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Part 23: Boss Battle: Vs. Cipher Admin Venus

Boss Battle: Vs. Cipher Admin Venus

During our last update, the rest of Venus's staff remained unusually delayed by the forces of plot while we took on Mt. Battle. Since everyone has been waiting so pleasantly for us, it only seems appropriate that we stop in and visit.

One interesting bit of foreshadowing in the video:  the microphone tester indirectly alludes to Ein's Pokémon of choice, if you think about the cutscene featuring Venus and him. Of course, I might just be looking into it too deeply. 

VENUS: Aak! I recognize those faces! Those faces were on the blacklist from HEADQUARTERS! How did you find us?! But that's not important now! I'll squash you myself and collect a reward from Master NASCOUR!
Despite giving her tons of time, though, it seems she's upset for our interruption... and for all of that stuff about trying to foil Team Cipher's plans for world domination, too. Heck if I know why she wonders how we found her, given she's doing that "being famous" thing down in the Under, broadcasting shows...

Delcatty (Lv.45, F)
Vileplume (Lv.44, F)
Banette (Lv.45, M)
Steelix (Lv.45, M)
Suicune (Lv.40, Great Ball)
VENUS: I'm so glad that didn't go out live on the air!
> Waaargh! Run away!
VENUS: Aiyeeeeh! How dare you! How could I get bested by a mere boy? Remember this! I'll get you back for this!

Venus's signature move is Attract, found on her female Pokémon. This induces a volatile status condition that prevents an opposite-gendered Pokémon from attacking 50% of the time. This can be cured by either switching out the infatuated Pokémon or fainting the one that caused infatuation.

 The one I Snagged is (Relaxed): 28 - 29 / 0 - 2 / 28 - 29 / 10 - 12 / 10 - 12 / 30 - 31 Would've been awesome as a Bold, Modest or Timid, but Suicune's Speed isn't one of its strongest points. Relaxed (+Def, -Speed) still boosts its Defense while not hampering Special Attack or Special Defense. 

We've got our last Ein File here:

Ein posted:

"Final Report"

Some interesting discoveries were made about the purification process. There are several ways to cause the opening of the heart's door, and the resulting effects appear to differ with the original nature of the POKéMON. Also, as the purification process advances, the SHADOW POKéMON regains its moves and its original nature. When the purification process is complete, the POKéMON regains all the EXP. Points it has accumulated, perhaps even enough to level up. By effectively using these features, it may be possible to create even more powerful SHADOW POKéMON.

… the informational content of which you should very well know at this point, as well as a TM45, useful for teaching Attract, but of little use to our team at the moment, unless we want to replace Dunsparce's Glare or Spite to make him more dapper.

Having covered the specifics about Suicune in a previous update, our options from here are to:

- Follow Venus to prevent her escape  which doesn't work, but does open up a new area 
Upcoming Snags:

Gligar (Ground/Flying)
Stantler (Normal)
Piloswine (Ground/Ice)
Sneasel (Dark/Ice)

- Challenge the now-available Under Colosseum, scoring a bit of experience, some more cash and some awesome TMs Still not available, for some reason.

- Take on Mt. Battle, Areas 7 & 8, earning valuable experience points and Poké Coupons

Oh, and a bonus video. Someone asked if Eagun had any chance of winning that battle a while back. Statistically, the answer is yes, marginally small, but I've never seen it happen, so I gave him a bit of an advantage over Skrub. You can see it here.