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Part 66: The Great Namehere

Hello everyone and welcome back. Today we put an end to Taen's madness.

Into the library we go!

You may recall this was the far west wing, where we found Delta Budew.

Yep. I'm glad I found you, by the way. It's nice to see someone else is having trouble with this turdbrain. Speaking of...

That's Gail speaking, the person with Zygarde.

Oh, Amy, thank goodness you're here. After you went off looking for Taen... I tried following my connection to Reshiram, like we talked about. It led me everywhere.

But when I felt Reshiram here, I rushed over and came to this. A huge mess, books thrown everywhere. What a piece of scum this guy is. No respect for literature. He must have been in a hurry.
Right. Blockhead boy was looking at Unovan language structures. But what could he want with those? He's got Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem already, what would he need to know about where Unovan names come from?
Yeah. Last time, he was after the Original Dragon. He gave up on that when he realized he didn't have its na... he didn't have its... ... ... oh. Oh.

Orion just realized what we figured out a while ago.

Oh, this is bad. This is really, really bad. Amy... I think you know, too. It's the same thing. Again. He might be able to pull it off.

Orion jumps over some books and tears out of the library as fast as he can run.

...what? Do you know what this is about? Orion's going north... I'm going to follow him. If this is as bad as he says, I might need to kick off Operation Z.

All those puns are gone.

Anyway, if you remember, we just need to head west from Selene City to get to the Dragon Ruins.

Uh... Diana? Is that you?

Hey, Amy, I... I need a huge favour. Listen, after the events on Mount Rose... I've been doing some thinking. Family should come first. And I let fear come in between my sister and I.

After, y'know... the thing on Mount Rose.

That's probably the saddest statement in Insurgence. And I don't mean in the "wow, that's pathetic" sense of the word.

I'd like you to deliver her this package.

I can pay you when you get back, I promise. It's something that's very important to the both of us. I just want Persephone to know that... I'd like to start over with her. It would really mean a lot to me. This is a bridge I'd really like to rebuild.

Diana, can you please move just a little bit? The world's about to be destroyed and I need to get past... Diana?

Awww, man. We gotta go the long way around.

She hangs out right in front of the gym there until you complete that sidequest. We'll tackle that in the future. Right now we have a brewing crisis that's slightly more important.

Diana only shows up there once we've cured Damian. The Insurgence wiki claims we need to finish the next sidequest after Taen but... well, you can see for yourself.

Excuse me while I cut out the trip up to the top.

Here's something new! This item has been taunting us since we first arrived in these ruins, way back in update 34. For reference, this is update 65. So it was very nearly half the LP ago.

Delta Metagross (Ruin)? We only have Spider. Innnnnteresting...

What? This randomly popped up as we walked forward.

Taen, Mewtwo, Orion, Gail, and what looks like a large number of Zygarde cells... this probably isn't good.

Do you... really think... Little green slimeballs... Can stop Mewtwo? I have one of the most powerful pokemon ever. You have a few little... I don't even know what you have. This is embarrassing for you.


I've worked as hard as I can to get the strongest possible pokemon. Now, Mewtwo, Zekrom, Reshiram, and Kyurem are mine. I have the name of the Original Dragon this time.

By the way, this section is a pain in the ass to screenshot. The sheer number of sprites on screen, plus the active particle cloud behind Taen, means that my recording runs like absolute garbage.

Why would it be any different? We call its other formes Kyurem-B and Kyurem-W. If Kyurem was the remnant that connected Reshiram to Zekrom, it only makes sense that it would have the dragon's name. I can't believe I'm so close. The power of the Original Dragon is almost in my grasp.

I call upon you, great titan of the Unova Region! Kyurem, Zekrom, and Reshiram bound together! Emerge, the mighty-
Wait! I just... I just need to know... Why? What's making you do this? Why do you want to live this kind of life?
...that is the worst attempt at stalling I've ever seen. Do you really think I'm going to fall for that? You can't fool me that easily- I'm not going to start monologuing.
Then I'll stall you by force. Bring it on!
A battle? Fine. I'll take both of you on, easily. I've missed double battles. Let's get this over with. Plus, I've got a new trick from a far away region I've been meaning to test out.

