialogue, depending on in-game events), and will be listed as A, B, C, or D, where these four points in the main story will be marked.)

When we last left off, we'd kicked Miror B.'s butt, then went back for seconds, and encountered the somewhat-more-horrifying Mirakle B. Ever so subtly, the plot nudged us towards this green spot in the desert, to meet with ♀'s grandfather, and hopefully be rid of the nuisance once and for all.

♀: Oh, here we are! This is where my grandpa and grandma live. Sigh... The air tastes a lot different here. It's been so long! Okay, let's get going. I bet they're worried about me not getting here.

Over in here is a secret little cache of items; Agate Village is littered with a bunch of useful things, if you know where to look. In here are two Ultra Balls and a Silk Scarf; the latter boosts the power of Normal-type moves by 10% when held. With confidence, I can say the future holds better things for this niche.

Of some importance is the fact that Agate Village's PokeMart sells more of the vitamin items we ran into, in the waterlogged basement section of Pyrite Cave. Vitamins boost stats, but you can only use so many vitamins before they don't have any effect. For more information on this topic, please see the Pokemon Poopsock section related to EVs.
Also for sale here are the Joy, Excite, and Vivid Scents, available for P600, P800, and P1200, respectively. Kept in a Cologne Case, when used on Shadow Pokemon, they reduce the Heart Gauge according to their potency (read: how much you spend). When used on non-Shadow Pokemon... I don't know. They might boost Happiness, useful for Return? I never saw much of an effect.

> Do you see this? My TAILLOW brings me BERRIES from somewhere every day. Here, I'll share one with you.
From this old man, you receive a random common berry. With no way to grow them yourself, visiting him is your only way of obtaining berries. Almost all of these berries can either be held to cure status conditions or restore HP immediately, as needed, or can be used as an item from your bag, at the cost of a turn. The best berry you can get from him is the Lum Berry, which cures any volatile status condition.

Over here is the Quick Claw; when held by a Pokemon, it has a 20% chance of completely bypassing the Speed requirement to attack first. If priority moves (such as Quick Attack) are used, they still go faster than a Quick Claw-activated Pokemon with a lower priority attack.

And here is arguably one of the most important items in this game, the EXP. Share. The Pokemon holding this item receives half of the Experience Points obtained from fainting a Pokemon; the other half is divided between any Pokemon who are active at any point. (If you have two active Pokemon, and one is holding the EXP. Share, the holder gets 75% of the EXP, and the non-holder 25%.)

Agate Village plays a major role in Pokemon Colosseum, home to two major landmarks discussed in this update. The first landmark is the Day Care center. Like Generation 1 games, you can only store 1 Pokemon here. Any Pokemon you put in here will gain EXP, except for Shadow Pokemon, whose Heart Gauge will reduce over time instead. However, most of the time, you're better off just keeping them on you, unless you just need the extra space and plan on wall-walking to purify 7 Shadow Pokemon at a time. If you keep a non-Shadow Pokemon in here, as mentioned, it will gain 1 EXP per step you take. Combine this with the wall-walk glitch, and any time you have trouble with opponents being too difficult in the game, you can just put one of your Pokemon into the Day Care, set your controller to wall-walk, then go do something else for a day or two. Seriously. Well, if you're not making use of this glitch, and throw something in there like Plusle, it'll be useful by the end of the game. Maybe. (Probably not.)

You can also rename your non-Shadow Pokemon here, using this guy.
Pokemon Poopsock:  Stating what should be obvious to the type that reads these, this means that you can't have any Eggs from Orre, as it takes two Pokemon in a Day Care Center in order to produce Eggs. In fact, you aren't even allowed to trade Eggs over. Bummer, huh? 

Upon entering the house at the base of the tree, at the top of Agate Village, ♀ runs over to her sitting grandparents.
♀: Grandpa EAGUN! Grandma BELUH! I missed you!
BELUH: Ah, ♀! Welcome, welcome! We heard that you were coming, but then you didn't arrive. We were worried about you, dear.
EAGUN: You've finally arrived. What held you up?
♀: I had just this terrible time! On the way here, I was abducted by these creepy people... Luckily, I was saved by [NAME], who happened to be there by coincidence.
BELUH: Oh, how frightful. Thank you so much for saving our granddaughter.

