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Part 57: Berry Crush

Mini Notes: Berry Crush

Man, remember Berry Crush? No, me neither. Originally introduced in FRLG, if you did have friends back in the day to crush berries with (like that ever happened), then you could get some alright stuff from the powder.

It's identical to the Berry Blending in that you throw a berry in that you want to make into powder. Every Berry has an amount of powder it will give when you mash A as fast as possible to reach max performance. Then you go to the person that gave you the Powder Jar to trade it for items. And those items are:

If you can do this consistently enough then you could get like 400 or so powder per session. That's not a lot if you want a load of PP Ups, but you could get some pretty cheap herbal medicine. It's the only way to get that medicine in FRLG, which is a shame cause Revival Herbs are amazing postgame items. In Emerald we can just buy them in Lavaridge, so I'm not really all that beat up about it. But if you've got a bunch of berries burning a hole in your pocket, then make Pokeblocks or something, who the hell has friends these days anyway?