This is the very last time we'll ever see one of the cult intros in the LP. How fitting is it that it would be Taen's?

Like he said above, this is a double battle.

His Delta Metagross is supposed to have a special crystal evolution. But it's broken on current versions of Insurgence. So his team, while incredibly mean, doesn't have a mega evolution.

And because it's a double battle...

Here's Gail's team.

Ramses and Swalot vs Gallade and Talonflame.

Ramses uses Acrobatics and takes out Gallade instantly.

Ouch. Flare Blitz doesn't fuck around.

Ice Beam and Flare Blitz's recoil damage take Talonflame down to half.

Taen's Talonflame is also Gale Wings.

Draco Meteor misses.

Meanwhile, I have Ramses do something stupid instead of spamming the shit out of priority Acrobatics.

Neither Gail nor myself make good plays this round.

Talonflame gets restored while Ramses is withdrawn.

Cirno doesn't give a shit about Dark Pulse.

The Swalot seems to have Hydreigon well in hand.


Talonflame one shots Cirno with a fifteen level difference.

Talonflame has now pissed me off, and I bring in Charsi to make the problem go away.

Hydreigon takes on Charsi, while Talonflame keeps harassing Swalot

I'm pretty sure Stone Fist would have one shot the Talonflame from full health. But regardless, the problem is now gone.

Hydreigon is poisoned by Swalot.

Damn. Ouch. It hits Charsi hard in her fighting weakness.

Then Goodra comes in with Earthquake to clear up both Charsi and Swalot.

Glory launches straight into Outrage against two dragon types.

It goes like you might expect.

Nobody else lands attacks that turn.

Mewtwo one shots Zygarde.

Hydreigon lands another Superpower on Glory, but its attacks have been pretty badly nerfed by repeated use. Glory continues to express his displeasure and finally takes out the hydra.

Taen is down to his final two pokemon.

I swap in Aragog, because he must face all pretenders.

Some hits are traded all around, but nothing too terrible.

Azumarill barely survives Psyshock.

Aragog, meanwhile, continues to serve as a Mewtwo killer. It turns out of you give something with Metagross' stats the bug typing, it turns into a Psychic killer.

Taen keeps having his Metagross use Head Smash, which keeps smacking it with Recoil damage.

Gail's Sunflora mega evolves.

So does Aragog.

Aragog is faster, so he smashes the shit out of Ruin Metagross's bug weakness.

Taen is completely worthless.

Even my new Crystal gimmick didn't work out... I went all the way down to Kuria for that junk. What a letdown. It's fine. This changes nothing. You were stalling me, right? I assume you have a backup plan? What were you stalling me for?
You could say that. Perfect timing... it just got here. Get ready, turdstain, because you're about to see something amazing. Come on out! Let's show him what we're made of!

A legendary awakens...

It's Jormangandr! Er... Zygarde!

Zygarde doesn't have a chance against me. Not against the combined power of Mewtwo and my dragon. Not bad, but your legendary can't save you now. Mine are far more powerful than yours.
That's what Reukra realized and you didn't. It's not all about being the strongest or smartest. It's about teamwork. People and pokemon working in harmony.

In the meantime... Come forth, my beast! Kyurem, the all-powerful Original Dragon, emerge! Show me your power!

Zygarde happened. Like I said... it's all about teamwork. Zygarde isn't just one pokemon, it's a network. A hivemind of tiny cells all working in harmony. And when all of those cells decide to fight alongside each other... We get to see Zygarde's Perfect Form. A bit of an ironic name, isn't it?
But... my summoning... what happened...?
Zygarde is the guardian of the ecosystem.

It was easy to stop your summoning. Zygarde's complete form is perfect. Not only will it stop your plans... but it'll beat you and your pokemon so thoroughly you'll never be able to try it again.

Perfect Zygarde is tearing through Taen's shit. Also that's Orion yelling in that last text box.

Gail, that's my friend! Call Zygarde off!
It's too late, Orion. I'm sorry. This is for the good of the region.
No... there has to be another way... Amy, please, do something. You gotta help. You promised! I can't... I can't live without my friend. Please, do something!

