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by Crosspeice

Part 56: Pickup

Mini Notes: Pickup

RS's table is damn simple, but pretty much all of it is good, just don't be surprised if you get Super Potions endlessly. The King's Rock is nice, since you only get one, but it's just easier to get a 35 streak in the Battle Tower, or getting them from wild Hariyama at a 5% rate.

It changes a fair amount for FRLG, where berries couldn't be grown, so a lot more of the table becomes exclusive. The Hidden Power TM can only be gotten this way for whatever reason, while the 1% berries can only be obtained this way. Not that you can use them for anything aside from Berry Powder (man, remember Berry Crushing?), or trading them to make Gold Pokeblocks.

Now this is an overhaul! However, you need to level a pretty rubbish Pokemon up in order to get the best rewards, since Zigzagoon and Linoone are the Hoenn Pokemon that get this ability. Still, there is some crazy good stuff if you get incredibly lucky, as getting another Earthquake TM is amazing. And maybe you need another Rest or Focus Punch TM, but you can find all of these TMs lying around. Still, you're only gonna carry around a Zigzagoon for a bit to get some free items and then dump it when you've got your team sorted. I mean, uh, that's what I'm gonna do.