♀ sure has a great way of not making me sound suspicious at all... Fortunately, no one seems to care. Or to provide me with a reward for my efforts. At least ♀'ll stay here, and we can finish the game solo?
EAGUN: But why would anyone want to harm ♀?
♀: It's probably because I can see these bizarre Pokemon. They're SHADOW POKEMON, POKEMON that have been turned into fighting machines with hearts of darkness.

… Oh, right, the seeing Shadow Pokemon thing. You know, I could just Snag whatever, and sort out the Shadow from the other ones later...?
EAGUN: SHADOW POKEMON?! What on earth is that?
♀: Well...
> Help! There's trouble!

And then that guy who wouldn't let us into Relic Forest runs in. Seriously, it might be a crisis, but manners go a long way in dystopic Pokemon futures.

EAGUN: What?! Who were they?
> I... I don't know... They shoved me aside and...
EAGUN: That's enough talk! It can wait! I'm off!

Eagun and the other guy run off, leaving just the player character, ♀ and Beluh inside.

You can chat with Beluh, before heading out:
BELUH: Outsiders fouling the RELIC FOREST. That mustn't happen. But I worry for my husband even more so. ♀, dear! Please, go after him!
All I can imagine from reading this is "BELUH: But I don't worry for the safety of my granddaughter, who just got back from being kidnapped, and has shown no discernible propensity for being able to battle or even protect herself. Go get 'em, dear!"...
Also, the bookshelves in their house are lined with apparently old books. Figures.

Upstairs are two beds, which you can use to rest as well as fully heal your Pokemon. Other than the NPCs in the area, no one has anything new to say or offer, so we head into the forest, after Eagun. There are three trainers here, and one in the next area.

> Hey, what? Here comes another meddler. That old man earlier... He trampled me when I let down my guard, but that won't happen again!
Spheal (Lv.33, F)
Carvanha (Lv.34, M)
DOVEN: Ouchies!
DOVEN: Why are the villagers here so ridiculously strong?

> No, forget about it. You're not going on any farther.
Shroomish (Lv.34, M)
Cacnea (Lv.34, M)
SILTON: Roadblock attempt failed!
SILTON: Aww, phooey! I'm not feeling well today!

The next one is one of the first in the game to fall from the ceiling, attacking you from a path that seemed clear.

Boo! Fufufu! Scared you, didn't I?
Baltoy (Lv.35)
Ralts (Lv.35, M)
Kirlia (Lv.35, F)
KASS: I'm shocked over this loss!
KASS: Little boy, you're shockingly strong!

After these three Peons, we head to the titular Relic, where Eagun and another Cipher Peon are heatedly discussing something.

> Although you may ask why we are here, we simply cannot answer that. I can see that you are a senior citizen, but I cannot allow you to interfere with our affairs.
EAGUN: You're the ones interfering! Shady creeps like you, I'll personally run you out!
> Ahahah. Now, now. Someone so old shouldn't overdo it.
EAGUN: Don't take me for a fool! I'll have you know I was once hailed the most powerful trainer! That isn't all, either. I have a comrade with whom I've been through thick and thin! This is the first POKEMON I got, and it's been with me ever since! Okay, PIKACHU! We haven't battled this much in a while! Let's keep focused!

The game cuts to a scripted singles battle between Eagun and Cipher Peon Skrub. Eagun uses solely his Lv. 50 Pikachu's Quick Attack, weakened by Skrub's Hitmontop's Intimidate ability, while Skrub orders Shadow Rush of his Lv.38 Hitmontop, who wins within one to two turns, our heroes rushing valiantly over afterwards:

SKRUB: Fu... Didn't I already say? An old man shouldn't overdo it.
♀: Grandpa! PIKACHU!
> Bi... Biggaah!
♀: How dare you? You'll never get away with this!
SKRUB: Ah... Now here's someone who may show me a more enjoyable time. Very well. En garde!

