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Part 40: Phenac City

Phenac City
With 47 Shadow Pokémon (all of the ones on the list) Snagged, it seems we can finally wrap up this LP of Pokémon Colosseum. Though it may have been a bit dull at times, I think this helps to show off all this game has to offer. From The Deep, we head through The Under to Phenac City, allowing me to trade off all of these Pokémon for anyone who wants them... Hang on, just got an e-mail.

… Huh. That's odd. I don't recall anything like that happening in Phenac City. Best I check it out before I do the trade-offs.

YES: DASH: Grr... I thought you were a good guy... Boy, I was wrong! You're a lowlife!
NO: DASH: I won't believe anything you have to say!
(Subsequent talking attempts: DASH: I've got nothing to say to you!)

Okay, that is weird, there certainly wasn't any of that on my part. Maybe if we head to Pyrite Town for some information from Fateen?

Wait, there's still one more Shadow Pokémon left out there? Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?

Hang on, the trades are going to have to wait for a bit. This seems serious. If we go talk to Bitt in The Under...
BITT: I was shocked when I heard the word on the street. But, [NAME], I know it wasn't you. I believe in you!
Talking to Nett, he simply says...
NETT: [NAME]! You've done it!
Now, I'm not sure if this was his dialog from when we succeeded at Realgam, the Lab, the Hideout, or a variety of other places, or if this has to do with the current situation.

Whatever the case, heading to a new location gives us another e-mail.

Okay, let's see what's on.

This footage was sent in by a BRAT in THE UNDER who declined to reveal his identity.
Er... I hate to say this, but that does look a damn lot like us. Or at least our outfit... perhaps there's a doppelgänger out there? But where could they possibly be? And, more importantly... HOW CAN THE CAMERA DETECT A SHADOW POKéMON'S AURA!? You mean to tell me that we've been dragging ♀ around when we could've just been playing this in Fatal Frame mode?

With one more Shadow Pokémon, it'd be best to make sure we're stocked up on Poké Balls; next mini-update, it'll be time to head to the Outskirt Stand.