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Part 22: Mt. Battle (Areas 4, 5, 6)

Mt. Battle (Areas 4, 5, 6)

From interests in seeing Feraligatr and Hitmontop get stronger, these two were soloed through these three Areas, the first time around. During Zones 31-44, Hitmontop has put aside its Black Belt, taking on the Exp. Share instead.

Area 4: 600PC, Pokémon Lv.30-35

This Area brings us within the cavernous Mt. Battle. All sunlight is cut out, and the only illumination seems to come from lava that flows perpetually below and around us. Do try not to figure out where the giant wave of water from Surf is coming from.

Spiffy Point: Although there is no association between Cipher and the Mt. Battle trainers, other than the attempted invasion, the music playing during the battles in Zones 31-60, other than Area Leaders, all use the Vs. Cipher Peon music.

Zone 31:
It's AREA 4 from here. Would you like to battle with me, sweetie? Here I come!
Togepi (Lv.31)
Slakoth (Lv.30)
MALLA: Oh, how silly!
MALLA: Oh, I so lost. Good luck, sweetie!

Weaknesses: Fighting

Zone 32:
I'm a graduate of PHENAC CITY's PRE GYM. My grades were blemish-free!
Taillow (Lv.30)
Doduo (Lv.31)
HERTON: My record's been blemished!
HERTON: I may redo my studies at the PRE GYM.

Weaknesses: Electric, Ice, Rock

Zone 33:
Hm! I sense formidable power in you!
Natu (Lv.30)
Corphish (Lv.30)
HIGSON: Just as I anticipated!
HIGSON: Thanks to training, I gained the ability to identify skilled trainers with confidence.

Weaknesses: Electric

Zone 34:
Battling a wee lad would make for a nice change of pace.
Abra (Lv.30)
Clamperl (Lv.31)
ALLAW: To battle is good, but to lose is not.
ALLAW: Would you care for a date with me, wee lad?

Weaknesses: Dark, Bug (Abra), Electric, Grass (Clamperl)

Zone 35:
Oh, now what have we here? Challenger, you're looking mighty peppy!
Magnemite (Lv.24)
Voltorb (Lv.23)
DELOT: Yep, peppy you are!
DELOT: Keep your spirits peppy and plow ahead!

Weaknesses: Ground
This isn't a typo; his Pokémon are really this weak. Since this is a exception, I didn't note this in the level range listed at the beginning of this Area.

Zone 36:
I have lots of money, so I can buy all the items I want!
Cacnea (Lv.32)
Shroomish (Lv.32)
DIEK: How come?
DIEK: Money can't buy me a victory in battle.

Weaknesses: Fire, Ice
Yep, he's a real Diek. For someone who has all the items they want, I sure didn't get the opportunity to see him use any.

Zone 37:
Even more than eating or napping, I love POKéMON!
Gulpin (Lv.31)
Grimer (Lv.34)
WARL: Even though I lost, I still love POKéMON!
WARL: Guy, you must love POKéMON, too.

Weaknesses: Psychic, Ground
Hitmontop grew to Lv. 45!

Zone 38:
I became a trainer when I was about your age, I'd say.
Anorith (Lv.33)
Volbeat (Lv.32)
Pineco (Lv.33)
Illumise (Lv.32)
RONE: You're too much!
RONE: You're already so strong at your age. I wonder how much stronger you'll be when you reach my age.

Weaknesses: Fire (all but Anorith), Water (Anorith)

Zone 39:
In our battle, I'll show you everything that I've ever learned.
Numel (Lv.33)
Bagon (Lv.34)
NEIRA: I haven't learned a thing about losing!
NEIRA: Grrr... This burns me up... I'll have to battle some more.

Weaknesses: Water (Numel), Ice, Dragon (Bagon)

Zone 40:
Anchoring AREA 4 is me, TRINCH! Go, go, go!

Nosepass (Lv.34)
Lileep (Lv.34)
Phanpy (Lv.35)
Rhyhorn (Lv.35)
Barboach (Lv.34)
TRINCH: Oh, yeah! That was spectacular!
TRINCH: You battle tremendously well. I'm looking forward to seeing how far you can go. Go on. Collect your POKé COUPONS from the BREAK ROOM next door.

