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Part 34: Rocketing Through Six (FRLG)

FRLG Part 4: Rocketing Through Six

Rocket Warehouse

I hope you like spinners, cause there's a lot of them!

Maybe you'll be able to tell where I'm going, but there's a lot of spinners, so probably not.

Figuring out how to get to the load of items in this place does require a bit of thinking.

If you have a friend (or a second GBA), then Porygon2 can now be yours.

While they would fetch a pretty penny, I've got enough cash right now.

C'mon, you can haggle better than that.


TEAM ROCKET broke up? What planet are you from?

Lots of valuable stuff to nick.

What is it with the Rockets hiding neat balls?

Spinner slalom

Finally, Vegeta has been needing this all game. Sucks when good stuff is postgame.

Don't... you... dare... laugh... Don't mess in the doings of adults, you jumped-up pip-squeak!

Oh hey, it's an Admin! They have the exact same sprite as a regular Grunt, so, uh, they're real special.

Familiar Pokemon choice too, but eh, it's probably not someone very important. Like what kind of scrubby admin doesn't have a unique sprite???

I understand now... I've made it so you can come back in through there. Why don't you go get rested and refreshed for what lies ahead? The ADMIN after me outranks me thoroughly as a TRAINER. You'd better steel yourself for one harsh challenge.

It's such an obvious attempt to cause confusion in our ranks. Fortunately, we're not so ignorant to fall for the lies of a child! And now, I'll show you how scary an angry adult can be!

This guy has a proper tough team and everything. But, well, he's still part of Team Rocket, so he's not that interesting.'s GIOVANNI's BADGE! So it's true? TEAM ROCKET has disbanded?

I will find GIOVANNI. And I will resurrect TEAM ROCKET! I will... Until then, farewell!

Oh yeah, we still have this berk to deal with.

Let's see if this science boy is anything of note.

I hope you're not surprised he isn't.

He seems a bit upset, but hey, we've got the last gem, so back to Celio!

One Island Town

FUGURI, you've gone through a lot to get this, didn't you? You don't have to tell me. I know it wasn't easy. Thank you so much! Now it's my turn to work for you! Please give me a little time.

FUGURI... FUGURI, I did it! I've managed to link up with TRAINERS in the HOENN region! Finally, the Network Machine is fully operational! FUGURI, I owe it all to you! Thanks to you, my dream came true... I... I'm not crying. That's enough about me! FUGURI, you're going to keep looking for exotic POKEMON, right? I wish you the best of luck!

How crazy, we can now trade to RSE, the same generation! Yeah, this sidequest was kinda cool, but I'm glad they didn't attempt something like this again, it would've gotten old real fast having to keep completing the game just to trade to other Pokemon games.

FUGURI, is there anything that you can't stand? Apparently, BILL simply can't stomach milk at all.

By the way, FUGURI, you're from PALLET TOWN, aren't you? I've heard that it's a quiet and pleasant place. BILL's hometown is GOLDENROD CITY, where his folks still live. I've heard that it's quite the festive, bustling city. I'd like to go there one day.

FUGURI, what's your favorite kind of POKEMON? BILL is a POKEMANIAC, so he loves every kind. Apparently, the first one he caught was an ABRA.

Neat Bill trivia for the Fame Checker.

I've started bringing in items from distant lands. I've got some rare items in, too. Please have a look!

Here's the main reason for doing the gem quest, Timer Balls and Lava Cookies! While it is a bit late for Lava Cookies, there's still a fair few legendaries to use Timer Balls on, so this is pretty helpful.

Neat. I think I'll hatch one more Egg and leave it there, no need to complete the Pokedex after all.


With all the important necessary stuff out of the way, we've still got most of Six Island and all of Seven Island to go over.

Man we just keep going up in levels, surpassing the original Yellow and Crystal teams! And probably Emerald as well, let's be honest.

When I can't be with my boyfriend, I spend time with the POKEMON he gave me.

Mate you have no idea.

Oh, no, no, no. I couldn't lift the stigma of being a SWIMMER...

Water Path

(MIA) Hello, POKEMON! It's time to battle!

(MIU) It makes me all sad inside when we lose...

(MIA) You're mean! You're bad for winning! Ohh... I'm sorry, my POKEMON...

"Love it, need it, HERACROSS!"

Hey. Phrasing. This is the size measurer for this game and if you break the record, you get a Nest Ball. It's the only way to get multiple and they are helpful to catch all the low level Pokemon around here, but Heracross is a pain to catch as is.

You ever seen a Sunkern that strong? Absolutely mental.

I want to go to the woods over there, but... there are lots of BUG POKEMON. They scare me a little.

Bug infested forest, eh? Man, what a copy of Viridian Forest. Enough with the endless Gen 1 references already!

Pattern Bush

For whatever reason the area of Green Path extends to this bit, but here's a small forest.

I bet you think I'm weak, don't you, eh? Ayup, you townies come around all so dandy with a hat that flashy... how about giving me that?

There's also a boatload of trainers in this small space for whatever reason. You're right, I would usually skip over them, but I apparently did that already by just, uh, not recording a chunk of this area. Probably pressed the stop record button without realising, but hey, you didn't miss much.

There's some bugs to catch here, surprise surprise, with Ledyba being more common in LG and Spinarak in FR. Okay, now I can skip the trainers.

I dunno how they squeezed in so many, but they're there.

If you take this entire area as one image, like, uh, here, then you can see a weird pattern. What do you think it is?

We missed a couple level ups, but everyone is now at 52. Onto 53!

We've got plenty of healing items, so there's just no need.

Green Path

Out on the other side. Let's see how green this place is!

Off to an auspicious start.

Big boo-boo! I am so scatterbrained! I need to focus so I can TELEPORT properly to my house!

And that was Green Path! It has a lot of water in it... unlike Water Path, which had that large grassy island in it. Hmm. I mean, I guess Pattern Bush counts?

I didn't lose to you at swimming. This doesn't bother me. Are you headed for the island up past here? I didn't see anything interesting there.

Let's have a two-on-two marine battle!

I'm hanging onto my sister because I can't touch the bottom.

Oh, you're amazing! Even better, you're on your own! You know, I do prefer the sea over any pool.

I think this is the last goddamn Swimmer in this game. It's a miracle.

Everyone's deciding to learn dumb moves at this time.

This guy might be in trouble... but at least it's one less Swimmer in the world.

Fishermen are okay. So long as they don't have six Magikarp.

Nope, no luck at all... I can't very well go home without catching something, though.

We've travelled a long way. What's our reward? Is it a legendary? Please tell me it's a legendary.

Oh. It's just fuckin Altering Cave. How completely useless. Still, least it's actually well hidden compared to it being shoehorned into Route 103.

Alright Seven Island, what you got?

Ah, e-Reader house. Grrrrrrreat.

Sounds like something interesting is up north.

Somewhere on this island, peculiar POKEMON are sleeping. Could it be that they're waiting for you?

In your future, I sense that you will meet many others. I think you will be linked to each other by a strange power.

Let's see what we've got.

Oh hey, it's the Trainer Hill, but slightly different. Guess we'll go over them both at another time.

If I train here, I'm convinced that I'll get stronger and stronger. Yep, stronger and stronger. How would you like to learn a move like that? It's SWORDS DANCE.

Tempting, but nah. Next time, we'll be exploring the last island and then seeing what the rest of the postgame has to offer.