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Part 62: Gaea Core

Hello everyone and welcome back. We're very close to the end of the Holon region, so let's see this through.

Professor Maple ran off to the Holon Undercave, so in order to follow him we have to return to the lake ourselves. And I'd rather not walk down the mountain again so...

You ever wonder if we're abusing the PikaTaxi guy's generosity?

La ti da... returning to the undercave...

This doesn't look good.

See, Professor Pine! Even your renowned Noivern isn't strong enough to stop me!

You would think that Pine would have something that either resists water, rock, or fighting. Because his Regice knows Ancient Power, Water Spout, and Hammer Arm.

The three Delta Regis will belong to me! I'll be so incredibly powerful! Gyahaha! You can't stop me. You can't stop us. Nothing can match the pure strength of legendary pokemon. And now, my pokemon have even surpassed the original Regi trio.

Heck, maybe I'll find Regigigas. Just to complete the set, y'know? I'm unstoppable. Just try.

Amy... He's gone power-mad. You're the Augur, right? You have experience with this kind of thing. But... I'm not sure even you can take him on alone. Not when he has so many powerful Delta legendary pokemon. But...

We didn't come to the region to study Deltas. That was all a cover- although, we're definitely happy to be doing that now. Our organization was sponsored by the Second Augur, Jaern. You know, before he was outed as a cult leader. His crystal was reacting to something in the far north, at the peak of the mountain, and he wanted us to find it.

After he was outed as the leader of the Sky Cult, we sealed that area off. If that filthy traitor was getting involved... well, we didn't want to know. But now that we've seen the legendary golems in this region as well as their Delta counterparts...

If I'm right, hopefully it can help you out. Listen, if you head to Settlement Juliet, I can radio the guards to let you to the peak. Whatever's up there... it might be our only chance at taking Maple down. And I should say... Maple's not as smart as he thinks he is if he thinks that we don't have Master Balls too.

Yoink! We'll be holding onto this for a rainy day. And right now it's not raining.

Be careful- as soon as you find what's up there... well, I'm sure Maple won't be too far behind.

Back to the mountaintop we go!

The guard is gone now, leaving us free access to the Gaea Core.

The Gaea Core is a very short cave. It's one of the only places in the game that you can find Unown, as well as the only place in the game that wild Beheyem appear. It's also our first chance to catch Smeargle in the wild outside of Friend Safari shenanigans, or making a trade in Helios City.

It's mostly a straight shot to the back.

Been a while since we've seen one of these.

No points in guessing who this is.

...yikes. Primal Regigigas looks stupid. Its BST jumps from 670 to 740, and its Ability changes from Slow Start to Unaware.

Let's combo it!

It instantly breaks out, but is put straight to sleep.

Regigigas has a catch rate of 3. Multiply that by 2.5x for being asleep. (7.5) Then multiply that by 5 for the Ancient Ball. (37.5) Not too bad! That's just a little higher than Ditto's base rate. Why would I need a crutch like that?

I see I'm too late. I was hoping to complete the entire collection... But I guess it's worthless. Regigigas isn't a Delta Species, after all. It was a valiant attempt, Amy. I'll give you that. But Delta Species are the way of the future. Even if you do have Regigigas on your side... you can't stop me. Nobody can stop me.

I screenshot his laughs so I don't have to type out each "ha".

I'm going to take you down. Even you, the Augur, don't stand a chance against me. Not anymore! Not even with Regigigas! Let me show you now, Amy! Let me show you my incredible power!

Have you ever suddenly felt really bad for the bad guy? He has no idea of the type of ass kicking he's just walked into.

Maple starts off by trying the same tactic we used quite a few times.

Cirno very nearly one shots his Charizard in return.

His Shadow Ball barely tickles, even buffed up like that.

Show of hands, who's surprised?

The second Ice Beam rolls higher and brings D Charizard down much lower.

Maple burns his last Full Restore trying to keep his Mega upright.

Cirno's Ice Beam rolls even higher and very nearly one shots it.

And now without any healing, the Charizard finally goes down on the fourth? Fourth turn.

Delta Registeel is pure Fire type. Its abilities are Flame Body and Foundry (Hidden; Rock-type moves, when used, melt and become Fire Type). The only rock move it learns naturally is Ancient Power. It's the equal defenses Regi, but now with an attacking type. So you can guess just how useful it is.

I guess Maple is really counting on that Charizard. That's his last healing item left, by the way. So he bet everything on his own Dracolich.

Given that ScubaSteve only has a couple levels on Registeel, that's not a bad hit at all.

Seriously dude. I get wanting to use Delta Charizard to its fullest, but take it from me... it has the defenses of a wet paper bag. It can't stand up to repeated abuse like this.

ScubaSteve's Life Orb hurts it for more than the Dark Pulse did. Also at some point Noctem's darkness seems to have faded.

Delta Regirock is pure Ground type. Its two abilities are Sand Veil and Dry Skin (Hidden). Guess which ability this one has.


Earthquake takes Steve out.

Cirno, meanwhile, fucks it right up with Ice Beam.

This is potentially dangerous, but Aragog is my only other answer to fire at the moment.

Turns out to not be a problem.

Delta Regice is pure water type. Its two abilities are Water Veil and Storm Drain (Hidden). 200 base SpDef is pretty beefy.

A supereffective hit from Cirno took it down by what looks like 1/3.

Ancient Power hurts quite a bit more on our gal.

They trade a few more times until Cirno finally finishes frying it.

Sadly her job is not yet done.

Dark/Fighting type, meet Moonblast.

I don't really have a good answer to Delta Venusaur, so here's Virulence to put a ticking clock on the fight.


But the damage has been done.

Virulence goes down on the next turn as expected.

So why not have a little fun with Glory?

Multiscale is paying off already. It cut a supereffective attack by quite a bit.

Glory can survive one more Moonblast.

Yikes. Looks like Multiscale cut the incoming damage by more than I expected. If that had crit, my plans would have gone up in smoke.

Hahahaha. Whose Deltas were better?

That's impossible. My Deltas are superior! Unbeatable! You must have cheated! Sabotaged me!

Amy's 10. She's not a university student. She's not even a middle school student.

Nevermind. I'll bide my time for now. I'll-

In comes Pine with the save!

Just give it up.
You can't arrest me! I'm the leading researcher at Holon University! I've won awards! I've captured legendaries! I have tenure!

...jeez. Listen, Amy. I owe you one. Maybe two. I can't really repay you for all you've done for Holon- helping us with our research, exploring the region, and stopping Professor Maple. Listen, I'm sure you know about my pokeball inventions. It's not much, but hopefully this can help you out.

She gave us twenty of them! That's $50,000 worth of goods.

Again... thank you. The idea of such a young Augur weirded me out at first, but, y'know... If anyone is worthy of that position, it's you. Hopefully you don't turn out to be a traitor too, eh?

Wow. Fuck you.

NEXT TIME: Well, that's up to you all.

  1. Defeat the Timeless
  2. Explore the Holon Region
  3. The Hunt for Taen
  4. Missingno
  5. Relic Song
  6. Deyraan Town
  7. The Nightmare Realm
  8. The Parcel
  9. "One of you is close to someone who needs help. Find this person fast."
  10. The Finale

The last vote, as you may recall, was 22 to 21 in favor of going to Holon. So if you all like, we could honor those 21 votes by continuing the Hunt for Taen now. However, we could also quite easily go and get Relic Song, help out the kid in Deyraan Town, or even return to the Nightmare Realm.