Wynaut (Lv.37, F)
Geodude (Lv.36, M)
Clamperl (Lv.36, F)
Hitmontop (Lv.38, M)
SKRUB: I should have declined!
The Relic Forest battle area is one of my favorites, in terms of design; it's a pity it's only used once in this game. Wynaut's ability prevents switching, so one needs to either faint it to switch once more, or lose one of their Pokemon in order to send a new one in.
Hitmontop comes in only one gender: male. It has a previous evolution, Tyrogue, which evolves into two other forms, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee. However, in order to breed Tyrogue, one needs Ditto to serve as the female parent, which wasn't obtainable when this game came out. Hitmontop's got a pretty poor catch rate, so plan on inducing Sleep and lowering its HP. Don't go past a third, though, as it loves to use Shadow Rush and might end up fainting itself.

After losing, Skrub does the exact opposite of what he said he'd do:
SKRUB: I had been instructed to capture CELEBI, then destroy the RELIC STONE, but matters have not gone according to plan. I shall have to immediately inform DAKIN, who has gone to MT. BATTLE!
Skrub then runs off, presumably to do as said.
♀: Grandpa! Are you okay?!
EAGUN: I'm fine. But my partner!
> Bi... Bigaah...
EAGUN: Ah, you're safe! Good, good. You battled with honor. If your opponent was any ordinary POKEMON, you would have won. So, that was a SHADOW POKEMON... ♀. And [NAME], am I right? Thank you for helping us. We should go home for the time being.

And to their home we teleport.

BELUH: You really had me worried. Please don't do anything so rash and dangerous again.
EAGUN: I'm sorry, dear, but I couldn't very well let them have their way. Those crooks... They said they were out to capture CELEBI and destroy the RELIC STONE. Hmmm... Why? Might there be a connection between CELEBI and SHADOW POKEMON?
♀: Oh, no, that's no good. We came here because we thought you might know something, Grandpa.

Er... well, that's a bit... blunt? Rude?
EAGUN: Hmm... Sorry to disappoint you. Oh, yes! Dear, didn't we have a stone tablet? It had something about the RELIC carved into it.
BELUH: Ah, yes! Yes, we did have such a stone tablet. Now, where could I have put it away? Let me go look for it upstairs. It may take time, so please be patient.

After she walks out of the room...
EAGUN: While she's looking, you might try gathering some more information on CELEBI, ♀. Go see an old man named SENILOR. He lives near the POKE MART down the hill. SENILOR is the authority when it comes to CELEBI. … That is, if he remembers...
> Bigga bigaah...

You can head upstairs, to check on Beluh, if you want.

BELUH: Sorry, dears. I still haven't found it. Now where could I have put it? I'll be sure to find it. Just be patient, please.

Beluh's not going to find the tablet until we talk to Senilor, so now's as good a time as any to explore Agate Village, if you haven't done so already. Otherwise, Senilor's who you want to see, though I've got to wonder what his parents were thinking...

> What's that? You wanted to ask me, SENILOR, about CELEBI?
SENILOR: Have no fear. No problem! Forget something that important? That's not going to happen! Let me start with the RELIC in the RELIC FOREST. According to ancient lore, the RELIC is said to hold the power of time travel for CELEBI. That mystical power is said to revive the most pleasant, most enjoyable memories of POKEMON. If only it worked on me and brought back memories of my youth. Hohoho. Would you like to hear more?
- YES: > SENILOR: To meet CELEBI directly, you must use an item called the TIME FLUTE. That is all one needs to bring CELEBI to the RELIC FOREST. CELEBI will surely cause darkness to flee from the hearts of any POKEMON.
- NO: > I see... Come see me anytime, MUDKIP.

With that out of the way, we can return to Eagun and Beluh's home:
BELUH: Ah, ♀! Welcome home. I've finally found the SMALL TABLET.
EAGUN: That is the SMALL TABLET that has been passed down through our family over many generations. Examine it.
[NAME] obtained the SMALL TABLET!
There are words carved into the SMALL TABLET.
[NAME] read the words.
"In AGATE's mystic RELIC,
CELEBI's power shelters.
A heart imprisoned by shadows
Its last door shall be opened
By the power within."
EAGUN: The RELIC must have some effect on SHADOW POKEMON. I will leave that for you to determine for yourselves.

