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Part 39: The Under

The Under

The next plot device e-mail comes the next time we exit the Under Colosseum, en route to the UFO (presumably to use the D-Disk we just picked up).

Oh, hey, an e-mail. This is really feeling like they ran out of interesting ways to deliver the plot, though some may have said that from the very beginning.

Pushing this disk right on in... And going down!

The Deep

Teeth? Who was missing teeth again? It seems like so long ago...

"Lorak" posted:

So, there's this incomprehensible old guy...
Ah, right. Let's help him out.
Mwoh! Fwaf maif faf feef! (That's my false teeth!)

Hrrumph! POKéMON PIKACHU picked a peck of POKé BALLS! Ah, no more air leakage! Ah, I can finally talk normally again. You're a savior. I thank you for your kindness. It's perhaps not much of a thanks, but I'd like you to have this.
[NAME] obtained the L-DISK!
I have another one. So don't concern yourself with me.
Hooray, the last disk! Which brings us over here, which gives us...

Well, that would've been useful a long time ago. The Amulet Coin gives you double the money from winning battles when held by a Pokémon that participates in the battle. Nothing special text-wise from the person who wonders how many disks there are, except commenting that you have five.

Well, this is interesting. Also, these are the best doors in the game. They're huge, and have a really good feel of security and secrecy beneath their tarnished surfaces.

So, welcome to the Deep Colosseum. Cipher Admins know we're here, and the whole point of this place is for them to take us on again. Or something. It's a bit hard to tell. Each of these round takes about 22 minutes with the Pokémon we have on-hand.

CIPHER's ADMINS are filing their fangs for you.
Vivid imagery. The fourth trainer in each challenge of this Colosseum is a Cipher Admin. They go in order: Miror B., Dakim, Venus, and Ein. After each four-win victory in this Colosseum, we get a new e-mail.

And here's the rest of the small room. Not much down in The Deep, just the essentials.

Deep Colosseum, Entry One
Prize: P$20,448, TM12 (Taunt)

Zigzagoon (Lv.60)
Tropius (Lv.61)
Nuzleaf (Lv.60)
DEWIG: You are good! Like, real good!

Vigoroth (Lv.61)
Typhlosion (Lv.61)
Hariyama (Lv.62)
PALEN: You're the real deal!

Girafarig (Lv.60)
Houndour (Lv.61)
Ledian (Lv.60)
Dodrio (Lv.62)
TOWAY: Darn! I'm too tired from all my digging!
Silverclaw grew to Lv.57!
Commodore grew to Lv.61!

Ludicolo (Lv.63)
Exploud (Lv.64)
Ludicolo (Lv.64)
Ludicolo (Lv.65)
Armaldo (Lv.65)
MIROR B.: Oh, no, no, no! My tempo is off again! This won't do at all!
Miror B.'s theme is back. If you've missed it, [url=]here it is[/url], and if you want to be mentally scarred, look at that face. Same tricks for taking out the Ludicolo, Exploud falters to Fighting, and we've dealt with another Armaldo back with Gonzap.

After Miror B.:

Deep Colosseum, Entry Two
Prize: P$20,936, TM48 (Skill Swap)

Jumpluff (Lv.61)
Electrode (Lv.60)
Sneasel (Lv.60)
REGOL: Ooh la la! It's not any wonder how you've come down here!
Silverclaw grew to Lv.58!

Delibird (Lv.62)
Marshtomp (Lv.61)
Walrein (Lv.61)
GORBEL: Arrrrgh! How exasperating!
Flygon grew to Lv.63!

Azumarill (Lv.62)
Medicham (Lv.62)
Linoone (Lv.63)
Xatu (Lv.62)
LOBERT: I'm sorry, my POKéMON...

Solrock (Lv.64)
Swampert (Lv.65)
Flygon (Lv.64)
Claydol (Lv.63)
Houndoom (Lv.65)
DAKIM: This can't be! The mighty DAKIM loses again?
Hitmontop grew to Lv.63!

After Dakim:

Deep Colosseum, Entry Three
Prize: P$22,148, TM44 (Rest)

Machop (Lv.60) 565
Machoke (Lv.60) 937
Ursaring (Lv.61) 1,234
VARUG: I forgot to focus on winning...
Commodore grew to Lv.62!

