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Part 14: Mt. Battle, Part One Boss Battle: Vs. Dakim

Mt. Battle, Part One

The primary purpose of Mt. Battle to the player is having a great place to grind for more EXP, as some upcoming areas can be difficult by not having Pokemon of high-enough levels. But there's no time for that; there are rapscallions afoot that need to be taken care of! At any time, you can reverse direction, and head back to heal and/or save. At the top is the next "boss", who has nine trainers between you and him, on Platforms 1 - 9. Returning at a later time, you can take on the Areas of Mt. Battle. 10 victories in a row nets Poke Coupons, currency usable only at Mt. Battle that can be redeemed for items or TMs. Later Areas have trainers with higher-leveled Pokemon and better move sets, but offer more Poke Coupons (and EXP) for defeating them. Time to hop to it, and by "hop to it", I mean "talk to just about everyone with no relevance to this beforehand". As you'd expect, the characters here have different things to say before and after kicking the intruders out of Mt. Battle; those who only gain text in addition to their usual function will be split into two lines.

MT. BATTLE is under attack by a group of shady people! Gasp, gasp... I'm so out of breath...
… says the Athlete running in rectangles around the curb, doing nothing important.

I hear MT. BATTLE's been taken over by a bunch of trainers that use weird POKEMON.
Well, good thing we Purified ours. (Note: having "weird" Pokemon doesn't keep us from entering Mt. Battle.)

Those attackers... How dare they attack others without regard for the rules? They're failures as trainers! But anyway...
Uh... Oh, yes, I'm the MOVE DELETER. Don't be shocked, but... I can make POKEMON forget their moves. Would you like me to do that?

I'd rather you not bludgeon my Pokemon into states of selective amnesia, thanks.
NO: > Come again if there are other moves to be forgotten.

Fair enough, we don't have any Poke Coupons to spend. If a significant amount of battling is done at Mt. Battle, I will explain the items as need be; for now, they are unpurchasable without significant work, and are thus irrelevant. However, when we do, this is our list of options:

*usual Pokemon Center text*
We're all healed up, so we don't need her services. Yet. By the time this area is through, I'll have visited about four times, as I prefer not to use healing items until they're absolutely needed (such as later in the game).

Those trainers... the POKEMON they had weren't normal, any way you look at them.
You know, you're going to be disappointed to hear that there's actually only on Shadow Pokemon in this area, but it sure is a heck of a bothersome one.

I'd go help, but the best I've ever managed is eight consecutive wins. I wouldn't get very far...
Well... um, like I mentioned, you don't have to take them all on consecutively. You can go back and heal whenever you want to. Wanna come help me?

… No? Oh well.

Oh? You heard about us from DUKING? You must be here to save us! You see, it was me who contacted DUKING for help. I didn't think you would get here so quickly. But please be careful... The power of their POKEMON isn't normal.
Geez, is my reputation for going off on tangents that well-known? Well, in that case, I'm heading over to Duking, just to spite you.

DUKING: As I mentioned, there is serious trouble at MT. BATTLE. They need your help right away. I'm counting on you!
Oh, fine. So, heading back, we've got nine battles between us and the boss. Most of the trainers' Pokemon are Ground-type, weak to Water amongst other things. Without the EXP Share, Espeon and Feraligatr would be getting about twice the experience they would otherwise, leaving Flaaffy in the dust, as it cannot knock out any of the Ground-type Pokemon.

Spiffy Point: Because these aren't Mt. Battle trainers, you'll earn money for defeating each, instead of Poke Coupons for getting 10 consecutive wins.

> But if you really must, sure, I'll battle you.
Trapinch (Lv.35, M)
Numel (Lv.34, M)
Sandshrew (Lv.35, F)
TURO: You don't need any training!
TURO: Urrrgh... Master DAKIM will reprimand me...