We get control back, and check with Beluh, to see if she has anything to add:
BELUH: I hope that SMALL TABLET is something useful to you.
Nope! Alright, let's head to the Relic, and...

♀: Oh, [NAME]. Your P*DA just rang. Oh, right! It might be DUKING with some news. Quick, let's check it out.
I'm sure it's nothing too important. Open up the menu, open up the P*DA, open up e-mail, and...

… Oh. Maybe it is. Anyway, the TV starts flashing in the background, meaning there's a news update, but we can't reach it, because ♀ interrupts immediately after the P*DA is closed.
♀: Whaaat?! Those crooks are loose on MT. BATTLE now?! That's awful! We can't let this go on! [NAME], let's go! ...Oh, wait. Grandpa, where is MT. BATTLE, anyway?
How is it that neither main character knows where geographical landmarks are in this country, anyway? What I'd do for a TOWN MAP...
EAGUN: MT. BATTLE is to the northeast. You can see it in the distance once you leave the village. Hurry, ♀!
BELUH: ♀, you poor dears. No time to even properly rest. It hardly seems fair...

Now, this is the part where your average player just runs out of Agate Village, and heads over to Mt. Battle, hurrying to avert a certain crisis. This would also mean they forgot just about everything about the Small Tablet, and this is bad. Why? Well, let's check out the second major landmark of Agate Village, the Relic.

The other landmark is the Relic Stone. After receiving the Small Tablet, you can use it in conjunction with a visit to the Relic Stone. If a Pokemon's Heart Gauge is empty, the Pokemon may be purified, where it will regain all experience earned from when its Heart Gauge was reduced to a certain point onwards. It will learn its fourth move, to replace Shadow Rush, may learn other moves from level-ups, and, if capable of doing so, evolving into its next form.

(This is what Agate Village looks like, followed by a Purification at the Relic.)

Spiffy Point: Pokemon Colosseum (and possibly its sequel, I haven't verified this yet) is one of the few games where a Pokemon can gain experience points while fainted (via Purification). It can also evolve, and still remain fainted. In the other games, the only way for a fainted Pokemon to level up is through the Rare Candy item, which also has the effect of reviving a fainted Pokemon with the amount of HP it would gain through the level up, as well as giving it HP from the evolution, if any.

We have three Pokemon who are up for Purification: Croconaw, Flaaffy, and Dunsparce.

Flaaffy, sadly, due to being above Lv.30, means that we miss out on one of its evolution's attacks, ThunderPunch. Light Screen (Flaaffy Lv.36, Ampharos Lv.42) reduces damage done to your Pokemon by special attacks, like Reflect reduces physical. Thunder (Flaaffy Lv.45, Ampharos Lv.57) is a 120 bp 70% Accuracy Electric-type attack that has a 30% chance of inducing Paralysis in the target Pokemon. When raining, Thunder's accuracy is instead 100%. Given the weakness of Flaaffy's attacks, it is best to not evolve into Ampharos until it learns its last attack.

Croconaw, and its evolution Feraligatr, have three attacks to worry about. Slash (Croconaw Lv.37, Feraligatr Lv.38) is a 70 bp 100% Accuracy Normal-type attack that has a heightened critical-hit ratio. Screech (Croconaw Lv.45, Feraligatr Lv.47) is a status 100% Accuracy Normal-type attack that lowers a targeted Pokemon's Defense by two stages. Hydro Pump (Croconaw Lv.55, Feraligatr Lv.58) is a 120 bp 80% Accuracy Water-type attack. The level difference is rather negligible, and with Surf, Croconaw has a great attack as-is, especially with its purification move, Rain Dance, boosting its strength. The synergy in doubles between Flaaffy/Ampharos and Croconaw/Feraligatr's Rain Dance/Thunder is one of the sorts of doubles combos this game wanted to show off.

Dunsparce doesn't evolve, and has only one more move upcoming. Endeavor (Dunsparce Lv.41) is a status 100% Accuracy Normal-type attack that lowers a targeted Pokemon's HP down to the value of the attack user. Obviously, this attack fails if the user has more HP than the target.