Graveler (Lv.61)
Wigglytuff (Lv.62)
Wailmer (Lv.63)
Donphan (Lv.61)
SHATOL: I see you're good enough to get down here.
I'd go for the obvious joke here, but...

Spinda (Lv.62)
Delcatty (Lv.62)
Granbull (Lv.62)
ZOGO: I won't believe this happened!

Meganium (Lv.64)
Blissey (Lv.65)
Raichu (Lv.63)
Dusclops (Lv.64)
Milotic (Lv.65)
VENUS: Aiyeeh! How dare you! How dare you!
Silverclaw grew to Lv.60!
Flygon grew to Lv.64!
Annoyingly persistent. Sums up Venus more than ourselves. Blissey, a Pokémon with the highest sum of HP and Special Defense base stats, can be taken out by a physical attack to expose its crippling Defense base stat. The other Pokémon that's rough on her team is Milotic, a bulky defensive Water-type. Use genderless Pokémon (or same-gendered) to avoid Attract, and having Lum Berries on your Pokémon to cure status might not be such a bad idea.

After Venus:

Deep Colosseum, Entry Four
Prize: P$18,188, TM02 (Dragon Claw)

Nuzleaf (Lv.60)
Volbeat (Lv.60)
Jumpluff (Lv.61)
Beautifly (Lv.60)
DROOK: What? I lost? This is a major problem!
Stantler grew to Lv.62!
Silverclaw grew to Lv.61!

Lanturn (Lv.60)
Exploud (Lv.61)
Octillery (Lv.61)
Lairon (Lv.60)
DULT: I'm surprised I lost!
Silverclaw grew to Lv.62!

Swellow (Lv.62)
Crawdaunt (Lv.62)
Marshtomp (Lv.63)
OPHEL: I wanted to win!
Espeon grew to Lv.63!

Manectric (Lv.65)
Gyarados (Lv.64)
Rhydon (Lv.63)
Crobat (Lv.65)
Mantine (Lv.64)
EIN: Urrrgh... What unbelievable power...

After Ein:

So, our fifth challenge's fourth battle will bring us against the Deep King himself, giving us a chance to Snag his Shadow Shuckle. And, in case you're wondering why I'm posting all these e-mails, this is what happens if you try to enter any time without reading the e-mail first:

♀: Don't you think it would be better to read any new e-mail before you enter a challenge?
No, I don't. Thanks anyway.

Deep Colosseum, Entry Five
Prize: P$9,982 (no TM)

Shuppet (Lv.63)
Horsea (Lv.63)
Nincada (Lv.64)
NELON: I'll return when I'm ready for this.
Silverclaw grew to Lv.63!

Seadra (Lv.65)
Kadabra (Lv.64)
Misdreavus (Lv.64)
Kecleon (Lv.65)
LORGE: My losing is illogical. It's incomprehensible!
Lorge is great, in many ways. Sadly, none of them are in-battle, other than using the nifty Kecleon.

Murkrow (Lv.66)
Mawile (Lv.66)
Relicanth (Lv.67)
GRONS: Urk! I'm shocked that I lost!
Silverclaw grew to Lv.64!

Sableye (Lv.69)
Girafarig (Lv.69)
Shedinja (Lv.68)
Kingdra (Lv.70)
Skarmory (Lv.68)
Shuckle (Lv.45, F, Repeat Ball)
AGNOL: I see... You are skilled!
Rough Pokémon. Remember that Shedinja can only be harmed by super-effective attacks, weather (Hail or Sandstorm), statuses, and things like Spikes. Kingdra is also quite strong, and weak only to Dragon-type attacks. You can afford to hit Shuckle a bit harder than you'd expect a Pokémon that level to handle, thanks to its buff Defense and Special Defense, but remember it has low HP.

With Agnol out of the way, it looks like we've Snagged the final Shadow Pokémon. All that remains is to purify it, an4_k_-hA",5p1F*yPo[V_t]-MP>h-9¤<-t3L Defeated once more, Venus? How disappointing. Even Agnol failed. It seems like Cipher really is in shambles. I'd say I can't help but feel responsible for it, but at the same time, this thief has grown too strong. If you can't make yourself better than them, bring them down to your level. It's time to activate the final failsafe. &<H>i^lEq&l_opeR`8#0-n)t_H4Jvlad to have completed this LP, save for one last thing at Mt. Battle we haven't touched on, and a comparison of some changes made between the Japanese and other versions of this game.