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by Crosspeice

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Original Thread: What if weather, but too much? Let's Play Pokemon Emerald



Pokemon. It was early enough for a reboot, right?

After a rocky start with Ruby and Sapphire not connecting with previous games and FireRed and LeafGreen remaking old games into slightly less old games (but still old) with new mechanics, Emerald is the enhanced version, following Crystal and Yellow before it. As far as third versions go, it's the third worst, after Yellow and Crystal, so it's fine as things go, but by itself it's a pretty nice game.

Hoenn is a beautiful region, the Pokemon are weird and interesting and the villain teams are dumb, so it's definitely a crazy mix. There's a lot packed into this one game and while some of it is... hrm, varied, it makes a super good package. Like with previous games, I'll be covering it in its entirety, god help me, and diving into all the super cool mechanics and related stuff I can find.

I'll assume you've read my Yellow and Crystal LPs, but it's not a huge deal if not, Emerald is separate enough from them that you shouldn't get lost, though I will not be covering anything that's appeared in those games and that includes Pokemon and moves. Also you should read my Pokemon Conquest LP, but only cause I'm really happy how it turned out.

SPOILERS ARE A-OK! We know how these games go, let's travel through a tropical paradise and stop some dumb eco-terrorists before facing the Champion Steven, er, Wally, no, WALLACE.

Table of Contents

01: Welcome to the World of Advancements!
02: Catch-a-thon 2004
03: Rocking Up To Rustboro
04: Matching Up
05: Dewford Island
06: Seeing Slateport
07: Moving on to Mauville
08: Training to Wahahahah!
10: Ash Me Outside
11: Meteoring Team Magma
12: Hot Battles With Desert
13: Washing Over Daddy
14: Glittering Waves
15: Forward to Fortree
16: Tree Flight
17: Sights of Lilycove City
18: Something Strange in this Mountain Place
19: Eight Floors of Evil Hideouts
F1: Unprecedented Island Adventure (FRLG)
20: Fuelling Failure
21: That's a Lotta Water
22: "As if nothing had happened..."
F2: Hot and Cold (FRLG)
23: Currently Eight
24: To Be A Master
25: Awaken My Masters
F3: Access All Areas (FRLG)
26: Victory Times the Charm
27: End of the Elite
28: Hopefully the Final Frontier...
29: The Battle Factory
30: Going Post
F4: Rocketing Through Six (FRLG)
RX: Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs
31: The Battle Pike and Battle Palace
32: Trainer Tower and Trainer Hill
33: The Battle Dome and Battle Pyramid
F5: That's a Wrap (FRLG)
34: The Battle Arena and Battle Tower
35: Final Unprecedented Island Adventure

Side Notes
01: Release Overview (From Part 1)
02: Catching Stuff Maybe Less Glitchy This Time? (From Part 2)
03: How Overhauled Pokemon Tick (Part 1) (From Part 3)
04: How Overhauled Pokemon Tick (Part 2 - PID) (From Part 4)
05: Mauville's Sights: Old guys and Gambling (From Part 7)
06: Holding Out for Held Items (From Part 14)
07: Lilycove's Sights: Young women and Decorations (From Part 17)
08: Wireless Communication (From Part 20)
09: The Ridiculous Rabbit Hole of the e-Reader (Part 1: Overview) (From Part 21)
10: Pokeblocked (From Part 24)
11: Competent Contest Challenger (By Explopyro)
12: The Ridiculous Rabbit Hole of the e-Reader (Part 2: Endless Battles) (From Part 32)
13: Holding Out for Other Held Items (From FRLG Part 5)
14: Glitzer Popping (From Part 35)

Mini Notes
01: Pickup (From Part 1)
02: Berry Crush (From Part 6)
03: Ash Collecting (From Part 10)
04: Shedinja (From Part 14)
05: Evolution Event 1 (From Part 14)
06: Castform (From Part 15)
07: Evolution Event 2 (From Part 17)
08: Escape Factor 0 (From Part 18)
09: Evolution Event 3 (From Part 19)
10: Evolution Event 4 (From Part 21)
11: Evolution Event 5 (From Part 26)
12: Look at Altering Cave and Laugh (From Part 30)
13: Evolution Event 6 (From Part 30)
14: Evolution Event Final (From Part 32)

Onmi's Adventures Asides
Ruby and Sapphire
Team Aqua and Team Magma
Winona and Wallace
Wally and Emerald
Dumb Ruby and Sapphire

rannum's Frontier Brain Anime Asides
Factory Head Noland
Pike Queen Lucy and Palace Maven Spenser
Arena Tycoon Greta, Dome Ace Tucker and Salon Maiden Anabel
Pyramid King Brandon

Opening and Intro (From Part 1)
VS Leader Roxanne (From Part 3)
VS Leader Brawly (From Part 5)
VS Leader Wattson (From Part 8)
VS Leader Flannery (From Part 12)
VS Leader Norman (From Part 13)
VS Leader Winona (From Part 16)
VS Leaders Tate & Liza (From Part 20)
Rayquaza Fixes Everything (From Part 22)
VS Leader Juan (From Part 23)
VS Elite Four Sidney (From Part 27)
VS Elite Four Phoebe (From Part 27)
VS Elite Four Glacia (From Part 27)
VS Elite Four Drake (From Part 27)
VS Champion Wallace and Credits (From Part 27)
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