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Part 24: The Under Snags (post-Venus)

Glazius posted:

Chase Venus to expand our range.

EDITED: Also, I'd like to hear an explanation of the Pokeball animations.
I'm feeling a bit ballsy, so I figured I'd take care of this, before we get votes on what we want to Snag these Pokemon in.

How to Catch 'Em All

That being said, I usually match Ball design to Pokemon appearance when deciding how to catch them. So, I'd probably go with something like...

The Under Snags (post-Venus)

|| / || / ||

I'm not too big a fan of the Net Ball, namely because the "net curtain" I refer to in the videos looks a bit... I'm not sure. Tacky? I know it's a NET Ball, but still... On to some stats about the upcoming Snags.

Gligar is noteworthy for its high Defense and immunity to Electric attacks (which plague many Flying-types) but for little else. Its moves, in order of recovery, are Sand Attack (reduces target Pokemon's Accuracy by one stage), Poison Sting, Slash, and Faint Attack. Its ability can be either Hyper Cutter (prevents Attack stage drops) or Sand Veil (+20% evasion when a sandstorm is active).

Stantler's looking like a popular addition to our team, but who do we want to drop to put the dear deer on? For reference, it will get Hypnosis, Leer, Take Down, and Astonish on Purification. Hypnosis is a 60% Accuracy Psychic-type attack that will put the target Pokemon to sleep, if it connects. (For reference, Yawn auto-hits, but takes two turns for the Pokemon to fall asleep.) Leer lowers both targets' Defense by one stage. Astonish is a weak 30 base power, 100% Accuracy Ghost-type attack that has a 30% chance of causing the target Pokemon to flinch. It gets Intimidate as its ability, the same as Hitmontop.
I do remember some people saying that if Venus had a better status-inducer, to use that instead of Dunsparce. Stantler is better insomuch as it can cause the target to sleep one turn earlier, but has the drawback of potentially missing twice in a row (9%) while trying to induce sleep with Hypnosis. I haven't had much experience with using Stantler in Colosseum, but it could prove to be interesting. The only disappointing thing is that we've used Return (currently 102 base power, 100% Accuracy) on Dunsparce, so Take Down (90 base power, 85% Accuracy) will end up being our attack of choice, for doing damage. Stantler's only level-up move will be Calm Mind, which won't help us for using it as a physical attacker.

Somewhat beefy defensively, Piloswine can also swing hard with its high Attack stat. Its movepool from Purification and level-up, though, doesn't help it out too much. Its moves, in order of re-learning, are Odor Sleuth, Dig, Blizzard, and Endure. Odor Sleuth is a peculiar status move; not only does it reduce a target's evasion stage down to 0 (if increased by Double Team, for example), but also allows for hitting Ghost Pokemon with Normal and Fighting-type attacks, to which they are usually immune. Dig is a 60 base power, 100% Accuracy Ground-type attack causes the user to burrow underground for the first turn, then strike during the second. Underground, it is immune to all attacks but Earthquake, Magnitude, and Fissure, and takes double damage from the first two. Endure is a self-status attack that allows the user to survive an attack with 1 HP, if that attack would have knocked it out; if it wouldn't, the user just takes the regular amount of damage, with no additional benefits. Its ability, Oblivious, prevents infatuation (from Attract and Cute Charm).

Sneasel is an example of the "great stats, but wrong for its typing" and "shallow movepool" mess all mixed into one. Dark and Ice are both Special stats, where its Special Attack is obviously weak. Its moves, in order of recovery, are Screech (85% Accuracy, reduces target's Defense by two stages), Fury Swipes (Normal, 18 base power, 80% Accuracy, hits 2 - 5 times), Icy Wind (Ice, 55 base power, 95% Accuracy, hits both targets and reduces Speed by one stage), and Faint Attack. It's defensively weak, and will usually get the first hit before being taken out. Its level-up moves are far from spectacular, and needs to rely on TMs in order to hit a variety of things. Its ability can be either Inner Focus (prevents Flinching) or Keen Eye (prevents Accuracy stage reductions).

If you have any suggestions of preferences on what to Snag these Pokemon in, get 'em to me. I'm hoping to record the update around Tuesday.