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Part 39: Day Unknown - Mt. Freeze

I lost count.

Yay Articuno!

(This path seems to go on forever... We've walked a long way here. Sheldon looks so tired, too... We've been running all this time because we're scared... What's gonna happen to us? Are we really doing the right thing?)

Brr... It's too cold! There's only snow around us now. The scenery hasn't changed at all for a while now... Are we even getting somewhere? ...Hey, Jake? You know what I'm thinking? I think we've finally reached a place where there's no one else but us. I also have this feeling there's nothing ahead of us here... and I'm feeling pretty beat... We two...


What's going to happen to us?

At this point, Jake can either say 'I don't know'...

...sorry. I shouldn't have said that. It doesn't help scaring you like that. We came out here. There's no point wondering about it. Even if we don't know what's ahead... we just have to keep going. Don't worry! There's got to be something ahead.

...or 'Don't worry. We'll be fine!'

...yeah, you're right. We came out here. There's no point wondering about it. Sorry, Jake. I got to feeling sorry for myself.

Either way, Sheldon continues,

Jake, I came out here because I believed in you. And that's not changing. I'll keep believing in you, Jake...

I'll go wherever you go.

(Yes... Sheldon trusts me without any doubt. I can't afford to doubt. I have to believe in myself more.)

And then, out of nowhere, someone starts Force Choking Jake.

...wh-what? What was that? ...D-dizzy? Or what?

Huh? What's the matter? Jake?

...Finally. Finally, you have arrived...

(Someone... someone is talking to me... Sheldon...? No. This voice isn't Sheldon... This voice... I've heard it somewhere...)

Finally... you have arrived... I've been waiting for you.

Ga... Gardevoir!

I am so glad. Finally, we get to meet.

You're... what...

Hey, Jake. What's up with you? Talking to yourself like that...

It's Gardevoir! She's right there!

I cannot be seen by others. I am visible only to you. A little farther ahead... there is a jagged mountain range topped by Mt. Freeze. Inside its peak... Ninetales lives.


(First Gardevoir, now Ninetales? This is bad. I think the snow's getting to him...)

Ninetales awaits your arrival. Beware...

Oh! W-wait...!


Hey, Jake! Come on, Jake! What were you doing? What just happened to you...?

...okay. So that's what happened... Gardevoir appeared to you... So that's why you were looking so stunned. But, wow... Ninetales isn't just a legend. It really exists... And that Ninetales is at the peak way up there.

Jake! All the effort we put into getting here... it's finally going to pay off! We'll meet Ninetales and get the truth!

We'll finally clear your reputation, Jake! That'll be great!


Hey, Jake... you don't need to look so worried. It'll be okay. Jake, I can understand how it'd be scary for you to meet Ninetales. The heartless human who abandoned Gardevoir... how that might be you... I bet you're scared, thinking that. But that's impossible. You're not that human--I'm sure.

How can you say that? You believe so much in me?

Hmm...? Well, there was a time when I had some doubts... but now...

...I wonder why? I really don't know why.

But it doesn't matter now. Jake, you're a really good sort. You know, before... when I first got the idea to start this rescue team... I met you in the Tiny Woods, Jake. Now that I think about it, there was something different about you. Just a feeling.

This is kind of weird, isn't it? But I believe in you, Jake.

Anyway, we'll know the truth when we get to the peak. Jake, let's give it our best!

We can access storage here again, so it's time to offload the luxuries and stock up on essentials.

Molly's going to be joining us for the next dungeon (though we do have the option to send her home). She's a Dark type with the ability Pressure, which is one of those abilities that's more useful for enemies than allies. It causes attackers to use more PP than normal. The last few bosses we fought had it. Her current moves are Scratch, Leer, Taunt, and Quick Attack; the first and last are useful, so we turn off the other two.

Which way should we go?

We could go to the Snow Path again, but there's little reason to; we're well-prepared.

Let's go to Mt. Freeze!

We want the peak. Let's give it our best!

Welcome to Mt. Freeze! It's quite cold here, but still not so cold that there isn't some liquid water here and there.

Iron Thorns are a thrown item, like Gravelerocks. Unlike Gravelerocks, they can only be thrown in the eight cardinal directions and can't be arced over obstacles. On the other hand, their damage is proportional to your basic attack damage, which makes these useful at higher levels; by now we can do more than 20 points of damage with these. They're also less dangerous in enemy hands, as we'll take fewer than 20 points of damage from the enemies we're running into here. We'll use these until we run out, then switch back to the rocks.

Our first temporary weather effect! Sandstorm does periodic damage to any Pokémon that aren't Steel, Rock, or Ground types. Fortunately, it doesn't last long, and we only wind up taking 10 HP a piece from it.

It's the Rest TM! Rest causes the Pokémon to fall asleep, but also completely heals them and clears any status ailments other than sleep. It could be useful in situations where we're being slowly worn down and can afford to sleep for a few turns, but we haven't run into that yet; anything that can kill us at all can kill us quickly.

You can't really see it here, but Molly's standing on a Heal Ribbon. The Heal Ribbon causes the wearer to recover HP faster, but also to get hungry faster. It's a useful item to slip on if we get chewed up.

Mt. Freeze is 15 floors, and at the end is... a checkpoint. It's followed by Mt. Freeze Peak, which is four more floors of the same. Then we reach the peak... and finally, finally Team Hugs' flight from danger is at an end...

We finally made it. This is the peak. ...right? Where could Ninetales be?

There they are! I've spotted Jake!

All right! I see them!


And when I say 'is at an end', I of course mean they have nowhere left to run.

It's about time. We finally caught up to you. Your fugitive act dragged us all the way out here...

Pipe down, Tyranitar. We can finally settle things here. I can barely contain myself. I'm itching for a fight. Sheldon. Don't think badly of me. I don't know how to show mercy.

Jake... I didn't wish for this conclusion... but this, too, is fate. The role of a rescue team is to help bring peace. We will... crush you with every shred of our power! Get them!


We'll have to hit them all together to stand a chance!

I'm ready!

Sheldon... I'm sorry...



Sheldon! Molly!

I won't let you hurt my friends!

So be it. You are the one we want!


Owww... fight well. But you cannot hope to win this fight.

...I won't... I won't let you hurt them...

Then come to us. I will make it swift... and they shall be unharmed. I give you my word.


No, Jake! Don't do it! promise?

I promise.