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Part 61: Castform

Mini Notes: Castform

Cheers for the free Mystic Water. Now shove it into the box where it belongs. Okay, okay, there's more to this Pokemon than that, but let's talk about it as it is for the moment. Castform has a lot of weather related moves and can learn all weather starting moves aside from Sandstorm, as well as learning Water Gun, Ember and Powder Snow. Pretty interesting moveset, but it doesn't have the stats to really do any damage and those attacks are pretty weak. It has a massive movepool, but again, no stats to use them with. Its signature move Weather Ball is a 50BP move with 10PP and 100% accuracy. By itself, it sounds pretty shit, but then you add in its ability...

Forecast lets Castform transform with the weather, giving it a completely different look and typing depending on if it's raining, sunny, or hailing, to its Rainy, Sunny, or Snowy form, respectively. It does not have a Sandstorm form for whatever reason (probably cause it's technically wind that's making sandstorms) and its stats and movepool don't change since the forms are in-battle only. It's an interesting gimmick, if completely hampered by its stats, though it does have its benefits.

Firstly, its Rainy form is probably the best one to use, since its the best general typing, as well as making use of Ice moves and Thunder for added options (while it would be cool to use Fire moves, remember it can only use its form in weather). Weather Ball is also boosted to 100BP and matches the form's type AND THEN gets boosted by STAB and weather effects (for Rainy and Sunny forms), making it pretty damn potent for Rainy form. Sunny form is good, being able to use Ice moves, as well as potent Fire Blasts (or Weather Ball if you want more accuracy) and Solarbeams, but Fire types don't have the easiest time in battle. Snowy form has a bad type, doesn't get its moves boosted by the weather (Blizzard always hitting isn't until next gen), but can use Water, Fire and Electric moves without worrying about weather weakening them and Weather Ball becomes a stronger Ice Beam.

But, uh, it's still not very good. I mean, you have to manually set the weather to what you want each time and even with all the various boosts to Weather Ball... have you seen those stats??? Also none of the forms have a shiny form even though Normal Castform has and that's a real shame. Take a drink every time I said form.