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Part 38: Team Snagem Hideout, Part Two

Team Snagem Hideout, Part Two

To bring us to where we were last time...

There are two ways of going about this whole process: the ridiculously-easy way and the hard way. We'll be going the hard way, but I figure the easy way ought to be mentioned. Remember that e-mail from last time? You receive that by going to a new area. For the e-mail that comes after that (see below), if you go to Team Snagem Hideout, do not open the mail, and travel to the stairs that lead down to the room with the Snag Machine in it, before opening it, you will not encounter any of the following trainers. In fact, if you go down there without reading the mail, you won't encounter Biden or Agrev, which is not recommended. For the purposes of this playthrough, I went through the entire place, Snagged the two Pokémon, then went back through and fought all the trainers I would have otherwise missed.

So, here're are the two important trainers, and the reason we're here.

> This is where it ends. I know you're here to wreck the SNAG MACHING like before.
Smeargle (Lv.50)
Smeargle (Lv.51)
Smeargle (Lv.52)
Smeargle (Lv.45, F, Luxury Ball)
BIDEN: I couldn't win! Kaboom!
BIDEN: I was going to knock you out, then paint your loser face with my SMEARGLE... But I ended up on the receiving end of the paint...

> Did you really think we could fix the SNAG MACHINE? Are you that gullible? It was all an elaborate trap by Master GONZAP to sucker you into coming!
Marshtomp (Lv.55)
Machoke (Lv.52)
Shiftry (Lv.50)
Ursaring (Lv.45, F, Dive Ball)
AGREV: You know how to work that SNAG MACHINE, all right... I don't like admitting it, but you've beaten me thoroughly.

Stantler grew to Lv.61!
Hitmontop grew to Lv.62!

Important to us now is traveling to Gonzap's room (which apparently is where the people were drinking earlier). Here, you'll find him and, if you missed it, his Shadow Skarmory. If you leave through the left hole in the wall, after Snagging the two Shadow Pokémon, another e-mail arrives:

So, a Shadow Shuckle. Just as we had our list completed, it seems that there's one more Shadow Pokémon after all.

Octillery (Lv.54)
Flaaffy (Lv.55)
Dunsparce (Lv.51)
Walrein (Lv.52)
LONIA: What is it about you that makes you so strong?
Silverclaw grew to Lv.54!

Mawile (Lv.53)
Shroomish (Lv.53)
Jigglypuff (Lv.52)
Donphan (Lv.51)
FRENA: I'm going to cry again! Waaaaaah!

Corsola (Lv.51)
Seviper (Lv.52)
Loudred (Lv.54)
Sharpedo (Lv.50)
NELIS: Maybe I'll go ride off farther...
Silverclaw grew to Lv.55!

Golduck (Lv.52)
Jumpluff (Lv.52)
Gloom (Lv.53)
Noctowl (Lv.52)
LIAKS: Tougher than before!
Commodore grew to Lv.56!

Slogging on along, we end up back at the room where we found the Rare Candies.

GONZAP: I got careless back at REALGAM TOWER, but this is the SNAGEM HIDEOUT. We might be shattered, but this is my home turf. This is where I make my stand. I can't lose!
Machamp (Lv.64)
Breloom (Lv.64)
Crawdaunt (Lv.64)
Granbull (Lv.64)
Gyarados (Lv.64)
Armaldo (Lv.64)
GONZAP: G-Gah! You've grown more powerful!
GONZAP: The way things are, I won't give you the satisfaction of asking why you blew up the HIDEOUT and abandoned TEAM SNAGEM. But you remember this. So long as I breathe, TEAM SNAGEM will rise from the shadows again! And with it will come your downfall! Live in fear! Gwaahahah!

Silverclaw grew to Lv.56!
Above is the team you will encounter if Shadow Skarmory is Snagged. Comparison with his previous team will show the only consistent member of his team is his Crawdaunt.

After the battle, Gonzap gives you a key to open the chest from before, as well as the D-Disk appearing on the table. Where does this Disk take us? We'll find out next time...