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Original Thread: Pokemon Insurgence - Yet Another Fangame With A Mature Story



Pokemon Insurgence is yet another Pokemon Essentials-based fangame. Unlike the ones that Orange Fluffy Sheep has done, this one isn't nearly as bad. Don't get me wrong, it's not good by any stretch of the imagination. This game is brutally, unforgivingly hard and it has two stories. One is "dark and mature" and the other "is closer to a normal pokemon story." Both stories go through the same game, so I'm not sure much changes.

However, there's something very important to remember. The devs for Insurgence aren't suffering from Absolute Virtue syndrome. So named for the infamous FFXI boss where the developers kept banning players who beat the boss because it wasn't done "correctly". The game is difficult because the devs are under the impression that their playerbase enjoys fighting competitive-viable teams.

What makes you qualified to LP a pokemon game?

I'm the least qualified person possible. I've played most of the mainline games, but I haven't memorized the type chart. Instead, I keep a website open that does the work for me. Until Gen 6, I made teams with 4 attack moves and no status effects... positive or negative. Don't come here looking for competence. I'm just here to shepherd you all through the shitty story while abusing super effective moves and an unending supply of revives. I have beaten this game before and by god I will do it again.

Spoiler Policy?

None. At all. Ever. Don't be that guy who comes in after the second update to drop a wall of text containing unmarked spoilers about the final boss and ending. No wink-wink-nudge-nudge spoilers. No "oh wait till you guys see THIS part" stuff. Just be cool and enjoy the parade of terribleness. We'll get to the end come hell or high water. For what it's worth, discussing specific "Delta Pokemon" if I haven't shown them off counts as a spoiler. I'm gonna try to show off as many as I can. The ones I can't, I'll describe. If you don't know what a "Delta Pokemon" is, then I have such sights to show you. Strap in because this crazy train don't stop.

Table of Contents

As the game progresses, the title screen changes to preview the legendary pokemon we'll be meeting battling next. Due to a bug, I didn't realize this until I was 90% through with the LP. So I've done my best to split the title screens up to where they approximately should be. Also the title screens stop changing once we reach the postgame.

The Cult of Darkrai
Telnor Town
Shade Forest
Telnor Cave

Midna Town
Midna Mine
Ancient Ruins

Suntouched City
Suntouched Gym
Suntouched Gym Plot Dump

Metchi Town
Vipik City
Vipik Gym
Vipik Dump

Samsara Cave
Rezzai Desert
Helios City
The Black Market
The Jade Tower

Utira Town
Utira Library ***THERE BE LOTS OF PUNS***
Miara Town
Whirl Islands

Sonata City
Sonata Hills
Kepler City
Abyssal Base

Kepler Gym
Kepler Lab
Nasca Town

Murk Forest
Fiery Caverns
Selene City
Selene City Gym

The Dragon Ruins
The Ancient Tower
Oranos Town
Satellite Corps

Crystal Cave
Amphitrite Gym
Perfection Base
Mount Rose
Infernal Base

The Cult of Darkrai (Revisit)

Prion Town
Erebus City

Crystal Cave (return)
Void Gauntlet
Victory Road
Elite Four


The Postgame is divided up by sidequests.

Home of the Timeless

Gaea Town
Hiking Boots Roundup

Holon Grasslands
Holon Marsh
Holon Desert
Holon Lake
Holon Jungle
Holon Mountain
Holon Volcano
Gaea Core

Samsara Cave

Nightmare Badlands

No Man's Land
The Great Namehere

The Outer Core

The Deep Cavern

The Throne of the Hegemon
Legendary Wrap-Up
Elite Four Rematch
The End

Memory Editing For Fun and Profit

Leonyth has volunteered to go through the game on the non-edgy story mode. These are his findings up through the third gym!

Traditional Mode #1
Traditional Mode #2
Traditional Mode #3
Traditional Mode #4
Traditional Mode #5

SirSystemError shows off the Pokemon Insurgence Speedrun

The Insurgence Speedrun Route, Part 1
The Insurgence Speedrun Route, Part 2
The Insurgence Speedrun Route, Part 3

Fan Art
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