Last, let's not forget the Ein File on the ground, in front of the Relic.

Ein posted:

EIN FILE C: "Celebi's Power"
The purification of SHADOW POKEMON has several factors. CELEBI appears to have the power to boost the purification process. If a SHADOW POKEMON encounters a CELEBI, it recalls how its heart was before being closed, and reverts to its original form. The RELIC STONE of AGATE VILLAGE also appears to have the power to complete the purification process. These factors must be eliminated if our SHADOW POKEMON PLAN is to succeed.

There's one very nice thing to note here: the Ein File states if "a SHADOW POKEMON encounters a CELEBI", implying the plurality of legendary Pokemon, which, though simply one-a-game, are considered by "game canon" by some players to be one-of-a-kind, despite the ability to obtain multiple (say, through trading).

There are a few other things one could check out before heading to Mt. Battle. One is the news, entirely useless and outdated, as always.

According to authorities, there is a criminal syndicate that is seeking world domination. It is thought to be linked to the rash of reports from various regions about vicious POKEMON. We hope to bring you additional info on this story as we learn more.

If that riveting report led you to forget where to head, Eagun mentions:
EAGUN: MT. BATTLE is to the north. You can see in the distance once you leave the village. Hurry, ♀!
Wait a second, you said it was to the northeast a few damn seconds ago! Which is it? Ugh, whatever. Heading out brings up Mt. Battle as a new destination.

Spiffy Point: After reading the news, Pyrite Town's information has been changed to An honorable town of thugs and scoundrels where SHADOW POKEMON were once distributed. Likewise, Agate Village is now A lush, green town of senior citizens where there is a relic honoring CELEBI. and the Construction Lot is The construction site for an immense tower, which will have a COLOSSEUM on the top floor. That last one's a bit odd, though, isn't it? Phenac City has its own Colosseum already, and it's not like that tower's too far from the city. It's not like there's anything else important near where the tower is...

Popping in on him quickly, does Es Cade, mayor of Phenac, have anything important to say to us?
ES CADE: Ah, it's you two! I've heard! There is supposedly a criminal syndicate that is seeking world domination! I will continue with our investigation. You can count on us!
… Nope, nothing we couldn't have figured out from TV. Some investigation.

All right, we're off to Mt. Battle! For battling! And mountaineering!

Spiffy Point: After heading to Mt. Battle, you can head over to the Outskirt Stand, to find four more types of Poke Balls for sale, one of which we've seen already.

The Ultra Ball has a 2x catch rate. The Net Ball has a 3x catch rate on Bug- and Water-type Pokemon, and a 1x catch rate on all others. The Nest Ball has a 3x catch rate on Pokemon between level 1 and level 19, a 2x catch rate on Pokemon between level 20 and level 29, and a 1x catch rate on Pokemon above level 30. Last, the Timer Ball becomes more efficent based on the number of turns passed since the start of the battle: starting at 1x, it jumps to 2x at turn 10, 3x at turn 20, and 4x at turn 30. These will be the last of the varieties of Poke Balls for purchase.
Pokemon Poopsock:  The bonus for Net Balls does not stack on Surskit, the only Water/Bug Pokemon there is, who isn't even Snaggable in this game. There is only one Pokemon in the game left that a Nest Ball will be more efficient on than a Poke Ball. Two other Poke Ball types introduced during third-gen, the Luxury Ball and Dive Ball, are unavailable in this game, except by trade, after the main story is complete, by having traded Pokemon hold the Ball individually. 