We have something special in our bags just for this...

This is our only opportunity to catch Zygarde. That was also the master ball that was meant for Regigigas. I think this is a better place to use it.

I didn't even think that was possible- it's one of the strongest pokemon of all time. I'm sorry about that, Orion. I didn't know Zygarde could be stopped once it got going.
I... I'm just glad Reshiram is OK.
I'll scram, then. I don't want to be here when dingushead gets out of shock.

Taen just watched his ultimate goal in life amount to absolutely nothing. Even better, at every turn he was bested by the same preteen girl. His failure is now about as absolute as it gets.

... sigh ... I'm not dealing with you anymore. You're far too much of a pest. I don't think I've had a single idea that your stupid hero complex couldn't insert itself in. I'm still determined to find perfection, but on my own. Not with bratty upstarts like you around.

meeting up with them.

Kuria is very, very far away from Torren, before you ask. Don't follow me. You won't be able to. I'm done dealing with kids forever.

Don't want to. Now get the fuck out of my region.

... I'm facing a tough decision here. No matter what I do, when I screw up, Reshiram always gets punished for it. I can't let that keep happening to my friend. Listen, I'd like to leave Reshiram with you, in its stone forme. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to come back for them. When I'm stronger. When I'm better.

Please treat Reshiram nicely.

So this is it, huh?

Reukra is the best.

I'm moving to the Kuria Region. I've left all my work and research in the backup drive. Our group is all but gone. I'm joining Team Vitreus- they might actually have a chance.

Coming, Almand.

I found it somewhere in No Man's Land... it's what I used to bring out the Original Dragon. It's some kind of artifact. Looks like an ancient instrument of some kind. I think it's a flute... seems to be some sort of blue.

Get outta here. If you're not part of perfection, you're not welcome, any more.
Fine. Let's go Almand, lead the way.

Let's grab both those stones.

We can't fly out of the Dragon Ruins, so we have to walk out.

Hey, it's... it's Damian. Listen... I'm still... I'm still sorting through all my memories from when I was weird. Trying to piece together what happened, y'know? And just today, well, I heard there was a nasty storm in Maelstrom 9. There are some... things I remember about that place. Nothing's super clear, but...

It would mean the world to me if you'd come with. I might need help with whatever's causing the storms, too.

We're not done with this update yet. We still have one more thing to get...

We're going back to Holon for a quick moment.

I was exploring the Torren Region and I found some Delta Species that nobody seemed to notice, just lying there, injured. I took it and healed it up, but perhaps you'd like to take care of it? I think it belonged to that blue-haired cultist who fled the region.

An ancient spider droid thing that looks like ancient ruins? There's only one possible name. Now we just need to find a supermassive angry dragon summoned by the rage of hundreds of dead and dying soldiers from a futile attack on an entrenched position.

Graphics for crystal form exist, but it's nonfunctional

Delta Beldum and its evolutions are Rock/Grass type. Their abilities are Sturdy and Rock Head (Hidden; No damage from recoil). Mega Delta Metagross (Ruin) also has Rock Head as its ability.

What is there to say about it? It's another Delta Metagross. It's insanely powerful, and it has a functional mega evolution. It just sucks that one half of its typings gets a bunch of inaccurate moves. Beldum and Metang both can learn Double-Edge, however. So if you pair that with Rock Head, you can a lot of fun with recoil-less attacks.

Anyway, that's enough of that for now!

NEXT TIME: We return to Deyraan Town to help that kid.

  1. Defeat the Timeless
  2. Explore the Holon Region
  3. The Original Dragon
  4. Missingno
  5. Relic Song
  6. Deyraan Town
  7. Cured Damian
  8. The Parcel
  9. "One of you is close to someone who needs help. Find this person fast." (Help Damian explore the Abyssal Base ruins)
  10. The Finale

At this point we can tackle any of the remaining four sidequests in any order. But we'll be doing them in the order of Deyraan -> Parcel -> Help Damain -> Finale

Oh and for what it's worth, Taen's story will continue in Project Azurite, the next Pokemon Fan Game from TheSuzerain, the man behind Insurgence.