Weaknesses: Grass (all but Lileep), Water (Nosepass, Phanpy, Rhyhorn), Fighting (Nosepass, Lileep, Rhyhorn)
Hitmontop grew to Lv. 46!
The members of Trinch's team are Ground- and Rock-types. Grass-types, slightly more so than Water-types, will be able to take advantage of this team's Weaknesses.

Area 5: 800PC, Pokémon Lv.35-40
Pokémon in these Zones aren't going to go down as easily as those in previous ones, thanks to being of higher levels or of later evolutions. There should be very little risk of your Pokémon actually fainting; your Pokémon's defenses should be strong enough at this point that what little resistance they offer in the form of attacks should be tolerable.

Zone 41:
You've got to be good to reach AREA 5. You should be proud of yourself. I'll check how well you've raised your POKéMON.
Pikachu (Lv.36)
Chinchou (Lv.35)
VOGI: You've raised your POKéMON perfectly!
VOGI: I'll have to raise my POKéMON some more.

Weaknesses: Ground

Zone 42:
Ba-ba-battle ~ ♪
Hubba hubba battle ~ ♪
We're here for a good time!

Delcatty (Lv.36)
Spinda (Lv.36)
Vigoroth (Lv.37)
TERL: Hey, hey ~ ♪
TERL: We had us a good time ~ ♪

Weaknesses: Fighting
How musical ~ ♪ Except not really ~ ♪ (ノ◕ ◡ ◕)ノ

Zone 43:
How are you enjoying MT. BATTLE?
Noctowl (Lv.36)
Linoone (Lv.37)
SOWA: You seem to be enjoying yourself all right.
SOWA: Battles should be fun. That's important!

Weaknesses: Fighting (Linoone), Electric, Ice (Noctowl)
Feraligatr grew to Lv. 43!
Noctowl can prove to be surprisingly resilient, not going down in one hit like most of the others do, even if you're sufficiently leveled-up.

Zone 44:
Listen up, young fellow! POKéMON battling is about... One, guts. Two, guts. Three and four, guts. And five, guts!
Sableye (Lv.37)
Nuzleaf (Lv.37)
YUDAN: It's all about guts!
YUDAN: Being too gutsy left me tuckered out... Gasp, gasp...

Weaknesses: Bug, Fire, Fighting (Nuzleaf)
Hitmontop grew to Lv. 47!
Oddly, for someone who cares so much about guts, none of his Pokémon have Guts, an ability that, when a Pokémon with it is affected by burn, paralysis, poison, or sleep, its Attack is increased by 50%. The Pokémon Sableye, due to its Ghost/Dark typing, is the only Gen 3 Pokémon to have no Weaknesses. For the same reason, is also immune to Normal, Fighting, and Psychic attacks. However, it suffers from low base stats, and can be taken down relatively easily with most STAB special attacks. (After this battle, I give Hitmontop back its Black Belt, swapping the Exp. Share over to Feraligatr.) Last, Yudan, I can't help but think that standing over boiling lava is doing your lungs any good.

Zone 45:
Your complexion's not good. You should work out with me and shed a little sweat!
Mawile (Lv.37)
Corsola (Lv.37)
Graveler (Lv.38)
MAGRO: I'm dripping with perspiration!
MAGRO: Whew! I worked up a great sweat!

Weaknesses: Fighting (all), Grass (Corsola, Graveler)

Zone 46:
I'm very good at this. Big guy, please don't cry when you lose.
Koffing (Lv.37)
Grimer (Lv.37)
Dustox (Lv.37)
Gloom (Lv.38)
TOLI: Baaaaawwwwl!
TOLI: You're a bad guy for picking on a little kid like me!

Weaknesses: Psychic (all), Ground (Grimer), Fire (Dustox, Gloom)

Zone 47:
No light will illuminate your path!
Kadabra (Lv.38)
Natu (Lv.37)
Medicham (Lv.38)
ROPEL: My path turned dark!
ROPEL: Light your own way with your brilliance!