Other NPCs posted:

A: > This village is home to trainers who were once considered experts, and of course their Pokemon. I would think that it's too early for you people to settle here. Fwofwofwo.
B: > An odd-looking bunch went off towards the forest. I think EAGUN set off after them into the forest... What on earth is going on?
C: > It sounds as if you two had quite the adventure. I hope EAGUN is feeling fine. It's certainly an accomplishment for a man that age to battle with criminals. The mythical trainer's legend grows!
D: > *same*

A: > Oh? You're EAGUN's granddaughter, aren't you? Come to think of it, he's been telling everyone that you're coming for a visit. He seemed awfully pleased.
B: > Oh, my goodness! Some strangers went into the RELIC FOREST, and EAGUN went off after them? That EAGUN... Has he considered his age? I hope he does nothing rash...
C: > Well, well. Let me have a peek at your Pokemon.
(If Shadow Pokemon in party) My, my. For some reason, you seem to have a POKEMON whose heart's door is closed. It may take time, but battling is the best way for a trainer to build a trusting bond with their POKEMON. Battle together with your POKEMON often, and it will open its heart to you without a doubt.
(If no Shadow Pokemon in party) Well, well. Your POKEMON all seem to be happy and good natured.
D: > *same*

A: > Ah! It's EAGUN's beloved ♀! Or was it ♀'s beloved EAGUN? Now, which are you?
B: > Ah, you're EAGUN's beloved BELUH! No, wait... Who did you say you were?
C: > Ah, you're EAGUN's beloved TORCHIC! No, wait... Who did you say you were? What's that? You wanted to ask me, SENILOR, about CELEBI?
SENILOR: Have no fear. No problem! Forget something that important? That's not going to happen! Let me start with the RELIC in the RELIC FOREST. According to ancient lore, the RELIC is said to hold the power of time travel for CELEBI. That mystical power is said to revive the most pleasant, most enjoyable memories of POKEMON. If only it worked on me and brought back memories of my youth. Hohoho. Would you like to hear more?
- YES: > SENILOR: To meet CELEBI directly, you must use an item called the TIME FLUTE. That is all one needs to bring CELEBI to the RELIC FOREST. CELEBI will surely cause darkness to flee from the hearts of any POKEMON.
- NO: > I see... Come see me anytime, MUDKIP.
D: > (Same from "According to ancient lore" on.)

A: > Ah, ♀. You've finally arrived. Oh, and you're with a friend, too. I know it's hardly any of my business, but it pays to choose your friends carefully. Hahahah!
B: > Oh, ♀. Have you gone to see EAGUN yet? I beg your pardon? Intruders in the RELIC FOREST? That's serious!
C: > SENILOR? Oh, right, you wanted to see my dad. He's been getting pretty forgetful lately, though. I'm afraid he might not be much help to you.
D: > My old pa, he remembers about CELEBI a whole lot, but not much else.

A: > Oh! Oh, oh, oh! When I looked into your eyes... Excitement boiled over in my blood! What do you say, kiddo? How about we have a heated battle, you and I?
- YES: > Very well! I will give you a close look at the skills I have honed over all these years.

Machop (Lv.34, M)
Seedot (Lv.35, F)
Furret (Lv.34, M)
SKOF: Ah, that was a good workout!
SKOF: Whew! My, you are tough! I haven't been this excited in years. However... The Pokemon you use appear to be troubled somehow. They are frighteningly strong, but they are somehow cold. Am I imagining that they are keeping their hearts closed tight?
- NO: > Oh... But... Don't be that way. It's not often that I get the urge much these days...
B: > What, what? What is happening?! My excitement's boiling over again!
C: > It's the first time that anything like this has happened here. It makes my pulse quicken with excitement. Urgh! I can feel my blood pressure rising! Not good!
D: > *same*

A: > Have you ever battled at the PHENAC COLOSSEUM? Not long ago, I won a challenge, and they gave me a TM. Why don't you enter, too?
B: > What is all the uproar outside? How am I supposed to enjoy my shopping with all that noise?
C: > Pardon me... Do you know of MT. BATTLE?
- YES: > Why, yes. It should be common knowledge among trainers.
- NO: > At MT. BATTLE, a trainer can challenge a hundred outstanding trainers. If you train at MT. BATTLE, your skill level as a trainer will rise without a doubt.
D: > *same*

A: > This place is a retirement village for senior citizens. But, for some reason, we see a lot of visiting young trainers. There seems to be a rumor that this village has a secret-but-sure way of becoming close to their Pokemon.
B: > It sounds like a big group of people came into the village again. Are they tourists, I wonder?
C: > That big group of outsiders weren't tourists, they were criminals? I don't like the idea the village is becoming famous even among crooks.
D: > *same*

