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Part 21: Who's That Pokemon? - Suicune

Who's That Pokemon? - Suicune

Before the announcement of HeartGold and SoulSilver for the Nintendo DS, this was one of two highly sought-after Pokemon from this game. The other we have not yet encountered; Entei's base stats prevent it from working effectively, making it only needed by most for completing a Pokedex. Its defenses also allow it to function as a sturdy wall, either against physical or special attacks. One level-up move it can learn (at Lv.81), Calm Mind, boosts both its Sp.Atk and Sp.Def by one stage. Snag one of these with a nature that boosts its already high Defense by subtracting from its attack (Bold), and you have a very potent Pokemon. This holds particularly true, given the only two Weaknesses a Water-type like Suicune has are Grass and Electric, both Special Attacking-types. Again, a reminder, its resistances are Fire, Water, Ice, and Steel. Adding to Suicune's list of talents is Pressure, the ability it shares with Entei. However, unlike the Fire-type, Suicune's defensive stats and typing allow it to stall very successfully, wasting the PP of opponent's attack.

It has a relatively poor level-up movepool, in terms of move diversity, but what moves it can learn it uses to great effect. Even better are two of the moves obtained from Purification. When Purified, Suicune re-learns Leer, Gust, Surf, and Rain Dance. Its stats make it a better Special Attacker with Surf than Feraligatr:

In fact, it's just about better than Feraligatr in all stats, save for Attack, which Water-types don't get STAB on in third-gen.

After reaching Lv.41, Suicune gets Aurora Beam, a 65 base power 100% Accuracy Ice-type attack that has a 10% chance of reducing the target's Attack. At Lv.51, Suicune gets Mist, an Ice-type self-status attack that prevents its stages from being affected by any opponent's attacks. Lv.61 gives Suicune Mirror Coat, a Psychic-type self-status attack that actually does an amount of damage equal to two times the amount of HP it loses that turn, if hit by a Special Attack. At Lv.71, Hydro Pump is added to Suicune's arsenal; as previously described, is a 120 base power 80% Accuracy Water-type attack.

All in all, Suicune is an excellent Pokemon with very few Weaknesses in third-gen. It, in conjunction with the other alluded-to Pokemon, form an excellent combination that can easily wipe through opponents' Pokemon. Because I like a bit of a challenge, I will not be using Suicune for this playthrough. Remember, though, the reason for its disuse is not because it isn't good enough, but because it is too good.

Net Balls will work more efficiently on Suicune; it is a Water-type, after all. All other Poke Balls retain their base efficiencies on Suicune. I intend to color-match it, and catch it in a Great Ball, but if there is another variety you'd like to see it in, feel free to recommend it. Also, another reminder, I'm still up for nickname suggestions on our current party. The next update will be focused on Areas 4 and 5 of Mt. Battle: which two of our party Pokemon shall we train further?