Weaknesses: Bug, Dark, Ghost
Feraligatr grew to Lv. 44!
Geez, you're not fun at all! Though I'm a bit curious about how this whole illumination thing is working out.

Zone 48:
I have never lifted anything heavier than a POKé BALL.
Lombre (Lv.38)
Luvdisc (Lv.38)
Tentacool (Lv.39)
Seadra (Lv.39)
VESEY: How frightful!
VESEY: Losing feels far heavier than a POKé BALL, wouldn't you say?

Weaknesses: Electric (all but Lombre), Bug, Poison (Lombre), Grass (Luvdisc, Seadra)
This area wasn't too pleasant to solo with Feraligatr and Hitmontop, although the latter did help out with its STAB Brick Break. Be careful, though: Luvdisc has Charm, which lowers Attack by two stages, and Seadra has Smokescreen, which lowers Accuracy by one stage. Remember, stage changes can be prevented by having a Safeguard up, or, alternatively, switching out the affected Pokémon.

Zone 49:
Oh, what a darling boy! I will teach you in a way even you will understand!

Sealeo (Lv.39)
Houndour (Lv.39)
Spinda (Lv.40)
KINSON: It's not very darling of you to win.
KINSON: You should teach me nicely next time.

Weaknesses: Fighting (all), Electric (Sealeo), Water (Houndour)
Feraligatr grew to Lv. 45!

Zone 50:
AREA 5, the last in MT. BATTLE's first half, ends here. The closer is me, ZENTIN.

Beautifly (Lv.40)
Swellow (Lv.40)
Masquerain (Lv.39)
Golbat (Lv.40)
Pelipper (Lv.39)
ZENTIN: Yeah, great job!
ZENTIN: With AREA 6 starts the latter half of MT. BATTLE. Keep your drive alive. Don't forget to pick up your POKé COUPONS in the BREAK ROOM!

Weaknesses: Electric (all)
Feraligatr grew to Lv. 46!
Flying-types are Zentin's specialty, and he has a great many to choose from. If only he had a Gligar, he could prevent his entire team from being clean-sweeped by an Electric-type, but alas, he does not. This is the only battle that Hitmontop is switched out of, in favor of Ampharos, for a simple type-advantage. Feraligatr starts up some rain, and the combined forces of a Rain-boosted Surf and Thunder easily sweep through the insects, avians, and bat.

Also, at this point, we've still at the Jade Poke Ball symbol; it gets upgraded to Bronze at the end of the next section, once a total of 2500 Poké Coupons have been acquired.

Area 6: 800PC, Pokémon Lv.40-45

We're past the halfway point now, and with the completion of the last Zone, have essentially tripled the number of PokeCoupon we had when we started. The experience earned from victories is starting to flow smoothly, even if, at this point, more of the opponents take two or three hits instead of one. Likewise, teams are more frequently consisting of groups of three to four Pokémon.

Zone 51:
Oh, are you a new student? Welcome to AREA 6! Let's begin with our battle lesson!
Voltorb (Lv.40)
Magnemite (Lv.40)
Chinchou (Lv.41)
LEINE: Lesson's over!
LEINE: You're the type of student that gets better through real battling rather than from your studies.

Weaknesses: Ground

Zone 52:
Wow. You beat my teacher LEINE. That's pretty decent!
Cacnea (Lv.40)
Phanpy (Lv.41)
Aipom (Lv.40)
Nosepass (Lv.41)
LATON: That's pretty awesome!
LATON: You're doing great. Keep it up!

Weaknesses: Ice (Cacnea, Phanpy), Fighting (Aipom, Nosepass)

Zone 53:
Do you feel like training with me?
Lileep (Lv.41)
Skiploom (Lv.41)
Ledian (Lv.42)
BESOL: Isn't this a shock!
BESOL: I'll redouble my training!

Weaknesses: Ice (All), Fire (Skiploom, Ledian)
Hitmontop grew to Lv. 48!
These Pokémon work through statuses: expect Confuse Ray, Sleep Powder, and Leech Seed to come your way if you can't faint Lileep and Skiploom quickly enough. Lileep will also try to boost its HP recovery through Ingrain. With Amnesia to reduce damage from special attacks, Lileep isn't strong enough to do much in turn to your Pokémon, but it can be a bother to take down if it gets to set up.