A: > Wait a second... Could it be? ♀, is that you? I thought so! The last time I saw you, you were this little tiny thing. Now look at you! Growing up to be a real beauty!
♀: Oh, please, stop it! Giggle...
> But I shouldn't keep you. EAGUN was worried about you. Don't waste any time; you should go see him.
B: > Let me tell you, I've never seen EAGUN run quite so fast as he just did. I would say that he could even outrun me.
C: > *same*
D: > Oh? You're off to MT. BATTLE now? Good, good! When you're young, you should train as much as possible and gain plenty of experience.

A: > Why, if it isn't ♀! It's been too long! Is that young man your boyfriend? Ahaha! I know why you're back! You came to introduce your boyfriend to EAGUN, didn't you? Well, ♀, I should introduce my boyfriend to you. You see? My boyfriend is this MIGHTYENA here! Hohoho.
(MIGHTYENA) > Bawoo!
B: > What is this I'm hearing about some criminals going into the RELIC FOREST? Well, isn't that frustrating! If I was a little younger, I'd go after them with my MIGHTYENA...
C: > When I was still a young lass, I learned how to battle from EAGUN. Back then, EAGUN cut quite the dashing figure. Why, he was most popular with the girls, this charming man.
D: > *same*

A: > I've given up on battling, but I never neglect checking the health of my Pokemon. Gah! Owowow... M-My back! Hmm... It seems that I should be the one getting my health checked! Whahah!
B: > What is that unseemly ruckus? It's important that a trainer always remain calm.
C: > Health check all clear! My TREECKO is as healthy as ever! Though it's impossible to tell by looking, this TREECKO is older than I.
D: > *same*

A: > I came to tap the knowledge of the villagers about Pokemon. After all, even though they're retired, they were all great trainers in their prime.
B: > What's with all the commotion about? Is it a track meet for the old folks? Gee, they're energetic!
C: > No, really? EAGUN, the mythical trainer, took on some bad guys in battle? Oh, I wish I could've seen that! He must have some strong POKEMON. It must have been a sight to see!
D: > I've made up my mind to stay in this village for a while longer. I'm going to study POKEMON and battling in depth. I would love to meet EAGUN, the mythical trainer.

A: > Leave your Pokemon with the DAY-CARE LADY in the village. Most Pokemon will come back in a much happier state of mind. You should give her a try. Leave a Pokemon with her and see how it likes her.
B: > Eh? RELIC FOREST? You've come the wrong way. If it's the RELIC FOREST you want, make your way down the hill beside the POKEMON CENTER.
C: > Have you heard? It's quite amazing! EAGUN and his PIKACHU drove away some rotten criminals. He may be old, but I'm guessing that he hasn't lost his touch. The man's to be admired!
D: > *same*

[i]A: > This is the entrance to the RELIC FOREST. They say that CELEBI visits this forest. I'm sorry, but no one except the villagers are allowed through. If you're sight-seeing, please do it elsewhere.
B: > Oh, ♀! EAGUN's in a heap of trouble! What shall we do? What shall we do? EAGUN might be the mythical trainer, but he's pushing his luck if he thinks he can battle at this age!
C: > That guy earlier... He said something about MT. BATTLE, didn't he? That worries me. I hope nothing happens...
D: > Is that right? Those crooks have raided MT. BATTLE?! … I get it! They're going after VANDER on MT. BATTLE! I've heard rumors that VANDER has the ability to summon CELEBI!

Alright, before moving out to Mt. Battle, I want to get feedback on a few things. Are we:

Keeping the same team of Espeon, Dunsparce, Flaaffy, and Croconaw?
Letting either of the last two evolve?
Substituting one of these Pokemon for another of the Shadow Pokemon we've Snagged so far?
Using Plusle or not?
Wall-walking to Purify any other Pokemon?
Keeping a Pokemon in the Day Care while we do so?

Based on feedback, there will be a few more questions asked in a mini-update, which will also provide some spoilers-ish information about the next Snag we'll do in Mt. Battle.