* Dunsparce grew to LV. 37!
Spiffy Point: Turo won't automatically talk to you after the battle, as most do. Talking to him also lets you know who's heading this operation, someone by the name of Dakim.

> Well, I'll just think of it as there being more for me to enjoy! Come on!
Swinub (Lv.35, M)
Baltoy (Lv.36)
Larvitar (Lv.37, F)
DROVIC: I'm going to get reprimanded, too!

Spiffy Point: Larvitar's final evolution, Tyranitar, is the only non-legendary Pokemon capable of creating a persistent weather condition (Sandstorm) through an ability (Sand Stream) in Gen 3. The other two Pokemon in Gen 3 with persistent weather abilities are Groudon (Drought, persistent sunlight) and Kyogre (Drizzle, persistent rain), who are featured on the box art of Pokemon Colosseum. Weather started in this way will continue until stopped by another similar ability or an attack that changes the weather.

> I'm not going down so easily!
Geodude (Lv.36, F)
Numel (Lv.36, M)
Sandshrew (Lv.37, F)
KIMIT: I went down easily!
KIMIT: Just today, I'll back off easily!

* Flaaffy grew to LV. 34!

> The real battling begins now!
Pineco (Lv.37, M)
Baltoy (Lv.37)
Houndour (Lv.37, F)
Graveler (Lv.37, M)
RIDEN: Please, no!
RIDEN: The real battles begin after me!

> But prepare for a thrashing. I never miss targets once I get them in my sights!
Trapinch (Lv.38, F)
Lileep (Lv.38, M)
Barboach (Lv.38, F)
Trapinch (Lv.38, F)
TELIA: My target got away!
TELIA: The next time we meet, I really won't let you escape!

* Flaaffy grew to LV. 35!
This team can be a bit of a pest if it sets itself up properly. Barboach uses Sandstorm, on average, which does 1/16th HP damage to any Pokemon that isn't part Ground, Rock, or Steel type (all of hers are). More likely than not, Lileep will use Ingrain on its first turn, restoring 1/16th of its HP at the end of its turn, while its stats allow it to wall relatively well. Both Trapinch like to use Dig, if they aren't wiped out, dragging out the process of a KO by another turn while being hit by a strong Ground-type attack. Likewise, both Trapinch have the Arena Trap ability, preventing you from switching Pokemon out if they aren't Flying or Levitating. Change the weather to rain or sunshine, and use Grass or Water attacks to try and take them out.

> Okay, let the show begin!
Cacnea (Lv.37, F)
Spinda (Lv.37, F)
Kadabra (Lv.37, M)
NORTZ: My performance is ruined!
NORTZ: Nobody would pay to see my show...

Given the opportunity, Cacnea will use Teeter Dance, an attack that confuses all Pokemon other than itself. With Spinda immune to confusion, with its Own Tempo ability, that'll just leave your Pokemon confused instead. Target the Cacnea, and the other two should fall easily.

> This is where the buck stops!
Graveler (Lv.38, M)
Vibrava (Lv.37, M)
Sandslash (Lv.37, M)
WEEG: You put an end to me!
WEEG: You made me lose! They're not going to hire me after this!

* Feraligatr grew to LV. 38!
* Flaaffy grew to LV. 36!
* Espeon grew to LV. 40!

> But I'll make you regret ever having come here!
Houndour (Lv.37, M)
Duskull (Lv.38, M)
Koffing (Lv.37, M)
Kirlia (Lv.38, F)
KISON: It isn't right! I shouldn't lose!
KISON: I shouldn't have battled you in the first place...

> I'll destroy you thoroughly
Geodude (Lv.38, M)
Geodude (Lv.38, F)
Sandslash (Lv.38, M)
BERIN: Why are you so outrageously strong?
BERIN: Don't get a swelled head just because you beat me. Master DAKIM will deflate your pride real quick!

* Flaaffy grew to LV. 37!

