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Pokemon Glitch Exhibition

by Ephraim225

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Original Thread: Every rumor was true after all! Pokemon Glitch Exhibition



Pokémon. Can it be overstated how crazy this series is? The seventh generation was just announced, and we've got the first generation on the 3DS Virtual Console. Look at that copyright date, 20 years and it's still going...and I love every minute of it. What better way, then, to honor one of the best RPG series out there, whose charm and joyousness have touched the hearts of many young children...


I'm Ephraim225, welcome to my Glitch Exhibition playthrough of Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow! Oh, sure, we'll get around to that whole "catch em all" thing or whatever, but the focus of this LP is going to be the game's NUMEROUS bugs, oversights, errors, anything from that tile to your right being incorrect to the world suffering a glitch apocalypse. You might even learn something about how not to program a video game!

Also, Pikablu is totally real. I'm not kidding.

Hasn't this been done before?

That's correct, but that LP uses lots of Gameshark codes. While you can produce funny results that way, what I'm aiming for is to show what you can do on your cartridge this very moment, no external devices or corrupted saves required. We all know you can beat the game in 1 minute with a corrupt save, but really, how much fun is that?

By the way, they didn't even fix ANY of this in the 3DS re-releases (which I'm personally happy for).

Wasn't there a Yellow LP already?

Again, correct, and I do recommend reading it if you've never seen Generation 1 before. That LP also touches upon but a mere FRACTION of the chaos you can inflict on that tiny little cartridge.

This game is just like the ocean: There's always something more waiting just beneath the surface. In 20 years the game has boasted a collection of bugs and tricks rivaled only by Sonic 2006, only this time, glitching makes everything more fun, and isn't nearly as harmful! Well, mostly.

Spoilers for Pokémon in general are a-okay!

But don't discuss any glitches I haven't shown yet without a spoiler tag! If you think you know something I don't and want to tell me so I'll include it, tell me in a spoiler tag!

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