Zone 54:
No challenger's come up this high in a while.
Delibird (Lv.42)
Rhyhorn (Lv.40)
Anorith (Lv.42)
BODA: Oh, you've got it, I'd say!
BODA: Thanks for showing me one amusing battle.

Weaknesses: Water (Rhyhorn, Anorith), Rock, Electric (Delibird)
Feraligatr grew to Lv. 47!
Feraligatr attempted to learn Screech, an attack that lowers the target Pokémon's Defense by two stages. Given Feraligatr's taking the role of a Special Attacker, and the fact that attack would soon be replaced by Ice Beam, I decide against allowing it to learn Screech.

Zone 55:
Okay, big guy. Are you all ready? This is for keeps!
Houndour (Lv.42)
Vibrava (Lv.43)
Staryu (Lv.42)
Delcatty (Lv.41)
DAGA: You played for keeps!
DAGA: This is the first time I've lost when I played for keeps. I promise I'll get tougher, so let's battle again!

Weaknesses: Fighting (Delcatty, Houndour), Ice (Vibrava), Electric, Grass (Staryu)
Feraligatr grew to Lv. 48!

Zone 56:
I... I... I love POKéMON!
Beautifly (Lv.43)
Teddiursa (Lv.42)
Skiploom (Lv.42)
Clamperl (Lv.43)
ALTEN: I love POKéMON even though I lost!

Weaknesses: Electric (Beautifly, Clamperl), Fire (Beautifly, Skiploom)

Zone 57:
I'm a beautiful trainer. My POKéMON are beautiful, too. Want to see?
Luvdisc (Lv.43)
Goldeen (Lv.43)
Luvdisc (Lv.44)
Goldeen (Lv.44)
FIAL: My loss was a thing of beauty.
FIAL: My makeup's been ruined by perspiration.

Weaknesses: Electric, Grass (all)
Feraligatr grew to Lv. 49!
More often than not, one Luvdisc will end up getting in a Rain Dance, doubling its Speed through its Swift Swim ability, while also boosting the power of its weak STAB Water-type attacks. The Goldeens also have Swift Swim, and the same Speed-doubling. Given the weakness to all four Pokémon to Electric attacks, anything with Thunder in its name should do fine. Just watch out for bothersome attacks coming your way, like Attract and confusion from Water Pulse.

Zone 58:
I'll show you the fruits of my daily training!
Nuzleaf (Lv.44)
Koffing (Lv.43)
Nosepass (Lv.43)
Mawile (Lv.44)
HAKEN: Arrrgh! My training still fell short!
HAKEN: Where do you do your training?

Weaknesses: Fighting (All but Koffing), Psychic (Koffing)

Zone 59:
Please go easy on us.
Corsola (Lv.44)
Volbeat (Lv.43)
Illumise (Lv.44)
Roselia (Lv.44)
ILLA: I asked you nicely to go easy on us!
ILLA: You should pay heed to a lady's request. Such uncouth behavior!

Weaknesses: Fire (All but Corsola), Grass, Fighting (Corsola)
Hitmontop grew to Lv. 49!
These Pokémon are a bit more heavy on the Special Defense side. Take advantage of their lower Defense stats if you don't have something that hits their Weaknesses. At Lv.49, Endeavor is Hitmontop's final level-up move. However, it is not a move that proves consistently useful in Story Mode battles (more so in Single Battles vs. human opponents), and is thus not learned. In preparation for the last battle, the Exp. Share is passed back to Hitmontop, as Feraligatr is a few Exp. away from leveling. Watch out for Corsola's Mirror Coat, if you try taking advantage of its Electric and Grass Weaknesses, but fail to faint it at once.

Zone 60:
Hi, I'm LOKO. You must be the high-energy trainer I keep hearing about. So, how about showing me that high energy of yours?

Wigglytuff (Lv.44)
Azumarill (Lv.44)
Ariados (Lv.45)
Wailmer (Lv.45)
Wobbuffet (Lv.45)
LOKO: You really are bursting with energy!
LOKO: What a fun battle that was! Get your POKé COUPONS in the BREAK ROOM!