Stating the obvious, you should really, really head back to heal and save, if you're at this point and playing the game.
Pokemon Poopsock: Schrödinger's Pokemon
 If you're soft-resetting for Entei, or anything else, remember that its IVs and nature are random until encountered and saved-after. It's critical to save beforehand, if only to try and get a good one if you catch one and are underwhelmed with its stats, so that you can reset without saving after the battle. Coincidentally, this is why the update was delayed. 

As you approach platform 10, on which you can see the massive Dakim, a cutscene will trigger.
> Fine. After all the persuading I did, you still won't hand it over? Humph. This is what happens to stubborn oafs who don't do what I say!

Geez! Careful, you could've pushed him off the platforms hovering over an abyss that seems to exist for no real reason.
> Daahahah! Treacherous? You didn't really think that a worm like you could win? All you had to do was hand over the TIME FLUTE without making a fuss. It's your own fault for getting hurt. Since you're not cooperating, I don't have any choice but th haul you off to EIN'S LAB.
Suddenly obtaining peripheral vision, Dakim quickly turns around.
> Hm? Who are you? What were my underlings doing? That outfit of yours... You must be the troublemaker who messed with SKRUB in CELEBI's forest! And now you've come to mess with me, the great DAKIM! Don't make me laugh!
DAKIM: I'll pound a lesson into your flesh and bones, so you'll never even think of bothering me again!


Metang (Lv.37)
Marshtomp (Lv.38, M)
Camerupt (Lv.38, M)
Golem (Lv.38, F)
Entei (Lv.40, Poke Ball)
DAKIM: Gwah! You meddlesome pest!
* Flaaffy grew to LV. 37!
* Flaaffy grew to LV. 38!

Dakim's team uses the Protect/Earthquake combo. Earthquake is a powerful 100 base power (reduced to 75 in doubles), 100% accurate Ground-type move that hits all Pokemon, except for the user (and of course, those immune to Ground-type attacks). Protect is a self-hitting volatile status move that protects the user from all attacks, both your own and your opponent's in doubles. Protect is particularly bothersome, as it alters your strategy towards splitting up your attacks; if you try to double-attack something that uses Protect, you've wasted both parts of your turn. Earthquake becomes even more problematic once Entei comes out.

Being a Fire-type, Entei is weak to Earthquake; Dakim runs the risk of fainting his own Pokemon. You know, the one you're trying to Snag. The priority is to take out everything but Entei, put it to sleep, and not weaken it too much. Noctowl, Skiploom (or Jumpluff), and Dunsparce are your three main options to put Entei to sleep. Skiploom/Jumpluff is weak to Entei's Fire Blast, which discourages its use. Noctowl's Hypnosis attack, gained at Lv.35, will work immediately if it hits, but its 60% accuracy is flaky. Dunsparce's Yawn will put Entei to sleep 100% of the time, but it takes two turns to work. Entei likes to Shadow Rush, and that brings recoil damage into the equation; this is the main reason it's best not to lower its HP below 1/3, to 1/4th at the least.

Other moves that can help are:
Rain Dance - halves the damage of Fire Blast
Reflect and Light Screen - diminishes damage done to your Pokemon by Fire Blast and Shadow Rush for 5 turns
Glare or any paralysis-inducing move - Paralysis is a non-volatile status condition that will persist throughout the battle. However, Paralysis gives only a 1.5x bonus to the catch rate, where Sleep gives a 2.0x bonus. If you don't mind the chance of Entei attacking 75% of the time instead of 0%, at the cost of not worrying about it wearing out, you might want to lean towards Paralysis instead of Sleep.

Alright, down to the wire (one more hit would've fainted my last Pokemon!), Entei is successfully Snagged!
DAKIM: The way you handled those POKEMON with your audacious skill... Who are you?
Skrub and another female Cipher Peon run over soon after the battle.

