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Part 13: Mini-Update: Agate Village, Part One (Continued)

Mini-Update: Agate Village, Part One (Continued)

Plusle is deposited in the PC, Hitmontop at the Day Care...

Hitmontop has a subaverage Speed, whose typing hits off of its strong Attack stat. Its defenses are surprisingly good, but it suffers from low HP. Its only Gen 3 ability is Intimidate, which helps its Defense even more so by lowering the opponent's Attack by one stage. Its moves, in order of their recovery, are Focus Energy, Triple Kick, Rapid Spin, and Agility. Triple Kick is a 10 base power 90% Accuracy Fighting-type attack that hits the target Pokemon up to three times in the same turn; the first hit is 10 bp, the second hit is 20 bp, and the third hit is 30 bp, and if any hit misses, the attack ends. Rapid Spin is a 20 base power 100% Accuracy Normal-type attack that, in Gen 3, also liberates the user of the effects of these attacks: Bind, Clamp, Fire Spin, Leech Seed, Sand Tomb, Spikes, Whirlpool, and Wrap. Its main use is for clearing out Spikes, which persist on the side of the field opposite the user, and do damage to Pokemon that neither are part-Flying type nor have the ability Levitate.

Dunsparce, Croconaw, and Flaaffy are Purified, with Croconaw evolving to Feraligatr but Flaaffy being kept from evolving into Ampharos. With the EXP finally gained after each Purification, our team now looks like:

Espeon (Lv.39, M): Psybeam, Return, Reflect, Helping Hand
Feraligatr (Lv.37, F): Surf, Rain Dance, Bite, Slash
Flaaffy (Lv.33, F): Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Cotton Spore
Dunsparce (Lv.36, M): Spite, Take Down, Glare, Yawn

In some ways, Flaaffy is hampering the team. First, having three attacks of the same type is a big no-no, especially when one type (Ground) is immune to Electric attacks and super effective when used offensively against Flaaffy. This will become extremely evident at Mt. Battle. Second, it is the lowest-leveled Pokemon, as it hasn't seen much of the fighting. Third, Flaaffy is one of the slowest Pokemon on the team. It's mostly a matter of getting it to Lv.45 as soon as it can, without taking too much EXP from the rest of the team. For this reason, I give Flaaffy the EXP Share to hold after the second battle on Mt. Battle.

With that, it's off to the next plot point destination, Mt. Battle!

JDB1984 posted:

Can we hack the game to make Pikachu win, and is there a different cutscene if it does?
I can try to do the first on another save file. I doubt there is a different cutscene.