Weaknesses: Fighting (Wigglytuff), Electric, Grass (Azumarill, Wailmer), Fire, Psychic (Ariados) Ghost, Dark, Bug (Wobbuffet)
Feraligatr grew to Lv. 50!
Loko's team is the most type-varied we've seen so far. Other than Ariados, these Pokémon all have high HP stats, and at least decent defenses. Stalling through damaging Status conditions is a viable option, but you may prefer simply sweeping through while capitalizing on Weaknesses. On this team is also a Pokémon whose base stats, attacks and ability polarize the Pokémon community on its usage.

Pokémon Poopsock: Wobbuffet, the Uber
 Due to its ability, Wobbuffet is said in some ways to be "counter-less":Shadow Tag essentially means means nothing can switch out of it. (A counter by definition must be able to switch in.) Unless the Pokémon out has Baton Pass, Role Play, or Skill Swap, you cannot bring a counter in on Wobbuffet. Wobbuffet is a Pokémon that relies on prediction in order to damage its opponent; two of its four moves it can ever learn as that evolution of Pokémon, Counter and Mirror Coat, reflect double the damage it takes that turn from physical or special attacks, respectively. Its very high HP stat, and very low Def. and Sp.Def., ensure that when it takes a hit, it will lose a large amount of HP, benefiting it by providing for a stronger countering attack. Encore, a move available to it through its baby form, Wynaut, forces the opponent to repeat the last attack it used, allowing for an easy prediction by its trainer for a Pokémon to switch to, if any. Amusingly, switching a Wobbuffet to battle a Wobbuffet in Gen 3 results in an unavoidable stall, and perhaps even a stalemate if both hold Leftovers. This is because neither is able to do damage to the other, except via the move Struggle once all of its learned moves run out of PP, nor switch out, due to each Shadow Tagging the other. This issue is somewhat resolved in Gen 4; the latter is no long a concern, as a Pokémon with Shadow Tag can now switch out if its opponent also has the ability Shadow Tag. 

After finishing Area 6, we've earned our Bronze Poke Ball symbol (though unfortunately, I forgot to grab a screenshot). Found by the number of Poké Coupons, it represents us having saved a total of 2,500 Poké Coupons, and serves no other purpose. A Silver symbol is earned at 5,000, and a Gold at 25,000. We only need two more runs to get to 4,500 Poké Coupons (TM13 costs 4,000, and at the end of our first run through Area 6, we had 2,900), but I decide for a third (bringing us through Area 6 a total of four times), simply to get the Silver symbol. Since it's best not to let any Pokémon's fall too far behind the rest of the group's, the team as a whole ends up taking a ride through the three repeats of Area 6; with all Pokémon finishing at Lv.50, about halfway to Lv.51.

At Lv.47 (the end of the first additional runthrough), Espeon learned Psychic, a 90 base power, 100% Accuracy Psychic-type attack that has a 10% chance of reducing the target Pokémon's Sp.Def. by one stage, in place of Psybeam. Psychic's only downside is that it has half the PP of Psybeam, requiring more frequent healing trips to restore the Power Points needed to select the attack. With Espeon's high base Special Attack, boosted by its nature, backing up the high base power of Psychic, multiplied by the same-type attack bonus... well, let's just say Espeon's Psychic is a very potent move. I intend to replace Helping Hand with Morning Sun at Lv.52, a weather-based, self-targeting, HP-recovery move, in order to reduce expenditures on healing items for it.

As mentioned, by the end of the third additional runthrough of Area 6, all Pokémon reached level 50. The following is a list of their stats, to compare their strong and weak points:

Espeon: 142/81/68/172/117/126
Feraligatr: 151/121/112/113/104/88
Ampharos: 169/92/96/132/101/69
Dunsparce: 183/101/89/79/73/59
Hitmontop: 115/112/123/48/126/80