DAKIM: Ah, SKRUB. You were hopelessly outclassed against him. You have zero chance of winning. I'm pulling out for now. You go to EIN's LAB and help out there.
SKRUB: As you wish, sir!
DAKIM: This isn't over yet. Stronger Pokemon are being made even now. You'd better get serious about training your POKEMON for our next meeting. Daahahah!

Then Dakim jumps off the platform, to what I would assume is his death.

On the ground is a key item, the F-DISK. After picking it up, we check on ragdoll Vander, who gets back to his feet:

> I'm VANDER. I'm an AREA LEADER here at MT. BATTLE.
♀: I'm ♀ and this is [NAME]. We're glad to see you!
♀ explained everything that had happened to VANDER.

"See, you tried to stand up to this muscle guy, and he shoved you. It was hilarious!"
VANDER: Hm. What you've told me explained a lot. Thanks to you, I know exactly why they attacked us. This is the TIME FLUTE. I happened to find it while I was on my training trek.

Your hand's empty.
VANDER: It's said that the TIME FLUTE will summon CELEBI, but just once. There must be something about CELEBI that frightens them. They obviously don't want CELEBI to encounter SHADOW POKEMON. But let's not spend any more time here. Let's go back.
Are we so clumsy that we break the Flute after using it? Wait… Why can't you just catch Celebi? Wouldn't that let you just Purify things whenever you wanted to? Why didn't Cipher try to catch it? Wouldn't it make a good Shadow Pokemon... oh, wait. They couldn't summon it without the Time Flute. Wonder if they would've tried.

[NAME] obtained the TIME FLUTE!
♀: B-But... Are you certain? May we really have something this precious?
VANDER: Of course you may. I'd rather have you use that TIME FLUTE than have those crooks take it by force. Use it, and save the SHADOW POKEMON from their sinister plans.

Espeon (Lv.40, M): Psybeam, Return, Reflect, Helping Hand
Feraligatr (Lv.38, F): Surf, Rain Dance, Bite, Slash
Flaaffy (Lv.38, F): Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Thunder Wave, Cotton Spore
Dunsparce (Lv.37, M): Spite, Take Down, Glare, Yawn

O... kay. The chest, by the way, contains the TM for the move Steel Wing. No one actually tells you where to go, for once. So, next update: let's go and talk to everyone! Yay!

Entei suffers from many things that Flareon (a Fire-type evolution of Eevee, who is the unevolved form of Espeon and Umbreon) does: typing which makes it weak to common Water and Ground attacks, a high Attack stat compared to its Special Attack stat, a movepool that is lackluster to say the least, and the lack of a good attack to hit off of the Physical side. While it has high stats, they aren't in the right locations to do things in a worthwhile manner.

Its moves, in order of their recovery, are Leer, Bite, Fire Blast, and Sunny Day. Fire Blast is a 120 base power 85% Accuracy Fire-type attack that has a 10% chance of inflicting a burn on the target Pokemon.
Spiffy Point: Fire Blast has a characteristic shape, approximately looking like five lines emanating from a central point; this is the Japanese dai character. The Japanese name for this attack, Daimonji, references a festival that takes place in Japan, the Gozan no Okuribi.

In the environment of this game, Entei has a chance to shine, quite literally. If one is running a team with Sunny Day support (Jumpluff,  Morning Sun on Espeon , etc.), Entei effectively loses its weakness to Water-type attacks, and gains a boost to its Fire-type ones. Still, I'm going to avoid using Entei  as well as Suicune and Raikou , just to give non-legendary Pokemon a chance to stand out.


Another poll for after the mini-update of "ooh, people saying new things". Do we:

1. Get into some fights in Pyrite Colosseum  Lots of cash, and a TM! Better chances of winning than C. 
2. Check in on things going on at Agate Forest  This advances the plot, surprisingly enough. 
3. Get into some fights in Phenac Colosseum  We'll lose, or get massive EXP, as well as A stuff. 
4. Challenge Justy We don't have six Purified Pokemon to take him on with.