Spiffy Point: Mt. Battle Poké Coupons Items
Since we're spending so much time here, I figure it might be nice to mention what some of the very expensive items at Mt. Battle can do when held by Pokémon. Remember: when I state that an item is consumed, unless you're battling another human player, that item is lost forever, or until purchased again.
The Ganlon, Salac, Petaya, and Apicot Berries are what are known as "pinch-berries": when a Pokémon's HP drops below 1/4th of their maximum, the berry is consumed and activates, boosting Defense, Speed, Special Attack, or Special Defense, respectively, by one stage. These berries were not available in Gen 3 through any means other than this game, making them coveted at the time. (Likewise, in Gen 4, these berries can be obtained through the Wii game Pokémon: Battle Revolution, or by Pal Parking a Pokémon from Gen 3 holding the item.)
The Mental Herb is triggered by infatuation (caused by Attract or Cute Charm), is consumed, and cures that status.
The White Herb is triggered by any reduction of stages; when consumed, it restores any negative stages to 0.
Leftovers provides a simple but useful function: at the end of each turn, it restores 1/16th of the maximum HP (rounded down) to the holder of the item.
The holder of a Quick Claw allows for a 18.75% chance of a Pokémon using an attack in the same priority as its opponent/s to go first; this item is best utilized as a surprise on slower Pokémon, which your opponent will not expect to attack first, but relies on luck to work.
Another luck item, the Focus Band, gives its holder a 10% chance of surviving an attack with 1 HP (like an automatic Endure), useful for turning the tide of battle unexpectedly, usually granting the ability to use one last attack before being taken down (or to switch out that weakened Pokémon).
BrightPowder raises the holder's evasion by 10%.
A King's Rock allow most contact moves without a secondary effect to have a 10% chance of causing the opponent to flinch (remember, flinching will only occur if the target attacks after the move's user), and also is consumed when evolving (by trading) a Slowpoke or Poliwhirl into Slowking or Politoed.
The Scope Lens increases the holder's chance to cause critical hits by one stage.
Last, a Choice Band multiplies the holder's Attack by 1.5x, but locks the user into the first move selected.
If we ever want to get any of these expensive items, other than potentially stumbling across them during Story Mode, it would be in our best interest to save the Poké Coupons intended to be used for Ice Beam, and save them up for one of these, while taking on a few more Areas of Mt. Battle.

This ends our current excursion within Mt. Battle. When we later return for Area 7 (unless you would like me to tackle Areas 7 and 8 for the next update) there'll be nothing but thin, slightly ash-polluted air, as we start to ascend the outer, upper peak of the volcano. (Also, given how unlikely it is that we'll use any of the other Pokémon previously Snagged, would you mind if, at this point, I off-screen wall-walked these and future Snags to Purification?)

Spiffy Point: At the end of this update, I updated the Strategy Memo. Between Pokémon we've Snagged, evolved, and seen in battle, we've encountered 165 individual species of Pokémon.

During the next update, I'll purchase the TM13 (Ice Beam) for 3,500 Poké Coupons, presuming people want to keep to that plan. The alternative is purchasing a TM14 (Blizzard), which acts like an Ice Beam attacking both of your opponent's Pokémon, albeit each target only has a 70% chance of being hit (49% of double-hit, 42% of one-target, 9% of double-miss). Either way, Feraligatr will be taught the Ice-type move in place of Rain Dance.

Pokemon Poopsock: Team's Hidden Powers
 I'm testing out what Pokemon have which Hidden Power, namely for my own knowledge. I can't calculate base power, due to the EVs required, but I can at least figure out the type.
Espeon: Electric (seems to have decent to high base power, adds to Espeon's shallow move pool)
Feraligatr: Ice (useless, since both Ice Beam and Blizzard are better)
Ampharos: Dragon (a decent type, generally unresisted by all but Steel, but only Dragons are weak to it)
Dunsparce: Electric (bad for Adamant nature, can use Thunder better)
Hitmontop: Fighting (useless, because Brick Break is better) 

Summary: only Espeon and Ampharos have worthwhile Hidden Powers, and both are lacking in the move diversity department.

Votes regarding next update:
Vs. Cipher Admin Venus or Mt. Battle, Areas 7 & 8?
Feraligatr: Ice Beam or Blizzard?
Purification via wall-walking: yay/nay?
Shove a Pokémon into the Day Care to level-up: which?